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Windows 8 developer contest launches in Greece

Greece Students

The Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications at the TEI (Technological Educational Institute) of Larissa, Greece has once again partnered with Microsoft Hellas to launch another developer contest. This time the competition will cover Windows 8 apps. We've previously looked at the contests held at the institute for Windows Phone, offering the opportunity to budding developers who'd like the chance to display and utilise their creativity.

The program will be broken into two parts, the first being a month-long phase to train participants in Windows 8 app development. A team of personnel will organise workshops and camps to help students develop knowledge and experience in Windows programming. The second phase is the actual contest, where participants will build a Windows 8 app. It's good to see Microsoft also addressing and pushing development for the desktop OS too.

The competition is open for apps that have not been publicly available on the Windows Store prior to April 7th, 2013 (see website for more details). The submitted apps will be judged by a panel and winners will be announced on May 21st. The five winning placements will see developers receive a Nokia Lumia 620, while all qualified participants will receive a certificate for their efforts.

Apps will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality & Innovation (30%)
  • Programming Level (30%)
  • Visual Appeal (20%)
  • Consumer Appeal/Focus (20%)

The contest has already kicked off (it did so on April 7th) and will close on May 10th, so be sure to stay tuned for the announced winners. If you're an eligible developer, remember to submit your app before time is up. Also, if you're using a touch screen, the website has been optimised for that added touch of awesome. It's well worth checking out and is an impressive feat of design and deployment.

Source: TEILAR-CS; thanks, Alex, for the heads up!



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adrian1338 says:

Guess finance applications will not be seen in this contest

Vectivus says:

You DO know this is the WORLD wide web eh?

YianniGR says:

Clever boy! We still have some money left though..

armagezon says:

That was a good one! 

GMFS says:

Smart boy, if you are an American, bear in mind at first how much you owe to China and then make such stupid jokes! If not, declare your nationality to get the suitable answer!

ScRePt says:

Damn, that site is nice! Quite a simulation of W8!

piniout says:

Why you don't see yourselves?? We love windows like all,don't be ratsists.