Poll: Which was your favorite announcement from the Xbox E3 2014 event?

Xbox E3 2014

Today was a rather busy day for Xbox fans with numerous new announcements to soak through, but there's something we're just dying to ask you all. Just which was your favorite announcement of the morning? Head past the break to vote in the poll and sound off in the comments on your highlights fro Microsoft's Media Briefing event.

If you somehow missed the action, fear not as we have all the coverage and our live blog walks you through each title. Side note: I'm stoked about the Halo 2 revamp.



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reissy says:

Kinectless bundle

iruel865 says:

hahaha its not that all bad! I love to get home and say "Xbox On!" and run netflix while im making some food or doing something else without having to reach a controller nor smartglass.

gjdj93 says:

Your comment makes me smile :) one of my favourite things is coming home and saying 'Xbox On', its so easy, and there's so many other things that make having a kinect brilliant that I can't see an xbox one without it being as special.

ScubaDog says:

Well, except for the fact that the June update actually screwed up a LOT of the functionality (I've already contacted MS about fixing it), up to this point I loved not just using voice but also gestures to control all my media.  I don't play games on the Xbox One (I'm strictly a PC gamer) but I absolutely am moving toward a lot more home automation, to include media.  Not having to dig that stupid controller out of the drawer is a huge plus for me.

swizzlerz says:

Join the dark side. I did! I still use steam an my PC i7 16 gigs of ram at times lol

jharr100 says:

everything still works for me after the june update - whats screwed up? My Xbox On was hit or miss but its now more consistently hit than miss after June update.

it's sad that the "xbox on" command is limited to a few countries. And what's more stupid is that I can't use my Xbox One in english without changing the country and mess up all my services, only Microsoft is that stupid.

Sicarius123 says:

Unfortunately you have to be American for Xbox On, still waiting for this launch feature!

swizzlerz says:

Got it in Canada!

Rug says:

Yes, but it is pronounced 'xboooks oooooon'.

swizzlerz says:

I love kinect!

Sunofabob says:


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I agree. However, the Xbox now needs to work better without Kinect. They also need to speed up the boot up time, speed in UI, and turning off. If it is in energy saving mode to turn off, and not standby, it takes forever to boot, unlike my ps4.

stinkfish says:

Not the same without connect. Would feel like a pc back in the day without a mouse

Honestly, i have an Xbox one, (mind you I haven't touched it in months because my PC plays every game I want but much better) and the Kinect makes the One. I honestly wouldn't want an Xbox with out it.

Luc4 says:

Same here so I was hoping we see new Kinect games. Other than Dance Central Spotlight nothing announced it seems. Hopefully Ubisoft will have something to announce (fitness evolved one?).

ChrisFricke says:

Other than little kids and niche party games it seems the best use of Kinect for games is to augment the primary experience. Used correctly developers can still build an enhanced experience for those that have Kinect (which will hopefully be most). Small changes that add up to over all value vs "the killer feature".


A good example of this was Mass Effect 2/3 on the 360. The first time I played through the game I had the Kinect and used the "Garris, concussive shot" type commands a LOT. I later gave my Kinect to the Kids (yes I had my own 360) and so didn't have the voice options for future playthroughs. I missed it at first but got used to not having it.

Sunofabob says:

They need to remove the "Xbox select" abs go back to allowing you to just say the selection like the previous Kinect.

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bobsentell says:

Halo Collection in full HD and more multiplayer maps than I'll ever use.

lionpants says:

You forgot Scalebound.

Even though I don't own an XBox One and probably never will :( ,I will definitely vote for Master Chief Collection ;)

Antluv82 says:

Dude get off this page u SONY FAN BOY

Eh? Dude ,the last Sony product I got was a PS2 :/ Does that make me a fanboy??

jsantana0793 says:

Don't listen to immaturity. I own all of them and play PC games. I was impressed with the non stop gaming footage today.. Wow

ScubaDog says:

How do you know he's a Sony fanboy?  He could be like me and hate console gaming.  I only play PC-based games.  The ONLY reason I broke down and bought the Xbox One was because I want to have voice and gesture control of all our media/home entertainment and, eventually, the rest of home automation.

LOL,I got a PS2 6 years ago,I cant believe I'm being called a fan boy for no apparent reason. And like Scubadog says, that one of the reasons is that I game on my PC, and the second reason is that it'll be pretty hard to convince my parents to invest money in a next gen gaming console.I got a PS2 after I topped in class 6, I'll need a miracle to do the same in college and get an Xbox One xD

Dua Hafeez says:

Yours sound like mine. Took me years to convince them, they finally agreed when I got in sixth form.

Sahil Kutty says:

Rise of the Tomb Raider

anirban130 says:

N tom clancy's the division

xxcorpxx says:

With you there. The last one was great fun.

diego9016 says:

Halo The Master Chief Collection... I currently own a PS4 but for this game, I'll buy the XOne soon.

andrewb65 says:

 'None of the above'.

nblew says:

Definitely halo. Both the revamp of Halo 2 and Halo 5!

dougplanet says:

Yep. Inside should have been on the list.

Halo Collection, definietly!

Sam Sabri says:

Halo! By far :D

Please excuse me but, where the hell is Scalebound? :) no love for platinum games?

sd173 says:

I know this is sort of off topic, but does anyone know if/when there will be any announcements about Batman Arkham Knight at E3?

ryanxvx says:

Halo and The Division

ravi.tandon says:

Wanted to see more of Phantom Dust to make best call, I would put my money on Unity

peachy001 says:

Never actually heard of it before, what platform was it? Sunset Overdrive got me last year, still looks amazing. That Limbo 2 (I forget the name) looked good. The arcade/indie selection seemed to be my favourite this year.

The live action halo series

onysi says:


The Halos! Master Chief collection and Guardians.

nizzon says:

What is an xbox?

kmukeshpark says:

A magic box. Go buy it

nizzon says:

Can it run Flipboard?

A box specially built for DirectX.

theefman says:

Wasn't really anything new to get excited about, for me at least. Might buy an xbone when crackdown comes out if it's good, otherwise waiting for Halo 5.

Spilner1001 says:

Crackdown all the way for me

khundara says:

Ori and the Blind Forest

Antluv82 says:

Xbox all day.... Y'all didn't show all tha games trailers. But it was gud doe

halo collection, because it means I will have a SP3 and XB1 by this november. now I just need infinite pounds to buy them + everything MS releases in the future.

kmukeshpark says:

I was expecting forza 6 for wp8.1

kmukeshpark says:

And gears of war bam bam edition for wp8.1 too

joe mott says:

I carnt make up my mind, its either assassins creed unity, the witcher or tomb raider.

b4rtw says:

Leaving Call of Duty out of the poll? Big omission....

I wish I could vote for multiple, lol. But I voted for the division. :)

donebrasko says:

I wasn't really impressed with anything

gleneston says:

Same here. Nothing groundbreaking or unexpected.

dlusted says:

The Divison.... One of the 3 games I'm getting in the next 18 months, as everything else other than Rise Of Tomb Raider and Diablo 3 for XB1 looks crap

Cryio says:

I still can't get the hype with Halo. They're still crap games to me. Tried to like them. Finished the first two. Still don't understand.

ChrisFricke says:

I'm with you there but my kids love the Halo games (since they were little) - as do most of their friends. Halo and Call of Duty. Call of Duty and Halo. I'm more of a Battlefield and (hopefully) The Division style player myself.


Maturity maybe? j/k - sorta

Crackdown, Halo collection and beta and lastly, did anyone else notice the Gears of War cog/skull in the end VT after Phil Spencer wrapped it up. New GoW please....

xratola says:

The xbox music one :D
Oh, wait...

pookiewood says:

Hardcore gamer gone casual.  Just need Dance Central: Spotlight.  K THNX!

josh8_1 says:

Forza Horizon 2 !!!!!! That is so ******awesome :D

Everything looked awesome, but best in show was advanced warfare and Crackdown!

paulxxwall says:

Nothing on new titanfall?
I'm ready for new dlc

Yayoman says:

Why Phantom dust is not on the poll?

I like how they toned down on the green at the keynote. Looks more sophisticated.

BRC1711 says:

I guess forza horizon 2 only because its for the 360 as well. I'll invest in an xbox one when its cheaper.

apocacrux says:

Forza Horizon 2!

WinFan1 says:

Assassins creed unity.

igott23 says:

Tom Clancy's next game!

wpguy says:

Still waiting for Quantum Break... which doesn't launch until 2015... http://remedygames.com/quantum-break-gameplay-teaser/

wpguy says:

I'm gonna guess you don't play story-driven games. To each his own.

mab664 says:

Screw halo master chief collection bs. Don't you remember halo anniversary addition!!! Waste of money. Was hoping to see halo 5 GAMEPLAY footage... anyway AC unity looks the best, assassins look like they move better/more natural. Division can't come soon enough either

Yayoman says:

so screw last of us remastered edition too? this only came like 6 months ago. also halo master chief edition is not only the anniversary one is 4 games in one and I dont see any waste of money by getting 4 games in one a 100 multiplayer maps

It's 4 games for the price of one, plus 100 maps. Seriously, people just love to be grumpy.

jmagwp says:

I was actually disappointed with the announcement. I wanted to hear more about Kinect development, more improvements coming to the system itself, etc. Instead Kinect seems all but dead, just as I feared now that they have unbundled it. Devs now have little incentive to move forward with integrating it into their games. Sigh. Unfortunately the senseless masses won. Microsoft caved. Those wanting to move ahead are now relegated to the desires of the lowest common denominator.

One question, why with all of the advancements in realism are game graphics designed to be so shiny? I am guessing there is a legit reason, but game characters all look like they need to wipe to oil off their faces. Tone down the oil layer and it seems the graphics would be that much better.

jcar302 says:

Honestly, i've been so obsessed with titanfall lately (some of these regeneration challenges, are just that, serious challenges), none of what i see there interests me all that much.

If titanfall bores me out, i may check out forza horizon, that kept me busy between games for a while on the 360.

Next game i'll probably really care about is batman

Richard_Indy says:

My five year old just said, "I wish we had XBox 10".. Lol only nine more consoles to go. Hurry up MS

Definitely the Platinum exclusive! Also, you can't please everyone, before was the kinect focus, now it's the lack of kinect games. Well, geeks are the winniest people in the universe. I love my Kinected Xbox One, it really stands out. Love voice controls.
Also, it seems WPC users are not much console gamers. Fair play, either way. Really loved Xbox One presentation. Well done Phil, you sounded honest.
Just bought Wolfenstein: The New Order, through Xbox Live store to celebrate (too bad it took 30 min for 5%, so far).

chelepalma says:

Halo Master Chief Collection

The Division, Tomb Raider & Halo, past that, nothing else really matters.

badger8080 says:

Master chief collection was awesome

jelani noel says:

Evolve and P*'s game

DalekSnare says:

Halo. I haven't played them before, but now that they are based on Windows Phone 8.1, I'll be checking them out. Star Wars looked pretty cool too.

AndyD33 says:

Who's the boob that left Phantom Dust off the list?

Announcing that just won E3 for MS!

milfermon says:

To be honest,I found the whole event a bit disappointing

ballanda says:

NOTHING! Wake me up when GTA V is available. If I knew it was gonna be this long, I wouldn't have been the first one on my block with an Xbox One.

NickJC says:

GTA V was announced for the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 this fall.

Kadcidxa says:

Halo 5: Guardians
Halo: Master Chief Collection
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Sunset Overdrive
Tom Clancy's The Division


Sunofabob says:

I was already looking forward to evolve so no surprise there. I love the current tomb raider series, so I'm all about that.

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