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Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac updated to 2.02

WP Central

Microsoft has released an update to the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac, the app which allows Windows Phone owners to connect their devices to their Apple PC and carry out a number of tasks. From updating the smartphone to synchronising media files, the software suite is a must-have for any Windows Phone owner using a Mac.

So what's included in the v2.02 update? We're not entirely sure as the change log that's stated to be for 2.02 is actually from the previous 2.01 update. We suspect that improvements have been made to increase reliability and avoid the pesky connectivity issues between the Mac and Windows Phone. Be sure to head on over to the Mac App Store to download it, should you not have the app already.

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voravongsa says:

Hope it is the road to tango update ^^

kaynachtsman says:

Cool Name for a phone Rich :)

lc437 says:

It would be lovely if this update rectified what appears to be an issue with the metadata of mp3 tracks transferred from a Mac to WP7. I've had rather annoying issues with both a Nokia Lumia 800 and Samsung Omnia 7 and music synced using WP7 Connector - I receive only album art but the artist backgrounds do not appear when listening to music nor does the Marketplace option lead to anything being found.
These artists can be found easily in the marketplace though, and listening to them via this method will update the live tile whilst playing straight from the device does not.

muzzymate says:

Guess I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. I thought I was doing something wrong. Spent a good while factory resetting my phone and trying various things until I gave up. 
To get around it, I've updating my music from Zune Desktop software on a different computer with the photos updating from my Mac. Would be much better if I could just do it from my Mac. 

lc437 says:

No, you certainly aren't alone! I've posted a few tickets on Microsoft's official support page (as I am presuming it is due to how WP7 Connector processes the mp3 files as they are transferred) though the issue hasn't been flagged as resolved nor have I received a reply.
I've been mulling over a similar solution though haven't been quite so pushed yet as to dust off an old Dell laptop at work. If it is merely a metadata issue (which I believe WP7 Connector pulls from Zune anyway) then hopefully the problem will have been fixed in this revision or a latter.
For what it is worth, I did notice a similar issue with my Omnia 7 when I first purchased it whereby some artists would be correctly identified and others wouldn't. Following an update to Zune, the problem was - seemingly - resolved though I can't exactly remember the timeframe or details.
I do fret that since we are somewhat of an outlier in our choice of devices (a lower marketshare desktop OS with a low marketshare mobile OS) , we may be overlooked and not fully catered to for some time. Still, this is a magnificently better position than when I was trying to run with an Ubuntu / CentOS and WP7 combination for everday tasks and work.

cgold1 says:

Wonder when zune pass support will come?

edoug says:

As cool as that would be, I'm pretty sure that will be never.

I would say it equally sucks.

What about a Connector for Linux?

quek9 says:

Before releasing this I wish they fix the wp7 version. I could never stream music, videos, or pictures via this apt.

rubenbest says:

Um why use macs

willied says:

Because it makes you hip and in with the kids...
Just kidding! I don't know, to be honest.

TonyDedrick says:

Because you can...