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Windows Phone Sneakers

Win some awesome Windows Phone sneakers in Poland with your Lumia 630

Polish carrier Plus has just launched a new contest to help celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia 630. The competition is open to anyone who bought a Lumia after March 1st and it’s probably one of the coolest contests we’ve come across. Customers can download a free app dubbed ‘Trampkomania with Windows Phone’, which allows you to submit a photo of your personalized Start screen. If you win? You get some sneakers with the Windows Phone branding, one of which can is in the above lede image.

The contest runs from May 26 through June 30 and it is only open to those on the Plus carrier with a phone purchased on March 1 or later. In essence, the carrier is promoting the new Lumia 630 although those with other Lumias purchased recently can participate.

Our friends in Poland at note how the contest works (translation):

"18 people will be awarded every day. The winners will be chosen by the Competition Committee which will consider creativity, originality, aesthetic qualities and the ability to use the merits of Windows Phone system in submitted projects. The winners will be informed via the application. The contest prizes are sneakers with special print which participants choose when submitting their work."

We have to admit, this contest is quite creative. We also desperately want a pair of those kicks, because yeah, they’re pretty awesome.

If you’re in Poland and on Plus, you can download the app here from the Store (the app is not region locked, so anyone can download it). For more information, follow the source links below!

Source:, Contest page; via (Bing Translator); Thanks, djfoxer and WPWorld, for the tips!

QR: sneakers



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If anyone can grab me a pair (the brightly colored ones), I'm a size 43/44 ;)

Fun (not well-known) fact: I'm half Polish.

JoRdaNeK says:

Ahhhh Danek Rubinski!? :P

Psyk00 says:

Danek is not a Polish name (Czech?), but Daniel is common among descendents of the mighty Winged Cavalery.

OndrejBakan says:

Danek is not first name in Czech republic, we use Dan / Daniel. Danek could be "small Dan", but more often it's Daneček. Anyway, Daněk is common surname in Czech republic (about 7000 in 10 mil. population). :)

hopmedic says:

When I was a kid my dad called the neighbor guy across the street hippie, and they called him Pollock. Does that count?? I wouldn't mind a pair of these. I wear an 8 ½ EEEE. not sure what that translates to.

DJCBS says:

Well, then again, all Americans are half-something unless you're a pure native American. And even those nowadways are hard to find I wager.

xFalk says:

Not true because there are plenty of new immegrants  from various countries throughout the world.who have become Americans and are from only one country.

DJCBS says:

I'm thinking only in American-born Americans. Meaning Americans by blood-right and not Americans by land-right (note I'm using the Latin concepts of Ius Sanguini and Ius Soli and translating them to English for ease of understand).

DVELOPinc says:

Not as hard as one would think. I am Creek Indian and my children are Creek\Choctaw

DJCBS says:

Well hard to find doesn't mean impossible to find ;D

crazygonzo says:

True, native is hard nowadays, and I've always felt that those are the people that should be asked how they feel (for example) about immigration since they're the real descendesn of people that had some kind of right to live on that land (unfortunately nobody asked them how they feel about all those 'guests' in 1600-1900). But now it's those white hypocritical 'Dicks' that make decision for everybody because "their father or grandmother traveled across the ocean some 60 years ago". US of A is THE Country of Immigrants ("made by them, made for them") Native American = Indian, American = Immigrant. 

tkdmacgeek says:

Grab them before Putin steals them like Crimea

Psyk00 says:

In medieval times, Poland united with Lithuania was most powerful player on the political scene of Europe. In 1410 German army standing with Polish forces among Tatars hold their attack just to be able to watch the might of Hussar's charge (one of the most if not to most badass formation in the history of warfare - Google It, it's worth the time). Since then we were doublecrossed, stabbed in the back, betrayed etc. But still we exist on the map, rebuilding after damage communism inflicted in our national spirit and our economy. And when it comes to modern warfare you heard about GROM right? Absolute peak of spec-ops units next to Delta Team 6 and SAS. So yeah, little more respect.

Martinio32 says:

Absolutely Kurwa correct!!!! Zbigniew Brzezinski the head of the USA strategic guy behind Barrack Hussein Obama it's from the Poland!!!

MrDaedra says:

Do you think communists are a real problem of your nation? Many years ago Roman Empire were even greater than Poland and Lithuania and where is it now? Try to think of you first and then blame someone else. People live as they deserve to live.

DJCBS says:

Well, historically Russia as more rights to Crimea than Ukraine does. Actually, Turkey, being the former Ottoman Empire, has more right to Crimea than Ukraine. So, there's also that...


Poland has more to fear from the Germans I think =P

dwe says:

I've figured it out when you said you stay in a good shape thanks to vitamins and vodka. 

DVELOPinc says:

Ha Daniel, found a way for to get a pair in the US or any other country customized the way ya want, though not exactly the same as those in the contest.


stjimmie says:

Can i not just buy them... Shut up and take my money.

JoRdaNeK says:

"..............................." *waits for cash*

Arka1412 says:

Wow...I want one

Nazir Taib says:

Wow, really nice. I'm jealous with people out there that can participate.

Micah Dawson says:

Oh those shoes look so cool. This is not fair for a shoe addict like me haha.

wpgeek820 says:

This is nerd level extreme.

pierrerv says:

Def want these to come to the USA

Jaskys says:

Im not Polish but i got phone from that carrier, what should i do?

Jaskys says:

I know Polish as well as you know Lithuanian language :)

Im just having hard time in that site, time for google translate! I mean bing...

Ixolite says:

In short?

1. Grab the contest app from the store

2. Make a home screen screenshot

3. Submit your screenshot via the contest app

4. Win and profit.


EDIT: You also have to be in Poland to be eligible.

Jaskys says:

It doesn't let me to submit throught that app, it just sends me to the site

Ixolite says:

Well, can't help you with that, sorry :( Can't enter myself, just looked up what the rules are.

Cool, looks great with a Google T-shirt

vFlagR says:

*Waves angry fist*

b23h says:

I concur

I have a pitchfork, anyone else?

weetigo says:

Want to buy.  Now.

erzhik says:

Are those live tiles?

sarim_xyz says:

Haha, that would be interesting.

Ed Boland says:

This just gave me an idea for a paint job for one of my cars...

Ed Boland says:

Thank you for that! I remember seeing this, but have a slightly different idea involving a more "tile" based paint job rather than whole phones.

Ed Boland says:

I guess the sneaker in the first pic is in "high contrast/ease of access" mode?

slyfoxcl says:

I need this one

raiinman says:

Nice sneakers. Wish 630 had a front facing camera.

sarim_xyz says:

Wow, wish I could just buy them.

cybermoose89 says:

I'd like a pair of them I'd they came in red or black

Sahil Kutty says:

If these sneakers were available in India I would have bought them for double the price... So awesome!!

Jf.Vigor says:

This looks amazing

darthhen says:

Oh man....this is the most funky product advertisement. :-)

Psyk00 says:

Those hipster, not to say gay, sneakers could get you injured or killed at night on polish streets. Trust me, live here for 27 years :)

stjimmie says:

They cannot be hipsters, hipster only use iPhones! Everything else is not cool for them..!

Chemilinski says:

O czym mówisz?? O.o

Psyk00 says:

Nie macie gdzieś tam u siebie ciemnych podwórek i prawilnych stróżów moralności aka "wypierdole ci za te pedalskie buty"? :P

Chemilinski says:

Mieszkam na Żoliborzu, Warszawa. Chyba nie.. Ale tak czy inaczej, nie bym podawał sie do homofobiczne ludzi!

DVELOPinc says:

WTH, ANOTHER non US contest! Man I'd love to have a pair of those. :)

Lee Juhan says:

Hmm windows, ie icons on my converse.. No thanks.

vilmusius says:

I want a pair! Maybe somebody from Poland have won and don't want them? Gladly will take them off your hands

RogerWh says:

I do not want these shoes, I NEED THEM !  

Psyk00 says:

BTW anyone know where Microsoft branded stuff like t-shirts and so on can be bought?

Chemilinski says:

I'm in Poland but on PLAY.
However my operator is better than Plus, so I can't complain too much.

So what if Microsoft changes a Tile Icon (Like IE for example)? Now the shoes are out dated haha.

ArisKarneris says:

They might fix them come wp 8.2

KasakDesign says:

Wow I'm socked. These look really fresh. Not even a sneaker guy.

ArisKarneris says:

Oh my! How historical discourses spark!


Polska!! I am hoping that those shoes will eventually make to the states for sale. I would wear them with my Cortana t-shirt.

gpkthevenom says:

How to get that shoes