Windows 8.1 Update 2 reportedly hitting RTM this week, debuting at Worldwide Partner Conference 2014

Windows 8.1 Update 2 reportedly hitting RTM this week, debuting at Worldwide Partner Conference 2014

Microsoft is set to hit RTM (Release to Manufacturers) with Windows 8.1 Update 2 sometime this week, that's if the rumor from WZOR is anything to go by. It's believed Microsoft is planning to announce the Update 2 at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference this July. It would make sense for Redmond to unveil the next update for its desktop OS to an audience containing main manufacturing partners.

Rumr: 8

As well as Update 2 for Windows 8.1 being signed off, WZOR also notes that Microsoft may be looking to show an early preview of Windows 9 (potentially "Threshold"), the next major instalment in the pipeline, though there's little to go on as to what this would entail. While the update is rumored to be hitting RTM shortly, it's not known when the company will be releasing Update 2 to the general public, but we have covered previous reports looking at September.

It's worth noting that you should ensure you're up-to-date with everything released by Microsoft so you're eligible for future upgrades. WZOR is generally a solid source when it comes to these rumors and while it would make sense for Microsoft to unveil Update 2 next month, we do ask everyone to take this report with a grain of salt. Just in case. What are you looking forward to in Update 2?

Source: WZOR, via: WinBeta



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Too little too late

safesax2002 says:

Very constructive comment there....

Elaboration may help.

jomarr says:

A little too wrong and I can't wait...

CheekyTaurus says:

Way to live up to your name there, champ.

gerrymad says:

Afteryour comment we could say the same thing about you :)

KMF79 says:

Nice name there. Fellow Taurian.

mrappbrain says:

Give it up Jaskys

Rockartisten says:

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travisel says:

Windows 8.1 Pro is awesome

It is good, but what MS promised and didn't fulfill in build was better

Studio384 says:

What did they not fulfill?

ymcpa says:

They said at build that the features they are showing won't be in the next update. They were showing demos of what they are working on and it is believed it will show up in windows 9.

F3rzz says:

you know all the right thing to say

Fyi Threshold means beginning. The future is bright.

Also another Halo reference!

crise says:

How hard is it to not always change the naming of your doing, MS?

Just go from freakn 8.0 to 8.1, and from 8.1 to 8.2 and from 8.2 to 8.3 and for smaller shit to 8.2.5 or whatever.

go back to school and learn naming versions of your software.

Windows 8.1 Update 2 <-- is just weird

Windows 8.1 Update 1 should be Windows 8.2

Windows 8.1 Update 2 should be Windows 8.3


thekinghippo says:

Xbox > Xbox360 > XboxOne.... You have high expectations sir.

safesax2002 says:

Because most people don't get excited by a X.X.Y release. Having the word update is noteworthy, even if it is a small update/patch.

crise says:

I think all the people really don't look at the number, but they read descriptions or reviews or specs, what it can do, or what is fixed. they base their opinion on that. The version number should just be there for easy reference. You can't even google or bing Windows 8.1 Update 1 properly, you have type "Windows 8.1 Update 1" + problem and then hope that it is properly written like "Windows 8.1 Update 1" everywhere.

safesax2002 says:

I would say that us techie folk, yes you're probably right. But remember, Microsoft isn't just talking to us techie people. They have Joe Blows to talk to and convey information too. Update X means more than X.X.Y.

crise says:

To them Windows 8.1 update 2 looks even more confusing imo. You don't make me believe it is a simple name for a product for them. Most people at this level, don't even care about Windows 8, as long as it is 'the latest Windows' it is fine. With a name like Windows 8.1 update 2 they start wondering, so is this the right version? what does 8.1 mean what does update 2 mean? blabla

safesax2002 says:

It's easier to see that Update 2 is newer than it is for 8.1.12645.12, IMO.


I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. :)

THATS WHY HE SAID 8.1 or 8.2 or 8.3 , and not 8.1.12645.12.

ive been waiting for someone to bring this up, like why the fuck cant microsoft name it 8.3? 

sorry, crise is right, and safesex2002, youre wrong. theres no point of opinions, we can objectively say that 8.2/3/4 is more effective in terms of marketing, consumer understanding, and everything else, than fuckin windows 8.1 update to windows 8.1 update 2.

holy fuckin shit man


safesax2002 says:

Wow...your comment is full of intelligence and wisdom.

I wasn't aware you had authority to speak for "everyone". My mistake....

So to your "point":
What happens when you get to 8.9? Depending on release cycles this is a very plausible issue. Please share your infinite wisdom, oh wise one...

DVELOPinc says:

Says the person who can't type a correct sentence. Get over it. It's their company and they name it whatever they want.

crise says:

How about you get over a non correct sentence?

DVELOPinc says:

Awee comon, don't be so sensitive little one.

crise says:

Says the person who can't discuss properly. Get over it. It's my sentence and I can write it however I want.

DVELOPinc says:

You are a sensitive little one aren't you.

crise says:

Yes I'm crying oh weeeee:(( can you stop insulting me everywhere? Big boy

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wheres the wrong sentence in what he wrote? 

crise says:

I wonder the same haha

KMF79 says:

There's only "should be" when it's Your creation. Microsoft can name it whatever the f' they want. You need to address why you're so bothered by their naming convention.

merchan says:

You're complaining over nothing and this is why: Microsoft only bumps their OS number if there is a kernel update. Update 2 does not bring a kernel update. Devs use versioning however they want.

So far the new naming scheme goes as follows:
8 = Operating System version
.1 = Major revision to Operating System
Update 1 = Minor revision that brings minor enhancements and improvements (Think of it as the new service pack, or "SP")

Updates are like service packs, bringing improvements and fixes to any given major revision (.x), and can be thought of alternatively as an extra .x, or 8.1.1, in the case of update 1 for example.

8.2 and so on are likely reserved for future major revisions. In fact, I would wager there's an equal, if not greater chance Threshold is called "Windows 8.2" than it is "Windows 9". The web, for some reason, has latched on calling it "Windows 9", and I've yet to see an article explaining why. Last I checked, Windows grows in versions similar to OSx (minus the names on the end), as of Windows 8.

It makes sense. Windows 8.x, last I checked, has a support lifecycle of ten years, and if you release a version per year, that means support would end the year after 9.0's release, giving users time to upgrade. It's a much more appropriate naming scheme, and based on what I've seen, its one Microsoft is hopefully sticking to.

The more I read your comment, the more logical it sounds that Threshold will be 8.2.

If you also speculate on this response from the Surface team durring their AMA:

"When Windows 9 comes around, will we be able to upgrade to it on the Surface Pro 3?"

“Yes. Whatever the next version is called.”

One could take it as further information on threshold being 8.2. Why say "Whatever the next version is called"? They could of said "Yes, the next version of Windows will be supported" if they didn't want to confirm any naming. Their statement leaves lot more room for speculation than it's face value would suggest, and has the underlying implication that it might not be called "9".

Daniel Meek says:

The mighty Mary Jo Foley says that Threshold will be 'the next major version of windows' which for the moment is being referred to as Windows 9. What it will actuially be called is still up in the air, but Windows 8 is toxic and MS really does need to get off the name even if it is for the name's sake. MJF is never wrong :D

Personally, I would bet that Windows Threshold/9 will be "Windows One" to go with One Drive, Xbox One, etc.

Rex Xu says:

I have to agree with you, I really like the "One" theme, but sadly they can't trademark the word "One", so thus there is the HTC One, the OnePlus One, Ubuntu One, PS One (remake of original PS1) etc...  Microsoft should have trademarked it when they had the chance, they have the money for it

heres whats fucked up about it

first update was windows 8.1 update.

NOT windows 8.1 update 1.

now its fucking windows 8.1 update 2.

at least follow your own fucking conventions microsoft! how does a multibillion dollar company make stupid fucking mistakes that a garage startup wouldnt? it should not come as a surprise at all why typical consumers are so clueless about microsofts products.

how is crise the only one who sees past the bullshit

crise says:

High five !

Akssingh says:

Fck them, I am fed up of microsoft...their"ONLY FOR US" policy is driving me insane.....just want to murder them

12Danny123 says:

you need some mental help....

CommonBlob says:

And maybe visit a different site?

DVELOPinc says:

Forgot your pills and therapy today didn't you.

crise says:

actually he is right. you forgot to take you blinding fanboy glasses off.

DVELOPinc says:

Wow, your idiot a$$ is in a super sensitive feelings mood today. Go away child.

crise says:

you are reported for calling me an idiot.

if i could actually find a button to report you, so you are lucky.

DVELOPinc says:

Thank You MORON. :)

cannon#WP says:

"ONLY FOR US" policy...what does that even mean

luis300782 says:

Bing, Xbox guide, Cortana, Windows Phone, physical stores, need I go on?

KMF79 says:

You only feel that way, until you move here. Join the force ; )

DJCBS says:

Please, God, make the rumours about the Start Menus not returning until Windows 9 false...make them come with Update 2 and help Microsoft quicken the correction of this monstrous error they made on W8.

DVELOPinc says:

When they do bring it back I hope it is not forced and lets users choose.

ZuneEtunes says:

Bring it back, after two years we should have all adapted to Win8.1. Especially for those of us who are using it. And before people get their undies in a knot, I am not saying that Windows 8 or 8.1 is perfect, because its not, but neither is anything else, we just have to except it ( if we choose to use it) or reject it (choosing not to get it) it's really that simple. I didn't care for CDs, because in my opinion, albums were better, but like many others, I accepted change and moved on, and moved on again, although not entirely, to accept mp3s. I can't predict the future for something else is bound to change, as I too can change. Windows XP and Windows 7 "ain't" coming back.

KMF79 says:

Good analogy. Change IS inevitable. But difficult to accept for many.

Rubios says:

1 - Change is not necessarily inevitable.

2 - Change =/= Improvement

DJCBS says:

People wanted the start menus back, Microsoft brings them back. Change for the sake of change is stupid and must be discouraged. Microsoft tried, the majority rejected... So they give them what they want. It's not the people that have to adapt to what Microsoft wants, it's Microsoft that has to meet the consumers demands.
This is a business. Offer/demand. Economics rule here, not science. Trying to bring the "change is inevitable" argument into this is just cheap rhetoric. Sorry.

Ticomfreak says:

Microsoft tried to be different with Metro. Now it is being copied left and right.

Be careful of what you wish for.

Evronian says:

I couldn't agree more. Furthermore, the concept of the new start menu they showed a couple of months ago was great in my opinion.

ymcpa says:

Apple took away floppy drives, dvd drives, flash, etc and people initially complained. In hindsight, what Apple did wasn't wrong. They saw where technology was going and moved forward. Microsoft's biggest problem is that they are constantly hindered by legacy software. They feel that since tehy have so many enterprise customers, they have to keep supporting all of the legacy hardware and software. It keeps them from moving forward and is what causes their software to be bloated and slow. Sometimes you have to tell the customer to keep up with change or be left behind. If Microsoft doesn't do this, they will be left behind.

lancguy says:

Oh my god! I hate the thought of the return of the start menu. I haven't missed it or all the nested menus one bit. The start screen is far superior. All the really need to do is clean up the control panel.

realwarder says:

Unfortunately, and this is from a Win8 lover, the new start screen is appalling for desktop users.  People were used to having structured menus that they had created and were instead given a sea of a million icons which is confusing even to this day.  Even from my Surface I have to say that it is not great.  You can create groups of apps and zoom out to find a group and zoom in, but those actions are useless from a keyboard and are actually unintuitive to find from touch.

Yes, Microsoft has to set the path for the future which involves touch, but not at the expense of an interface that was/is hard to use.  They rushed the new start menu and are still trying to find a good solution - every update tweaks things and hopefully they'll get something that works well for all users soon.

Fritzly says:

Out of curiosity: what make you think that the new Start Menu will be like the previous one that was available in W7? Personally I speculate, and hope, that it will be more the original concept envisioned for what was launched as the Sidebar, emphasis on " what was envisioned" not what was delivered.

ymcpa says:

They already showed a demo of teh start menu they are working on. It will include tiles that update. Still don't understand why anyone would prefer a tiny, narrow start menu to a full screen start menu. It's easier and faster to sort and find info when it is presented full screen. Is there an instance where not being able to see the desktop will somehow hinder you from finding and opening an app in the start screen?

DJCBS says:

I guess so. Or they may do it as they did with the boot to desktop and only enable it in PCs with mouse and keyboard.

Rockartisten says:

There could be that there's an update 3 before threshold.

Studio384 says:

Ther won't be an update 3.

Studio384 says:

What monstrous error? Didn't notice anything...

oneiros says:

All this fuss about start menu is just hysterical blathering to me. Start menu and tree navigation for launching app is useless nowadays. OSX has been living for ages without it and hardly you can blame Apple OS for lacking usability...you do not need a tree navigation on your tablet, console and phone but some mysterious reason you feel the crave to waste some time hovering directories as soon as you see a mouse and a desktop. Aw c'mon..get over it...

Akssingh says:

Oh yes I do.....i need help from android.....they don't get partial with their users....

troylytle says:

Troll comment?

iamizan says:

His name says it all. They like to make even the menial of things blown out of proportions. And no, I'm not racist. Just stating real facts.

Xellsama says:

yea, because Android has a clear and intuitive naming convention and leaves all users in sync with their updates...ok.

iZangetsu says:

Update 4.0 "Jellybean"........

Please God, i want Windows 10 to RTM tomorrow, and Windows Phone 11 RTM for the next week :)

KMF79 says:

Wait about 10 years, okay.

Fail_Safe says:

Perhaps it's just me but, I haven't heard much of anything about update 2. Does any one know what we're to be expecting?

safesax2002 says:

I am wondering this myself.

TechnoTim says:

Same. Can't be excited if I don't know what is included, although I am giddy every path Tuesday regardless.

Studio384 says:

Due to policy changes inside Microsoft after Windows 8.1 Update 1, there haven't been many leaks, for the matter of fact, there haven't been any leaks. The only thing we know almost is that we will get the final bits on 12 August.

S Vaibhav says:

Windows 8.1 rox my sox, 9 is gonna be solid! :)

reda igbaria says:

So does this mean that we will get the lock screen so soon?

hyperman1 says:

Oh! Start menu

Adretheon says:

Microsoft is being dumb for basically running away from Win8. They need to stand up and show people that it isn't what that the criticism has been, cause it's not, especially now.

DJCBS says:

Microsoft has to meet the demands of their consumers. Not try to impose them what they want or patronising them. They screwed up with W8 for the majority. There damage is done. Even though 8.1 and Update1 vastly improved W8, the damage is done. The sooner they release Windows 9 the better. Even if its just the final corrected version of what W8 should have been in the first place.

iZangetsu says:

Sorry dude, I just can't agree that they should update to Win9 just to go back to Win7, it ruins the very concept and idea of the word "Update".

Rubios says:

I rather have Windows 9 with the superior performance of Windows 8 and the superior UI of Windows 7.

Studio384 says:

They didn't screw up anything. The problem here is that a lot of people are still thinking about Windows 8.1 Update 1 as it was back in September 2011, with the Windows Developer Preview. That's when the problems started. If Microsoft would release Windows 8 under the name of Windows 9, everyone would love it, just like Microsoft showed a couple of Vista-haters a Windows version that was exactly the same thing as Vista, but just with another name and they tought it was a much better experience than Vista. That's how stupborn some people are, you seem to be one of them.

ymcpa says:

The majority haven't been reading comment without actually trying the OS. Look up project Mohave. Microsoft did a blind test telling people they were using their new OS. The users loved it. What they were showing them was Vista. Vista was never as bad as bloggers made it out to be and windows 8 isn't bad either. It takes more than just reading about something to know if you really like it. You actually have to use for a period of time.

xankazo says:

Skype update is OUT!!!

I seriously hope they add the windowed Metro apps ability to Windows 8.1 as well, in a future update. If they make it and the Start Menu Windows 9 exclusives, I stop being a loyal MSFT fan.

Ticomfreak says:

What if Windows 9 was a free/very cheap upgrade?

Cheap, maybe. But free, never going to happen. Which is why I want windowed Metro apps so that developers keep apps Windows 8.1 compatible (talking about store apps) after Windows 9 gets popular.

Studio384 says:

I would love it if Microsoft puts the start menu a Windows 9 exclusive. You know why? Because they said that it was coming as a free update to all Windows 8.1 users. With other words: Windows 9 would be free in that case.

RParkerMU says:

But what is supposed to be in Update 2?

Update 2? This is GDR1, the first update to WP 8.1.

IceDree says:

Actually this is the second update to 8.1 ... GDR1 was announced at Build '14, but it was overshadowed by Windowsphone 8.1

Ohhh... I misread the article. I thought it was talking about a WP update.

IceDree says:

It happens, its cool don't worry about it ;)

Fiann says:

Please please PLEASE update the on screen keyboard. I HATE typing on my Venue 8 Pro. It's slow and autocorrect is a nightmare. I type a word correctly, it changes it. I change it back, it changes it again. To say nothing that the three words it suggests pale in comparison to the WP8 keyboard and it is missing shape writing too.

elitelibra says:

At least windows 8 is getting more updates than other systems in the past. After about one or two service packs we would have to wait two to three years for an update

AndyCalling says:

I'm looking forward to being able to move apps to the SD card. It seems silly that my phone has more app space than my tablet. If Win8.1 doesn't catch up with WP8.1 soon I hope they start bringing out tablets with WP on them.

Hope it includes the new start menu!

Lumia7Fan says:

Maybe some new phones get launched .

NOLATechy says:

Hoping for the return of the Start menu, only a better version that includes metro apps.

herbertsnow says:

The start menu is garbage.

Rubios says:

So is the entire metro experience on the desktop.

herbertsnow says:

I disagree, the Modern experience is the best thing MS ever came out with. The desktop, those little icons and that silly useless start menu are dead to me. I'll never go back to that crap.

fdruid says:

Okay, I hope they fix the problem I have with store app licenses not syncing, it's pretty awful.

herbertsnow says:

I hope this give the option to remove that stupid title bar that shows up on modern apps.

jlynnm350z says:

Anyone see Google io? Android L looks rather good. How do you feel windows phone 8.1 is compared to android L? Did windows phone close the gap? Witch update has more bang for its buck?

jlynnm350z says:

Windows 8.1 blows. So bad my tablet won't even function.

JJohnson1701 says:

"Which" or "witch" ?

destonic says:

Waiting for new classic+modern start menu. That would be awesome for non-touch computers.

Appleby55 says:

A fix for the 8.1 Wi-Fi issues would be welcomed by the masses no doubt

iamakii says:

So eggzited!!

Kadcidxa says:

Im interested in what this update will include.

monedetoune says:

people are always complaining that ms is always left behind. how can they actually move forward if users are so hung up on traditional stuff like the start menu? for once in my opinion, ms has become the industry leader in the design department. if ms is doing it wrong, then why in the world would apple and google look to metro/modern ui as a reference point? (many people would argue but i just take it as sore losers being in denial over the fact that microsoft FOUND and USED it first) i just hope ms will someday ditch the entire legacy stuff that is still lingering around the os.

offbeatbop says:

Windows 9 will own.  can feel it. They exerimented, got feedback, are using 8.xx to test adjustments, and 9 will slap your grandmohers in her sleep.


JJohnson1701 says:

What I would want:

Windows 7's start menu restored so that the start screen is completely optional

disabling the side menus would also disable the weird WinKey+Tab behavior and restore Flip 3D

Aero Glass restored

Removal of X-Box Music/Video/Podcast and restoration of Zune for Phone Synch, music/tv/movie/podcast purchase, and media management (with advanced metadata editor from WMP in XP), with ability to cast to a TV via Xbox One or 360 or WiFi.

Actionable notifications

interactive live tiles and live tiles on the desktop to replace widgets from Windows 7

parallax scrolling on the start screen for backgrounds (multi-layered backgrounds...see SNES Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country for early examples) and motion backgrounds like Vista had.  Imagine scrolling left/right, and having the tiles floating above water, causing ripples in the water on your background.  Parallax for tiles so that if your device has an accelerometer, it appears they're floating above the background to add some depth to the system which looks too too flat.

print button in IE 11

Better bing search: use pivots.  The infinite-right scroll is way too difficult for older people to discover.  At the top of search results, show me something like: Results (823), then underneath: web (48) pictures (121) tv shows (3), movies (18), music (3), files (600).  That way, I can see on one screen, all my results, then click on what I want to see.  GET RID OF INFINITE PANORAMAS.

Add AirDrop-like feature to send files back and forth to/from the PC and the phone

Allow users to make/send/receive text messages on the computer if the phone is paired and nearby.

allow users to make/send/receive phone calls on the computer if the phone is paired and nearby - audio or video calls.

Upgrade Photos to seamlessly show OneDrive pictures and Facebook albums as if they were local, and if no net connection is available, remove them from view so the user doesn't get angry about clicking and not getting the picture.  Add in advanged geotagging - WinLive Photo Gallery let you do City/State only.  We should be able to enter the street address, or even use Bing Maps to get down to the exact lat/long of a place and pin the exact location and direction of a picture.  We should also be able to, using photos, see pictures arranged by date taken, place (using geotags), people, and collections (as in a vacation collection, Facebook album, etc).

Add notifications for Zune when a TV show episode is released that you bought a season pass for; if you mark a series as a favorite, get notifications when it's available for purchase/rent; if you see a trailer and mark a movie as a favorite or 'want to see it', then you get notified it's released in theaters, and when available, in Zune also.  Follow artists and get notified when a new album is released or they have a concert within a radius near you.


do this and you earn a lot of bonus points with users.

Erhm, didn't they release this update a long time ago? I'm using Windows 8.1 Update 2 right now.