Win the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 from Nokia before they go on sale (US only)

Lumia 1520

It was a few weeks ago at Nokia World 2013 that we finally saw (and held) the Lumia 1520 and 2520. It’s hard to not want to break into Nokia HQ and make off with the two gadgets. Both are drool-inducing in their own right. Both devices feature 1080p displays that are easily among the best we’ve ever seen in their respective categories. They should be launching sometime soon, but you can own both devices before they go on sale with this new contest from Nokia USA. Details after the break.

Sorry to break your heart, but this is a US-only contest from Nokia USA. It works like this, just go to the Facebook page for Nokia US, enter your details (name, email, etc) after you “like” the page and hit the "Enter now" button and you're good to go. You can refer friends via Facebook and increase your chance of winning. You have until midnight on November 17th to enter. That’s a little over 12 days away!

After that, 5 lucky winners will be receiving both the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 from Nokia. They’ll even get those devices a couple of days before their retail availability (whenever that is).

Stoked to enter? Of course you are, just make sure you’re 16 or older and live in the United States. Get the full details on the Facebook contest page.

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Jazmac says:

"Drool-inducing" Awesome. It is jaw dropping for sure.

Sam Sabri says:

The displays are pretty incredible on both devices. Can't wait for the community to check them out. 

rodneyej says:

Me. One for me. Rodney❕

The1nChicago says:

I am seriously thinking about the Nokia 1520, just do not want to get played(upgradeable OS) as the case with th Lumia 900.

amcalexandre says:

As always this contests sucks, US Only!? Outside US there are people/ costumers that also support the brand but they are always forgotton, shame!

OMG55 says:

And the Finns don't want Nokia sold to MS. MS would have contest for everyone

goncaalo says:

Nokia in general has a contest like that, and they didn't say it was US Only, when i entered the contest there was an option to select your country, and i'm gonna be honest, when i read about that contest i thought to myself, finally a contest that isn't US Only! just see by yourself! https://www.facebook.com/nokia/app_230591173774436

This one you didn't publish any news about.

AlwaysHedged says:

Faecesbook only?  Seriously?

Jack Larson1 says:

Think of the trove of info they are getting. And potential customers when their friends sell their names. Nokia is smart, in a scary sort of way.

John20212 says:

Who is stupid enough to enter contests with their primary account?


AlwaysHedged says:

Hint:  Look up the word "faeces"

John20212 says:

Was thinking the same thing, I am sick of the Facebook only shit.


adrian1338 says:

Well there is marketing behind it. why would you just do this without the marketing effect?

timgabrhel says:

Well this tells us that AT&T availability is definitely not Nov 8th like rumored (as if it weren't obvious already).

grking1234 says:

This tells us that availability probably isn't till December. Maybe the date is December 8.

wapoz says:

I never win anything.... ever lol, but entered to show my support. 

montel22 says:

The only thing I have won was a pocketbook for my at Macy's lol.

WinFan1 says:

I came into the article to post the same thing. It would be nice if they gave away hundreds not 5 or 10 :).

So the contest runs until Nov. 17th and the prize is being first to own a 1520 and 2520. So from this I guess we can deduce these will not be available for purchase until well after the 17th. So are we looking at a Black Friday release date for the 1520 & 2520?

bjax says:

My guess is the 22nd or the 24th. I wonder why ATT/Verizon doesn't just say when it's coming out so people can get their money right. Some of us may be getting a PS4 or Xbox One and having to pay for that on top of a Nokia tablet so closely will really put a hurting on the wallet so close to Christmas.

grking1234 says:

Sorry it probably isn't until early December, cause they will put it up for preorder, which would be about 2 weeks before availability if history is any guide

bjax says:

That's too bad. They practically could've held an event just for the tablet in mid-November just to make it closer to the release. Same with the 1520 I guess.

schlubadub says:

Yeah, it's the one thing Apple does incredibly well - they hold an event, and the products are released simultaneously in numerous countries WORLDWIDE, 2 weeks later. They deliver when the hype is still high. Both Nokia and MS just dribble out products in various countries at different times, long after the hype has died.

N8tiveT3ch says:

I would love one but Facebook?! I'll just wait. Good luck to any who enters.

Fritzly says:

Same here, Facebook? No thank you

peacock93 says:

Yep, I'm with you guys! Facebook to enter...Whatever!!

saket87 says:

Why Facebook of all places?

blackhawk556 says:

Because there's 800 million users??

Jack Larson1 says:

Lots of personal info


Same here. I ditched fb over a year ago. I would love to win one but not this way.

Bacchus1976 says:

I liked the page, where the heck do I enter my info?

marky_yo says:

Agree where do I enter on their page?

GSOgymrat says:

Same here. I don't see the contest.

JANGEL13 says:

After liking it scroll to the bottom of the page and there should be an icon that says enter here or enter now, I can't remember exactly. I didn't notice it right away either

armandojv says:

What about Puerto Rico? We are part of the states even though we are not one.

Dusteater says:

Ugh, everything is Facebook only. Stupid.

AlwaysHedged says:

Agreed.  That is stupid.  ;-)

navidee says:

Is it me or this isn't possible via my Nokia phone? I can't find any contest page/rules.

MikeSo says:

Worked fine on my Lumia 521

Jf.Vigor says:

This most likely won't come out until December, well after I splurge on the Xbox one. Urgh why did I get my hopes up for the 8th

I don't want to give them access to my friend list. Otherwise I'd enter. Facebook sucks, yeah.

venom5150 says:

I stopped at that point. I am not sure what it would do. Does it let everyone know on my friend list I entered? Or does it invite all my friends to enter?

I'm not sure either. Please someone let us know. ;) I don't want to bombard my friends with this stuff.

You have to check each box if you did want it to be seen by your friends

MikeSo says:

Create a FB account you use for contests and stuff.

Actually did that - lol It's my first FB acct and will probably only get used for the marketing giveaways that i've been passing up on (until now). No friends added/no contacts. Just a profile.

cybermoose89 says:

Sweet be cool to win being as its rumoured to be £699 in the uk

rockstarzzz says:

Everyone whining about Facebook, YOU control privacy on that thing. You decide what pages can and cannot do. So lets hold hands and not be scared, lets enter the freaking 2014 with more technology, less stone age talks.

erzhik says:

And wear a tinfoil hat just as a precaution.

rodrione says:

Only in the US?I want one!! Or two!!:)

netstatinfo says:

For you guys having issues, I did right from my L1020, strange that you don't see the fields to enter your name, number, email, etc.

navidee says:

It looks like the link has been changed. When I clicked on it earlier it took me to the Nokia Facebook page. Now it takes me to the proper page :)

I entered this last week. Not that I think I have a shot in hell at winning, but if I were to actually win, would I be able to get an unlocked 1520? Dumb question, I know, but I'm on T-Mobile and have zero interest in jumping ship to AT&T.

cannon#WP says:

Nice, if I win I could flip both on eBay for a sweet profit.

Is Europe where WP is increasing and we are out of this competition! Sh*t!

eric12341 says:

You have a much greater chance of getting struck by lightning than winning the lottery or any contest.

Jack Larson1 says:

Or getting in a car crash on the way to redeeming your winning ticket.

Tiemen_S says:

Same action is running in NL/EU as well on their normal page?

Darren Walsh says:

Similar competition for Nokia Ireland on Facebook too, good luck everyone!!!

yakjeff says:

Facebook! come on.

MDak280 says:

Already entered, but I never won these! Maybe this time will be different.

sanshiro says:

Thes are mine. Stay off my stuff, bitches! 

david90531 says:

What?! I entered this and invited my friends already and they said nothing about this being US only... Wow what a waste of time. Not impressed.

aitt says:

I signed up for this days ago

ricardios says:

When are these for sale?! Everyday I'm getting closer to buying a surface 2

Also in Italy there is the same contest and it's already possible to preorder the Lumia 1520 with delivery later this month

Just join. I cannot wait when I win these babies and receive them on the mail. Good luck for the other 4 winners. I will sure be enjoying my prize.

nv00021 says:

US Only??? Bullshit.....no love for the peeps in Canada? Geo-Racists BASTARDS ;-)

jamon723 says:

My 920 battery just started cooking and dying within 4 hrs or less about 2 weeks ago after almost a year with no issues. AT&T offered me a "like new" warranty replacement or early upgrade. I really want the 1520 but don't know if I can be tethered to a power cord for that long. Before the 1520 announcement I thought I wanted the 1020. It is an awesome phone... it's not so dang big, and there's that 41MP 3X lossness zoom shooter. But the 1520's battery, quad core, and microSD slot are extremely enticing. What's a WP guy to do?!?!?

Ed Boland says:

If photography is your thing, and you don't want a huge (6") "phablet", then the 1020 is a no brainer.''

Or.... just get both! :D

gsmhelper says:

It should be better to set for 10 winners (5 phones + 5 tablets) instead of 5 to win both devices.

I'll take mine in black.

prestonmcole says:

Any bonus for a young guy who chose Nokia for his first smart phone?? (Lumia 900) :)

Guakala says:

I don't do Facebook. Gosh.

ejlee072006 says:

Im gonna work overtime for this baby, 1520 come to daddy.

Tyradius says:

Ugh Facebook. No thanks I'll pass.

As badly as I wish I could afford that blasted tablet, I don't do Facebook. Them and Google are two companies I just can't bring myself to be involved with. No contest entry for me. :(

Zzz US only? This sucks :/

MikeSo says:

What's the point of having a US contest for cell phones, when you still have to pay the same monthly fee as when you buy a subsidized phone (unless you use prepay or T-Mobile)... You end up paying for the phone anyway! :)

RushilPa says:

How well does the display on the Lumia 1520 compare to the Nexus 5? Just curious :)

Pretty sure the main Nokia page is doing the exact same competition for international users.

Ed Boland says:

Is this not the same contest I entered a little over a week ago? Because a few days ago, I tried to re-enter the contest and got the expected "you can only enter once" message... but saw this article today and tried it, and it said "your entry has been submitted" ?

nath520 says:

A heartbreaking news. Both? No way

Wevenhuis says:

aw, sad already here in the Netherlands as I can not join in the competition.

morete908 says:

You can win a free $100 printer.  All you have to do is buy ink cartridges at $30 each which need to be replaced once a month for the life of the printer.  What a deal!!! 

Isn't it odd that there is never an offer for a free lifetime supply of printer cartridges if you buy a printer?

neodoru says:

The contest is open globally http://nokia.ly/1gLKkLG