Windows Phone 8 brings new features to Skype

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If you are a Skype user, you'll like some of the new features Windows Phone 8 brings to the table.

First, and maybe the most important improvement, is that Skype can keep you signed-in and reachable even when you've closed out the Skype app. Skype stays asleep in the background until an incoming call or message is received. Not only can you receive calls just like you would through your wireless carrier but staying dormant, you save battery life.

The new Skype app also automatically adds your Skype contacts to your People Hub. This will allow you to start a Skype conversation directly from a person's contact card.

Other improvements include Live Tile support to show unread message counts and/or a text preview of the most recent message and Skype notifications for your Lock Screen.

All totaled, the improvements we'll see with Skype and Windows Phone 8 will only improve our Skype experience. Skype is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Store.

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kinaton says:

Hope they fix this in 7.5/7.8

lkaila says:

Yeah it would really be a must, skype as it is now is really unusable. If IM+, Tango and other apps can work without being active how come Skype can't?

zacman says:

Let's hope it's not as bad as Skype for Win8. But I have doubts there....

poddie says:

What's wrong with the Win8 app? Works great for me...

LeiChat says:

As a Skype customer using an Online Number I'm a little disapointed there's still no mention of voicemail support.
It's a great feature of the Skype service but very frustrating not being able to listen to them on your mobile phone.

thenichols1 says:

I'm loving the site design, it's easy to navigate.
I'd love a Lumia 920!