WhatsApp pairs with German carrier e-Plus to launch new SIM deal

WhatsApp Lede

The now Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp has unveiled a new SIM deal in Germany. This prepaid SIM provides consumers with unlimited access to WhatsApp on top of agreed data limits. It's a milestone since this is the first time the popular service has partnered with carriers to sell a SIM package. If you're a massive fan of WhatsApp and use it on a daily basis, you may wish to read on and keep your eyes open for a similar deal in your region, should one be made available.

The German carrier in question is e-Plus. While WhatsApp (and other tech services/companies) have offered bundled deals with contract plans and SIM deals, this new offer allows power users to use the service they love without having to fork out for ridiculous data costs. Pricing of the SIM plan with WhatsApp starts from €10 ($14). Alternatively, consumers can opt to add an additional €10 to receive 600 credits that can be used for either 1MB of data, 1 minute of calls or 1 SMS.

Should the SIM run dry of credit, it's still possible to connect to WhatsApp and message others. However, there are still questions remaining. Such as: will this plan include WhatsApp VoIP services and will users still have to pay the yearly fee for the service? Either way, it's an interesting launch and one we imagine would do well in other regions too.

Source: TechCrunch



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Where is update?? I am waiting.
Fuck you updates i just got frustrate for waiting updates.
Wp8.1 and whatsapp.

pranayhotkar says:

Where are the fucking updates :/

sachin hegde says:

i have been waiting
.. there is no word on beta updates too

Nikolaus117 says:

Fuck Whatsapp ;) Use Telegram. And tell your friends that telegram ist such an good ab you can use it parallel on 5 Devices at The sams time.

jeffro02 says:

Complaining and swearing on WPCentral isn't going to make the updates come quicker.

Sorry ma...but when i swear i swear i feel lighter.

I3unny says:

Yea seriously.. Grrr

Can anyone suggest me an app best suited for watching YouTube videos ?

Aniket Bhat says:

Toib, myTube and metrotube all are awesome. But next time please ask questions related to topic.

SamiSaifDine says:

MyTube and nothing else!!

I use Metrotube and its a great YouTube client. Also the free version is unlimited and has all the features.

JoseCortesP says:

I have them all, but ended up with only myTube pined... That should mean something

Try youtube hd by idea creator corp

Sagar Limaye says:

Metrotube is the way to go

Toib is a really good YouTube client.

roman_hess says:

The e-Plus network is horrible in the country. Trust me, I used it here in Germany for a while..

E4est says:

No problems here. Always H or H+.

adrian1338 says:

Well - and you still believe you get H and H+ speeds just because your phone shows that. funny.

E4est says:

I get speed test results that are good enough for me. (around 7Mbps, still faster than our connection at home; and also faster than when it says G or E)

We will probably get WhatsApp update on April 10

vj1413 says:

How u know that ??

SIMONator24 says:

I think on April 14

ronaldron says:

Can u provide a link? Coz we are desperately waiting for it to happen.....

erzhik says:

I think we'll get it in about 3.2 minutes. And I base that on absolutely nothing, just like you.

2tomtom says:

Would say 8.1 minutes :D

The update for WP8.1 compatibility obviously.

amol071 says:

April fools is long gone bro :3

Adriaan NL says:

This is odd, isn't this conflicting with the EU net neutrality laws even when it is positive differentiation?

luke_grech1 says:

Did anyone get the update notification? Because I did! And I don't know how because nobody is reporting that it got released. Any info?

ttsoldier says:

Obvious troll is obvious.

luke_grech1 says:

No man I'm serious. Got the notification this morning. To tell you the truth I was confused because nobody said anything about it. Here's a screenshot that i posted on twitter: https://twitter.com/luke_grech1/status/453494040471040001

matheee says:

this morning... 13:21?? WTF?? When do you get up?

luke_grech1 says:

Took the screenshot later :)
Still dunno what's the update tho :/ not gonna download it until it's confirmed

matheee says:

have you installed the Developer Preview App just recently?

luke_grech1 says:

Yep about a week and a half ago! Is the update due to this reason then?

matheee says:

I'm sure this is just the last developer update 8.0.105xxx... Don't worry, this is definitively no 8.1... Try it out! :)

luke_grech1 says:

Ok thanks! :) Bummer tho cause I thought I was one of the first to get the 8.1 haha..but false hopes :( 

it's true. even i got an update. using Lumia 925 in India.

however, the update isn't wp8.1 (i got dev preview on)
it's just a minor bump to "Microsoft Update 8.0.10521.155"

my current OS version is 8.0.10517.150

possibly a tiny fix before devies are ready for wp 8.1

let's hope that the dev preview starts to roll out soon!

pankaj981 says:

Got that update last year

oh well. never mind.

i'll wait a week more. that's ok with me, even if a little uncomfortable. :)

luke_grech1 says:

Ah ok thanks! :)
Just saw that my current OS version is also 8.0.10517.150 so that must be it.
Bummer tho because i thought it was the 8.1 update :/

Taulanti says:

It's not the first time Whatsapp does that. The Carrier "Sunrise" in Switzerland has that already

the_zeni says:

Came here to say the same :)

Dafuq ?
They said that The update will be published soon
That was 2 months ago...

ronaldron says:

Is it a big update...the one with backgrounds and stuff????

I don't really know if it will be that "big"...

When will last seen update will come

XSportSeeker says:

Wait a minute... as opposed to installing it yourself and paying a buck a year?

I'm not getting the deal there. Is this some specific german thing?

XSportSeeker says:

Oooh, nevermind that, I got it. Pre-paid option with unlimited WhatsUp. Bit weid, but I suppose it could be an option for some.

adrian1338 says:

How can this be an option. It is a total rip off just trying with buzz words to get people to join the contract

Marco Gomes1 says:

As opposed to not using data from your data plan. If you only use it with WiFi it's not for you.

Marco Gomes1 says:

In Portugal, there's a carrier which lets you use whatsapp and snapchat "for free", meaning you can use it without making a dent on your data plan.

gajomau says:

I wished that Vodafone pt had the same data plan.. I bought an Lumia 820 for 139€ last Christmas, and it's locked to Vodafone.. :/

I said April 10 because I emailed WhatsApp support last week, asking them when the update for Windows Phone 8 is coming, and this is what they said.

" Hey

Sorry for the delay, we are getting alot of emails, and we try to respond to them all.

As for your question about the WhatsApp update for Windows Phone, our developers are working hard and we will release it very soon, maybe even next week.
Please be patient.

Thanks for contacting WhatsApp support. If you have any other question feel free to ask us."

pattayo_ib says:

Both are miseries. One, waiting for WP8.1 update and two, waiting for Whatsapp update. But, both are promising and i hope it's worth waiting for! Can't wait. *cross fingers*

Ikr I am tired of waiting. I also emailed Edjing DJ mix music studio asking them when they will release app for WP8. And this is what they said;


Thanks for your support, we really appreciate :)

We are actually working on big updates for all OS (including Windows 8.1) but for the time being there will be no Windows Phone version of the app :(

It might happen someday, but not now!

If you need further informations, please let us know

Yours faithfully,

No love for WP -_-

WinMaverick says:

Can someone enlighten how one can use WhatsApp (background sync and all) while restricting data for other tasks in WP 8.0 GDR3 when I am on mobile data connection mode?
Well, Reliance India gives ₹16 WhatsApp and FB plans, but I couldn't figure out the way I could use this fruitfully without getting charged for other tasks or manually shutting every other task off :/

ThePKReddy says:

The whole point of whatsapp was to get away from carriers. FU FB

What do you mean by other tasks? Well if you mean by preventing other apps from background sync, you have to go to settings > swipe left > tap on background tasks.
Disable the unnecessary tasks.

WinMaverick says:

Yes, I know that. I need those other background tasks when I'm on WiFi (read home). The problem is we cannot allow a particular background task when on mobile data connection while restricting others in datasense. These type of WhatsApp/FB plans need such setting in datasense so that user can take the unlimited benefit without incurring cost for other tasks. The only option now is to manually block and unblock when you switch from free WiFi to paid mobile data.

This needs to be emailed to Microsoft Windows Phone team..
Great idea!

Lipe13 says:

Seems like a good deal to me! Guess it works in the same way Facebook and Twitter don't use our data plan in some carriers here in HUEHUEHUEBRAZIL.

Where is the update for WhatsApp? We need it now!!!

Flavio76 says:

In Paraguay there is a carrier, personal, who gives free whatsapp to all customers , no data needed

jay5353 says:

We don't want ur business deals or offer.we want update.

In Paraguay, my carrier Personal has free unlimited whatsapp for payg costumers.

Amran Nagal says:

Who give a shit? Give us the damn Update!

radde says:

This is a very important development ... but ... why do these deals are always made with provides with the crapy network?

E-Plus only works good in cities and there also only if you are not sorounded with to much conctrete. I once lived in the center of Berlin in a ground level apartment; Friends visiting me, whom had E-Plus or O², where lucky when they had 2 of 5 pillars shown, but most of the time it was not possible to get any broadband connection and the cellphones constantly switched over to GSM or Edge and disturbed my speakers. Whereas I had Vodafone and had always 4-5 pillars H+.

WhatsApp you chutiya.When are the damn updates coming.

hrsyyln says:

Years ago it was possible to enter the Facebook mobile page with e-Plus at no cost. ^

irsyadhhs says:

WHERE IS the updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (hint : it's just said to be release in next week, next week again and.....)

bbm for windows is in beta testing. source :wmpoweruser

Aashish13 says:

We know that. If its coming in summer then at this juncture its obviously in beta testing

Whats so new in this deal...
Here in India, Reliance offers unlimited WhatsApp usage per month, including all photo and video sharing at ₹16/month, and this offer is available since may be 8-9 months...

Wevenhuis says:

ow, interesting concept! With a bundled 3g packet om 1000 Mbs/month, I'll be even more interested.