Grab the Windows 8.1 Spring Update from Microsoft servers today

Windows 8.1 Update

The Windows 8.1 April Update is just around the corner, but should you wish to force through the upgrade early on your machine, you can once again do so thanks to Microsoft publishing the release. Neowin has compiled a list of download links for consumers to access should they wish to make the plunge and see what's new in the next update for the popular desktop operating system.

These updates are reportedly identical the previously leaked MSUs downloaded through a Windows Update registry hack. If you're already rocking the updates and are lucky enough to be on the pre-release, you can safely ignore this article and move along. For everyone else, it's possible to utilize the directly download links below to commence (and subsequently complete) the update process.

Check out download links for x86, x64 and ARM architectures below:

Windows 8.1 x86

Windows 8.1 x64

Windows RT 8.1  ARM

According to Neowin, referencing OEM documentation, the updates must be installed in a particular order. We haven't messed around with different combinations yet, but since the order above worked in previous instances, we recommend you all follow suit. It's worth noting that we expect Microsoft to pull the files at some point, just like what previously occurred. Here's the confirmed order:

  1. KB2919442  (you may already have this installed).
  2. KB2919355 
  3. KB2932046 
  4. KB2937592 
  5. KB2938439 
  6. KB2939087 

We cannot accept any responsibility for your machine to cease working after updating, nor can we be held liable if your computer goes sentient and attempts to communicate with an alien race. Seriously, if you don't fully know what you're doing, we strongly advise you to wait for Microsoft to go official with the update.

Have you made the leap and updated? Let us know how you get on in the comments. Source: Neowin



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eruptflail says:

As tempted as I am, I'll wait.

aitt says:

Agreed. Only if it was WP 8.1 would I force it thru

Darutto says:

I was going to say I was tempted as well. But TBH I'm ok with 8.1 at the moment and this update is not a huge deal, so I can wait and go through the safest path as well. 

Got it a few weeks back, battery performance is better, I think I've already forgotten what 8.1 was :p

KrightonX says:

There is nothing to be afraid of. It's code. You'll be fine. Your data will be fine. Live on the Edge!

Try riding the escalator at the mall WITHOUT holding the handrail! Something! Great Scott!


Bock Bock Bock!

xankazo says:

Easy on the energy drinks, buddy.

pookiewood says:

Ride the escalator at the mall without holding the handrails?  You may want to put a disclaimer in that comment because you don't want to be blamed for dismemberments or decapitations that may occur on the escalator due to not paying heed to the yellow stickers plastered on them!  Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

piaqt says:

I once deleted the entire registry from a Win95 install. World didn't end after that. Neither did the PC.

tallgeese says:

During my noob years I ran the format command out of curiosity on a 1986 PC compatible just because I saw the command somewhere in a magazine.

akks says:

Seems farter

Buttowski says:

I don't need a farter update. It's good as is.

mdram says:

That would explain the new air bubbles under my screen protector...

Deaconclgi says:


vlacocabios says:

hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hail to the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops...that was me. Sorry. Cabbage for dinner last night.

astroXP says:

Tempted to install MSUs coming directly from Microsoft? ...

x I'm tc says:

I am already running it on a couple of machines from when it leaked.  It's almost unnoticeable unless you spend a lot of time in the Metro environment while on a mouse and keyboard, and I doubt very many people do.  At least for me, when I'm using Metro apps, I'm lounging on the couch in tablet mode.  When I'm at work, I'm all desktop, all the time.  And even if you do venture into the barren wasteland of useful Metro apps, the changes are very, very minor.

So, if you are worried about it, don't be.  Your system will run just fine.  But if you are excited about it, also don't be.  The biggest reason not to do it is that it takes a bit of time, and a few reboots, and you get basically nothing for the effort.

pallentx says:

I'm in Metro apps all day on my work and home desktops. I use the Metro remote desktop app, Lync and metro IE the most. I pretty much only go to the desktop for Outlook, SQL Server Management Studio and File Explorer.

Kieta says:

Got them the first time around

KrightonX says:

Same. Nothing notable really.

Same. Really don't like the power and search on my start now - unnecessarily cluttered.

Should have been there from the start tbh.

The only things I like from the update are:

1. Right click menu on live tiles

2. Metro apps pin to taskbar and access from taskbar


That is all really.. 

Dos101 says:

I had installed this on my Surface 2 when it first leaked and it's been acting wonky ever since (battery drain when sleeping, applications opening under lock screen, random reboots) so i had to do a factory reset. I think I'll wait until the official release, for my Surface anyways. Laptop and desktop at home are running fine with the update :)

x I'm tc says:

This is 100% official.  This is "it."

Dos101 says:

I mean until it's officially released. Microsoft may release additional updates and/or firmware and driver updates specific to the Surface 2 to address any issues.

neonspark says:

no, that's just surface's normal operation:


only MSFT makes both the hardware and the software not work with each other while just about evey other PC oems doesnt need to update their machine monthly to just get it to not crash while sleeping. go MS team!

Dos101 says:

I have the Surface 2, not the Pro 2. it worked perfectly fine for me before Update 1, which makes me think either:

1) Something wonky happened with my update

2) There are some issues with Update 1 and Surface 2 that Microsoft needs to resolve

raycpl says:

Patience is a virtue...

jabtano says:

I rather wait, mostly to avoid having issues downtime is money.

Shamrock says:

I'll be waiting as well. I'd rather not have an issue when the official update comes out.

Jakeway says:

There isn't a great deal in this update features wise... Not worth the effort might as well wait.

wtma says:

Yeah, am not going to spend an entire day trying to figure out why my machine acting so strangely, just because something went wrong in the update.

Chacness says:

This update is causing major updates with my Intel wireless. Had to revert to the MS version that's over a year old to stop my wireless from randomly dropping its connection and not seeing any available networks till I reboot. This has been the only downside since I loaded it last week.

Credo93 says:

Works great on my Surface 2, also perfectly fine on my Desktop x64 machine. No problems whatsoever ... But when they are going to release it officially is it possible to update just to the final update or not?



x I'm tc says:

This is the official release.

XboxOmac says:

It's the final unofficial release. Official would mean that Microsoft officially announced the update and started pushing it. They have not done so yet.

Idiosyncrasy says:

Installed it during the first go around on both my Laptop and my Surface Pro 2. There were still some small kinks included, for instance there is an option titled "When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go the desktop instead of Start" that was enabled by default for me - well, I'm one of those weird people who actually likes the start screen, so I disabled this option (and rebooted, also verified the change in the Registry) and anytime I close my Windows Store Apps, it brings me to my desktop instead of the Start Screen still (not a major problem, just a pain when I expected to go to the Start Screen)

I do like having the jump list for my apps like I do on my Windows Phone, but I really just don't like the way they are melding the desktop and Modern Experience together; it's not seamless and looks very jarring when I use my keyboard and mouse on my laptop. The update itself is stable however with no crashes on my systems, but I can't say that I use many of the new UI elements (I'm so used to opening charms to shutdown or use the Win+X commands that I haven't even bothered to use the Power Button on the Start Screen yet!)

Aashish13 says:

I was about to piss in my pants. I controlled it. There was a word missing "Phone" in the title of the post

sholokov says:

Lol. I was waiting in a parking lot and read it with the word "phone" in it somehow in my head. I almost jumped in my seat!

wtma says:

Lol... I know I'm bad at times and dates, but for some moments there I had a feeling that it's August already.

Jack Larson1 says:

do NOT read WPC on Apr. 1 then!

Micah Dawson says:

I literally thought this was windows phone 8.1 and got excited haha. Now I'm depressed lol

pepsicocom says:

You would have to be bored, an adrenaline junkie, or have an unhealthy level of interest in playing with PCs to get involved with this under these circumstances.  It's less than three weeks away for heaven's sake.  Obviously, today is a slow news day for Windows Phones and Windows 8

b3rni3703 says:

tempted but i'll wait... 


lemonsteveo says:

On my desktop, hot corners get disabled randomly after forcing this update.  Only a restart of the explorer process fixes it.

StirItUp says:

I believe I will wait for the official update. I am also one of those who like the start screen. The only time I use the desktop is for office, to use my media player, and for my Amazon cloud player to download music. I would love modern apps for all of the above. Of course maybe the update will change my thinking. Doubt it though.

miki89 says:

can somebody tell me wich font is on the picture? i really like it.. :)

sholokov says:

It being just a couple of weeks away... I'll wait.

Jazmac says:

"Hold my cell phone and my keys. I'm goin' in".

Nimdock says:

I updated my laptop when it first came out some days ago.


For my surface I will wait.

MrGoodSmith says:

Hold my beer , I'm following you

b3rni3703 says:

if they can integrate the desktop and start screen all in one that'd be awesome... would love to see a metro/live tiles on the desktop set up start screen!

herbertsnow says:

That would look like crap. Just awful.

You look very angry.

That's what they should've done in the first place.  Simply replace the desktop icons with live tiles.  Then they could've kept the start menu too.  Seems so obvious.

link68759 says:

Seem like a clusterfuck and a terrible idea actually. Probably why they didn't do that.

xankazo says:

There's not a single thing I'm excited about the spring update. I mean, I welcome it, but I rather wait.

I'll just wait, as this isn't a huge update for me.

bc3tech says:

Order of installation that worked for me x64:







link68759 says:

mind hosting the files somewhere?

bc3tech says:

Surely you don't need me to do that w/ the links right in this post, do you??

link68759 says:

They've long since 404'd

ranwel says:

Thanks.  I had to use THIS order instead of the one listed as part of the article.  I put this on one of my older notebooks that does not have touch screen.  took a while to complete due to Turon 64 x2, but it is working fine.  I may put on my Surface Pro and Surface RT over the weekend.

bc3tech says:

np. Wish the author would fix the order in the article so ppl don't have to scour the comments to find it.

ranwel says:

Now there's an idea...

sociallygeek says:

I downloaded on my Surface 2. The second package stays at "the updates are being installed" with no progress. Stayed there for 30mns. I rebooted and not going any further at this time.

bc3tech says:

The larger one (200mb) takes a *significant* amount of time to complete. Even on my Yoga Pro i7

Woke up this morning to a dead PC. wondering if the update was automatically installed and killed it.

Ya, I got it working again but it seems that the problem was due to some kind of update as it finished configuring updates when I managed to power it up again.  

taymur says:

Best disclaimer ever.

cannon#WP says:

I would, but do these play nice with 8.1 Enterprise?

mrdeezus says:

On the second link the one ending in 55 it keeps giving me an error when i try to open it saying the date is wrong. Trying to install on my 2520. Anyone else getting this?

Farnic says:

I have a touch screen so this update does like nothing for me, so I'll just wait.

pookiewood says:

Just got my Venue 8 Pro a coupld nights ago.  Nope!  I'll wait for the official release because it's running great as is.  Now my laptop at home I may give this a shot to see what happens.  I'll take my risk there thanks you very much! :D

alokinalset says:

This update, i noticed that even im using microsoft basic driver for the graphic card, now youtube plays better and movies plays well on my 5years old machine.

Mister Gore says:

I am tempted but since I have only had my Surface for two days after 9 months with only my phone I thi k I'll wait

-8- says:

Dammit my Surface became sentient and is now communicating with an alien race. Damn you WP Central!

Brad Lambert says:

Same here.. I've been on hold with support for hours. No luck. Must be a firmware issue.

(In reality the install was a breeze on my Surface 2. Be sure to close all other apps/programs.)

herbertsnow says:

Since I'm not an idiot and learned how to use Windows 8, I won't be downloading this.

pookiewood says:

It's what I use at work.  There isn't an upgrade path since it's Enterprise but that doesn't matter to me.  It works great.

Why not?


This does more than make the UI more mouse friendly. :|

rockstarzzz says:

It actually does make apps MUCH easier to use on desktop. I really like how its making everything more uniform. I love Modern UI but this just feels like Modern UI apps have now enhanced ability to become accessible while you are on desktop. I wasn't convinced till I tried it, after I tried it, it just feels easier and faster to access Modern apps instead of the screen swinging left and right!

crise says:

I'm already rocking it!!

for once i read windows phone 8.1 i literally jumped out of d bed! but den it was only 8.1

Sarang68 says:

Official,please. Better to err on the safe side.

c0wb0ycliche says:

Completely crashed my Surface Pro 2

neonspark says:

yeah the last time I installed an update from the MSFT servers with a hack, I ended up with a walshed phone.

Denegar says:

Installed it on my laptop and Surface RT. Works well so far. Lots of little tweaks, mostly for mouse users, but still some for touch as well. A good update in my opinion. This will finally make it usable in a business environment for non-touchscreen desktop users. Good job Microsoft!

mixx24 says:

Installed first time around on Surface Pro 1. A few nice tweaks that help when docked to a docking station with keyboard and mouse. No problems as of yet. All around good update.

igorpaes says:

Works great here! thanks!

MrGoodSmith says:

Is there an ISO for a clean installation?

twelvetudors says:

Is it just me or does 2919355 take a millenium to install?

It is the biggest update, so it makes sense.


For me, it was over 700mb out of a roughly 750mb total.

rockstarzzz says:

If you install the update that is after 55 first, restart and then attempt to install 355, it takes in total 7 minutes for all updates. Someone posted the correct order up there in previous comments. Same order worked for me. 64bit Enterprise edition.

I'm downloading it but I will install on a virtual machine just to see haw it work

MikadoWu says:

Did anyone instll on a Surface RT?  I do not get the power button on the RT like I did on the Pro.

Dadstar0410 says:

I don't either. Probably an RT thing.

Belino says:

Installed and approved!! =D

Plystre says:

Installed and all ok on surface 2

dloendorf says:

Update went fine - however I always return to the desktop when all modern apps are closed...it should return to Start screen. I have the item to return to desktop un-checked in the Navigation tab.

How do I return to Start screen when closing a modern app?

iyae says:

This. So bloody annoying.

Matt J says:

Do we just install the listed files and go to Windows Update? Or are the files the update?

rockstarzzz says:

Files ARE the update. Once you install all those files, you will see changes as soon as you reach the last two.

Dadstar0410 says:

Order doesn't matter. And you don't have to reboot after every one. I can confirm.

crooza says:

IT seem faster.LOL, no really it does noticed youtube works better and faster.

Not doing this. Nothing compelling for me in this update. I pretty much love Win 8.1 just the way it is.

nizzon says:

Files already pulled? 2nd file 8.1 x64 has dead link. :(


Why not call it 8.2?

nizzon says:

Yep, files are pulled. Damnit.

Guzzler3 says:

Lucky me, I found the links on another site before WPCentral posted. I have them downloaded. I should have waited a bit longer to find the alternate install order. I'm still waiting for KB2919355 to finish installing. I've even bumped my power options to "High performance" to try to get it to go faster. 45min now, on an i7, SSD, Asus laptop.

Guzzler3 says:

Wooo Hooo! Finally got them installed an hour and a half later. I did do the reboots inbetween each one.


I don't have a touch screen, and it is a bit easier to use. Also I've noticed a vast improvment with IE 11 desktop and modern. It's faster now, especially with the back button (some of us noted before it was always slow on refreshing the page when you hit the back button).

MrGoodSmith says:

Files no longer available

ajansari says:

Tried just now (Windows 8.1 x64) and it looks like everything except the first and the last update in the list returns a 404 error.

I guess I'll just have to wait then... 

Jaskys says:

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.


Good job WPCentral!

rightisray says:

How is that the fault of the WPCentral staff?  They did state in the article, quite clearly I might add, that the files were likely to be taken down by Microsoft, just as they did the last time these files popped up on an MS server.  Next time remember, you have to KEEP reading!

Jaskys says:

Those files taken down 1 week ago, they didn't bother to check, so their fault

nope. Microsoft Reuploaded them today, and subsequently took them down a few hours later.i was 50% through downloading when they pulled it.

link68759 says:

jaskys, please report to section D for mandatory retard testing.

MangoGuy says:

Yep managed to download all the files apart from the highest one

2tomtom says:

Yeah, waiting for the official release.

Dk92 says:

Is windows store laggy for anyone else when scrolling on Surface? Or just me?

denispage says:

I've installed just the two first updates and now store app is not opening.

Stays in the rolling wheels forever.


Does anyone have all KB and could upload them to a skydrive?



I found them on thepiratebay (for x64)

Nesdam1981 says:

The files seems to be pulled down now. Can't access them.

kinaton says:

Heres hoping the official update wont need 6 reboots ;)

piaqt says:

Definitely farter. Winnah!

Installed and running smooth as a baby's bum on a 2008 Fujitsu- Siemens Amilo desktop...

WishuKaiser says:

All 64Bit-Downloads are down :(

Thiago Rios says:

Not avaliable anymore...