WhatsApp updated with various enhancements and bug fixes


What's up? Ready for another WhatsApp update? Of course you are. You love those updates, even if they don't add any new features. The past few updates we've had for WhatsApp have been those that focus on bug fixes and small improvements. Today is a little more of the same.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find version 2.11.516.0 ready for you to download. The changelog? You're getting "various enhancements and bug fixes" again.

The last substantial update to WhatsApp came out nearly a month ago at the end of May. That was version 2.11.490.0 and returned WhatsApp to the Windows Phone Store. It also introduced chat backgrounds, broadcast lists, privacy settings and more.

Play around with the new update today and let us know what you notice!

Thanks for the tip everyone!

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Not much...So, What's App?

Airplane, birds, clouds etc

2Suave says:

Hard dicks and airplanes!

you'll know whats up when the pants are down

Lumia cyan is available for lumia 630 in india.

dracus_loki says:

Hey , I have found a huge flaw in the WP , and MS isn't even replying to me, so I guess I'm not even gonna get anything for finding this bug . For your who want to see what the bug is
Follow " Check out "Killerwp" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=2f17d596-cd4a-4d72-ba95-7760fe5a0b8c " ------
Install the APP , n wait for 15 minutes
Please back up all your data before u try this , better still use a spare phone if u have , the only way to recover from this is to hard reset the phone

Zuka_WPC says:

Is this real life?

 Is this just fantasy?

Zuka_WPC says:

Caught in an landslide...

Doesn't work, although my phone froze. A simple soft-reset fixed it.

dracus_loki says:

Which phone did you try it on , ?

Tried it on my sister's 520 :3

dracus_loki says:

She probably had many background tasks running , this app is not handling that exception it was just supposed to show the vulnerability ... Put some tasks off n try

dracus_loki says:

Check out "killerwpv2" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=437ab181-735d-4fe0-bea3-8a8563903d51 ....... this will surely work ... Please try it out

MatchAttax08 says:

If its true. Report the app

DennisvdG says:

Lol why would anyone want to do that?

Bruno Sain says:

This is good news,who damm cares for WhatsApp!

when it will be available for lumia 720 in india

humanhowever says:

Not much, gravity holds it all down.

slimshady97 says:

Nothing much changed still works the same.

pg2900 says:

its all ready working perfectly for me....

Needs the ability to send mp3 files please (I am guessing they will release it when official Windows Phone 8.1 is out).

Aashish13 says:

U can send download files app

I know about the work around (you have to change the extension of mp3 file to .mp4 right?), but I can't stand the hassle, plus I can't save mp3 files to phone so meh.

Lets just hope they don't remove the app from the store when WP 8.1 comes out :) lol

Daniel2099 says:

The iOS App doesn't has this feature, so I don't expect it to arrive on Windows Phone...
They probably removed it due to copyright issues.

Are you sure? My friend usually send me songs on WhatsApp using his iPhone 4s...

Daniel2099 says:

Maybe he has an old version which still supports this...

ortizang says:

They won't add that feature, they haven't done it with Apple.

arunsandeep says:

someone will say "it feels faster" soon

You mean speedier :)


Andre Blonde says:

The quote is "seems faster"

Cabresau007 says:

So what is that from. I joined WP central like around the dev preview hype. Did I miss some joke or something...

Aman2901 says:

Welcome bro..It's nothing but just a term one wrote and others followed but over time it became just an unnecessary addition to the comments section..

Ankmeyester says:

It's because of the facebook beta app updates. at a certain time there were many update iterations with the app constantly getting updates without any noticeable difference. it was also a time when the app was much slower. so many comments were centered around questioning the speed of the app after the update. After a while there seemed to be a placebo effect wherein users felt the app "seems faster" even though nothing really happened in that sense. Soon this spread over to the other post comments and forums too. The comment is used mainly on facebook updates and closely followed by whatsapp updates. Reason being that both these apps were critical for many users and their speed was frustratingly slow and yet the apps used to get many updates at certain periods without any visible performance improvements.

Zuka_WPC says:

This content should be on knowyourmeme.

UchilHasmit says:

Write a wiki page about this phrase..

Cabresau007 says:

Wow super in-depth. Thank you for the reply. As for using the phrase, I don't think I'm going to use it. Judging by the fact that a lot of people are annoyed by it.

Keep these updates comming! Im lovin' it :) (BTW it seemes speedier)

daniswag says:

Seems fasterrrrr... XD

saahil687 says:

It's the same.

Arka1412 says:

Why the hell they cant give us the option to make the annoying vibration off..Seriously I m pissed off.

sagar_23 says:

Go to the notification + actions, turn off vibration for WhatsApp.

Arka1412 says:

I was not talking about that vibration..FYI, what you were asking me to turn off doesnt effect if my phone is in normal mode..I was talking about the vibration which takes place between the chats and android version has an option to turn that off..It sucks the battery to huge extent

Jackalneck says:

Sounds like you don't have 8.1. You can turn off vibration for each app independently, including WhatsApp in 8.1.

Arka1412 says:

Seems like you dont understand English..Please see carefully what i have written.

P.S I have 8.1 from the 1st day only

Rafael Gino says:

He means the in-app vibration.

Arka1412 says:

Exactly..Thanks buddy

Rafael Gino says:

I'm not sure, but at some moment of the past that the app has this option, but this was in the WP7.x era

sagar_23 says:

Should have been clear at the first place ;)

sagar_23 says:

Btw facing any notification problem for the groups?

Arka1412 says:

I was facing notification problem yesterday...Reinstalling the app solved my problem..

sagar_23 says:

Got to try that.

Bruno Sain says:

Yeah,it's so fast you can't catch it,run faster man !!!

sagar_23 says:

I see the file size 16 Mb.

riteshpande says:

Previously i guess it was 17 mb

UchilHasmit says:

It was 16 the last time around too...

sagar_23 says:

No, the last was 17 mb :)

Collins_sang says:

Loving all the updates. Still waiting for the big one. Cyan

Cyro Dubeux says:

Nice! Keep the updates coming. Didn't notice any difference so far, perhaps a little bit faster starting the app.

Good to see Whatsapp being updated more frequently. :)

what if WhatsApp is simply incrementing the version without doing anything just to keep us folks from complaining :o

shishirdbhat says:

Works better with the notification Center now. When you open the app, unlike before, it clears the notification Center.

But, unfortunately it doesn't work the other way around

TheOzgun says:

Thank god they're working on this issue.

Mr osi says:

3 different devs have told me that they don’t have access to the api to clear tiles from the notification.  It seems only core apps have access to it.


crise says:

Wow what a bs, so it will take a year before all apps work properly with it.

Mr osi says:

Yes that was my feelings too. I don't know why people are not making more of an issue of this.

Now Working Faster...then before.Now no more loading and resuming..... its works great..... now

offeright says:

Yes faster now. Nothing new

pr0phecy says:


Whatever temp they hired is really trying to earn his keep

Ankmeyester says:

lol i approve of this comment :P


S_Ash says:

There's still a problem, when I open WhatsApp the speaker make a noise ..
I hope to fix this since this thing drain battery and annoying.

It's not WhatsApp issue, it's the problem with Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview.

Peg Leg says:

Please explain, I get this with Moliplayer.

Explain what? It is a bug in WP8.1 preview, my friend have a Lumia 630 and there is no noise while opening either MoliPlayer or WhatsApp.

funny i have a 520 and i never had this issue not even with 8.0

UchilHasmit says:

Moliplayer fixed this.. It was in their change log..

It is but it wasn't really fixed, I still hear the noise sometimes

S-Ashr says:

Ok thank you for explanation, I hope we get the official WP 8.1 soon

merchan says:

It's not really an issue inherent to the OS. It happens because drivers for Windows Phone 8 phones were not updated to support wp8.1. This is what Cyan Update will fix for Lumias.

merchan says:

You shouln't be using a Developer Preview and complain about things not working. This is a driver issue. There are still no updated drivers for WP8 generation phones to support WP8.1.

CanGueler says:

They really need start working on batteryusage extremely high compared to android

girishN says:

Are you suffering from a 10-15% drainage every hour?

awneze says:

Lol went to the store to update and didn't see any update available, had to go to my downloads to see its already been updated

jarmopit says:

Certainly much fast...

emjey says:

Seems faster

Still didn't fix the irritating noise from speaker. What is wrong with them :|

They have mate, just check again

It's not the problem of WhatsApp, it's problem with Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview.

rockstarzzz says:

It's not the OS

crise says:

Then how is WhatsApp the only app with the issue? It think it is a cheap hack to keep some background stuff alive and that's why WhatsApp sucks battery like a (Suarez) new-age vampire.

MoliPlayer does this too, there is no issues in Lumia Cyan though (like Lumia 630/930, I know this because my friend has a 630)

I did check..still has that noise whenever I open a chat :|

I did check..still has that noise whenever I open a chat :|

UchilHasmit says:

Do a re install..

champ13 says:

what noise? i never had that problem.

Turn up the volume, put your ear on the speaker and open any chat and you'll hear faint buzz which goes away once you tap on the record icon near the chatbox

Nasimonair says:

Make the media volume silent while using WhatsApp, it will decrease the battery usage.

Aashish13 says:

Watsapp notifications don't get clear in the action centre even after reading the msgs. Is that a bug of Watsapp or action centre????? Anyone?

I'm having the same problem but its random!

Rem97 says:

It's not a bug with the action centre, it's because Whatsapp aren't taking advantage of it. The app isn't 8.1 optimised.

randomly it happens but it's not just WhatsApp

cbaten says:

Starts up faster (920)

Bruno Sain says:

Yeah,like lightning,flash compared to WhatsApp is no one.

Chee Hong says:

Thanks ya WhatsApp team.

You know what's annoying me more than anything........ Windows and WhatsApp emoji isn't the SAME!!!?!!

UchilHasmit says:

Yeah... I've been embarrassed many times because of this!!

crise says:

Still the noise, probably killing the battery. Pffff

swanny78 says:

Seems slower. Or I'm faster, one of the two.

Wael Hasno says:

Seems shittier.

Why Not says:

"various enhancements and fixes" so, nothing. Gonna skip this one too.

4ndr3a5 says:

I want this Wallpaper!

Just make it faster

davesannie says:

They should make the scrolling in emoticons more smooth !!!! The whole OS is so smooth and WA is fucking that up !

F3rzz says:

Xbox music says hi

Lumia cyan update is for lumia 630 is available in india. I have checked and got an notification and size is 85 MB. Happy updating.

630 already had cyan.

Cyro Dubeux says:

I think that the 630 was released with 8.1 preview.

Yes, but the latest version of lumia cyan for lumia 630 is rolled out today.

racksrrs says:

found improvement in performance while opening the app...


viky4640 says:

Where are you cyan.... I m waithing for you

rahilsayed says:

Its seems sp fast i dont remember clicking on opening whatsapp and its opened....HOly S***

thatmariner says:

Seems fas *gets shot*

hazqeel says:

mush faster on my lumia 720 :) :)


crise says:

I wish there was an archive function for chats like on facebook.

What does archive do. I never understood. Can you explain?

crise says:

You now have a list of open chats. When you open a chat you see the history of your conversation. When you delete a chat, the history is gone. When that person speaks to you again, there is no history. Instead it would be nice to have an archive function like on facebook messenger. Instead of deleting a chat you can archive it. You won't see the chat in your list of open chats, but the next time the person speaks to you you will see the history of the conversation. This is very useful for chats with people you do not speak often with, and you don't want them to occupy a place in your open chats lists, but you do want to see the history once you talk to them again.

altafmahmood says:

I noticed something earlier after opening WhatsApp the messages on the notification area would stay now all the notifications gets cleared away.

Did it allready had: go to favorits, scroll down. Is says: 'tell a friend'.

Lets hope you can attach sky drive pics now

danielgray says:

Not getting lock screen notifications

After update, reboot your device Then it will Perfectly Work..............

danielgray says:

Yes thanks, working properly now.

Whats the name of the clock in the top your screen sam

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

oseansaditya says:

WTF!! after the latest update notification didn't showed up!! Im using WP 8.1

Odaii Kh says:

I need Your background !!

seems unbearably faster!!! ;)

What improvements? Gallery still opens very slowly when sending a picture from the app. Chat search ia still the same as it opens the latest chat and not the,searched word.

vinayscxbox says:

So, how many of you's WhatsApp *seems faster* now.? Lol.

Updated? Still not working on wifi with proxy server. :(

if you are run in wp 8.1 developer Preview still there is a problems not Cleared.static ip, may  if get a static ip then it will resolves some this type of problems Even automatic ip also some problem like loss internet connectivity wifi shows (LIMITED) Acess We Need To wait for final verision of this os.may be they unlock some enterprise features in that version.

WP8.1(preview) Not Worthable for enterprise user's

can someone tell me what he meant?

Bruno Sain says:

It's difficult,tell him to write in Indy

spinzeroWL says:

If only they would allow the Whatsapp backup file to save in a folder that we can access. I'm kind of stuck on my 1020 as I want to keep the chat threads, but have no way to backup and then restore to a different phone.
Better still, I hope they can take advantage of Skydrive backup so that messages restore in the same way text messages do.

quek9 says:

Cool I will pick this up later....

asylumxl says:

Mine is now noticeably slower opening a conversation :(

jeet64 says:

When come with call facility

SAM 77 says:

I can never use this app because I have unlimited sms.

Never thought being in Australia was actually good for something phone/tech related.

Wow, service provider in,Australia gives you free sms' !?

Bruno Sain says:

Yes,Italy also,unlimited SMS.

desitunez says:

You are missing the point here


1. Do you send SMS overseas? ,  do you have friends and family overseas .

2. you may have unlimited SMS - does all your friends have unlimited sms too - proabably not

It good for those scenarios.

SMS is old school ,  not media friendly or for  Group conversations ( send video / pictures / music ) and group conversations. More importantlly  - delivery notifications and status of person being online / offline



Bruno Sain says:

Yes,I have a unlimited plan,so I have phone calls 1000minutes and 1000 SMS even overseas for €50,00 a month.WIND.and for calling an messaging to Australia with my son......i got an iPhone,and if no one knows,it has message free,but to get back to messaging with WP, I have a product called "SKYPE",Did anyone here about it ?!,so Whatsapp guys?

AA_91 says:

Seems faster :D

noneofthem1 says:

i just remarked that it is now possible to make group conversations quiet. you can decide if its forever, or just a couple of hours. amazing! at least i have not seen that before...

UchilHasmit says:

The mute option was always there.. Wasn't it??

AV2RY says:

Yep. I think max was two weeks. Now its one week only

not seems faster in Lumia 720 . but seems Smarter :)

Aman2901 says:

It got slower..Don't know if it's just me!!

melwin paul says:

Wish they bring back the WhatsApp folder in the photos hub instead of naming it as "other".

Hey Sam , why not share your wallpaper as did Dan in one of your articles? Very nice background , you share it, do not be selfish.

wolfgangjr says:

The probability of increased velocity seems slightly higher.

rcmarvin says:

Still not yet fixed the problem with data sense. When the data usage is near the limit, Whatsapp will not allow you to open the app until you turned off data sense. It claimed that data sense will block Whatsapp from receiving new message notification, but I can receive new notification. It seems Whatsapp can't detect that I didn't turn on restriction on background data.

asna_n800 says:

Everything's finer & smoother, except that "Others" folder..!!

afgzee says:

It actually loads faster

WilsonBlaze says:

Yes it is faster

Ajju711 says:

is there a way to mute a certain chat especially group chat?

yes there is, under group info

Bruno Sain says:

Yes,turn off the phone :)

Bruno Sain says:

Hey guys,Apple just released the new Ipod touch 16 GB !!!!

Bruno Sain says:

Wow this update is fantastic! When you open,it's say's"WHATSAPP MAN ?"