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Wheel of Wealth on Windows 8

The popular Windows Phone word game Wheel of Wealth has found its way on to Windows 8. The free game just went live over at the Windows Store and currently only has the online, turn based mode.

Game play against the computer and the pass and play mode should be added with the next update to Wheel of Wealth.

The neat thing about Wheel of Wealth is that being cross platform you can start an online game on your Windows Phone and pick it up on the Surface or Windows 8 computer.

Wheel of Wealth is a free, ad supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store and here at the Windows 8 Store.

QR: Wheel of Wealth Windows Phone          QR: Wheel of Wealth Windows 8



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Can PC play with WP?

dandunk says:

Great game by a great developers on wp7, look forward to playing soon on a 920!

I can't wait for 7.5 many bugs

xcharles718 says:

You didn't get 7.5 yet??!! 

Shantek says:

Version 2.2 is currently in certification. Hoping it will be live within the next few days and fixes all the reported issues

erichon99 says:

Just played a few rounds on surface....initial impressions are positive. Seems like a seamless experience across devices. Even my phone tile count disappeared after playing on tablet.

leftturney says:

My fiancee and I play this all the time turn based. She has the Focus 1.3 and I have the good ol classic Focus. Good times, glad to see an update coming. Hopefully MS added turn notification support for indie games.

wpguy says:

+1 Both times I tried playing against online players, they never took their turns.

peeder says:

Awesome, I have been looking forward to this. It's pretty sweet to be able to have almost everything I use on my phone right on my PC, as well.
Great job, Kris!

cdb033 says:

Can't wait to play this game!!