lumia cyan

Lumia Cyan update rolls out on Canadian Lumia 625

Windows Phone News

Windows Phone 8.1 now on nearly 12 percent of Windows Phones

Windows Phones

Cyan for Lumia 1020 rolls out in Canada


AdDuplex launches new monetization platform for developers and advertisers

Windows Phone News

Lumia 625 on Telcel in Mexico receiving Lumia Cyan

WPCentral News

Swing by the forums if your Lumia 925 or Lumia 625 grabbed the Lumia Cyan update

Windows Phone News

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from the Microsoft Store, supports LTE on T-Mobile

Windows Phones

Microsoft's latest video shows off the Nokia Lumia 1020 with OneDrive and Instagram


Lumia 1020 new 'end of life date' and what it all means for Microsoft

Windows Phone News

Lumia 1020 could hit End of Life status this September

General News

New report shows US, India and Brazil as top three Windows Phone countries

Windows Phone News

Windows Phone 8.1 now on nearly 8 percent of Windows Phones

Windows Phone News

Nokia Lumia 625 available at Carphone Warehouse for just £79.95

Windows Phone News

This $300 case will let the Nokia Lumia 1020 go to the bottom of the sea

Windows Phone News

Lumia 630 performance benchmarks rival older Lumia 1020

Windows Phone News

Take your Lumia 1020 underwater like Cousteau with this $299 Watershot case

General News

Check out this custom underwater housing for the Lumia 1020 and Fabien Cousteau

Windows Phone News

Windows Phone 8.1 now on over 5 percent of Windows Phones

Windows Phone News

Filmmaker works with the Lumia 1020 to produce beautiful effects using still shots


Latest AdDuplex data shows Microsoft as the leading Windows 8 tablet manufacturer


Win a Lumia 1020 for listing your favorite apps with AdDuplex

Lumia 1020

AdDuplex has kicked off the next month in the Every Phone They Make campaign, which will be rewarding developers with a chance to win a Lumia 625 and Lumia 820 for simply marketing their apps with AdDuplex. It's a great program for those who have apps submitted to the stores to win some awesome prizes. What's more is for the month of May, AdDuplex is also giving away a Lumia 1020 to the general public.

To be in with a chance to pocket a Lumia 1020, all that's required is to comment on the AdDuplex articles with your top 5 "indie" (no first party developed apps, ie. Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Nokia, etc.) Windows and Windows Phone apps you simply cannot live without. This not only provides some recognition for developers, but also alerts you to apps on the stores you may not have previously been aware of.

The reasoning behind indie developers and apps being included is to raise awareness of the wide variety of quality apps available in the two catalogues. Note: only comments over on the AdDuplex website will count as entries for the Lumia 1020. That said, feel free to share your favourite apps in the comments below.

Source: AdDuplex



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Is this for Us only or is it applicable to everyone

tkdmacgeek says:

Awww fucking US only!

Shantek says:

Reading their rules of the promo, it states worldwide?

moosad says:
"Sweepstakes are available worldwide except for countries or territories embargoed by United Nations."
Please read the rules before!

Wow am the first one to comment hurray

YOUR mama came at my house first.
UPDATE! went to my house first.

LumiaNation says:

Lol because we want to give our information to "ad duplex". Dangle that carrot!

I can't live without metrotube, 6snap, 6tag brilliant apps.

oditius says:

Healthvault, UC Browser, package tracker, RoboForm, Mobilligy.. Ok I am the first send me my 1020

herbertsnow says:

ad duplex sounds like a french techno music artist.

Nextgen reader; mytube; 6tag; my study life; live gaming. These would be my top 5 right now in no particular order.

Metrotube, parkbuddy, weatherflow, weave news reader, 4blend hdr
These are

sharathu7 says:

Metrotube, 6tag, Moliplayer, Amazing weather, and UC browser

mpt15 says:

Rich- is this US only? You guys really should mention it in your articles. Thanks.

Micah Dawson says:

Tweet it

lerimer says:

This is for developers. Not for end users. I for one hate ads. I have no apps on my phone with ads. I even delete snap attack. I loose interest in apps with ads. I prefer to pay and not have ads than to get them free and be distracted by how ugly and outdated the ads system is. The ads system on IOS is better, but still I couldn't care less about ads.

You must be kidding. Ads on iOS is 10 times worse than on WP!

oditius says:

The 1020 is for the general public.

utopy says:

can't live without: poki, next gen reader, blue skies, sleeve music and Camera 360

anirudhk563 says:

Fantisia painter

Metrotube your app twitter. CNET, wechat and lastly Google.

vdasus says:


moBudget Pro

Nexgen Reader

MoliPlayer Pro



additional  "apps you simply cannot live without" :

CamScanner, UC browser, myCar, bookviser, digital audio book, Ding, Car Dash, Chronos, myAppFree, FtsMind, wikipedia, my shows, 

shaggydave says:

6tag metrotube and Nokia mix haha

desilva says:

  1. 2Day
  2. Hey DJ!
  3. Lockie
  4. InNote
  5. chess by post and words by post

SEKKDS says:

OK, dumb qustion: Is the WPCentral app considered an Indie app? Help me out Sam or Daniel or Paul or.....I want to give credit to the app, but I thought your app isn't considered Indie, since it is WPCentral, made by WPCentral.

identity-x says:

wondering the same

Metrotube, weave news reader

superpos says:

Top task list
Sophielens hd
DeekFit Gym Pro

cspencer4253 says:

USAirways, Dunkin Donuts and Credit karma. These are the apps I love. Shame we don't have them.

IceDree says:

Mmmm lets see:
- HeyDJ!
- MPAtool.
- TVShow.
- WPCentral.

Dafter says:

Windows Phone News
Street View (unofficial)
Wikipedia (unofficial)

Analog clock tile
Uc browser

Potoo says:

das Image
Fantasia Painter

Dell Um says:

Well my apps are
Nextgen reader
Buy and sell

Jazmac says:

Nice way for Indies to get feedback for their work... And for ad boys to open channels to your email.

RafRol says:

Some folks don't seem to know the difference between indie apps and first party apps...

InlineV says:

WPCentral readers have blown up their comments section with their lists. Pretty cool that there is so much indie love from users of the platform.

Slovenix says:

Lets see :)

4Blend HDR

Slovenix says:

Ahhhh Would Love to > all day every day talking about 1020 how I want one < to get a Reality. :)

Roan Grunder says:

Lomogram, 6tag, metrotube, MoliPlayer, wechat

distantskunk says:

I must have: MetroTube, UCbrowser, Weave, Drudge Reader, Tasks. Now gimme that phone!

raghib73 says:

UCbrowser, PicsArt,Moliplayer,Surfy,WPCentral

itzjonathan4 says:

MyTube 6snap and 6tag

jns59 says:

Favs are
WP central
4blend hdr

Metrotube, Weave, 6tag, Metrotalk, SysApp Pusher


Ixia says:

Fotor, Sticky Tiles, Skinery Themes, Forecast, WPC (if that is an indie).

Currently Essential Apps (listed more than 5);

  1. - Shrink Storage
  2. - Quick Settings
  3. - Battery/Battery Performance
  4. - CamScanner
  5. - Glance Background
  6. - wpTorrent
  7. - Gaurdian
  8. - PC Remote
  9. - iCircuit
  10. - Code Reader
  11. - MoliPlayer Pro
  12. - TED,

However, Overall from all the WP apps list, "WPCentral" is the no.1 essential app cannot live without......

Gekiganger says:

My Most used apps are Manga blaze, 6tag and the Here apps!

vmnoodle71 says:

I can't live without metrotube, 6snap, 6tag brilliant apps.   oo

I am a bloody camera Lover.. so thia phone is made for me only.. :) in this my fav. Is ... Mytube 6tag Wikipedia Music+ Fantisia painter

vutrungdang says:

My 5 favorites are: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, UC Browser, The Weather Channel

sandeep208 says:

Whatsapp,uc brwser, wpcentral,fantasia painter,adobe reader

DiegoM00012 says:

Next, X1 Vídeo Channel, Onefootball Brasil, Splitit and Push Up for my excersices!! Jaj :)