Surface Pro 3

Win a Surface Pro 3 from Windows Phone Central!!

Leave up to THREE comments on this article for THREE chances to win a Core i5 Surface Pro 3!

It was just over one week ago that Microsoft pulled the covers off of the Surface Pro 3, a device I use every day now (don’t worry, our full review is due soon, we like to spend time with it first). We know many of you want this super awesome, but admittedly pricey, high-tech gizmo, so we’re giving you three chances to WIN ONE.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is login to Windows Phone Central and leave a comment for your chance to win. And since this is the third Surface Pro, we're going to spice things up and give you up to THREE chances to win. After you leave your first comment, you can leave a second and a third to earn your additional chances (you can leave even more comments if you like, but only your first three will count for contest entry purposes). Please make comments UNIQUE from each other, otherwise you will trigger our spam filter!

If you're not yet a member of Windows Phone Central, you can register here in just a few seconds. The contest is open worldwide, and will run right up until the day before the Surface Pro 3 officially becomes available in the US (that’s June 20th). At that point, we'll close things down, and we’ll pick a lucky winner at random.

Need more info on the Surface Pro 3? Head to our topic page and catch all of our coverage or head into our Surface Pro 3 forums!



There are 41240 comments.

Pushynachan says:

I am leaving comments in hope

justin071894 says:

"There never was much hope. Just a fools hope."

CptnSqueaky says:

Fools hope is still hope. :)

I agree. No hope is hopeless!

Eas195 says:

and as long there is hope, there will be no end of the world, right? ;)

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Fingar says:

Hope is the most human of emotions!

Fingar says:

But also the most powerful!

Hassan Taher says:

As powerful as a Core i5 processor in a Surface Pro 3

Hassan Taher says:

Clocked at 1.6 Ghz

Hassan Taher says:

With an Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics card.

Kaiser King says:

And the amazing new 12" QHD display, coupled with the hugely improved awesome pen.

And 4 GB of ram to make it even better!

The Surface Pro 3 is the device I have been waiting for. Whatever you want to call it tablet, laptop hybrid I don't care about the category its the perfect device for me.

MaderLv says:

Or me. 

Still want to win one.

pysenish says:

I believe we all do ;)

psgenious says:

i believe i want cookies . :p

pysenish says:

You know what, I do too! :o

Leemet Samel says:

many spam, wow such tablet

igadget says:

“I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.”

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

d33pth0u9ht says:

I hope this works out better than "Hope and Change" did!

Eriwill says:

I hope win! My pc is broken :C.
Saludos desde Perù!
Surface 3 the best tablet-pc of the world! 

If your Pc is broken you might need one before June 20th.


...with pleasure. Chance no 3...

raycosm says:

Broke my Surface Pro 1 too...

tor landeel says:

By purpose? :D

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Me too, fingers crossed here

Saibot 2011 says:

Who doesn't like this tablet?

Saibot 2011 says:

It even has a kickstand!!!

Saibot 2011 says:

Sp3 2014 #awesome

miyagiCE says:

But I wanted the i7. :(


Just kidding. :D

+1 for the Handy

jefferson66 says:

All my life's directions are set by Jack Handy.

orangeglo says:

you know it baby

Always love that, if only.

smgullikson says:

I'm laughing at all of us.  Slim chances but we all think we will win a Surface Pro 3!

FORZOU says:

much resolution. wow such screen.


now, can i has surface pro 3?

johnboy267 says:

Man, the Windows Phone Central app on my phone showed 300 comments, and I think "huh, that's not very many for a chance to win a Surface 3." Then I log into the website and see 30K+ comments! Here's to hoping for some luck!

wtma says:

If everyone posted 3 comments, actually there only 10k participants.

Taulant_Ruci says:

the chance is to small, but the price is too big. let`s see who is the lucky one


Me, me, me...


joe_coolish says:

Small Chance > No Chance!  Can't beat free!

heh, it's only  in 10000 possibilities... :) could be worse... and it will for sure, hehe

No doubt, you're right. Chances are like 0.000021 / 1 ~ 0 /1 

raycosm says:

Bitcoin master race!

xlandhenry says:

What is the device that you would SPAM to get?

Yes! I demand cookies as well!

JayVe says:

I was lead to believe there was punch and Pie

Alex Gouty says:

FALSE!  You have been lead astray by the PPP (Punch and Pie Partisans), a radical group that tells everyone that the Cake is a Lie.  But there is cake, if you perservere.

yummm cookies, the sign of the dark side

miyagiCE says:

I can feel it, the odds are in my favor!

frazse says:

we all demand cookies!!

Erick Newman says:

I want cookies too!!!

nukez says:

Ho man that's a good idea !

raskol13 says:

Come to the dark side, we have cookies!

The dark side consists of anger, hate... And Surface :)

Don't you mean the dark side consists of anger, hate,...and Apples?    :)

reknih says:

COOKIES! Aand a Surface. That'd be perfect.

AstroPop says:

I don't even need the cookies, I could settle just for the Surface Pro 3 if I have to

Cab00se says:

Mmmmmmmm, COoOoOOKIEEES....

Can we all get some if we don't win?

jsgiv says:

new surface is better than cookies...

orangeglo says:

why not both?

adamsxd says:

everybody wants to win. :)

theicecowboy says:

30,100 comments as I enter mine.

.....Naw, nobody wants to use Windows 8...

and then comes that awkward moment when you win

I don't know how it is, I've never won anything. :|

omgcopyright says:

I wonder how this drawing will actually work. Pick a card, erm... Comment. Winner!!!

steadly925 says:

I was wondering same thing. Just flick the screen and where it stops is the winner

Now everybody uses WP central app to post their comments

Rick Dahl says:

Not me, I like the feeling of losing.

reknih says:

Yeah, but I do more than you (probably).

rammelsberg says:

Yes, true.  But who wants to win MORE?  j/k

OR_ion says:

complementary cookies along with surface pro3

IamGautia says:

Well with the power of attraction SP3 will be mine!


Yep, everybody wants to have it. Hope the Surface 3 increases the tablets' market share of Microsoft

asturides says:

Yeah, I love the Surface tablets, they need to stay and have better marketshare

johnboy267 says:

Does anyone know what integrated graphics comes on the I7 version? If I am not luck7 here I will probably get the I7 version but was curious about the integrated graphics.

i3 version has 4200 graphics, i5 has 4400 and i7 has 5000.  Too bad it's not an Iris Pro 5200.

sp3fanwr says:

There's an article showing only modest (average 15%) gaming performance improvements with the 5000 compared to the 4000 line of integrated graphics so going with the i5 is probably most cost efficient.

lbskate74 says:


Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I feel this may be a lucky place to reply

You think so? OK - let me try here too :)

EcoWin says:

I hope so, too. However, it should also kick ass of all the other Win8 manufacturers to stick to their release dates of devices. Lenovo, Dell and HP were and still are just horrible on correct availibilty dates!!! GRRRR

drwtvrs says:

They really are close to getting it perfectly right with this.  Gonna get one one way or another.

ravi.tandon says:

Having bought DVP11, having swapping thoughts now. Wanted bigger tablet, sp3 looks right.

Devin19 says:

This device is just so awesome, I'd really love to get my hands on one of em.

Devin19 says:

Seriously, I need this thing.

Wold says:

You, me and many more

Yep, everyone needs such a great portable PC/tablet combo!

vestasan says:

I think, I would give it as a present to my father, he would love it! And he had a birthday 2 days ago.

JayVe says:

I was thinking the same!

Eriwill says:

That is a good idea.

Saludos desde Perù

Espero ganar, i hope win :D

cyborg4 says:

You would have to be crazy not to!

HabeebAlAli says:

Commenting the 22nd RE. Looks fun. (And, YES, the main reason is to WIN)

Do all from above receive a notification of me re-re-re-re...replaying? I'm in! :D

tor landeel says:

Re re re re reply! ( stuttering )

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Kros says:

I think and therefore I am.

wuiyang says:

oh god, will this post become invisible?

Theo Dewitte says:

Most definitely.

Andi1988 says:

would even trade my surface pro 1 for it :)

Andi1988 says:

so i would have a new compainon in university.. is it even possible to attemp from outside the US? :(

Andi1988 says:

It's getting thight in here :D

Wow, never saw a thread go this deep.

schiznatch says:

That's what she said!

strogg tony says:

XD and will continue

JayVe says:

Said your mom

Eriwill says:

I wanna win that super tablet-pc, saludos desde Perù

Hope is what makes the world go round.

That, and to see how tight this comment box would become.

Izzmox says:

I hope I just made this thread long enough so only one character per line gets shown. Did I do it?

Perhaps we can make it happen. Keep hope ALIVE!!!

We can do it people! Never give up!

arjunan says:

This is just awesome... But like all others, I am commenting because I want a surface pro 3

Sam Reynolds says:


athivignesh says:

I hope that this comment ends up so far in the right that it doesnt even show-up on the screen, nevertheless, I still hope this comment would win me a Surface pro 3..!!!

Strumpet says:

This kind of makes it twice as interesting.

ClancyP says:

How far right can it go?

Arsonlinks says:

No man is safe in the comments section when prizes are involved

numbrat says:

Nyyyopppeee I don't think so

miyagiCE says:

Any second now, *fingers crossed*.

jt09xlt says:

If you aren't first you are last

johnboy267 says:

Yup, you, him, myself, and seeminly 30 some thousand other people seem to need this :)

Mark Huls says:

I could make good use of this

deluksic says:

Yeah, I'd need it for college next year :)

d_graeser says:

It would be amazing to win. :-)

SBoelitz says:

Same, have surface RT at the moment and love that but this is AWESOME!

I'd give my pro v1 to my dad for fathers day to step in to a new 3.

In a sea of tablets, there are a few that rise to the surface, but only one lands straight to my hands. ;)

SBoelitz says:

And im guessing that would be a Surface Pro 3.

shotokq says:

I own a S Pro v1 and I love it!

How is giving your dad leftover/ hand-me-downs a Father's day present? I'd disown you.

gatisnolv says:

Here goes nothing.

amgad salman says:

this will kill my old nokia n97 n may make me explode it


amgad salman says:

it will be agood turn for me to start obtaining MS products

d_graeser says:

It would fit in nicely with my amazing Lumia 925 :-)

pysenish says:

Yeah, would be cool to be able to try it out!

Awesome giveaway!


gimme gimme gimme!

george_h4 says:

I agree, it's a very attractive alternative to my old, outdated Macbook.

Steely69 says:

I agree. And I can then show it of at work as well, so they will lose the laptops and swith to Surface

Chris Lovin says:

It would make a stellar travel "laptop"

d_spence says:

Its perfect for school too.

d_spence says:

Great for note taking with its 3:2 display ratio too!

TXChris says:

They really nailed it with 3:2. Far bette than the original aspect ratio.

Asceish says:

If I Ever buy a Surface I would definitely get it for my College works. Rather than for play. I am going to buy it whatever the reviews says. I do trust Microsoft with Its Devices. Blind Faith sometimes.

gatisnolv says:

In some use cases it can completeley replace one.

RIJIN P K says:

seems possible soon!!

amgad salman says:

deams of having it next to sennheiser momentum

Good idea. Working with a SP3 would show to my company that it's possible to replace our PC or notebooks

Ygglens says:

Except for the odd way the pen fits. I really like the way they did it on the last two Surfaces, and wish they would have found a similar solution.

sensobyte says:

Couldnt agree more. The only question now is if the one i get is a winner or a purchase.

d_graeser says:

Hopefully a winner!!

StevieBallz says:

No matter which way - definitely a great peace of hardware.

AvsDude says:

Agreed.  Love my Surface 8 Pro and glad I skipped the Pro 2.  I'm headed straight to Pro 3, one way or another.

I skipped Surface Pro 1 and 2 and will get the 3.  Coming from Asus and Samsung Windows 8 tablets.

d_spence says:

I hope I can win it, it really is the perfect device.

Would love to win this Surface 3 Pro

rajivdasari says:

I will win Surface Pro 3 by hook or crook.

And how do you see yourself doing that? :D

evileggplant says:

All surface Pro 3 users watch out for rajivdasari on the subway!

mjperez100 says:

would love for you not to win it so i can win it!!

aarmina says:

that's what i am saying to my self reading all the posts!

I'm bewildered, how are they going to handle thses much comments? Will they really pick up randomly? Many people have commented like 10 times LOL!

ThePKReddy says:

excel wonders? filters and math :) this is my thrid comment.

RIJIN P K says:

certainly everybody is!

And who not haha


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