Windows 8.1 Update 1 inadvertently leaked by Microsoft

Windows 8.1 UPdate 1

We’re a few short weeks away from Microsoft rolling out Update 1 for Windows 8.1. The update comes to your tablet, laptop and desktop in order to make Windows 8.1 a little friendlier for users that heavily rely on mice and keyboards. April’s Patch Tuesday, April 8th, is the expected day for when regular folk will get the update. But you’re not regular and if you want it, you can get it today. Window 8.1 Update 1 has apparently been accidently leaked by Microsoft.

Microsoft made the update inadvertently available through its own Windows Update service. You’ll need to apply a few patches before, but the update is yours for the taking. Update 1 is available through either direct links or registry changes on your current machine. Not sure what that means? Then you probably shouldn’t be updating this way to begin with.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 will improve integration between apps and the desktop. You’ll be able to navigate the operating system better with a mouse and keyboard. Devices without a touchscreen will have extra context menus in apps and an auto-hiding taskbar. The Photos and Xbox Music apps aren’t default for photos or media either. Instead desktop users will have Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player as default. SkyDrive has been rebranding to OneDrive and more.

The update will be free when it comes out in a few weeks. Impatient? Hit up the links below. Let us know if you plan on updating.

Update: We have received reports that Microsoft has removed the Windows 8.1 Update 1 image from their Windows Update service. Before Microsoft took action, the image was copied to third party servers and can be found on the web if you still do not want to wait for April 8.

Source: My Digital Life Forums, Bav0 Via: The Verge, Neowin



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sunnybyday says:

So Windows 8.1 gets update 1 before WP even gets WP 8.1! Microsoft has its priorities set - where its majority users are

DJCBS says:

If you ever even though Microsoft would put WP ahead of Windows...I mean...

They dont even put WP ahead of ios or android, lol ! :-P Still we stick to WP as loyalists ! :-P

+1020 Loyalists FTW

stui83 says:

+martini , loyalist to the core

cowboy6201 says:

+1020 loyalist as well :)

Dexterrino says:

loyalist here, and i dont even own a lumia! xD

Loyalist 2 beeeeer  :)  and L1020 :)

+6310 Loyalist :)...hey..what can i say that phone is a tough weapon

hwangeruk says:

>If you ever even though Microsoft would put WP ahead of Windows...I mean...

And if you actually believe they enter into some juvenile pecking order internally like they have to give "priority" then you yourself are delluded. They are 2 products that will each have their own P&L, business decisions and internal drivers on development and direction.  Windows Phone has a roadmap, a rigid plan and timescales and they are sticking to them, as they always have.


Dawood Ahmed says:

but windows 8 to 8.1 to 8.1 update 1 are all small improvements and WP 8.1 is a beast. I dont know why they dont just call it WP 9. When i was updating Lumia black on my 1020 in january,  I didnt expected this big of update coming.

It's not WP9 because W9/WP9 are hopefully going to be the same OS.  It would be weird to go:

Windows Phone 8 -> Windows Phone 8 Update 3 -> Windows Phone 9 -> Windows 9.   Hopefully going forward they update in lockstep. 

Because probably there is when they finish their beta.  WP has been a beta for the last three years, and now the have something really compettitive to Android and IPhone.  I think Microsoft did it on purpose, studying their enemies to fight the battle thru a patent way.  I mean, theyll receive a lot of money (billions a year) from Android because of their patents.  Apple seems to lost its momentun (no stock going up hill).  About W8 if you notice the start screen is genious, why? because besides games almost every app needs the internet, if you cant find an app in the store, then pin the web page!  Todays most web pages are touch friendly and with this update non touch gets some love too.  Besides that, the bing platform along with cortana is coming with a very aggressive ad program.  Why are the bing apps classified?  What are your interests, fitness? ok there youll find a lot of fitness related ads, same on food and tourism and you name it.  I really try it and definitely work.  The only complain I have with the named modern style is that it sucks in portrait mode, besides that, is great, and I love it better than Apple and Android.

Talderon says:

OMG. REALLY??? Windows and Windows Phone are totally separate divisions. They have completely different timelines and deployment schedules. So short sighted.

Bloobed says:

I think the point was they probably shouldn't have completely different timelines and deployment schedules.

BaritoneGuy says:

Not anymore. They are all together now. We haven't seen the benefit yet, but I expect we will in the furture.

riteshpande says:

When would wp 8.1 come to L092? Any idea

I wish if they inadvertently release final bits of WP 8.1 this month to the carriers all around the world at once (like Windows Update), who further release to the users without one second delay!!!

Not gonna happen, unfortunately. Unlike Apple, Microsoft couldn't ditch the carriers from the update process.. 

michail71 says:

Somehow the developer preview does that.  I guess because it is a special case.

shadoweye14 says:


k0de says:

Nah I'll wait.

Downloading now just for fun! We'll see how it goes :P

Hahah the update itself is about 649MB and I have satellite "high speed" it will take a little bit. And the server I'm downloading from isn't the fastest haha

Will do! I'll check in a minute to see how its doing. I'm too busy playing South Park The Stick of Truth hahaa too good

I got to where you are on the ship.

There's what I JUST finished. Back home

I can't seem to beat those aliens in combat, lol.

Looks like its done. Lets try this update out

F***! So.. All of the updates finished Downloading EXCEPT the Update 1 update. Reason? Because it was pulled from the site. I did manage to find a .ZIP file with all the updates. I'm downloading it right now. Installed the first two updates though :P

Nik Rolls says:

Is that the ARM one? I got the x64 one but the ARM was pulled before I could get to it.

If you look at the sources on the article. I was reading I think the verge article. And they have a link in their article to a download page. It lists all the URLs for each download. Those are all still pulled, but under there is a link for ARM, 32bit and 64bit to download from the MEGA site. That's what I'm using. Its the whole ZIP package with everything. Its going pretty quickly too. Install the browser extension and use either chrome or Firefox. Apparently people have issues downloading from there with IE

Downloaded via wzor... and it's amazing. Really fast and smooth. I just recommend install it.

Nik Rolls says:

You rock, thanks!

No problem! Glad you found it!

I too am now running 8.1.1 right now and its 64 bit. One biggest thing that pisses me off is why the hell they have introduces classic right click menu in start screen instead of the usual metro one?


Yup I don't like that either

some people just want to watch the world burn :p

Nik Rolls says:

That was the point of the update, to make the touch areas a bit more familiar and palatable to people who are used to the desktop. It doesn't affect touch devices.

you mean on touch screens, it still shows the metro right click menu?


Nik Rolls says:

Correct -- well, more accurately, a long press takes you into the usual management mode where you can drag tiles around and rename sections, etc. These new desktop features -- title bar, right click menu, taskbar in apps, etc -- only ever show when using a mouse. (Source: I'm running the update on my Surface RT as well)

TechnoTim says:

Running it. Only minor improvements as expected. The only thing I really notice is that they pinned the app store to my task bar and there are minimize and close buttons on modern apps, they have auto hiding chrome at the top.

Nik Rolls says:

Also the taskbar will show over your metro apps when you move the mouse to that edge, and many right-click interactions in touch areas have right click menus now.

Ekon says:

Are we a few short weeks or a short week away? Opening line. What about windows phone update too though?

Sam Sabri says:

Weeks. Thanks and fixed.

Windows Phone 8.1 will be available to anyone in the Developer Preview program right after its announced at Build. Basically a month from now or so we'll all be rocking Windows Phone 8.1. 

Ekon says:

No problem man. That's great news to have. Thank you! +1520

sarim_xyz says:

Windows Phone 8.1 in about a month?? Wowww!! Can't wait. I'm not planning to update my Windows 8.1 to 8.1.1 (or whatever it is called), I better wait. The source website says, WiFi drivers might stop working.

Interesting news though.

TrustySnooze says:

That's pretty exciting.

In a month? I think you're forgetting to include T-Mobile into the equation here.

NykoAlly says:

You can bypass your carrier if you're in the Developer Preview program!

Good news! Although sometimes I feel like applying for a job at T-Mobile just to see what the team in charge of Windows Phone updates is doing. I have a feeling it's a team of only two or three people, since they probably don't get a lot of funding.

Nah, they're two monkeys jabbing at computers waiting for something to happen...

Tips_y says:

Probably accurate too! LOL!

Pratik Mehta says:

Sneakkii peeeki

dopydope says:

Done ! not many changes.

smogg9 says:

seems faster.... 

Gonna wait it out until Windows 9 sorts out this mess of an OS.

Mess of an OS to you, most useful and efficient OS ever made to me.

Absolutely agree. Anyone who disagrees hasn't really spent much time with it.

Jazmac says:

Agreed. I had an engineer say to me that Windows 8 took longer to boot than Windows 7. I asked him what google blog he read that on.

I made a youtube response to a video showing a high end desktop with ssd booting to windows 7 in 21 secs.

now my humble hp g6 boots in under 15!

tallgeese says:

My 67 year old mother LOVES it.
and she is not tech savvy.

jlynnm350z says:

Omg way faster so much faster speed lightning. Lol I love how there's always someone who says it's faster. You keep trying to convince yourself if it helps you sleep at night. If it is. . if, you ain't going to notice it. What's faster? Store app opened up 100 milliseconds faster than before.

jfmanzo says:

It's a running joke. Relax.

dcutting says:

+920 times faster

meathead88 says:

Inside joke, brother! 


polychromenz says:

Totally agree 100% been ricking since day one. Also a bunch of easy settings mean boot to desktop etc all there now i rarely see start menu.

andrew1967 says:

Fast, Faster, Fastest, just sit back and enjoy the ride,.

stevethenerd says:

Unless you sat there with a stop watch, you would never actually notice 10 or so miliseconds. The only thing I noticed, while I was install all the msu's my computer got really slow. and the final update windows took a lot longer than normal. This must be pretty big :) 

"Skydrive name is gone for ever!"

Does any one have a full list of all the tweeks...

didn't realise that Skydrive was gone. Also there is Disk Space information and other info in the settings app. the all apps screen is changed, shows new apps highlighted

Rishicash says:

Now with 20% more faster!

FFugue says:

If you don't use the new interface and only use the desktop then it's pretty much identical to win7 (without the start menu, but there are plenty of alternatives). But.... it's still a lot better than Win7, file transfers is way better, settings are way easier. A lot of stuff is a lot better even if you only use the desktop. I don't see where it is a mess. If you don't like the new start menu just don't use it, it'll still be better than Win7, which was already pretty awesome!

tallgeese says:

Do say this from experience or regurgitated biased reporting?

jwinch2 says:

Of course it does.  Well played.  

wpn00b says:

This never gets old. You never know where it will pop up in the comments!

Rug says:

From a search point of view, its a giant step back to Windows 2000. In 7 you had one place to search and it return results from Outlook, the file system and OneNote. In 8.1 this 3 individual searches. Admittedly Office 2013 is to blame at least for Outlook, but to most people this is Windows 8.1 search that sucks.

There are a lot of good things, but there are a lot things that are steps backward.

Jazmac says:

I just might.

Siah1214 says:

Been running the leaked one...honestly turned off a bunch of the new "features"

I'll wait for the official release thanks... Need my driver support to be upto the mark...

KrightonX says:

Your existing drivers will be fine. Live on the edge! Install it!

rodneyej says:

No shiznit❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
Also WP8.1-0xxxx❕❕❕❕❕

NIST says:

Fo shizzle my nizzle. ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

rodneyej says:


David Ray says:

Wish they'd stop changing their mind so much. They need to pick a direction and go with it.

Jf.Vigor says:

They did (windows 8 rtm) and ppl hated them for it smh

birgs says:

Startmenu is okey only for nontouch desktop or de keyboard i think.. Maybe...i don't think so

TechAbstract says:

Looks just like Windows 8.1 but seems faster.

travisel says:

I own Windows 8.1 Pro been living it! Very customizable OS!

Kadcidxa says:

In before the complainers come. Great update for people using mouse.

ScubaDog says:

I use the mouse & keyboard with 8.1 EXTREMELY easily.  I guess I'm more intelligent than most.

The main update keeps failing for me. Event log claims file not found message. Trying to find more detail. :(

Iain_S says:

microsoft have plugged the problem with windows update allowing the update to show, but you can still find the msy files on the web for 32 bit, 64 bit and arm.

_Emi_ says:


even if Microsoft didnt block random people from downloading their mysterious server.
you can use the manual way from Wzor, he said anyway friday would be a good day from russia and well... he finally leaked it :)

marmau says:

It really only improves the experience for keyboard and mouse users (and users that didnt understand charms or how to search). That being said, seems to address some of the complaints keyboard/mouse users had. Nice to see updates coming every few months based on feedback.

ScubaDog says:

Only idiots didn't understand the charms.

hagjohn says:

I have it installed and I've also installed it on my surface 2. Runs great so far.

OHardy says:

I'm already installing the third update in the list. :)

terrokkinit says:

Yes!! Doing this right when I get home. Wish me luck!

thinkdan says:

I'm doing the direct download. Stuck at the third update: "Installing Update for Windows (KB2919355) (update 1 of 1)... "... it's been like that for about 15 minutes and progress bar is not moving.

hagjohn says:

It will do that. Just let it keep running.

KrightonX says:

Yeah don't worry it'll go eventually. Working on my Surface Pro.

thinkdan says:

Great. Thanks!

Dave Bhullar says:

I'm going for it

Lipe13 says:

I was having a heart attack until I reread the title of the article. No 'phone' on dat title... Anyway this is good news :)

avigyan says:

Can they leak WP8.1 as well?

Does it work properly on a surface rt?

wiseguywood says:

Yes, it installed and worked fine on my RT.


booog89 says:

A bit faster I think.. Hahahaha! Just a joke. Chill!

sdreamer says:

Gives tap and drag to Surface owners (at least on my Touch Cover 2). Oh you also get back the ability to forget networks (8.1 took this away for some reason). The new mouse addons aren't as jarring as screenshots make them. Taskbar does disappear once you move off of it; comes back if you move the mouse down to the edge, then down again, or just move it down really quickly. I guess its to prevent accidentally pulling it back up when you don't want to. The title bar makes it one step less to snap Window Store Apps (click the app icon).

Ed Boland says:

I've always been able to forget networks in 8.1

wiseguywood says:

Installing on my Windows 8.1 laptop (non touch) and also on my Surface RT.  

Does it work properly on your surface rt? How about the wifi? Ive read that it sometimes not working properly?Can you confirmed this?I'm a bit hesitant to update because of this..

wiseguywood says:

WIFI works just fine on my RT, confirmed at least on my unit!


Installed earlier, nothing to write home about but feels slightly more responsive, Metro side changes are of no consequence to me, but any under the hood improvements are always a good thing

KM2612 says:

Updated.....thanks guys

Dadstar0410 says:

Is it necessary to backup first?

Not necessary but never a bad idea when installing leaked updates, I didn't and was fine

Dadstar0410 says:

Do you have an RT? If so, is it safe to download and install the files named with an *?

markeboyle says:

As soon as I get home

wheelerk says:

I'm not getting the update for some reason

Memristor says:

You can't update any longer through Windows Update, Microsoft closed the hole. If you still want to upgrade you have to download the updates manualy from http://bav0.com/get-windows-8-1-1-through-windows-update-right-now/

More importantly Crimea has voted.Anyway im waiting for WP 8.1

andy21andy says:

I still have Windows 7 :|

Jack Larson1 says:

Win7 is still one of the best IMO, although I like win8

Markus Moser says:

just grab a update key from ebay for 30?! bucks :)

terrokkinit says:

Upgrade! Upgrade! :)

birgs says:

Just use wifi or broadband because when you connect from your nokia,lumia hotspots the programs will be broken the cab files not found or files corrupted... Only when you connect wifi hotspots from lumia devices.. I don't know What's wrong maybe my network sim, or just nokia access point

andy21andy says:

I wish WP8 Updates were as quickly and as cared for as Windows 8 updates

DJCBS says:

Ask Jesus (or Ala or Rah or whatever deity you prefer) for WP to reach over 80% market share like Windows and fill Microsofts vaults and your wish will come true. ;P

TechAbstract says:

Windows Phone 8.1 seems like a bigger update than Windows 8.1

vpkb says:

Installed, very noticible improvement with performance.

Sarang68 says:

Will wait for the official release.

Ratman826 says:

Hope they leak wp8.1 rather than this

x_rus_x says:

The thing is - it is not possible. Every single update has to go through the carrier and updates can only be installed over the air. So even if the update files were leaked, you would not be able to know how to install them.

False. Carriers have nothing to do with it. Stop spreading info you dont know about. WP8.1 is not leaked because it is not there yet

x_rus_x says:

Actually they have a lot to do with it. What happened when Nokia promised that Nokia Lumia 925 was going to be one of the first phones to be receiving the Black update? The carrier caused it to stall. If the carrier does not approve the updates, then how come the update system doesn't work like iOS, where every single phone that is supported receives the updates at.the.exact.same.time.

And I never said that Windows Phone 8.1 got leaked. The only thing got leaked was the SDK, which I did not mention about that either in the previous comment.

mbooks says:

Shame it got leaked :(

Those comments on the Verge are a must read. There's a war going on there, lol. This is why I like mobile nations, and how they divide each platform in different sites...

Jack Larson1 says:

You have to post a comment on the verge like: " none of you have any credibility and/or be a hardcore WIN8 user unless you use WP8"
LOL, that would get some responses!

Dave Bhullar says:

64 bit version for KB2919355 is giving 404 errors now

Dave Bhullar says:

Can someone link me to KB2919355 64 bit if they saved it earlier? Link isnt working anymore

_Emi_ says:


Wzor leaked them... you know what that means.

Dave Bhullar says:

404 error again, thanks for posting tho. If anyone has it saved on their pc I'd really appreciate it if you could upload it to skydrive or something for a little bit. Its incredibly frustrating now that I already installed some of them and I'm only a 1 file away from the update, other links are fine its just this one (KB2919355)

_Emi_ says:

use the torrent! thats why i gave you the link, this is the pastebin from wzor. and it shouldnt be slow downloading them

I saw he also put the direct download but yeah it gives 404 error. but its better to use the torrent
also I went by Wzor instructions since it seems you only have to install 4 updates and not 6 like the registry hack said and people who used that method say.

Dos101 says:

Don't suppose he's got a torrent for the ARM files eh?

_Emi_ says:

well the ARM files were gotten through WU log, so maybe leaking ARM files wasnt his plan, maybe Wzor will leak it later and we can check the blog to see if he does it

Dave Bhullar says:

thanks :) ....but ummm... I can't really find any link for torrents on pastebin, maybe I'm a bit of noob here because I've never used pastebin and I'm not sure what I'm really supposed to do to download the torrent file

_Emi_ says:

its a magnet link, so its just about copy and paste in your torrent client, it says:


and after that, the magnet link:


Dave Bhullar says:

yeah its downloading right now, I wasn't copying the whole magnet link thats why I was having problems, thanks for the links, really appreciate the help

terrokkinit says:

Hehe...thanks. :)

Dave Bhullar says:

got it, nevermind

Dos101 says:

Same boat as you for my Surface 2.

Yangstax says:

This is a step in the right direction.  MS should have done this with the original Windows 8 Version 1.  There are hundreds of millions of W7 and XP users out there with non-touch monitors.  They just don't have much reasons to upgrade especially in the corporations.  The Windows 8 Desktop should be made more friendlier, better and faster than the Windows 7 plus the easy switching to Modern UI.  It will take a lot to make corporations to re-invest in the new hardwares with touch monitors.  Windows 8 Desktop should be operated similar to the Windows 7 so they don't have to invest much in the re-training.  They want to convert to the new Windows 8 PC overtime instead of a global wholesale replacement.  There are simply no justifications to do that either economically or productivity-wise.  On the otherhand, they do want to adapt to the new mobile formfactors like tablets or smartphones.  It would be much easier for them to start upgrading to Windows 8 desktop PCs first and then add mobile formfactors like the Windows tablets and Windows phones.  It seems now that MS is on the right track to make Windows 8.1 more friendly with Upgrade 1 and Windows 9 which will have better mouse and keyboard supports.  So corporations are able to upgrade to Windows 8 on their existing PC hardwares.

DJCBS says:

Only corporations that are still on XP will upgrade to W8.1. All the ones already on Windows 7 will not upgrade their OSs until they need to because of end of support. So those will never move to W8. When they upgrade, Windows 14 should be coming out...assuming Windows 7 doesn't have the same long life XP has.

Jack Larson1 says:

7 will probably last even longer...

mccasive says:

Where have you been dude, no more Nokia controversies huh! Elop says hi

Yangstax says:

MS will stop selling consumer version of W7 at the end of year.  They will quit supporting W7 as soon as the W9 becomes stable and maturing.  I think that MS can prove and convince the world that W9 is indeed much better than W7 in terms of performance, productivity, and features.  It makes no sense for them to keep supporting multiple versions of OS.  It doesn't make any sense for the IT management to keep supporting multiple versions of OS either.  After W9, all app developments will be based on the Universal code base.  There won't be any more new W7 apps.  All the new MS technologies are developed for the future OS.  The new hardware specs, like Intel 14nm processors, 4k display, thunderbolt, are also geared toward new OS.  The writings are clearly on the wall.  There is no future for the W7 or the older OS.  The days of W7 holdouts are numbered.  2 or 3 years?

DJCBS says:

I rather wait. Update 1 brings nothing I need (that seems to be reserved for Update 2) so I can wait.

Xpider_MX says:

The third file can't be downloaded (windows8.1-kb2919355-x64_e6f4da4d33564419065a7370865faacf9b40ff72.msu)

Dave Bhullar says:

yeah I can't download it either, we're just 1 file away from the update lol. I guess we could get it from someone who has it saved on their pc and ask them to upload it to onedrive or something just for a little bit

Xpider_MX says:

I'm downloading  from the link posted before (_EMI_ link), it has a torrent link (pastebin)

Dave Bhullar says:

where's the actual link? I'm having a hard time figuring out where it is lol. just tried the one in the comments but it doesnt work

Xpider_MX says:

It is on the pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/Rgm5QXhw

It is a magnet link, you need a torrent client.

Dave Bhullar says:

got it, lol I wasnt copying the whole magnet link, thanks for the help

Read my thread of comments at the very beginning of these posts. I commented on like the second guy's post and after a few I have directions how to get the updates for either ARM, 32bit and 64bit. They are still up and working!

BinaryInk says:

Update 1 dumbs down what 8.1 brought. I personally find it jarring to have metro apps on my taskbar but at least I can get rid of that. Context menu on right click on start screen is a nice touch, if only that hadn't broken the ability to move multiple tiles. Added a title bar with a spot on the left to click to get a context menu: snap left/right, minimize, close (because if the "minimize" and "close" buttons on the right side aren't obvious enough). Edit: Also, taskbar is available in metro/start by mousing to the bottom edge.

Broke a good feature, and added a few pretty useless ones, just to appease people's whining.

Verdict: Meh.

herbertsnow says:

Please tell me you can get rid of the tastbar. I don't want that useless crap anywhere near my Start Screen.

BinaryInk says:

It doesn't show up unless you put the cursor on the bottom of the screen and hold it there (similar to the hot corners).

Not a huge deal really, but I still find it silly and jarring for them to mix the two (since the desktop itself was intended to run "like an app" in a way)

ScubaDog says:

I HATE the context menus on Start screen.  THEY DON'T BELONG THERE.  And now you STUPIDLY have to Ctrl+Left Click to select multiple tiles on the Start screen.  And, GOD, is there a way in the registry to KILL that title bar?  Honestly, if someone can find a registry entry that tells Windows 8 I have a touchscreen, I'll bet most of this crap will go away (at least, I hope).  BTW, if you go into the taskbar settings you can turn off "show taskbar on all displays".  I did this immediately.  In fact, I unchecked everything on the settings.  Also, OneDrive is still virtually useless on Windows 8.  You have to go to Outlook.com and access the OneDrive THERE if you want to see all the items shared WITH you.  Sheesh, Windows Phone's OneDrive let's us see files & folders shared with us, you'd think it would on Windows 8.  Nope.  So far, this has been a dismal update.

BinaryInk says:

Glad to know you can multiple select...pressing ctrl is a minor inconvenience compared to it not to be there.

As for recognizing touchscreen v. mouse/keyboard, my guess is Windows reads what HID devices there are, if there's no touchscreen, defaults to desktop.

Also, show taskbar on all displays has been an option since Windows 8...they refined it further with 8.1, but I don't think they touched it this round (except apparently enabling it for multimonitor setups, as evidenced by it being turned on for you). Something I personally enjoy (I like knowing what's on what screen).

ScubaDog says:

Minor inconvenience?  From a company that CLAIMED this update was supposed to make things "better" for mouse & keyboard users?  THERE WAS NOTHING FLIPPING WRONG WITH IT BEFORE!  Now instead of a single hand on the mouse to multi-select item I'm forced to use two hands.  Stupid people, driving stupid changes that make the user experience WORSE, not better.  And, yes, a number of the features already existed before, but they were NOT the default.  I was ready to PUKE when I rebooted and was taken directly to the stupid desktop.  I changed that back IMMEDIATELY, and then set about the task of finding all the other changes and reverting them.  I don't need or want the task bar to begin with, and it's just stupid to have it on the Start screen.  Stupid.  There are still other things I need to get rid of. 

I'll wait till my lazy a55 save all my files and a reinstall or 8-8.1. My PC been feeling a bit slugish in the last two weeks.

diktea says:

KB2919355 taken down :(

Have fun early adopters, I'll wait. Visting friends with poor wifi, depending on a 3G Tether from my Android phone on Sprint, becasue 4G isn't available in the boonies. Moving to Los Angeles next week with good wifi and 4G, yeah!!

Adhesive Ray says:

I just don't understand the magnifying glass on the start screen. Now you have the choice to either 1) go to the start screen, 2) start typing what you want to search for, or 1) go to the start screen, 2) click the magnifying glass, 3) start typing what you want to search for... ... which of you mouse-arounders asked for this and why?

herbertsnow says:

It's for the idiots that can't figure out how to use charms. They better have options to get right of this crap.

because for many people breaking with tradition is hard... I agree with you, it's unnecessary and stupid, but most people aren't very smart...

RayWP7 says:

Thanks for the tip. Installed on both desktop and SurfaceRT!

Nik Rolls says:

You don't have the main update file for ARM any more, do you? They pulled it before I could get it.

Dos101 says:

I'd also like the ARM KB2919355 file if you still got it.