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Win an Alienware 14 gaming notebook (US Only)

If you want a chance to carry the ultimate notebook from Alienware – here it is. In honor of Second Life’s 10 year anniversary, Dell is giving away an Alienware 14 gaming laptop worth around $1,500 USD. The notebook is packed with an i7 processor up to 3.8 Ghz, 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM, an NVidia GeForce GT 750M or GTX 265M, up to a 1080p display, up to a 512 GB Solid State Drive, and a DVD or Blu-Ray drive.

You must be a legal resident of the United States of America and over 18 years old to enter (13 years old with permission from a legal guardian). Winners will be picked on July 18th, 2013.

I love carrying around my Ultrabook, but sometimes I do wish I had a more powerful machine to game on. For now, I am personally an Xbox gamer.

Hit up the contest, here, and good luck to all!

Source: Alienware



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aitt says:

Eh don't do PC games. Bad ass though

theprawn says:

It can do other PC stuff too. :)

Piro.Garay says:

Is it only for legal US residents??? Cause if so, I'm screwed...

ahmedjan87 says:



Sam Sabri says:

Why even complain about it at this point? lol

ahmedjan87 says:

Since I don't live in us and I'm not even a us citizen

aschettler says:

Contests are typically US only because of the legal work American companies have to go through to open them up internationally. Canada's laws are even extremely restrictive in regards to American contests.

ahmedjan87 says:

well i dont live in canada i live in jordan

jsnod25 says:

I bet there are contests in Jordan that US residents aren't able to participate in. This is a US and kinda UK based website... So there yah go!

ahmedjan87 says:

nope i still dream of a contest that would happen here

wpn00b says:

Thx. Been wanting to say this for some time.

erzhik says:

International shipping is pricey.

Ali Assaedi says:

i'd pay for the shipping no worries... just pick me XD

fwaits says:

Because that's DELL's (owner of Alienware) requirements.  Probably don't want to deal with international laws and such.

ahmedjan87 says:

woah woah woah woah woah you're telling me that dell owns alienware ? wow that's awosome

Zulfigar says:

Yeah, Alienware became Dell's high-end product line in 2009.

mythos13 says:

US only contests are certainly understandable. I'm thankful it was specified in the title. Because not specifying does become annoying. I just unfollowed @WindowsPhone on Twittter becuase of their habit of burying eligilbility deep in the process or not specifying it at all.

HM02 says:

Because the US is the only country that matters in the world. obv

MC_A_DOT says: fair

Bossryanxxx says:


cashcar1979 says:

I own this model...just got it in. Awesome!! If your a gamer, I highly recommend it. New design and lighting schemes are very cool, and true to a Alienware it packs top end hardware.

Aaron M says:

a douche bag

ahmedjan87 says:

damn i lost again i salute you aaron m

Aaron M says:

That was fun :)

ahmedjan87 says:

indeed it was
now lets all go do something productive

Aaron M says:

I did something productive.  I entered that contest because I live in the US.  You should do that to.  Oh wait .... nvm :)

willied says:


ahmedjan87 says:

as funny as it sounds its painful to me

willied says:

I wouldn't doubt it, man. Maybe you should move to the US? :P

ahmedjan87 says:

the family actually thought of it before but we couldnt afford it back then

Ali Assaedi says:

headsup, he will NEVER win :)

cashcar1979 says:

An ass with a badass gaming rig!!

ahmedjan87 says:

oops sorry never mind

nakialj83 says:

I am a gamer as well

The Razer Blade Pro is cooler though (more expensive though). Very thin for a gaming laptop. Just needs touch.

NIST says:

Then it's not cooler, is it.

OMG55 says:

This phone could have been a reality and I believe successful with the xbox integration in windows phone along with new titles. I believe it should be at least 5 - 5.3" though. Microsoft needs to also allow these on what should be call limited edition windows phone device that contain the quadcore processor and 1080P screens. They should also bring Aero theme's to windows phone with overlaying skins to WP. I everyone loves the modern design language, but just like the majority spoke about DRM and Microsoft changed its stance on it, I think they should give us the best of both worlds on WP....a setting that allows us to select modern or Aero themes with themed skin overlays for our tiles (Alienware skin, Batman, superman, transformers, etc). It's know as customization on Android. We need something that will make people look at a WP device in mobile stores because we know the sales staff are recommending WP over iphones or Androids. The Surface N concept device could be the unit that tips the balance toward WP. We have a great OS with a company that's holding back for some reason;

abel920 says:

Will they consider Canada as part of the US again?
I want one.

That's not going to happen. The US is still pissed after that whole burning down the white house thing.

topleya says:

Actually, it was us Brits that torched the White House.

In fairness to your point, it was retaliation for the US burning a Canadian Parliament building.

So both the Canadian's and good old Blighty are to blame for that.

US only that suck. Anyway i bought in last december a Alienware M17xR4 laptop (i7 3610QM, GTX675M).

Kenjoe says:

*cross fingers* hope to win this badass Alienware laptop

Dammit! Over 18? :'(

Sam Sabri says:

Quit being a baby and grow up already! :p

Fndlumia says:

Pmsl... True onya Sam

ahmedjan87 says:

no over 13 go and read the damn rules

He changed it. I'm happy now!

KillerFry says:

A GTX 265M? I'm in for retro gaming!

goldenpipes says:

Gt750m or gtx265? Not gtx765?

I was going to buy this...but winning it sounds much better...

dallasfmm says:

30th times the charm!

Daylife says:

a GTX 265M? lol 

p4nfa says:

Sif not include Australia....wankers!

Fndlumia says:

Take solice you live in the best country in the world

My Dell has the i7 3632QM, a rather "beginner" (compared to all of the latest and greatest) GT640M, and 16GB RAM. The combination can run Mirror's Edge in 1080p with all settings enabled and at the highest options at 50fps+, or 100fps+ if plugged into a power outlet.
I've always liked (most of) the designs from Alienware, but I'd never be able to adjust to/care for the attention they command. As long as mine can play the new Mirror's Edge at moderate settings, I'll be extremely excited. Can't wait! Now Microsoft just needs to go ahead and announce that the Xbox One controller supports PC...

cannon#WP says:

The X1 controller connects to the X1 with USB so gaming outlets are assuming that it does support PC.

nakialj83 says:

Gamers yay;!!!

cybermoose89 says:

Im pretty content with my hp laptop even though the alien pcs do look nice

cashcar1979 says:

GTX 765m...update the story guys

DavidinCT says:

Man, I would love to win this but, as normal, I never win anything so just another email from another company...

Ronald Brown says:

I entered the contest, but I have never won anything like this before.  All I can do it try and hope for the best.

Pleistoros says:

How about if we make Dell a US manufacturer only?