White Nokia Lumia 900 back in stock at ATT.com

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Good news if you're looking for a white Nokia Lumia 900. It's back in stock over at ATT.com!

With the two year contractual discounts the white Lumia 900 will run you $99.99 and off-contract the Windows Phone will set you back $449.99.  Additionally, it looks like retail stores are receiving inventory as well. In sampling three local AT&T Stores in my area, all three had the white Lumia 900 Windows Phones in stock.

On the down side though, the cyan model is still being listed as "Temporarily Out of Stock" online and local stores did not have any either.

Thanks, 5tephen, for the tip!



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AwesomeAndy says:

$450 off-contract, that sounds rather cheap. That would be approx. 415 Euros (including 20% VAT) - which is only 30 to 40 Euros more expensive than what they sell the 800 for. Well atleast around here.

Jess82#WP says:

I love my white lumia :)

based_graham says:

oh man does anybody know how I can get a white Lumia 900 up here in Canada can I buy directly from AT&T?

kidjenius says:

yea i'd love to know this as well. im quite interested in ordering the other colours cuz black is lame, imo.
the only issue i would have in grabbing an ATT lumia 900 is the issue of timely updates :/ Rogers at least pushes out anything it receives

theman60099 says:

White stains and chips

Jnbs says:

Get an unlocked one from eBay.

pgoth says:

Traded my Black for the White last night at the Times Square ATT (last one). I was considering the Cyan but ran out of patience. Glad I did. Ran into an MCS consultant this morning with his Cyan and he literally was drooling over mine. "it comes in white????" ... Microsoft needs to get the message out to their employees :)

I didn't really like the white lumia..felt really plasticy and cheap compared to the cyan and black