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Windows Phone 8 to be child friendly with 'KidZone'?

WP Central

Ever since that leak of the Windows Phone 8 SDK a couple days ago, we’ve been slowly finding out more and more about the new OS.

We’ll file this next one under ‘not sure’ but it certainly looks like Windows Phone 8 will have some sort of family-child filter built in either for the Marketplace of in the OS itself.

The evidence comes from the site Windows Phone Hacker who found a simple registry entry with settings for ‘KidZone’ (nested under ‘Family'). Though it may be too early to say exactly what this feature will entail it is certainly interesting. (The evidence is found under Software --> Family --> KidZone in the registry for the OS.)

KidZone in WP8

A KidZone and Family section for Windows Phone 8?

We’ve already heard that the Marketplace can have a PIN to access and purchase apps (something parents will be thankful for) and the notion that Microsoft would extend the feature-set of the OS to help parents trust their lil’ ones is hardly a stretch of the imagination.

We’ll dig around some more and see what we can find but we have a feeling that parents are going to see Windows Phone 8 as a viable alternative to Android’s more chaotic system. And that’s a good thing for business.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker



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irlju#WP says:

A simple "guest" feature would be nice, disabling things such as Marketplace purchases and XBL.

mrhoodiny says:

Hey, why not, sounds like a good thing to me, considering my kids are constantly downloading games to my phone

mmoses1978 says:

This is a good idea, like password protecting Xbox games and the Marketplace.

I wonder if it will be like the app KidMode for Android that puts the kids into an environment that they can't exit without a PIN, and only have access to parent approved apps/games.

btgusto says:

This feature was briefly mentioned at the developer conference.  So your kids would not pick up your phone and interfere with your work contacts and so on.

banghaymo says:

What about the disability features Microsoft mentioned that would have features not even android or iPhone has to help the disabled? Can you find if it is already built in?

jcagga says:

Windows phone 8 seems like a big update than just a skin deep, new start screen.

IsTrooper2 says:

7.8 on the other hand...

Giddora says:

What info are you sitting on that nobody else have?

peterfares says:

Common sense and past experience with WM6

ikissfutebol says:

I think people underestimate the partnership with Nokia. If Nokia and other interested OEMs are allowed to keep selling the 610/Tango phones in emerging markets/low-income markets, Windows Phone gets more marketshare. I would have to think OEMs can keep the cost of a Windows 7.8 phone under that of Windows Phone 8 due to the hardware specs.

kinect_dev says:

I really hope this is a full-OS feature. I want to be able to put my phone in KidZone mode and hand it over to my 4-year-old nephew and let him play to his heart's content without my worrying that he is going to send an email to my boss or delete all my contacts.

Wembergcarlo says:

Woaw!! is there anything Windows Phone 8 won't do???
So Exited :) !!!

btgusto says:

It won't scramble eggs.  I think... :)

Sloth90 says:

There will be an app for that... Eventually.

HD7guy says:

Maybe one of those vibrator apps would work...

kinect_dev says:

PS For it to be really useful it needs to prevent the kids from being able to exist KidZone by pressing any of the physical buttons on the phone, not just via software. It needs to be tight.

cliff08er says:

My sister would have loved this feature after one of her kids got a hold of her phone and she ended up with a three hundred dollar phone bill.

TechAbstract says:

lol Windows Phone 8 with Windows NT kernel is really a PC OS on a phone.

Jf.Vigor says:

Its sounding really beefy! Lol

lubbalots says:

WP has always been child friendly. My kids always bug me for my WP over their ma's google android. Despite good games on her android, they keep coming to my phone. The new windows and WP may capture the new and next generation users.

12Danny123 says:

I agree. my cousin loves to play with my phone. and I Agree alot of people in the younger generation will love it :-)

lubbalots says:

Soon the others will be known as "old timers." lolzz

We can sure hope so!

This is really good news. Neither iOS nor Android have really done much here (yet). I hope it's a feature they implement right and market well.