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Windows 8 RTM now available to DreamSpark Premium members

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We usually don’t cover these types of stories, especially since there will be many, many avenues for Windows 8 Desktop to become available over the next few weeks, but what the heck.

If you’re a DreamSpark Premium member e.g. a college student or professor engaged in science, math, engineering or other programs sponsored through the DreamSpark program. Earlier prediction via Neowin suggested the 25th was the release date, so it's a bit early. Still, if you’re a DSP member, head here to grab your order. Thanks, Jey Si, for the tip



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raidel00 says:

Windows RTM is the final version correct  (like mac OS GM versions)? Meaning I can download/install it and I won't be screwed later on with an expiration?

revxx14 says:

You are correct, sir.

raidel00 says:

Ok...thank you I have access to it through my CIS major just wanted to make sure :D

SOADer says:

Mine says that it expires in 2 years :(
It says 24 month EAG (Extended access guarantee)
so does this mean that I will need to pay for my own license once it expires? (I would have graduated by then)

kompendium says:

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that means you'll have 24 months to download the software and see the serial key. I'm sure you have the os for life.

Swag_global says:

lololol you don't want to do that......... well im downloading, suprised hunders of comments haven't been pouring........

phamhlam says:

This article came out late in the day and I didn't bother checking the news. I went on Dreamspark today and was excited to see it and then head over here to realize it was out yesterday.

dangish says:

Daniel, my heart fluttered. Thought I read WP8 RTM.

lol, figured that'd happen. Usually I wouldn't bother but students need all the excitement they can get these days, so figured I'd throw 'em a bone...

revxx14 says:

Woo! Downloading now :) 

mdscj4 says:

Windows 8 RTM to users has been available to download since the 15th.  If you are a TechNet member, you were able to download it then.  Same goes for the MSDN community, and if you are an IT pro or developer, you are able to download Windows 8 Enterprise edition free, for 90 days.  This is old news.  One of the many reasons why I told myself I would not go to WPCentral for Microsoft Office or Windows news.

RobbyRob says:

Cool story bro. This is NEW for us students who are currently working on becoming an "IT Pro" so take your trolling somewhere else. kthxbye!

Fludlyt says:

Nice! Noob question here, I'm planning to use the DSP licence for a new desktop build early next year. Can this licence be used on my current pc in the mean time before I use it for spare parts or is it for a single pc?

You probably can but it might be against the terms of the license.

Fludlyt says:

I thought as much, I'll buy the upgrade offer on October 26th, thanks!

Kadcidxa says:

Pretty kool. I only have a student subscription though.

Been using the one I got from Technet for about 1 week now. Love it and my boot time went from 25 seconds to 12!

venetasoft says:

Daniel this forum is followed by many developers (like me) and we really like to be updated about what happens on all Ms ecosystem, so these flash updates about W8 are very useful, thank you.
They are not OT, as WinRT and WP8 are going to converge ;)

sepatown says:

I agree. At this point you guys have to cover everything Windows, since they're converging. And that includes Xbox. Heck, more story for you guys and more to read for us enthusiasts of the Windows platform.

DavidinCT says:

Hey, I Signed up to Dreamspark to get my free Windows phone 7 dev unlock dev account (using a edu email I have access to).
Do I qualify for it ?
I'd like a free copy of Windows 8

sepatown says:

Your school has to be enrolled in the STEM-D program and you must be a member of one of the departments.

DavidinCT says:

ah....I guess they are not listed as I could not find them. I signed up to dreamspark for the Windows Phone dev account....oh, well, it was worth a shot :(

sepatown says:

Yeah, my school is not listed either. I guess the Win 8 Enterprise RTM Evaluation will have to hold me till Win 8 is officially released.

j_the_geek says:

Might be worth speaking to your school to see if they are on there, but not listed.
We're on DreamSpark, but we're not listed anywhere for some reason. Students just need to ask if they can be signed up.

Tell me why I should get the RTM? I want to know if I should replace it with my windows 7.

mdscj4 says:

Replace at your own risk.

DavidinCT says:

Dont replace, dual boot or VM it.... Till you know your sure...
I am going to dual boot once I have access to final bits...Windows 7 will get 500gb, Windows 8 will get 100gb....Guess what one I will use more ???
RTM is final code, so if your going to try it, that is the version you want to try..

sepatown says:

If you want an OS that's faster than Windows 7, more secure than Windows 7, cleaner than Windows 7, better Desktop UI than Windows 7, better Windows 7 than Windows 7, that has storage spaces, support for Windows to Go, Smartglass, mounting ISO and VHD, better File Explorer, cleaner Task Manager, a whole new Start Screen that's amazing on any Screen size and a more Modern OS in general. Then yes get the Windows 8 RTM. If none of those appeal to you, then by all means stick to the next best OS - Windows 7.

j_the_geek says:

I wanted all those points, but didn't find out till AFTER installing Windows 8 RTM, that my laptops graphics card isn't supported. So no full native res on my display :(
Despite nVidia listing Windows 8 drivers for my card, I wasn't able to install the drivers.

sepatown says:

For some reason Nvidia is being slow to releasing Windows 8 RTM drivers, they released the Consumer Preview drivers on time. I imagine in about a week or so they will release RTM drivers. The Windows 8 drivers they listed are for the Preview versions.

mdscj4 says:

Sepatowns right, although it is arguable that Windows 7 may have a "better" Desktop UI due to the lack of the Start menu found in 8, but a more 8 powerful Explorer indeed.