WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets another small update tonight

It was just a few days ago that WhatsApp received not only a bug fix, but a smorgasbord of new features to quell the angry masses of messaging fiends. That update was version 2.11.490.0 of the popular messaging client and late tonight a small patch has just been pushed out bumping WhatsApp to a modest 2.11.494; to put that in perspective that is slightly ahead of the private beta, which stands at 2.11.492.

So what’s new in this update? As you can probably guess, not too much in terms of new features but users will get some fixes. In fact, the changelog simply states ‘Various enhancements and bug fixes’ as being included with the refresh. We have heard of some complaints from a few users about the latest update so perhaps this will go a long way in addressing those issues.

Regardless, go pick up WhatsApp version 2.11.494 here in the Store. Thanks, all of you, for the tips!

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It does actually seem faster. No joke

ArthJar says:

The velocity of it appears to have increased.

Zuka_WPC says:

The momentum has multiplied.

and the future of this app is sure have a direction.

Momentum remains conserved!:P

QilleRz says:

Law of conservation of energy !

Law of conservation of momentum :P

mrdvos says:

Far from terminal velocity.

The smoothness and acceleration of UX of the application were enhanced

vkelkar says:

After facebook... Now,whats app's turn to get speedier with every update...

ortizang says:

Better than in android.

cmy102 says:

I am a happy man now. Thanks!

authentic22 says:

Yeah.. It just seems to b.. but actually its not...!

Actually before some days the whatsapp has Crossed the Escape velocity .. that's why it got disappeard from windows phones store :P

Bharath M D says:

Hahaha... I know that Escape Velocity joke ! Poor RaGa dint even have the velocity to make it to the first day of Parliament today... 

Richard3465 says:

It feels excessive. :)

Krishna R says:

Second to comment.

I just updated it already. Will check how it goes and comment later.

ahmu86 says:

Smorgasbord... Word of the day...

Wael Hasno says:

Smörgås actually means sandwich in Swedish. Almost pronounced the same way. I want a sandwich.

authentic22 says:

Its would b nyc if u post a word evryday.. :p

cindawinda says:

I know it does, but shut up

Just ignore seems faster..

Patrick76 says:

it seems so...

TechAbstract says:

Yes, can only be measured by speed of light

sanjayt_17 says:

I think there's no need to update now.. I'll skip it..

Roger Mike says:

yeah same here!
Mine working fine as well no need to update..;)

Jrexxx says:

haha. We've been traumatized so bad by this app in the past that we're afraid of updating it if it ever works well :P

dkhere says:

Don't see any changes after updating

Seems faster (really no joke -.-)

Why Not says:

Sugoi sugoi!!!

Chris Yahya says:

Window Phone? Wow! New OS??? Lol

AnubhavSingh says:

Haha xD didn't noticed it!

Yu Cheng says:

And messenging fiends.

Nice to see a quick update from Whatsapp. Hope the updates keep comming often.

Anojan Sivam says:

I've got it
See the default background gallery photos of WhatsApp , there are some more photos added

Anojan Sivam says:

Guys check this out

I can't see any new wallpapers.

Blue Skies got updated too.
Here is what's new:

- Fixed Radar Display issue.

Oh btw the bug that caused the premium features to work is fixed now (only those who have bought the app can use premium features now).

You are right...

Piyush Madan says:

Ya it seems faster

Naresh Gunda says:

i guess they removed the data sence check. With the previous update i couldn't open my whatsapp and it was getting stuck at splash screen. but now this is fixed. thank you whatsapp :)

yawns says:

Yes, I second that. The problem telling that the background activity is limited, is gone.

Tomas Migra says:

I don't think so. I still have problem with that.

kpupadhya says:

Also, the download size for the app is reduced... its 16mb as compared 17mb before.

FTella says:

Yep, it is solved here.

krox1105 says:

Daniel, it should be "Windows Phone" in the title.

jbitner21 says:

I've been using windows phone for 3 1/2 years but I've never understood the benefit of WhatsApp over text or social media..can someone educate me?

In countries like India you are charged for text messages. With Whatsapp you can send it for free. :)

navneeth24 says:

It was FREE 2-3 yrs back,..fck the govt!!..anyways I am lucky enof...Vodafone has given me FULL 100 MSGS FREE/day...and WhatsApp validity got auto renewed :D

Talk4Lig says:

Wtf, you are paid everywhere for text messages

1. Multimedia support
2. Group chat
3. It's free (it does say 55INR a year but for some reason mine automatically renewed twice since the free period expired)

What is the rate of single text msg charged in india

navneeth24 says:

Depends on service provider...1st 3 msgs ll b charged ... And it LL b like paying Daily rent..

Its ₹1/sms...no idea about mms. But if we get a message card than its 10paise/sms

60paise for local sms and 1:20₹ for std sms (Docomo)

drg says:

It's ok Daniel, I got this one covered. Soooo basically not everyone has unlimited texting and texting internationally can be quite costly. When you message using these kind of apps its a fraction of a cost using data. Regarding other social apps, well I'd say not everyone uses FB and usually apps like WhatsApp have additional feature those social apps don't. Is that right Daniel?

Luminatic says:

Agree with all of the above.
I'll add from an European point of view:
There are lots of prepaid users in some European countries, and with prepaid, you don't have unlimited text. Regarding social media: I'm yet to find a single person that uses Facebook chat. It's not widespread at all. (funnily enough, whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook, is so widespread that it has become a quasi standard)

Kumar Gaurav says:

whatsapp also falls in the category of social media

Pushynachan says:

60 messages costs 1$ in India.

henocksandy says:

1st- I can send messages anywhere in the world for free!(including 1 country to another)
2nd- can send pictures, videos, audios, locations for free
3rd- can see if the other person has seen your message or not
4th- can see if the other person is online or when he was last online!
5th- can put a profile pic and status!
And WhatsApp is faster compared to other messengers!!!

Just300 says:

We need more updates to match specs. of IOS and android. Thank you whatsapp anyway.

I think it will take a year to match up with them lol

brayvefart says:

Only change I noticed is that last time WhatsApp was of 17MB and now it is of 16MB!

riteshpande says:

I too found the same change


You are indeed a brave fart.

Four new wallpapers added

lakshay0411 says:

In the previous version, when i opened a message from the notificiation center, the app tile would still show that i have unread messages. This happened sometimes and not all. Hope its solved in this update

quimrc says:

on my 820 it did

When are they going to fix it so you can link pictures directly from Onedrive again?  So annoying this still doesn't work!

quimrc says:

Ok. Yesterday's Windows phone firmware update was supposed to fix alerts from apps nop disappearing from action center (or however it's called) if you happend to attend that alert on the app. For example, having a message in whatsapp and reading it. The alert was still there and you had to clear it manually. For me it only worked the first time, then no more. Seems like now is fixed.

Btw, I've got a L820

harikrish303 says:

Its good to see they giving updates in regular intervals , but ntng special in new update. Only a few background pictures were added

It is also lighter... Now 16mb from 17mb :P

Gimme DAT wallpaper

HussainJudge says:

Hey Sam ! Hike messenger has also been updated and it has got an awesome new UI, bug fixes and many new features !

Wherever I used background image for chat, some glitches were there, hope they removed in this update

KjBleau says:

There must be something about this app that warrants the constant updates about updates. I just can't figure out what it is. This is some of closed network chat client? What is the attribute that makes this such a jewel?

spinzeroWL says:

Everyone uses it. That's the jewel in the crown.
I dare say it probably has higher daily usage than Facebook itself...

navneeth24 says:

Dey hv removed"check for updates" option in the settings>about menu..from the last update... Anyways wp_central is der to inform us :P

Master_Mohan says:

Hay Daniel liked your background image for tiles, send me.

Posted via the WPC App

offeright says:

Download polyscreen

wpfan1995 says:

Seems faster,Multiplied Velocity,Accelerated,App Opens in 00.13/fps,Bugs are Enhancedly fixed with improvements on UI.Anything I Missed Please Report Here! (Joke) :D :P

Seems good not much faster to me..i will see,if my problem of data restriction,is sorted out or not in this version

I have a problem. I can't change the tone of the notifications. I mean, I already change them in the options but nothing happens. They just sound equal for all

Yeah Daniel can you please upload your background picture? It looks so nice!

Alok Jain says:

Now WhatsApp have last seen off option in privacy

bawajose says:

It was included in the previous update

BlackGoku says:

Seems Battery Drainer.Hope this update fixes the battery problem it took almost 10% in just 15 mins!

RomilHirani says:

You said it. The previous version was a battery drainer...hoping this update solves the issue

iboy2604 says:

WhatsApp on WP is nw much better than it used to be..

@WPC- HIKE is also Updated, with whole new UI & mch mre!
It's awesome..nw aftr seeing new HIKE..i feel Whatsapp is jz a vanilla version of IM ;P

pattayo_ib says:

I really want smaller font, as option.

o meu é o lumia 520 já esta disponivel o WHATSAPP ? ALGUEM PODE ME INFORMA 

Mackanov says:

Vai na loja e procura...

SumairB says:

Also, the app is 1MB lighter.

amjo31 says:

In their last update they had forgotten to add details under Settings > account, like change mt number, privacy, account expiration... So in this update it's there.... HOWEVER, I noticed they removed the online/offline status. Meaning u can't know of you're online or offline

Just a message for those obsessed whatsapp people out there- There is absolutely no need to keep asking about whatsapp and tipping constantly. Your tips are not unique. Get over it. You need to keep whats app down and get a life!

Even my old symbian phone gets whatsapp updates before windows phone.
App developers better keep WP no. 1 on their priority list...simply coz WP is d future

Aashish13 says:

Yes. WP is future Microsoft forever

Madhu T C says:

It is because of notification method used in WP. Only MS can change it.

Bruno Sain says:

Asshole app !!!

Vainkatesh says:

It was related to data sense problem.. I have suffered. "WhatsApp's" starting page says that WhatsApp restricted by data sense,change the settings. And there was nothing like that.

pr0phecy says:

And it's not connected to Cortana :P

yuvii007 says:

When will they add WhatsApp as sharing app along with email,facebook etc. Everytime I want to share some article from WhatsApp I have to copy link from email. Please add WhatsApp as sharing app.

ali27677 says:

Hey Daniel I like you background image wouldn't you mind to mail this background to me

Mr-Changiz says:

So it seems faster because it's a little lighter (16MB) :P

The new WhatsApp drains my battery. I hope this update fixes it.

Yes, i noticed the same, 13-15% drain

ortizang says:

I guess you're one of those guys who spend the whole day chatting.

Darren Walsh says:

"I'd say this app could do at least warp 2" lol

Alastor Ewin says:

How many times should we tell that "will you send me your background image?" Guy to download polyscreen.!
It creates such BGs.. :)

Headsets not working on Lumia 620 after yesterday's dev preview update.

imabhilash says:

is "enter" between lines possible now???

SpiDe1500 says:

It's possible for almost 2 years from now. Wake up. Check your WhatsApp settings... 

Nihalnova says:

LOL.. you're right..

gizzzmo says:

Notifications still don't work on my Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8.1. Blah!!!

SpiDe1500 says:

No problems here with 8.1 since day 1.

Athanville says:

Check to see whether you disabled the background agent from the battery saver app

Sagar Garag says:

Daniel Sam or anybody please tell me Why isn't any popular app on par with other OS ? Is it easier to develop apps on other platform ?
M using WP for 2yrs and have always wondered why? Without Nokia's great built quality and camera WP world have doomed by now. Whatapp disappearing for 10 days is an eye opener and a hope crusher.

Athanville says:

whatsapp dissaperared from IOS for a whole year and truth is 10 days is a small price to pay, windowsphone 8 os a relatively new platform becaus unlike android its not open source.

Sagar Garag says:

I agree on android thingy. What about iOS ?... It's kinda the same since 5-6yrs even now we don't ask what's the RAM on iPhones. Loading time on WP8 sucks.

I see when I add a contact from whataap group it immediately appears in the list of contacts and in that group.

dmmuldoon says:

seems zippier!!

Athanville says:

i seem to like the fact that it sorted the history review issue whereby you had the app crashing when you go something like 8 pages into the previous conversation, now though, it goes through the whole conversation without hitches

Hey guys , does anyone of you have a Lumia icon ? What score did it do on a antutu test? If u know please reply , thanks

Sagar Garag says:

Digression alert!
I would like to know if I can buy Lumia icon unlocked ? I live in India my dad is at NY on a business trip. Can i get an icon to work on Indian cellular services ?

Nihalnova says:

Great love for WhatsApp. keep it updating.. It has become our daily life component.. And I am happy to see it now.. Becoming faster & Richer in features.. Windows Phone 8.1 rocks..

Brazil01 says:

Uninstalled,reinstalled & all good,working just fine now!

ortizang says:

Better than in android

Arka1412 says:

Please fix the annoying vibration..On android there is a option to set the vibration off but we dont have any..It sucks my battery most of the time..

Arka1412 says:

It still crashes if i click to open my contact details..

anandv427 says:

Good to see another update..... Keep it coming ....

iAdrian23 says:

It's not faster and it gives me "Resuming..."

SpiDe1500 says:

Reinstall to solve this problem. 

xratola says:

Flash is jealous...

richu naryal says:

i did not got update for my lumia 520 so what i have to do now ???

Still it's showing some features are not supported by the phone's software version..
So.. Still I have doubt that what has been updated..?

mikroland says:

This update removes the incompatible message on windows phone 8.1

tchaikie says:

I don't think so. Mine still appears, and extremely annoying. I still don't get notifications

Roger Mike says:

mine one working fine before and after update..!
Lumia 720.

AmAn GoEl says:

Great update but not speedy while opening .

BlackGoku says:

Hmm one difference noted now I can see others profile in landscape mode which was there in the earliest version.Good for doing that.

Seems... The same....

What is the time tile in this picture? I love the look of the tile. I'm talking about the one that is showing "Tuesday" and the date and time.

good work for what's app team and Microsoft for such a great team work on this!

richu naryal says:

may i know when can we get 3*4 keyboard for WP??? plz tell me if any one know about it?

richu naryal says:

may i know when can we get 3*4 keyboard for WP??? plz tell me if any one know about it?

chydii says:

I no longer get notifications immediately I exit the app... They just fixed this and had to ruin something good with this update, I'm disappointed. Another reason I might leave WP for something else.

ramanan_rr says:

CAMCODER new feature looks great !

jinxsaurabh says:

After this update, when I attach and send a photo to a friend or group in WhatsApp, when others view it, it seems to have been compressed. Anyone else facing this issue?

novacliffs says:

Yes!.. WhatsApp convert to thumbnail saiz!!!!! Please fix this major bugs...

fc123 says:

hi i want to know where I get the wallpaper screen triangles


Sean Eu Chng says:

Whatsapp MS has issue from today evening. The photos size in whatsapp become extremely small when send out from WP.

Boris wp says:

I have the same problem   first whatsapp is out of the windows store, now this.
I'm thinking to go back to IOS again.

blok74 says:

Indeed, photo attach bug! Sometime the photo you send is compressed to a thumbnail.

Please let it fix

Luis Mhaske says:

please fix the major problem of photos being compressed to small size such as tumbnails..... which is a really big problem please fix the bug soon