Updated: WhatsApp removed from Windows Phone Store, will return after fixes

WhatsApp, broken on Windows Phone 8.1 and with no immediate fix promised, has vanished from the Windows Phone Store. Searches for the app on devices running both Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 turn up "We couldn't find a match. Try a different spelling or search term." WhatsApp tells us that the removal was intentional, though it should only be temporary.

Visiting the app on the Windows Phone Store website turns up the listing, but with the warning that "This app is no longer published", and thus no option to remotely install it.

We don't have a reason for why WhatsApp was pulled — while it was prone to malfunction in Windows Phone 8.1, the app was still fully functional on Windows Phone 8. It's possible, knowing that Windows Phone 8.1's release was imminent and that their app would offer a less than satisfactory experience as a result, WhatsApp opted to remove the app until they get it updated. It's better to not be there at all than to leave users with a sour taste in their mouths.

WhatsApp has informed us that the removal of their app from the Windows Phone Store was an intentional one, taken to address technical issues. Those that have downloaded the app should expect it to continue to work for now, but until WhatsApp has finished "working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues", we wouldn't expect to see the app returned to the store for download. That WhatsApp chose to pull the app entirely is some indication that there was some serious showstopping bug or other issue that they couldn't allow to go on, though they've been unclear as to what exactly that might be:

"Unfortunately due to technical issues, we have chosen to un-publish WhatsApp Messenger on the Windows Phone platform. We are working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues and hope to return to the store shortly. We apologize to our users for the temporary inconvenience."

We'll be keeping an eye on the Windows Phone Store and will let you know when WhatsApp makes its triumphant (and hopefully bug-free) return.

Thanks to everybody for the tips!

This post has been updated with information from WhatsApp regarding the removal of the app from the Windows Phone Store and its eventual return.



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vincentchuck says:

Err btw the amazing Spiderman 2 game is removed as well
And it is republished again. Version is still

Mestiphal says:

would it be too much wishful thinking to ask for it to come back with Xbox branding?

Eric_J says:

No because it is owned by Facebook.


fahdriyami says:

LOL. Yeah, the Amazing Spiderman 2 is owned by Facebook. And WhatsApp should get Xbox Live support.

Moodi1520 says:

I really would like to unlock all achievements on WhatsApp. LOL

Yeah and guess "background wallpaper unlock" achievement should be the hardest one, offering 20G. The game will be raised to a whole new level with addition of more levels in the form of emojis, making it difficult for player to remember their locations and use it when needed.

ali27677 says:

Sending 5K messages achievement

Suhasa Su says:

I'm already imagining zuckerberg as Peter Parker in Amazing Spiderman 3 :D

ahmu86 says:

somebody tweet Joe Belfiore abt it? i think he may be having good connections with WhatsApp top guys

wishallraj says:

i am still not seeing this on store. When was this game republished. I bought the game and did not have the time to complete the download. I tried the next day and it was gone. I dont want to loose my money.

Flavio76 says:

No official word yet? Nothing new on this story?

HarkAtYou says:

Works on my 8.1 1520 as well, don't know what all the fuss is about.

Rasetech says:

Same here, mine works without problems. 8.1 1020

poddie says:

No problems on my 1020 either... this seems... rash...

You do realize its removed from the "store" and NOT your "phone" !!!

And its servers are working fine till now. Meaning, those who've it on their phones can still use it normally.

fauzie811 says:

You do realize the article says that Whatsapp is broken on Windows Phone 8.1 !!!

He was answering to that statement.

I know and the first statement of the article is misleading, referencing nothing to the title itself.  Its NOT broken on WP8.1 or any other version. Its removed from the store for all Windows Phone X.X not just 8.1

HarkAtYou says:

The point is that the article says it wasn't working before it was removed, and there was another entire article about how it wasn't working, but we're saying it was working fine for us. We'd like to know for whom it wasn't working.

WhatsApp is broken for 8.1, the notification system. Try opening WhatsApp from the live tile, the notification center does not clear up. There are instances when you are not notified until you open app and no I wasn't in battery saver mode.

HarkAtYou says:

I haven't experienced those issues, seems to be working fine. But one app that definitely not working properly is Navigon... If you're playing music and using navigon the voice instructions stop working after a max of 5 minutes. If you're not playing music the voice instructions stop randomly, today after about 2 hours and 3 hours. They really need to sort it out!

donbreathe says:

I do think it was removed for its performance. Maybe you really didn't notice much:some lag before you get notifications, not properly integrated with action /notification center, recently wouldn't work or get notifications until you open the app itself. I think it should be fixed, Facebook messenger works better.

Shady Ohw says:

WhatsApp back its working fine without crash, history can be seen without crash

Akash Patel says:

Yaa same here on 520 working fine just crashes sometimes when you load older chat history in group still it was worth.

Its been an issue since the begining.

_Emi_ says:

that's an issue before 8.1... people in beta says it's fixed, but that beta is like waiting for 8.1, an eternal wait

henlunds says:

Same here, 920.

tsnaik says:

my friend's 620 with 8.1 never gets a notification. But messages sent to her show 2 check marks.. It works for sometime after a restart.. So yeah, it's broken..

Madhu T C says:

Check data sense. If limit is reached, notifications don't appear.

I made limit to unlimited and started receiving messages

OluSegs says:

You are my hero!!!!! Thanks so much for that tip. Whatsapp notifications now work like a charm for me!!!

Kumar Gaurav says:

ofcourse it will work if you have installed it already. the app is removed from the store, so no new user can install it now.

is there any external way or third party source to downoad it.. just like apk fie for androids :(

plz hep

rahul.sharma says:

removing the app doesnt make sense...if it was broken so what , release the fix when just fine on my 920/925

So you have your brand new Lumia 630, you're new to WP, you download WhatsApp and it crashes. How do you feel about WP now?

rahul.sharma says:

If you install a new accessory in your brand new car and that accessory doesnt work the way it was supposed to....what you gonna do?

Whack it with a hammer til it works

neo158 says:

... and if it still doesn't work then it needed replacing anyway!!!

yocktan says:

Blame the car. LOL

Torch that car and take a taxi / cab into an iCar Store?

Yousef Kawmi says:

Much better than knowing there is no Whatsapp on this platform 

Really? If I were WhatsApp I know which I'd prefer.

OMG55 says:

How do you feel about WhatsApp now? WP itself works just fine shop he or she should be feeling just fine. How do you feel about being a troll always looking to bash competitors?

JoRdaNeK says:

It'll receive loads of negative feedback, so they probably want a nice version to be the only version

kittananj says:

+920 on Windows Phone 8.

eomes says:

Yup, works just fine on my 720 & 925.

shrikant50 says:

Not working , Lumia 720......
Don't get push notification by WhatsApp...!!!

Yes, same issue...

rubenbest says:

Same here i have no idea what problems everyone else is having

tlue says:

Same here L1020

Yu Cheng says:

On my 8.1 1520, the incoming msgs lagged few hours. I just removed it last night.

Works just fine for me too, 720.

cannon#WP says:

Me too, didn't know it was broken

foxibs says:

Works well on my L820

tkdmacgeek says:

Iran killed I cuz zuckerburgs a Jew lol

proparham says:

it still works for me on both android and WP!

IstyV says:

Works perfect for me too. Lumia 720 . 8.1

shrikant50 says:

Get problem to push notification.......

booog89 says:

Whatsapp has been a problem since I first got my 920, 2 years ago. Notifications and crashes. Not sure whether its the app or OS or just my ISP. Well just hope that Whatsapp make a new one that doesn't give to many problems.

OMG55 says:

I don't know why all I'd these complaints as everyone who down loaded 8.1 should know it might have glitches as its the developers preview. Guess most people have short no memories already

hanerlend says:

Works perfectly on my 920 with 8.1. Notifications are instantaneous.

Works fine for me on my Icon with 8.1 as well.

Jordano says:

Same here, 520.

Works on mine too.

Duduosf says:

Works fine on my 925 when after the update. And just earlier today I was wondering when we would get the God damn update already to have the latest features...

Maglor1981 says:

Works for me wp8.1

Iain_S says:

yes it works fine on my 8.1, the same as in did when on 8.

Mohit Jain4 says:

Font uninstall period of watsapp this means

AnubhavSingh says:

Yeah, work on my 520- 8.1 too..

yeap using wp8.1 and works fine on mine as well.. only sometimes has bugs with the notifications that filters through the notification centre. like they need to implement a function to automatically remove notifications on the start screen tile when u remove notifications in the notification centre.  +920

Sam Wong says:

Works on mine as well.


faalil says:

Works fine +920

DieNadel says:

Works fine NL925 8.1

Expression2 says:

It's completely fine for me

+for me too in India .. I have no problem with watsapp even in notifications...

proparham says:

not only works but notifications arriving much faster. sometimes on wp8 ( and first couple of days on wp8.1) it just gave a toast notif but live tile stayed dead but now it works like a clock!

It will work if it was installed but if u remove it you will not able to download it again ,try and check if you are able to see whatsapp in the store

abdhoms says:

How rude of them to remove it!

OMG i was going to install it a week later after my last exam !! OMG my phone is going to be humiliated when my friends as me why i still haven't installed it !! :-O
And here i was thinking I'd finally be chatting with all my friends soon.. Sad sad sad bad bad bad !!
Come on i need an update within a week or its gonna be really shameful for me and my phone ! Besides, no one would buy a new windows phone till this is fixed ! How the hell could they let this happen ??

(i know. This is among the first time I'm losing my cool, but cant help it)

Great life you live if this humiliates you lol, its an app... Relax, & good luck on those exams

Hey.. I haven't yet installed it, got the most important admission test of my life.. I was finally going to get a life after that exam gets over, and WhatsApp suddenly makes the future days look a little less fun...

Udit Yadu says:


Best of luck for that !!!

Faraaz96 says:

All the best bro.. I'm from iith :D

rohanagarwal says:

And instead of studying for them, you're wasting time here. It's just as well as wasting time on WhatsApp. :D and isn't JEE over already?

Lol ! Studied a lot already, 3 years to be honest.. Anyway, this was my break time.. :) brain's messed up due to studying..
This one is JEE advanced, for admission to IITs..

Sagar Limaye says:

Study and get hired by MS, they pick people from IITs, then change the face of windows phone forever lol

I have that planned.. Really !

Sagar Limaye says:

Gosh I would kill to work there haha

rohanagarwal says:

Ahhh.. That's great. What was your AIR in JEE..?? best luck nonetheless. :)

Only the marks have been declared for mains (erstwhile AIEEE) at present. I'm among the top 20 probably, most institutes have their lists online. Hoping to be among top 50 in advanced (erstwhile IIT-JEE)..
(sorry all for off-topic)

wpn00b says:

It was actually quite motivating. I'm going to practice my programming thanks to this off-topic conversation. And I wish you well on your exams!

Oh good ! And thanks ! :)

Use a patched version of it..... If you have a unlocked WP....

booog89 says:

Chill its just humiliation Let them be, but don't be like them ;)

DrewLumia900 says:

You sound like an idiot. BBM will be out for Windows Phone soon anyway, which is Much more stable.

Akash Patel says:

Yaa I am eagerly waiting for bbm hope it will come soon some say may end some say June end hope it come in may end.

mevalmvm says:

By the way which exams you have?

mevalmvm says:

Best of luck...hope WhatsApp returns aftr exams with latest update. I am giving IPCC(CA).

Best of luck to you too..

How much did you score in jee mains.... I got 244.....

You dont want to hear.. :-P they were quite a lot, just 3 marks shy of 340.. Anyway, 244 is nice ! You'd get a great college !

Best of luck... am giving CA finals.... And I agree.. Break time is a must...

Ohh and i thought i was alone! Me too preparing for IPCC.

DBZo07 says:

Dam!! I am CA Final student.May 2015 attempt! Great to see you all..

mevalmvm says:

Wow! So many of us CA students with windows phone. I am not only one out here. :)

Sapna Jain says:

Im giving my IPCC exams too.. Jus 5 more days left.. Bad news s tat i've uninstalled WhatsApp until exams n now its no more on store.. Waiting for it to b back on store. All the best to all dose who r appearing for various exams!!

You know, seppuku os always an option.

Maglor1981 says:

Use viber and Skype. They are better...

dalydose says:

What's "best" is where your people are. I have a few Skyp, but none on Viber.

proparham says:

the opposite here, everyone on viber , none on skype!!

shaharukhs says:

m here wasting time...m comp.engg student frm MU...tmrw is my advance microprocessors exm...

Memitim says:

Work's fine for me on 8.1

toxic zombie says:

It will definitely work u just can't install it again I you uninstall it :)

Memitim says:

Referring to the article stating that it is broken on 8.1, it's not.

R0bR says:

Agree, never had an issue since installing 8.1.

MatchAttax08 says:

Same as flappy bird. People who have it installed can play it by can't install it again

josonjoy1986 says:

So we can expect an update soon........ I guess so.......:)

Hey i got a really nice idea..
What if they removed it due to the bad ratings, and now would republish it with all the updated things so that they can start afresh, with most people giving them 4-5 stars as it would have all the requested features ?
Seems good, it had just 2.5 stars i think.. They'd want to start afresh, and get good ratings.. Lets hope this means the new update comes within 2-3 days..

DaKidIndian says:

Well ratings can still be submitted even if an app is no longer published, so if they republish it it'll still have all the old reviews.

What if they republish it as a new app ?

DaKidIndian says:

I suppose that is possible then

Fade_z says:

I don't think a large company like this would do that. I would give it one star just for that reason if this is the case

Why ? That's really troublesome to have thousands of bad reviews about features no longer lacking.. I think they deserve to be allowed to do that..

Fade_z says:

Because thats neglecting user reviews, even if it's about features that are now present.

And it's not like people aren't gonna download whatsapp anyway, its way to popular for that... Also you can up- or downvote reviews so that should straighten out + alot of people edit their old reviews when apps get updated with the requested functions. 

(Assuming WhatsApp is updated with most of the things fixed)

User reviews are made to help others know what people are saying about the app (obviously, the present app). What's the use of those invalid user reviews (with majority of negative ones) which has no meaning?

Up / Down vote is now available but its not technically possible to down vote all those negative reviews that easily. Even if their reviews are down voted, their rating shall still be counted and cumulative rating would be shown. Which would NOT be fair.

Moustache321 says:

+1 to saksham sharma

Sumit8 says:

Works on my 920 with 8.1 just fine. Whats broken exactly?

ArmandMg says:

Indeed, I've been using it and while I can't call it the ideal user experience I wouldn't call it broken neither

Yu Cheng says:

I don't really care about extra features, but I want to be noticed immediately, which is not the case for me on 8.1 1520. They used to update the app quite frequently, after acquired by facebook.....

Well it really never worked on wp. Messages are always delayed and announcements sometimes never come. But I guess thats more down to windows phone system rather whatsapp itself. Lets see if they come back...

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Bruno Sain says:

The download is broken moron,read the article!

Joel DSO says:

I wouldn't exactly call it broken, but its been loading and resuming terribly slow for me (Lumia 920 with 8.1) and when I click on a push notification it takes me to the previous chat I had open, and not the one I got the notification for

dKp1977 says:

What exactly is supposed to be broken in Whatsapp when running on WP 8.1? I'm using it all the time on 8.1 and some late notifications weeks ago aside it's running fine and without issues.

busngabb says:

It works fine. Case of isolated non working or just an out and out lie.

Still waiting on BlackBerry Messenger. I prefer that over WhatsApp anyhow

seq1 says:

I had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding.

HarkAtYou says:

Haha blackberry messenger... Who uses that other than kids in the slums of Brixton!?

DrewLumia900 says:

Whatsapp is for Third World users. GTFU.... You sound like a douche!

rohanagarwal says:

LOL you sound like a douche just for saying that.. :D oh and yes, no one uses BlackBerry anymore. Even people having BlackBerrys download WhatsApp. :P

pgg101 says:

I don't use Whatsapp. I have serious issues with the fact that it stores your contact lists on a foreign server. I also don't like the fact that cellphone numbers get recycled so your contact can change to a different person without you realizing it.

Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30

rohanagarwal says:

That's a fair point really. The contact changing deal is a big issue. But if people are careful enough to delete their existing account before changing their number, they could prevent such things from happening. :)

SumairB says:

How can you have an Android app on a BlackBerry?

kurotsuki says:

BB10 can run Android apps. Not all running well though.

HarkAtYou says:

I'm sure you would realize if you change your number, lol. I'm fairly sure when you first log in on your new number it deletes your old one, but doesn't actually use your number to deliver messages, but instead uses it as a way for people to find you, but then routes the message to your username, so nobody should ever get your messages, is that not right?

pgg101 says:

I was referring to someone else changing their phone number or, they die, then that number gets recycled. I see that new person still on my contact list, but I know for a fact it's not the original person...either because the picture is different...or they passed away.

Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30

rohanagarwal says:

Yes.. That happens. Dying is just one scenario. :P

rohanagarwal says:

Your number I'd your username. When you change your number and install WhatsApp with the new number without deleting your previous account manually, it creates a new account while keeping the old one in the database. So should someone use your old sim card or somehow get a hang of your number, they could use your account. Of course the person has to be nefarious enough to do such trickery just to get your account, probably, must probably with ulterior motives. :D about WhatsApp deleting your old account, I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Cuz it didn't delete mine. The only saving grace it's that it sends you a confirmation code that you must enter to access the account with your new number. That should prevent misuse in my opinion.

dracus_loki says:

You both are really dense to be saying all this .. Here is how it will go . Lets say u (dumbo1) changed ur SIM card . N he (dumbo2) . Decided to use ur card . In that case the only thing that will remain will be ur name and ur DP ., contacts won't come because it will scan Dumbo2's phone for contacts... I hope this cleared the air.

rohanagarwal says:

Dumbo 3 really misunderstood. Lets say Dumbo 3 has Dumbo 1's contact saved in his phone. And Dumbo 3 decides to text Dumbo 1 only to find that he really is Dumbo 2. So for someone like Dumbo 3 who messages only once in a while, it's a problem cuz Dumbo 3 might share some thing dumb but important for him with Dumbo 2 instead of Dumbo 1 as intended. I hope that cleared the air. :) :P

Aniket Bhat says:

Besides anyone could easily "hack" into your account, read your messages and everything. So your only option would be deleting your account. It's sad that hacking into WhatsApp is just that easy. They should increase the security level.

DannyBiker says:

Europe says hi.

cesar ruiz1 says:

WhatsApp had serious problems on 8.1 messages arriving late lags slow startup, I don't use bb messenger but even the Nokia x has it and where's flipboard that was announced almost a year ago.

tchaikie says:

BBM is the only app I miss on my wp

enahs555 says:

Yeah, I saw the previous article. But it works just fine on my Lumia 920. And I communicate with my friend on a 1020, and we tested it out in person, and the messages were essentially instant.


And we are bothing using the developer preview.


So, its not broken for me!

sisqo88 says:

I'm sure they will publish it in the next two days

What on middle earth is happening?!

Forc3 says:

Sauron removed WhatsApp from the Windows Phone store. Quick, someone give him his Ring back!

Xpider_MX says:

Mt precious whatsapp...

scorpian007 says:

Whatsapp works fine on my Lumia 920 on 8.1 too and my housemates 925. Not sure what the issue is...

Aero_Smash says:

Read the article

ahmu86 says:

couldn't stop my self from writing.....THIS^^^

mpt15 says:

According to ttsoldier on the forums, an update should be available soon. But who knows for sure?

OsamaAdam98 says:

Lol, He was just .. saying stuff.

Adretheon says:

I had problems at first but it seems to be working fine on my 8.1 now

DJCBS says:

I don't get this "it's broken on 8.1". WhatsApp works fine on both my 920 and 1020 running 8.1...

Notifications are broken completely

Not broken on my 1020

R0bR says:

My notifications work fine on 1020.

DJCBS says:

Not to me, they are not. Not on neither my 920 nor my 1020. Everything works normally.

luuch says:

Yh..broken on my 925. I have to open the app from time to time to check for new msgs

Madhu T C says:

Check data sense settings. Make it unlimited. Even I had problem until I changed settings

kurotsuki says:

Not mine. It's not running perfectly, sure. But it running well enough. Notifications on my 520 nearly received on time. If it was delayed, it just within minutes count.

Evronian says:

Hope an update is coming. It's pretty terrible compared to the experience on other platforms (I'm not talking about the backgrounds) and it drains the battery like no tomorrow.

cure92 says:

Glad its not just me. Kills the battery on my 925. No other issues though..

ahmu86 says:

kills the battery and heats the phone... can iron my clothes with the phone...

Arda Ozkal says:

Lol comment of the day.

Now its available...

rianext says:

Not available for download on wp7 as well!
Lumia 800 user...(sad I know)

Ronnet says:

Really? That sounds really bad. Hope this isnt an attempt to undermine WP. Because without whatsapp the platform is dead.