WhatsApp returns to Windows Phone, brings new features

What’s up?! Not much, just WhatsApp returning to the Windows Phone Store. After going MIA, the popular messaging app has returned. Not only has it returned, but it’s been updated. Earlier today, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore said the app would be coming ‘quite soon’. This does qualify as fairly soon! Details after the break.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find version 2.11.490.0 of WhatsApp sitting there. Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • Chat backgrounds
  • Broadcast lists
  • Privacy settings (settings > account > privacy)
  • Media auto-download settings (settings > chat settings > media auto-download)
  • Custom notification tones (Windows Phone 8 Update 3 required)
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

Not only does the app return, but it comes with a few new features. Chat backgrounds have been added, there are privacy settings, control the auto-download of media, custom notifications are there and more!

Heads up, those on Windows Phone 8.1 will get a warning message saying some features won't work properly. 

Grab the update for WhatsApp and let us know what you think!

Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Thanks for the tip Stuart!

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Doesn't work with 8.1 for me?
EDIT: nvm, it works fine now. It was just a warning message. COMES WITH BACKGROUNDS :D

ImMadNad says:

App is not supported for WP 8.1
But It will WORK FINE and you will just get the warning message while opening the app first time and also trying to contact the support.

k0de says:

Thanks for the tip.

the best thing is that the is a status bar for showing the progress of downloads

jeancabral says:

Works fine for me... I not see notification...

Md Anwer says:

I am unable to install WhatsApp please help. Ii am able to download but when it starts installing after some times it shows "attention rquired! Tap here" when I tap there it again starts downloading and again At the time of installation same error happens.. Its going again and again. Please help me.

iamizan says:

Change the install location to phone storage and not sdcard.

jimboireland says:

You can only put it on phone.

Octonabz says:

I normally delete any application that makes SD installation impossible. But WhatsApp is the exception.

ahmu86 says:

26th September 2011 when what's app first came on Wp if I remember correctly... 29th September 2011 bought my first WP phone Sammy focus... The new WA update gives that kind of feeling...

apnaadda says:

Uninstall it and then install it.

You can try this first uninstall WhatsApp and then install it again. Worked for me .

Md Anwer says:

Thank you guys. Its working fine now

bjorndv says:

Delete Whatsapp from your phone and then try it again. I had the same problem with Nokia Glam Me on my Nokia Lumia 920. For some reason the app wasn't able to update itself so after I uninstalled Glam Me I was able to download the updated app

uninstall first thn install it

I got the warning message related to background task setting in data sense after taking up the update. I checked the data sense setting and looked good. Restarted the phone and the app works fine. Lumia 720 win 8 update 3.

m_quadrat says:

Same here. I just upped the limit of data sense. It seems like it is always throttling downloads after reaching the limit. I set it to 9999 and restarted the phone. Works now. 

I am continuously getting that warning message about turn off "Restrict background data" in Data sense while opening whatsapp each time. The same is Off in datasense in my nokia lumia 820. I have restarted the phone but still getting the same message. Is anyone else facing the same problem? Please suugest any solution  because whatapp in not opening, only notifications are seen but not the whole message.

I dont get any error either..When i try to open the app, it doesnt open and i keep getting the notifications but unable to access the application. I tried turning off the restrict background data in data sense, reboot my mobile and the problem still persists. I have updated whatsapp to the latest version today morning and unable to open the app since then.

GpMoJo says:

Change data sense to not specified, and open it will open, after that you can set your data usage again

I did it. I set the limit to unspecified (removed the limit totally like u said). It dint work.

I Set the limit to a higher value (just to make sure there is a lot more content before it gets renewed). It dint work too.

Any other workaround ?

Thank you! It worked here.

Thnx man...same problem happened on lumia 625 too..and really solved dt problem changing data sense to not specified...

It works!!! Thank you!

Naresh Gunda says:

it dint worked :(, any other suggestions??

Rob Moerland says:

This is so annoying. First it wants me to remove my safety belt ( Data Sense ) just because I am near my limit. Than it complains about my OS version. My very first thought was "losers". Sorry programmers. I know you did the best you could too get a nice app up and running again. But don't complain about my OS, and fix the bug blocking the app when Data Sense says I still have 20 MB to go. I have Data Sense for a reason you know.

Please switch off data sense or switch it to unlimited, then it works. Changing the setting back to previous makes it dysfunctional. Programmers, not the best tasks that you have. Please release a bug fix soon for this.

mhzworld says:

Same with me. Using L820.. Although my quota still available for 100MB.. Now, I cannot open whatsapp.. I wish I never update it..

Raising the limit works. I've kept mine at 100MB for 3 days.

Try raising the limit and the days until it starts working

Vincentalim says:

Same problem here.
I've change the setting, even set the battery saver off. But I found the solution.

The solution is : Set the "Limit Type" to "none specified"

sunandajit says:

Same prblem. Either data sense or whatsapp works. Both can't work. Need another whatsapp update!

Just go to Data Sense and Set the limit to unlimited. Restart the Phone and it should work.

rhobbc says:

Thanks. It worked. I hope they bring another solution soon.

rhobbc says:

I'm getting the same error after I updated WhatsApp yesterday (6/1/14)

Same issue with my Lumia 620 , do not know when it shall be resolved

taurgis2 says:

Same issue here... doesn't make sense to block the whole app just to get notifications...

Bharatme89 says:

Same issue here! I experienced this on May 31st night at 21.45 hours. I tried everything - Changed the data sense options, in and off data though it was off. By next morning, the problem was fixed. But, I'm experiencing this problem again now. It is irritating and disgusting. I hope that WhatsApp fixes this "background data restriction" issue at the earliest. By the way, I re-installed it, I restarted my mobile and tried every possible option. I have also sent an e-mail to Whatsapp. :'(

rhobbc says:

Set to none specified.

Bharatme89 says:

Thanks a lot! It worked. :-)

Video and photo are separated now!

Ankmeyester says:

Wow,I can keep scrolling to older messages over a long period of time and no crashing!! :O

theOne1893 says:

That's amazing, it's like living in the future! :O

BlackGoku says:

This problem was removed already in Wp8.1 seems you have wp8 still.But glad for those without 8.1!

Ankmeyester says:

I've had 8.1 since the day it came out :/

luk3ja says:

Yes it always crashed for me too even on WP8.1 but doesn't anymore :) and it really is a pt faster!

Praise the lord ! Faster than ever

rodneyej says:

See... Told you it would be back this week.

YEP....... FINALLY Backgrounds....

sachin hegde says:

no crashing!! much faster.. wow !!

Yes much faster. I mean seems faster

Oh my god its back !! I still feel like its a dream but it happenes to be the reality !!

Excellent set of new features ! Yippieee !! :D

vkelkar says:

Yeah it has drastically improved on performance... Now they should update it with new stickers, ui with android... Audio sending.... Appreciate Microsoft closely working with what's app... Made it tune up for performance..:)

luk3ja says:

UI with android? What? This version is so much prettier than iOS and android versions now!

vkelkar says:

I loved the app... But its missing the wp touch

Aniket Bhat says:

Are you kidding me??? All my Android user friends just love the UI. Some even bought a wp device after looking at mine.... Some just use a launcher to make it look like one.. :P

vkelkar says:

It still lacks new emoticons... Animated emotions.... Which appears to us like a square or static symbol... Which I hate... Also we miss screen video capture... As well :D

Fatfox G says:

I guess its a very big day for WP users..first the file manager and now WhatsApp.. :O

reda igbaria says:

Nice, but i expected a new UI, i hope they add a new beautiful metro UI to the app

raiinman says:

Yes new Ui with a more modern touch
Icons/ color for settings menu
Action center notifications issue
Slowly but surely it will be improved. At least performance wise this is hands down best update.

Where is custom sounds???? i cant assign my custom notification sound for whatsapp from Action center setting...

Is it only me or all have this problem???? please reply.


deco1974 says:

That option is in- app

That option is giving the preloaded list of tones, not the tones I have in ringtone folder in my phone,
Previously I was able to assign customs tone from action center setting.... But now I can't....

vkelkar says:

One or two notification and u shyd find it

Oh ya I get it... Thanx.... But still not able to change it....

reda igbaria says:

You can, but first you need to take a selfie , :) im joking
You need to let the app send a notification, so the system will add it yo notification +sound setting , and then you can customize its sound

Yah I get it.... Thanx...

I feel like going to MS headquarters and kiss everyone for this work...lol

pooleyjnr says:

Works fine but warning message pops up.

toraji says:

Daniel that was fast :|

Happy WhatsApp is back

AhmedAtef says:

Actually I still can't believe that this is WhatsApp, the app has improved a lot in terms of performance...

rollindadice says:

that's why they pulled it cause it was causing some people phone to freeze or cause battery to drain faster than before

SumairB says:

I can stop complaining now. So damn happy :D

k0de says:

Excellent. Thanks

Yes the Cry has ended! Still not getting WhatsApp tho.

Chat background support. Cool :)

RockmanNeo says:

I was expecting to be able to set the background per contact or group. Oh well no biggie.

Tomazon says:

Me too buddy, maybe in 2015.

Actually you can.. Wait! Sorry I'm on WhatsApp Beta! :P

This doesn't work in the beta too... O.o

What doesn't work? You can set individual backgrounds in WhatsApp beta!

how to enroll in whatsapp beta :(

i emailed them to add me also they replied they dont need more testers :/

Robert Grant says:

If after getting that reply you're still asking about how to enroll then this may not be for you :)

No well after that reply I also heard they allowed more testers to join program. Unlucky me :(


And the backgrounds are beautiful!


Reebs Reebs says:

Now, I never know if people really mean it when they say it's much faster. Is it really?

This time it really is.

Performance improved greatly, the best change is the new, beautiful UI though.

Yousef Kawmi says:

For me yeah it's !

BataBole says:

Nope, it's seems same fast as it was ;)

rollindadice says:

for me it sure is

JoRdaNeK says:

It definitely seems it :P

Old messages also seems faster here :)) really!

fzkpfw says:

It's truly really faster

ajit920 says:

Much faster and smooth..

It's extremely faster now. But backgrounds aren't so essential, also i dont like them much. Black background is clean.
Anyway its all good :D

klose91 says:

Nice that it's back, but why the hell they don't allow SD-card?...

IceDree says:

Heeeeeyyyyy don't jinx it lol ;)

Yunzip says:

Yep! My question too! :-/ But who cares? They will probably fix it later on :-P WhatsApp is back!!

klose91 says:

Hopefully they'll do it when 8.1 is available for everyone. ^^

ImMadNad says:

This app is not supported for WP 8.1 officially so hereafter only they will start working for full WP 8.1 support but app will work fine in WP 8.1

rollindadice says:

that's another topic

meddyrainzo says:

It clearly says it doesnt support wp8.1 yet. That explains the lack of sd card support :)

Madhu T C says:

The app is not fully WP8.1 supported. So wait till update is rolled out.

Wooooowwwwwww thanks Stuart!!¡¡

guillams says:

Now, go cry for others apps!

rashberry says:

LOL ...thats exactly what they should do...instead of whining about sdcard not supported

OsamaAdam98 says:

Lets take a moment to cry about Facebook messenger.

ByeVanno says:

Lets take many moments to cry about facebook messenger

sidn625 says:

I haven't seen fb messenger on other platforms, but our works really well...
What features is it missing exactly?

ByeVanno says:

Not too much stuff i would mostly like the voice notes to be added and improve speed plus the ability to share video was added not to long ago

mesamit says:

facebook messenger is there in the store...but it lacks features that are in other stupid platforms...also it drains battery a lot quicker....

guillams says:

He just started!

dr_aggan says:

Is it safe to do update atm? Just received information about update availability... Anyone try it?

Shimoner01 says:

Yeah. It's a huge improvement in both performance and UI over the old version. Very impressed.

champ13 says:

it feels so muvh faster after the update,main problem(for me) was, when during chats if i come out and open other app and then go back to chat it used to take resume time before,but now it opens up so fast.it is fast and improved compared to previous version.so u must update.

Safe and Sound. Done it and cant stop looking at the backgrounds LOL

theefman says:

They should make a movie - WhatsApp The Return. :)

Hola Amigos says:

What about this title... A Day Without WhatsApp?

The Lord of the Apps - The Return of WhatsApp

The return of WhatsApp!!!

sidn625 says:

Whatsup with WhatsApp!!!

iboy2604 says:

Woohooo \o/
W'APP really made my day, week, month..etc..

Now its back with a bang!!!!!

IceDree says:

Halalalalaua !

DJCBS says:

Finally! Now the whiners can at last stop!


I bet Daniel is celebrating with a few rows of cocktails the end of the ordeal. 

Sam Sabri says:

Ha. I can see him with a martini right now.

sarim_xyz says:

"WhatsApp doesn't support your device's version of Windows Phone. Some features won't work properly."

*Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers on Nokia Lumia 920* - WHY?

leachan says:

Upon updating and opening on wp8.1, it gives the warning: 'Whatsapp doesn't support your device's version of windows phone. Some features won't work properly.' Yet to see which ones, I'm just happy it's back!

ImMadNad says:

It will work fine but its not officially supported for WP 8.1

Don't worry, everything works just fine :)

jfmanzo says:

Just proceed it works fine.

Its just a warning, WhatsApp working fine on wp8.1,

guillams says:

They are making sure you don't gonna complain here if WhatsApp doesn't work properly on the developer preview we are using!

xankazo says:

Whatsapp and Microsoft knows how whiny their WindowsPhone users can be and they're just playing it safe.

dalydose says:

There really is a whiny bunch among us.

Vin-dowz says:

Got that message, but no issues for me at the current time, updated it a few minutes ago though. Seems like the only issue is with SD card, you cannot install there

New complain: Can I send mp3 files? Kidding :) !!!

asylumxl says:

Rename the file with an mp4 extension using your prefered file manager., then move it to Camera Roll or similar folder and send :).

Groover1971 says:

Does that really work?

AV2RY says:

Yes. I tried and it works

Tahiti Bob says:

I can finally retire my 920 and exclusively use my new 1520 :)

towres says:

Funciona basta te bien!

Hola Amigos says:

Pues la verdad no se que le ven a Whatsapp... Me podrías iluminar con tu sabiduría?

towres says:

Pues es una aplicación multi plataforma. Quizás haya muchas, pero esta desde el equipo mas básico funciona.
Ademas ciertas personas la utilizamos como herramienta de trabajo,

guillams says:

Y es la sensación del momento dude! Whasapéame cuando puedas! Hahahaha

Hola Amigos says:

Ja ja ja... Whasapéame. Chistosito.

champ13 says:

acha acha thik hai.....

hugob01 says:

Es la que tiene todo el mundo...con eso es suficiente. De que te sirve tener la mejor si no la usa nadie?

Eroneko says:

Yo digo "meh!" a Whatsapp, lo uso porque mis amigos, por alguna razón, solo escuchan las notificaciones de él, aun cuando tienen Facebook messenger. Preferiría Telegram, por ser basado en la nube y tener los mensajes en más de un dispositivo, pero no depende de mi, sino de donde mis amigos estén. Igual, medio de comuniación secundario, los veo en persona en la universidad, no solo uso la boca para comer xD

gustavodure1 says:

Comparada con lo que era antes! Funciona perfectamente, muy veloz! Saludos desde Paraguay

towres says:

Pues bastante bien en gral. Cualquier duda no duden en contactarme. Saludos!

I don't like it the new chat font though :/

pattayo_ib says:

Me too! Hate it...

ruddevil says:

They need to fix it. I've set the font size to the smallest in the system yet it is still showing 2 sizes larger in WA.

Eroneko says:

My english is not good:
If you change the font size in Whatsapp settings only a litte larger, in the chat will be smaller and the line spacing will be less.

Suhasa Su says:

Thanks for the tip. Works.

poststamp says:

Thanks man, it works.

Your english is good enough, you made a difference here.

MikeSo says:

It's safe for Joe Belfiore to return to Twitter. LOL.

rianext says:

Heh heh good one...:)

Dua Hafeez says:

Daniel must be happy ;)

Daniel can turn all his Twitter filters off again and relax.

Ankmeyester says:

Daniel one more thing. Older messages can be seen without the app crashing! So happy :)

Asik15 says:

Oh Dan ... Now Take a Deep Sleep !!!! :D

Works on HTC 8X WP8. Different notificationsounds and backgrounds. LOVE IT .... Thanks MS and WA. You just make my day.

At last it was back in the store, after using for 15 mins everything is fine, but still no audio sending option which are already saved in phone, I didn't find where the downloaded videos are saving in the phone

halfpast5 says:

Using Files, Home/Phone/Pictures/Whatsapp that's where you'll find downloaded videos, among all other photos downloaded by whatsapp.

asylumxl says:

First bug I've found. Pressing remove background causes the select from album option to cease working unless I exit that menu and come back out again.

Few days later, app is gone again. Team WhatsApp messed up something new (said by future guy, back from the future)

Octonabz says:

Did they finally release BBM?
Btw dig the J Cole reference.

Future guys says, its still going to take a while before BBM shows up for u guys on WP. Cause blackberry made a new line of mobile berry's.

scooby boom7 says:

I can't keep custom Chat backgrounds for individual contacts.. Is that a missing feature?

ImMadNad says:

Only feature which is available in beta but not included in public version is that..

Darren Walsh says:

Still a sound out of the speaker on chat

Suhasa Su says:

Click record button to temporarily remove that problem.

Like the idea of custom tones but how does that affect the notification centre? Or is that where it is not compatible? There are only a few times you can choose from too. I cannot choose my own custom tones

pattayo_ib says:

I choose all custom tones thru the notification center...

Ahmed Aziz says:

Not happy, still export / email full conversation and searching text in conversation is not available :(
Missing android

sleefabid says:

You can simply press the search button and type the text which you want to search thought
Through your conversation.

MrAhmedAziz says:

In conversation there is no visual Search button, and hardware key will pop up Cortana !

and if you are talking about Searching in 'Conversation / chat lists' so It does not show complete message.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

meddyrainzo says:

If you press the search button(not the hardware search button) when you enter WhatsApp and you type a line of text from the conversation you're searching for, the conversation comes up. Just tried it. It works

MrAhmedAziz says:

Thanks dear, but there is something wrong with me. When I try to search this way, it works but when I click on search result it does not show that MESSAGE, it just open Conversation and shows last message. not the Searched Message :( :(

and I am not happy with other application Viber / skype too :'( due to notificaton problem

andremr says:

I'm glad I won't be forced to go back to Android...