White Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T arrives on Amazon Wireless. Already on backorder.

The Stormtrooper!

For those of you waiting to get the glossy-white Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T on Amazon Wireless, especially for that low price of $49.99 on a new contract ($19.99 if you're upgrading), then you'll be happy to see it's now listed on their site.

Of course that's the good news, the bad news is the phone is already listed as backordered. We're not sure if that's due it being just listed and stock hasn't arrived or it has really sold that fast, so you may want to start pressing F5 a few times to see it updates.

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The glossy-white Lumia 900 (which we've lovingly dubbed 'the Stormtrooper') has quickly become the favorite choice for many out there only rivaled by the Cyan color for being so recognizable. Perhaps put some money aside and gift one to a family?

Check our unboxing video to check out this hot Windows Phone.

Source: Amazon Wireless



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dameon_03 says:

good to see they are still selling well. looks like WP is gaining traction and is picking up more and more steam

ejlee072006 says:

I will wait for free...

jimski says:

You missed it. Already got mine for free. Actually I got paid $1 to buy my L900.

ejlee072006 says:

The magenta is coming out next week

awesumjon says:

Yay for Kim Kardashian then?

OMG55 says:

I believe WP will gain traction. I am a network admin & wp7 loyalist and today I went to one of my remote facilities and was talking to an employee who was a die hard droid user and to my surprise, she is now using the HD2 windows phone. She loves her wp7, so I took the liberty of showing her how to really use it. She also talked about her negative experiences with Android & iphone. That was classic :-D

aubreyq says:

No kidding. That's good news right there.

ejlee072006 says:


Fleon says:

Well, there is a WP7 rom that you can load on the HD2.  But it's not quite the same experience, I agree.

procen says:

I dropped by to my local ATT store and they have the WP side and it has all the Nokia 900 and Titan II. The Cyan and White look awesome and the sale's lady told me she love the Cyan but they gave her the black but love Windows Phone over all.

aLx0064 says:

I've been checking Amazon almost everyday waiting for this day to come :) I know it's backordered but I still placed my order, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised!
One question, how is it cheaper on an upgrade than a new line?!?! It should be the other way around...either way, I can't wait to get it!

lbrianettel says:

Glad to know that! Everyone is happy with their lumiaaasss..