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WhatsApp removed from Windows Phone Marketplace due to security issue, update on the way [Updated]


Last week we reported WhatsApp had disappeared from view on the Windows Phone Marketplace (it was actually set to private), and were awaiting official clarification on the matter. Turns out, according to a report over at MonWindowsPhone, the app has a serious security flaw, which requires the team to pull the app and look into the problem. An update is well on its way.

The app enables Windows Phone owners to send messages to other devices and is available for multiple platforms. German website ComputerBild reported that an Android app, called WhatsAppSniffer, allowed users to access messages sent using WhatsApp on a WiFi network. The developers of the popular messaging service are patching the app due to it sending  messages via XMP protocol and in plain text.

We'll keep you posted and will announce when the app is available on the Marketplace with the patch bundled in an update for existing users. In the meantime, you can checkout some early images of the Windows Phone 8 version of WhatsApp.

Update: We've received word from a WhatsApp employee stating the following in an email,

"This has nothing to do with security. Please don't spread mis-information."

Take it as you will. We'll look forward to more information and possible clarification. Until then, WhatsApp is not available until the promised update is released to the Marketplace.

via: MonWindowsPhone



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volcane2004 says:

I was actually searching for that app. Now I know why I couldn't find it!

Get Up says:

There's no hot Latinas on that contact list

jtvkl says:

How come the one in the picture has a light theme?
Cant see any option for that in the settings.

You turn the whole OS into Light in Settings...

jtvkl says:

Aah.. Wish only the app would change color.
Hate it when i confuse the interface with messaging.

Jay Bennett says:

Rich is that message from me really the last thing you received on whatsapp? That was last year man!

Disinto says:

Jay - this is your status, not the last message you sent to Rich.

mrolympia74 says:

I hope they make it faster as well. It launches too slowly

eCharlesK says:

Wish the private beta features will be included in the next update.