WhatsApp picks up bug fixes in latest update


WhatsApp has been receiving a suspiciously high number of app updates recently. It’s as if they’ve taken a few of Santa’s elves for to help pick up the pace. Last Saturday the app was updated with account migration settings. And just two days ago it was updated with more features. Here we are today with another update from the WhatsApp team. Let’s see what’s new.

Two days ago WhatsApp received the ability to send pre-recorded videos and multiple images. That update, version 2.11.340, was met with enthusiasm from the Windows Phone community. However, the WhatsApp team doesn’t sit still, they’ve pushed out another update that is now live in the Windows Phone Store.

Head to the Store and you’ll see version 2.11.344. What’s new? Just some bug fixes, but it’s great to see this level of support from WhatsApp.

Notice anything wonky from previous versions of WhatsApp that now work with this new update? Sound off below with what you find.

In the meantime, head to the Windows Phone Store to grab the newest version of WhatsApp.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Micah Dawson says:

I am glad to see them updating this app a lot. I wish kik would update their app as fast at whatsapp does but whatsapp is becoming a regularly used app for me

giorgio h says:

We want a new whatsapp UI, this one is way to ugly

QilleRz says:

Yep, agreed with you. UI that you can put personalized background picture is awesome. Waiting for that update. Hope it come asap.

luk3ja says:

This one is the most beautiful of ALL platforms. Look at the others they look like puke.

out0fplace says:

The UI is decent, minimal and perfectly functional. Stop whining over nothing.

giorgio h says:

Nah its way tooo simple

vkelkar says:

The previous update also contains ability to save profile pic if anyone noticed

akks says:

Cool.. Noted that just now.. Thanks...

crise says:

Feels slower again from last update. Could be placebo effect. Could be Santa.

Mine feels faster... Lol

amrut_m says:

Mine feels fast too, alot faster using on lumia 1020

Chodeva says:

+1...like the speed improvement

sri_tech says:

Is pre recorded video attachement not working for anyone?

When I am trying to attach video, its taking me to camera directly.

shmsnh says:

You need to tap on 'album', and then find the video you want to attach.

luk3ja says:

If you take a new photo within whatsapp and send it then it squashes it into a square so it is completely deformed :( and the new update today didn't fix it. The update before today added the bug.

islamruz says:

You should tap the media button, and select it from it's album (like a photo)

Bkicker22 says:

yeah I'm having the same problem, just goes straight through to the video camera, unlike the photo button which takes you to the albums

Xpider_MX says:

The button is albums, not photo or video.

just dirk says:

Current version opens and all the chats are not visible, if you press where they should be they open, stealth chat not good.. I'll see if this fixes with an update..

baijugs007 says:

Feel little bit fast

islamruz says:

Facebook, Skydrive and Sub albums disappeared in the last two updated

Yes, and this is really a mess!!!!!! I wait for a fix to choose from FB, SkyDrive and sub albums !!!!!! it is a shame that there is no longer the option to choose where to up photos!!!!!

How can I go back to a previous version?!!?!?!?!? Nokia Lumia 900


chmun77 says:

Don't feel any difference in speed compared to the previous version. Loading the chat still taking quite some time. It may take even longer if I have lots of chats. Sometimes, I hope we can increase the animation speed.

Racxie says:

It's definitely faster, especially when it's running in the background and I either re-open the app or switch back to it as before it would show the few dots when reloading the conversation (or at least take a moment to refresh itself), but now it's instant. It's also a a second or two faster on the splash screen when opening it for the first time. This on my Lumia 920 at least.

Racxie says:

Well, I don't know what happened but after a nit of use it's gone back to being "slow" again with the little dots etc. Maybe updating it cleared a cache or something.

vikrant6 says:

Still problem with notifications, each time have to open app to get new messages.

Darren Walsh says:

Is your WiFi set to be on all the time? I used to have that problem when I had it always on. When I turned it on it notified me all the time

Make sure you haven't blocked it

vikrant6 says:

Nah, I've tried all tips and tricks.. Still no luck..

Wait for some time.... I too faced this same problem but it corrected by its own!!!!!!!

just connectivity issues .

when i have network troubles i face the same problem 

yuvii007 says:

Maybe your data sense is on and it is blocking background task,i had same problem.

tanveer 786 says:

Im unable to update for 620 shows try to update ur phone

can now clear group chat history if anyone noticed. or is it only me who's not aware of this feature? :P

That option already been there on early versions

pankaj981 says:

How to get to it?

Its there in group info. Tap & hold on group. Go to Group Info. See options in that by tapping on the footer strip with three dots.

Tahiti Bob says:

I'm not sure every little app update needs an article, specially if it's just an update for bug fixes.

amol071 says:

The app you are using is for the same purpose.

Tahiti Bob says:

I don't get your point.

amol071 says:

Lel i thought you are using wpcentral app :3

Tahiti Bob says:

I am but I still don't see how that relates to my comment.

vkelkar says:

An update is an update rather it be feature or bug fixes.. Wpcentral is for the same purpose... Apps wp8 news... Os upcoming articles leaks.. Fixes updates bugs news... Its great to know abt the changes... If u dpnt like one u can skip it :)

elyl says:

Yes, it definitely doesn't need an update, especially when you don't know what's changed.

To make you have to click into the news story just to be told this is ridiculous.

Padding the story out with stuff about elves is just WMPU-level cringeworthy.

Soypan says:

Agree, maybe a daily App update roundup or something would be enough

What about fixing the SkyDrive missing folders?

What about the option to not save pictures automatically?

What about the option to save audio files that we received?

What about VoIP like Viber, Line, Wechat, etc?

What about a PC client like Viber released for Windows 8?

"They don't really care about us" M.J. lol

luk3ja says:

I think this is because it doesn't use the default photo chooser, they actually made their own and styled it to look the same as the built in one which is why you can't see the other folders and it also might be that being able to choose videos that are from online is a security risk, maybe they have a bug that they can't fix until 8.1 and that's why use of the video api is locked down

aafa says:

Ya, sucks they removed online albums from picture attachments. Last two updates are a step forward/step back.

taturo says:

Yeah, I don`t want to autosave any of the incoming pictures on whatsapp..... We need the option to NOT SAVE PICTURES from whatsapp!!!!

kenzibit says:

Wish they get rid of incoming auto picture save

Divjot Singh says:

You can now check for updates from about menu

shmsnh says:

This has been there for quite some time now.

Nothing changes....still slow....most of the time when i send a message, it still shows the tiny clock icon on the message, then some push notifications error...blah blah blah...i guess nothing major...and same old ugly wallpaper...

vkelkar says:

That is ur network issue

Shumiz says:

Now pictures that are sent to you are saved in a separate folder/album: whatsapp, which is not synced with skydrive unfortunately...

Still crashes doing anything at all with photos, lame whatsapp, same bug for last few updates

awneze says:

Argh!!!! When u go to Albums and try to "share" a photo, whatsapp isn't listed as one of the sharing options. So now the only way to send photos is from within the app!!!!!

that option still appears in my phone. whatsapp is unavailable in that segment only if u aint connected to data connection 


anirudhk563 says:

Now it can sent 3gp bt no preview

riteshbendre says:

if there are more than 50unread messages, scrolling up force closes the app... the bug still exists :S

vkelkar says:

Yes I wrote to whats app team for the same no response this is annoying

jaymin00 says:

After this update i don't have such issues

Saiflowrider says:

Its working perfectly for me bt y dey removed to attach photos from skydrive & fb albums grrrr

Whatsapp is one of my best IMs apps

uopjo6 says:

I saw the same header and thought WPC was off to the holidays already.

Tech Hunter says:

Keep it up team whatsapp! +1020

frkristi says:

Albums still not showing. Just Camera Roll, Saved Pictures, 8 and WhatsApp folders visible. Other than that I love the app

7SAN says:

What if I don't want auto-save pictures option? Why they removed the toggle?

noor2122 says:

I saw one change, before updating it I was not able to send multiple pics however was able to attach them but send button was grayed out

Athanville says:

Maximum is 10 pics

noor2122 says:

Yes, but it was working with even more than two

Good to see Whatsapp bringing in new functionalities like multiple photos, pre-recorded videos and all.. really useful. But while doing so , Whatsapp for windows seems to have lost a very important windows only feature (it was available only in Whatsapp for windows) , It had a toggle option of auto downloading the photos came as attachments in whatsapp messages,

previously when the parameter was off, whatsapp would download the photos only after user tries to view the photo and this was may be dones in temp memory as these photos were not displayed in photo galaries of the phone. With new update this functionality seems to have been lost and now photos are being directly downloaded to photo album. Now this pose a problem for many of us who do not wish these photos to be seen by others specially by our kids or other family friends. It would be great if whatsapp retains this functionality as without this functionality we will have to contineously visit the photo galary and deleted the photos.

Hope whatsapp addresses this issue real fast :)

Everyone with crashing bugs, rate the app 1 star with bug complaint, they might listen when ratings start dropping

Horray..Those days are gone, when we used to wait for a single update for months... :) hope they fix the crashes on 512 Mb ram devices

Athanville says:

Has anyone else ever noticed you cant go very far up your threads without the app closing on you? 

diktea says:

noticed by many and screamed for many coz it crashes after (for me 4 loadings)

Aalok05 says:

Text size cannot be changed within the app

vj1413 says:

Crashing on my lumia 720 after update

F_e_r_05 says:

What about the option to not save pictures automatically?!!!!!!

elyl says:

"Let's see what's new (by clicking on the news story)..."


"...We don't know."


Quality work, WP Central.  In future, why not pad your news quota with stories of cats stuck up trees and the like?

When will we be able to use voice recognition in WP8 Whatsapp?

jnbnb says:

feels faster. No it's not placebo effect hahah

jaymin00 says:

Guys app doesn't crashes now when u see past chats

Chodeva says:

I am part of a group with old school friends. Many posts could be made before I read the chats. I would like to see the app jump to MY last position and not to the latest message, so I don't have to scroll back to begin where I left off...if anyone understands what I am saying

jaymin00 says:

That function is not there is android also i think

ShahdHamdan says:

Hey, not sure if anyone mentioned it, or if this happened after this update or the previous one, but I noticed received photos are saved in a new folder called "WhatsApp" instead of "Saved Photos" before!

rrahull says:

Video r now being saved on phones

Robot_Man says:

After last update I coudn't get any notification for new messeges until I opened the app, I hope they fixed it.

edsal says:

I can't receive the update .

Hitesh S says:

They removed the option to turn off the auto save of incoming pictures. It saved the trouble of deleting the pictures as they won't get saved in the first place. Quite helpful for WP7.x users

What, is this broadcast??

Picture clicked via 'photo' , i mean not pre clicked pics, stretching automatically. Please fix this..

Marc Hajj says:

O MY GOD THIS WHATSAPP VER.2.11.312 on nokia LUMIA 900 windowsh phone 7.8 is very very very suck!! please gentlmen fix the issue of inserting attachment from cam!!:@

always always when i insert an attachment picture or from cam,the app is closed and not responding;

if the pic is inserted i must wait about 5 minutes till the whatsapp wakes up!:@

is this problem from my NOKIA??FROM THE VERSION OF WINDOWS?


please urgently help or advise;this issue is very disturbing from one month and i am a new member here!


Hey, this happened after the update to a version 2.11.344 , and I noticed received photos are saved in a new folder called "WhatsApp"...

Also the auto download option is missing which is very bad ... Please fix this as soon as possible ... 

JohanMeyer26 says:

The latest release : 2.11.344.. WP8

This is a huge step backwards. I cannot see past the first level subfolder in the pictures albums so I cannot go and attach pictures from most of my albums. I store images in a folder structure and now cannot access them unless I copy them into a "root" folder. This means having to connect my phone to a PC, copy the images over and then I can now send them.

Please can this be fixed. It was working in the previous release. 

Also as mentioned above please bring back these:

1. Auto save of pictures : option to turn this off

2. Scrolling back in a chat, after a number of loads, WhatsApp just closes. (This also happens when looking at media in a contacts info)

3. Having a choice where to save the pictures to when downloading them in a chat.

If you are trying to make it so that users stop using and leave WhatsApp you are doing a great job of it.