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Win some goodies with the Ideas Project Nokia Lumia Start Screen Challenge

Ideas Project has launched a Nokia Lumia Start Screen Challenge. The task is to share your creativity in customising the Windows Phone start screen. Even if you don't own a Nokia Lumia you're eligible to enter. There are some awesome prizes involved. All that's required to enter is to show off your start screen and explain how your expertise have been utilised to personalise the layout to fit a specific lifestyle.

Judges will determine the winners by the design the screen and the detail provided in the descriptions. Here's what the team is wanting to know:

  • Was it showing off unique design elements?
  • Highlighting the people who influence your life?
  • A focus on your hobbies and interests?
  • Your favourite apps that help you manage your everyday life?
  • Apps with artistic icons that make your Start Screen beautiful?
  • Sharing your technical prowess by knowing the details behind Windows Phone customization?

If you're not sure how you can capture an image of your Windows Phone start screen, simply press and hold the Windows and power buttons simultaneously, which will then take a screenshot and store it in the screenshots folder in the Pictures Hub. You'll then need to head on over to the Ideas Project website to submit the screenshot, aong with the in-depth description about how the start screen is unique to you.

But what about prizes? The team will be handing out both a Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster and JBL Powerup Wireless Charging Speaker to the top 10 most compelling entries. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before looking to enter. You have until May 8th to get your entries in. If you're looking for a location to see what other Windows Phone owners have managed to create with the start screen, remember to head over to to see some examples. 

Source: Ideas Project; thanks, jedi12, for the heads up!



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RaRa85 says:

My 7.8 start screen still rocks!

mpt15 says:

I can't take screenshots on lumia 800 running 7.8..... What am I doing wrong?

skaggsb says:

Taking screenshots is not native to 7.8 only 8

Shoulders says:

Rich, does your Shoeburyness weather forecast mean you're an Essex boy?

teoami says:

Seriously, can you atleast put it somewhere in the title or the article that this applies to WP8 only?

sdreamer says:

This would be nice if they had headers that stated what OS it applies to, especially with games. But technically.... WP7 can still if you can get the app (requires at minimum a dev unlock).

ryan_linz says:

The header image for this story is beautiful

pezman726 says:

Darn you jedi12!!  The more people that know about the competition, the less chance I have of winning!!!

jedi12 says:

<p>hehehe sorry bro</p>

Jazmac says:

Here's the challenge, live tiles that work.

No screenshot for 7.8. Oh well another contest that I cannot enter in. *-*

gsquared says:

All I want to know is who plans on coming in second!

sinister1 says:

There is basically nothing you can do to the start screen to make it look any better; any or all ideas that are suggested other than to all more tiles are always rejected by MS and their fanboys. As soon as someone suggests something new and radical like a third screen or a picture background all the fan-boy trolls come out of the wood works with their nasty comments to defend MS and their no longer cutting edge start screen.
I would honestly want to see what people will come up with, proplably nothing interesting or worth wild since the UI it's self is as closed as the minds of those who say that it's fine the way it is.

Paola1993 says:

I like mine. No, I don't want it to look like the rest. That's why I switched.

Please start this again. I think i have a lovely looking start screen. Please tell me there's another contest again some time soon.