Wheel of Wealth updated for Windows Phone 8

Wheel of Wealth

The popular Windows Phone title Wheel of Wealth has been updated for Windows Phone 8. The Wheel of Fortune-styled game recently launched on Windows 8, but only sported an online mode. We've seen Wheel of Wealth disappear from the Windows Phone Store, only to reappear again, but it's good to see the developer continuing to support the platform.

So what's new in version 2.5? The game is taking advantage of new features introduced in Windows Phone 8, including multiple sized Live Tiles. If you're an avid player and wish to keep on top of notifications and gameplay, Wheel of Wealth also supports lock screen notifications. The game has had its UI revamped to better reflect Windows Phone elements.

We've been informed that future plans involved in-app purchases, which will provide consumers with the opportunity to play the game without advertising. Windows Phone 7 users will not be left in the dark as compatible features will also make their way to those who are sticking with previous generation hardware (or new low-end Windows Phones).

Wheel of Wealth

You can download Wheel of Wealth from the Windows Phone Store for free (ad-supported).

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VanillaFrog says:

Ahh. Apparently bankrupt now means the app quits. Haha

Shantek says:

A fix is on the way. Disabling sound effects will resolve it until the next update

VanillaFrog says:

Thanks for the good news. :)

AccentAE86 says:

That's cool. It was fun while it lasted. But my phone got really hot during gameplay and absolutely drained my battery in no time flat! But I did enjoy it and will wait for the update.

Shantek says:

How long ago did you play? Server communication has now been cut by about 80% with the new game play and battery drain along with it

WPDailyIT says:

Hi friends of WPCentral!
Another Good News! WP 7.8 IS AVAILABLE FOR NOKIA LUMIA 800!!!