Windows 8.1 is now available for preorder starting at $119 USD

Windows 8.1

If you are excited for Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8.1, there is no longer a need wait on your purchase. Windows 8.1 is now available for pre-order at Microsoft's website with a launch date of October 18.

A copy of Windows 8.1 can be picked up for $119 and a copy of Windows 8.1 Pro can be picked up for $199. We want to remind all of our readers that if you are currently running Windows 8, you will receive a free update on October 17 and there is no need to spend any money.

Microsoft has been moving to simplify and cheapen prices of their Windows operating system. Launch prices for Windows Vista where as high as $399 a license, for the Ultimate edition with a trail of other variations available. Windows 8.1 will be available in two flavors with a max price of $199 for the Pro edition simplifying choices for the average consumer.

Click here to visit the preorder page for Windows 8.1 at Microsoft's site.

Do you have Windows 8 already? If not, do you plan on preordering a copy of Windows 8.1?

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Hate to be that guy, but it is Windows, not Window.

jlynnm350z says:

Your that guy *sad face*

Where... Where do you people come from? I typed "Windows" eleven times and you found the one error. -_- Fixed though, thanks!

Shambels says:

They come from hell....

GrayW0lf says:

LOL! Sadly, this made me check too. I still see an instance of "Window 8" in there. Sorry. :)

"..if you are currently running Window 8.."

Try resetting your cache. It was updated. ;)

rodneyej says:

Nevermind that❕ I want Windows 8.2, damnit!!!❕❕❕❗❗❗

Darren Walsh says:

Give him a job lol

gevabar says:

So is this what its coming down to ,spelling of windows......pls don't read my comments I always mess up grammar and spelling

it's to, Windows please

Lol sorry just messing with ya

leo74 says:

I'm running Win8 since it was released. Curious about 8.1 but since I really don't care about the start button I'm not over hyped about it. I will upgrade one of my machines and see how it goes.

nelsonecm says:

That's not the only new thing in W8.1

Duduosf says:

But the one that was most bragged about.

ScubaNitrox says:

So you resisted the urge of jumping off the nearest bridge because Windows 8 didn't have a start button! From all of the articles that I have read, there must have been millions of people who just ended it all because of this.

kullkid92x says:

I was curious too and I found the full list! here ya go :) pretty nice feature set for a .1 increment update :D


emaalouf says:

Its not only the start button its more faster and a new interface !

daveh101 says:

I was more than happy running windows 8 - got to say, I'm now on 8.1 and it is definitely better. The whole start button thing never bothered me, i still click in the bottom left corner

panlondon says:

Hope they fix the almost impossible to see scroll bar in Desktop and of course Metro where the scroll bar disappears altogether sometimes. Why do that? people use the mouse and need to scroll up and down. the MS person who authorised this should be summarily executed.

schlubadub says:

Just scroll with the scroll-wheel? Or arrow keys?

panlondon says:

Why lose functionality from a supposedly better version and also scrolling with the mouse is much slower than the scroll bar.  What does it serve to make the scroll bar almost invisible?

iamoniwaban says:

8.1 is amazing. Be hyped my friend.

ejb222 says:

THese prices are about the same as they were for Windows 7. Ultimate was another thing all together.

Yep, they have been creasing down the price since Vista. Good move on their part in my opinion.

TJWINS says:

Especially if they are trying to expand the ecosystem.

But still $100.00 more than OSX!  Have you guys not learned anything yet? 

AndyGriff says:

Most increments of OS X include security and functionality improvements barely more extensive than MS's (free) service packs, so that's not really a fair comparison. Besides, I bought Win 8 when it was on its introductory offer of £29, and this update is free for those currently running Windows 8. Not bad value, that.

Vistaus says:

This is about Win, not Win Phone lol.

lpforthewin says:

I got it free with my phone.

pepsijosh says:

I paid £10 from Microsoft Expert Zone so I win =D

Capsloc says:

I got it for free from school. I win.

Jazmac says:

And OSX is still 20 dollars more than Ubuntu. Just sayin'. 
But on the point, after 14 years of XP, it still runs most Windows based applications. In contrast, after 3 years of OSX and that staying power drops off precipitously. This is what 100 bucks pays for. If you didn't know before, now you know.

jlynnm350z says:

Don't need to pre order, got Window 8. *unstoppablekem help*

Oxymoron428 says:

That preorder part had me stumped, but then I read the article and saw that it'll be free if I'm running windows 8. Then came the sigh of relief lol

Miistercoool says:

Lol me too ☺☺☺☺

Brian Brown2 says:

This is a huge PR problem for MS. People who don't keep up with technology are going to be confused and think that MS is trying to get more money out of them for an upgrade. MS needs to make it very clear to everyone that 8.1 is free to those who already own Windows 8. Hopefully during the restructuring, MS had the forsight to "restructure" their PR department with all new people.

ikissfutebol says:

You can get the Win 8 Pro upgrade disc on Amazon for around $80 now and then upgrade for free when 8.1 is released. Saves a ton of money.

Shambels says:

Who the hell would spend $399 a license for vista....im mean really????

lol well somebody did believe me (no it wasn't me)

Zulfigar says:

The same people who buy the WinZip licenses

funkyGeneral says:

But I use WinZip all the time. Not paying for that is like not paying for WinAmp. It's practically stealing.

schlubadub says:

WinRAR is better and doesn't nag. I stopped using WinZip around 10 years ago for that reason.

Clavitox says:

I buy WinZip licenses :P seriously though, what's the benefit of buying them?

wpguy says:

7-Zip, FTW. Glad Microsoft did away with the Ultimate SKUs. Very over-priced for a small handful of features not already in Pro.

JoRdaNeK says:

Rt gets update?

Zulfigar says:

Yes, there's already an awesome preview of it. Did I mention it's awesome?

DJCBS says:

Yes. 8.1 RT will be released for free on October 17th too ;)

_Emi_ says:

even RT 8.1 RTM was leaked weeks ago... if you had a RT you would have installed it before

Whodaboss says:

I'm already running Windows 8 Pro (desktop) and Windows 8 (laptop) glad to know it will be a free upgrade for me.  Yeah!

thesorehead says:

Loving 8.1 Preview on my Surface RT, really looking forward to the big update on my PC and a bit more stability when they release the full version for RT!

Whodaboss says:

Can't wait to upgrade. Glad to know it's working well on your Surface.

Sarang68 says:

Same here. Both are non touch & i am perfectly happy with it!

Whodaboss says:

Both my computers are touch screen but I seldom ever use the touch feature. But I definitely wanted that capability. But you certainly don't need it.

Clavitox says:

My laptop has touch, my desktop doesn't. People get wowed when they see me navigate through touch

Deaconclgi says:

Windows 8.1 is great!!!

rodneyej says:

No, Windows 8.2 is better❗

Clavitox says:

Lmao you guys still on windows 8? I'm already on windows 9 :P

rodneyej says:

Right❕❕❕ move on..

Shay Legacy says:

Had Windows 8 since released. Can't wait to get Windows 8.1!

DJCBS says:

ADVICE for people on Windows 7: If you intend to now get W8.1 do NOT buy 8.1 directly. Go to Amazon, get the W8 upgrade instead. Then you'll get 8.1 for free while preserving all your programs, configurations etc.

If you buy 8.1 and go from Windows 7 to 8.1 directly, you'll lose your configurations and programs (just not files).

Be smart ;)

wpguy says:

I'd just do a full wipe and install. Sure it's a pain to reinstall applications, but your system will run better for it,

noknok79 says:

cant wait for WP8.1 update?

Prensescim says:

Question:  I have Windows 8 RT.  Is RT included in this free upgrade offer or is this just for Windows 8?  I am assuming RT is not included in this upgrade.

iZangetsu says:

Don't worry, 8.1 RT should be coming the same day as the Win8.1 upgrade.

_Emi_ says:

RT 8.1 is free and it will install even the Outlook desktop App and all.
why wouldnt it be free? its not like you can pay or buy it somewhere. but its still Windows 8 (but on arm) so the license hasnt changed (it technically has but not for a legit serial like your surface will have).

it was even leaked some weeks ago. yeah, you could have 8.1 RTM in your Surface by now, and it would be ready waiting to get the final Oct 18th updates.

iZangetsu says:

I'm gonna be getting Surface Pro 2 eventually, but getting 8.1 on my laptop until then would really help.

phatboy66 says:

Can't wait to get a real touchscreen laptop with Windows 8.1. Still saving my money

rodneyej says:

But, what if your transmission goes kaput❔... Will you be saving for that fancy laptop then❔❔❔ Will your dreams be ruined❔❔❔ Will you cry out "WHHHHYYYYY❕""
Or will you just deal with it?.... You'll probably just deal with it,, right?

Zeroplanetz says:

Question just to clarify I have windows 8 pro so I get the 8.1 pro free correct and not the 8.1 version?

rodneyej says:

Yes boy, yes❕.. Ohhh, lordy lordy lordy....

Zeroplanetz says:

At least one of us was paying attention :)

rodneyej says:


MrSimmix says:

Lol, he's missing.

erzhik says:

As much as I like W8, its still overpriced. Want more people to adopt it? Make it $50.

funkyGeneral says:

Throw in a kitten and you got a deal.

Clavitox says:

Thing is, its easier to just push the sale of a new laptop

DJCBS says:

Another good option, given the fact that going from W7 or prior to 8.1 causes so much fuss (loss of programs etc), they could release before the update the W8 upgrade versions at the low price they did in the beginning, thus enticing more people to go from Windows 7 to 8 and then 8.1.
Because the honestly unjustified loss of stuff from W7 to 8.1 may actually deter people from getting it. Many will probably just wait until they have to buy a new PC/laptop.

schlubadub says:

It was $15-30 for 6 months, what more do you want?

mutant 9 says:

Glad I upgraded my devices to windows 8 when it first launched for cheap...

soaringthor says:

Domain join, RDP host, and Bitlocker... Really an $80 difference?

kinaton says:

With more and more laptops being stolen and data as well. MS should make bitlocker free as standard

cybermoose89 says:

Look forward to the 17th then Hazar!

Harry Wild says:

Windiows 8.2 will add back the Start Menu too!  Just wait and see!  LOL!  Good times are coming.... after 8.1 customer reaction!  Microsoft going be sorry they left out the Start Menu!  It going to be exactly like the desktop eventually of Window s 7!  Users not going take this radical change ....... without sounding off to change things!

Darren Walsh says:

I bought win 8 pro last year then just downloaded win 8.1 (not pro) installed it and then went to "add more features and entered my win 8 pro product key for an in place upgrade and it activated no problem, nice little workaround! I did buy it originally so I don't feel guilty lol

Kevin Rush says:

What is the advantage of upgrading your Win 8.0 Pro license to Win 8.1 (Not Pro) for free and then adding features to upgrade to 8.1 Pro with your 8.0 Pro license key over just upgrading to 8.1 Pro? Isn't the 8.1 Pro a free upgrade from 8.0 Pro?

Darren Walsh says:

Eh because it's not possible to activate that way until the 18th,

Kevin Rush says:

So you upgraded now, to the pre-release version and will upgrade to the final release version on the 18th? Sorry for my lack of understanding. Just trying to figure it out.

kinaton says:

Nope just returned all our unused 8.0 keys and downgraded to windows 7

rockstarzzz says:

Colour blind or technologically challenged?

rockstarzzz says:

Now only if AT&T will let 920s upgrade to GDR2, everyone will be happy.

MrSimmix says:

Ha ha ha ha ha

WP95 says:

Hopefully in 8.1 Xbox music will be able to actually work!

Great deal says:

Im on windows 7 pro 64bit, if i buy this...
will i get upgraded to windows 8 pro 64 bit and then get free 8.1?

Dancsi31 says:

yep, i bought that too directly from MS store last year and it upgraded my Win7 Ultimate 64-bit just fine. So yes, if you buy this, you will get the 8.1 update later in October for free. This version has 2 DVDs, one 32-bit and one 64-bit + product key.

imZadok says:

"Do you have Windows 8 already? If not, do you plan on preordering a copy of Windows 8.1?"
No and no.
Windows 8 currently offers no significant advantages over Windows 7 for desktop users. I can understand why touch device users love Windows 8, but until the 'metro' start screen can be completely disabled I won't be making the switch on my desktop.
Bring on Windows 9!

_Emi_ says:

then why even comment?... this is a WINDOWS 8 article, and you still care about it? lol so pathetic.

imZadok says:

I posted because Windows 8 does a lot of things well, and I'd like to see Microsoft do well. With enough user feedback they will be able to provide a better Windows experience. Windows 8.1 is a good example of this.

Windows 7 is great for people with no eyesight or appreciation for design!

jsvb1977 says:

Agreed. I just recently let a coworker know that they 'lack vision' because they fail to see the benefits of a Windows 8-based touch screen tablet (i.e. Surface). They actually went out and purchased a tablet running Windows 7 that had some lame touch interface slapped overtop of Windows. Sigh...

imZadok says:

I had to zoom in on your post to make each word take up my whole monitor to read your comment. Now that I have, I can happily say that until Windows 8 allows users to disable the new start screen and brings back the start menu I won't be buying it. I believe a large portion of Microsoft's customer base agree with me, as Windows 8 has not been selling well.
I also believe Windows RT needs to ditch the desktop entirely. You should be able to complete all desktop tasks from within the metro interface. This would help distinguish it from the desktop version of Windows 8, especially if the desktop version came with the metro start screen disabled by default.

InlineV says:

8 percent market share for Windows 8 isn't chump change. Seriously, try it out. Once you get a sense for navigation using hot keys it is very easy to get around and that is improved with 8.1. Use Win+X and you get the administrative tools menu from the lower left hand corner. Boot to desktop and Win+X and you pretty much have everything you want but third party start menus could work as well. Its just so much faster than Win7. File History is great for backups, SkyDrive integrations rocks, Storage Spaces are handy for bulk storage (basically thin provisioning) and under the hood, there are so many improvements that its somewhat mind boggling. This is particularly true for Enterprise features but its consumer friendly as well.

InlineV says:

Boot to desktop is now an option for Windows 8.1. Otherwise, the benefits are significant in terms of features and performance over Windows 7. One such example is the availability of Hyper-V 3.0 for Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise. A type 1 hypervisor running in a client OS? Yeah, sign me up. Currently running 8.1 RTM and couldn't be happier. MSDN makes me happy.

Raj Preeth says:

waiting for windows 8.1 OEM release than a upgrade version.

irock_you says:

How come it's not in the maket yet?! I downloaded the 8.1 pro from dreamspark and obtained my student serial key 2 weeks ago for free. It's not review edition, no watermark, and it's been activated ever since.

there's gotta be something wrong

p.s. I'm a LUC grad IT student