WhatsApp update now live in the Store; brings voice messaging improvements and more

We told you recently of the upcoming changes expected with the cross platform instant messaging application WhatsApp, and the word on the street is that the update is now live. The changes in this version may not be the biggest in the world (unless you're on Windows Phone 7 - orientation lock!) but there are some welcome updates for you to enjoy. 

Here's what's new in version 2.11.276:

  • Voice Messaging improvements
  • Pin chats to start
  • New settings: orientation lock (WP7), text size
  • Better message forwarding options
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes
  • New languages: Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian

Grab the latest version of WhatsApp here and tell your friends! Thanks to everyone who tipped us!



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uditrguru says:

But no custom notification sound!!!
I hope they'll roll out another update

AML1 says:

Yeah, was hoping this would be there in the change log...

jubbing says:

Why would they roll this out when gdr3 is only available to devs. They probably will work on that option and release it once gdr3 rolls out to everyone.

+1 People need to get some damn perspective here...

VSparxx says:

And those developing whatsapp are called....????
Then if those non-devs got GDR3, for a company with a dev account it should be peace of cake...just saying.

inseyven says:

Then they should launch a dev version ^^

VSparxx says:

Nah...they could launch it now and when everybody get gdr3 it will be there.
I'm not saying they should, they just could if they wanted to, as they got all the tools needed.

stevethenerd says:

This would require extending the address book, which If I understand correctly is available know... (Skype only adds the Skype entry when the app is installed...)

hipporama says:

That'll come only once GDR3 is released.

DennisvdG says:

Don't they have to wait for gdr3 for such a feature?

icstars989 says:

GDR3 is out and available to anyone who wants it. Its called the developer preview but anyone can get it.

Capsloc says:

Doesn't mean it's official...can't expect them release a feature that is available to a low number of people on a somewhat beta kind of release. Btw it's not the full gdr3 either.

leviathan18 says:

it is the full gdr3, what you don't get is the lumia black update and that is only for well LUMIA devices.

uditrguru says:

Bt then too they should update it as it isn't gonna effect the app anyway

Rudy add custom notifications to 6tag and Update 3 have not been released to everybody yet. Whatsapp team can update it before GDR3 rolls out, so when people update they already have the function there.

vkelkar says:

Insider too have custom toast sounds... Soon after Gdr3 dev

PeadarWagon says:

I love you whatsapp!

OmarOzzy says:

The groups info page has also been improved.

DennisvdG says:

Yeah looks way better

We (Windows Phone Community) should make a petition to let Rudy Huyn work with the WhatsApp team to improve WhatsApp. We need more feature for WhatsApp and i have my confidence in Rudy.

This whatsapp app is just fine...

Toxid_Fox says:

Nokia is already helping the WhatsApp team, WhatsApp on Windows Phone is prefect in my eyes so why bring Rudy to a app that is already great?
Let Rudy do his thing on apps that aren't avalible on the WP platform instead.

No offence, but through your eyes it may be perfect. Where as for me there is still a few annoyances. like being unable to read long messages, n just recently removal of the "refresh" button. The reason to bring Rudy to the developement  of WhatsApp is so that we can make "a app that is already great" (check store reviews), Outstanding, like how 6tag is already considered better than the inbound Instgram app.

inseyven says:

He should do a lot of apps more, his apps are amazing!

rahul4aug says:

wow! whatsapp is continuing support for wp7.8 when every one else has forgotten about them..

ThePKReddy says:

What happened to the "download" link in the WPc app? It shows as web links? Normally, even links to apps which were updates had the "download" shortcut under "more" in wpc... Curious...

ThePKReddy says:

From other comments, is this only for WP7.x?

DennisvdG says:

Noticed that too, James probably just forgot it

Jay Bennett says:

Ah the link format James used is wrong, I'll fix that now :)

i got it last night. but i was hoping that they would let us customise the background with our favourite pictures. the black background is dull

DennisvdG says:

I think they're not gonna do that because it doesn't fit wp, I think it would be awesome if they created some "themes", you know just some colourful backgrounds that match with your phones theme, maybe it's just me but that sounds like a great solution for the "lack of personalization" some people complain about

Montpbm says:

Yeah I agree, I hate that some apps don't let you customize the background because it don't fit WP.. Let us consumers decide what we want to do with our phones background, and no I don't want a Google or iPhone crap phone.

All updates is welcome. And Bug fixes is better than anything. :D

Anyone know how many wp users in the world up till now, wp7x and 8x? Maybe less than 50 millions

Why not new design?

Diego Angeli says:

One thing that is really not meaningful at all but had bothered me since I first installed WhatsApp is the start screen that shows for a few seconds before opening the app. Why is it just the green full of strange drawings with NO logo. 
It would be much nicer if it had the logo balloon logo just like the official icon in the store, isn't it? (even more when you consider that it takes sometimes 5 to 10 seconds for the app to load on WP 7.x) =)

topdogg317 says:

Will we ever be able to attach videos from our media library?!

backlashsid says:

and here we go..........

pankaj981 says:

When microsoft enables it in the API

Andr3sfc says:

That's an OS limitation, which doesn't allow API access to the media library. Who knows, maybe in WP 8.1... But this is definitely a must, and, given the app's relevance, Microsoft should work to address it.

Amran Nagal says:

Hey will GDR3 void my warranty? I am using a Lumia 925 only two months old and I am in India.
I really want to install this update.

panesar7 says:

I doubt if there is anything that you can do to void your warranty on the software side of things. WP8 is quite solid that ways.

ahmedjan87 says:

It won't
install it

anky17cool says:

Istall it..it wont void ur warranty..jst let the update happen properly

Ymanish says:

Y orientation lock is not given for win 8??? Even if it is coming in gdr3 still within app will b a handy feature

Update available for L920 in the UK through Store

Darren Walsh says:

Seems faster mmmm placebo! Lol

I'm having trouble sending pictures after the update. Just goes to black after I choose the picture to send. Anybody else having the same problem?

Darren Walsh says:

Try a restart or uninstall and reinstall

This update literally made my day. Thanks Whatsapp...!!!

carlos118 says:

Have they changed it so it doesnt use the audio API anymore, yet?

Andr3sfc says:

Yes - many months ago, actually.

DaSchnee says:

I have a terible bug with this update. I can't see any messages. The chat window is just black. Reinstalling the app has not fixed it  

ghousuddin a says:

Ohh god i am not alone in this world, even i cannot see any of the group messages.

DaSchnee says:

it's not limited to group messages for me.

ghousuddin a says:

Have u done the gdr3 update?

DaSchnee says:

Yes. Btw i got it working again. Uninstall app-> apply Backup -> clear every chat history -> restart phone

ghousuddin a says:

But i do not see a clear chat history option here

chmun77 says:

Gosh.... Why is Whatsapp having so much issues on Windows Phone platform??? Is just disappointing.

ghousuddin a says:

Group messages are not visible after the update. Anyone else with the same problem

rockstarzzz says:

Another tiny change that isn't included in the change log is "usernames". Now the name of contact appears as you've stored them to your phonebook, NOT by what they call themselves on their whatsapp. Really good to be able to call people what you want and toasts appear with that! Hated when people put smiley in their names!

Andr3sfc says:

That's a real nice change. Thank you for noticing.

mma2885 says:

This is not new...

I hate that the idiots fill the reviews with negative votes and comments because they cant share videos and audios. They don't know the limitation of platform and keep cursing devs. :/

By the way disappointed to not see orientation lock in wp8. Even we chat has that.

guidorobben says:

Groups is gone in favorites...

Nick Ruler says:

i am unable to find the clear chat history option..

jyasin says:

<p>Finally &nbsp; Ability to increase font size. But why not extend this ability &nbsp;while typing the message not just in the message bubble area. I like a bigger text as I am typing so I can see what i am going. &nbsp; That&#39;s when it matters he most to me. Please include in next update</p>

dikadik says:

I need an option to turn off the notification from group chat, not manually turn the mute on for each weeks.

sheldork says:

THIS! I'd like more options on setting this up than what we have.

akshaypn says:

I am not getting messages in group chat...getting the notifications though...weird...seriously whatsapp was better on my Symbian...and its not windows problem probably but it just doesn't work properly...

ghousuddin a says:

K here is the solution
Uninstall app-> apply Backup -> clear every chat history -> restart phone.
u LL not see clear chat history as before. U shd go inside group, press 3 dots and u LL find it there. Good luck

MrWoldo says:

Why do i always see a green whatsapp icon on a blue tile, my whatsapp logo isnt green?

mpanchal says:

Waiting for windows os to allow third party apps to access media files - no option for video and audio file sharing and saving of the ones thats sent...this makes WhatsApp experience so irritating

sharkman17 says:

Voice messaging is blazing fast now!

akshaypn says:

Lol after uninstall and reinstalling now i lost all my individual chat history....and out of nowhere old histories of group chat came back ..still not able to read any group messages...l think WhatsApp has been hacked....need a major update and quick fix...horrible update....

akshaypn says:

Maybe it has something to do with gdr 3.....

raiinman says:

Microphone icon keeps fading. Have to tap multiple times to make it work. App also closes after certain audio and pic uploads.

raiinman says:

Thanks for supporting WP community whatsapp. Just need to update the start screen with a more modern/polished look and yes as always bug fixes.


I just want to be able to save video to my main library as well as attach video from my library..
Not too much to ask since iOS and Android had it since 2011.

Smity Smiter says:

That'd be Windows Phone's fault for not providing APIs, WhatsApp is helpless about that.

anandv427 says:

Introduce BBM to Windows...

chmun77 says:

Is the stupid connectivity error prompt still there once you are able to leave the app? That's very irritating though.

Well, this update is nice.
But it has some bugs/problems.

1. The total number of favourites are removed.
2. The app doesn't respond when came back from other app or just from the start screen.

Smity Smiter says:

Clearing chat history is not working after the update, is it the same for everyone else?
I tried on group chats, don't know about 1 on 1, I just delete them.

Usman Ghani2 says:

we can send the pictures together like i phone or Samsung 
we should be send the pics 1 by 1

Mohak Adav says:

Still no mark and send pictures option and also video sending

sheldork says:

Thanks for the update, able to pin chats, however the problems persist before this update.
unable to mute groups, its does not complete the process just like before (however the gui has changed on this setting)
The push notis are as good as dead, the notifs appear only after the app is launched, that really sucks.

stevethenerd says:

So far so good... Battery usage is not dramatically effected with what's app installed #fingers crossed ;)