Windows Phone Launch Event

Windows Phone 8 hardware availability coming into focus

With today's announcement of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft shed a little light on hardware availability. Windows Phone 8 devices will become available through various European providers this weekend. We will see U.S.. and global availability roll out through the month of November.

In the U.S.. Market look for look for Verizon to offer the Lumia 822, HTC 8X and a new Samsung Odyssey (December release). AT&T will offer the Lumia 920, 820, and the HTC 8X. Pricing was not made available for Verizon or AT&T and availability was described as "sometime in November".

Windows Phone Launch Event

We do have a little more information from T-Mobile as far as availability is concerned.  T-Mobile is slated to offer the Nokia Lumia 810 for $99 and the 16GB version of the HTC 8X for $149.

More as this develops and hopefully, we'll have a better picture from AT&T and Verizon sooner than later.



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bpgui says:

So no ATIV in the US?

dbgman says:

Still no dates or prices...

WP7WasMyIdea says:

I thought I saw the prices for Verizon at the presentation though. $199 for the 8x. And $49 for the 822. Also availability said Thanksgiving.

You did I tried to put that up a bit ago login wasn't working for the app.

WP7WasMyIdea says:

Yep.  Here's a link to the press article with pricing.
$199 for the 8x and $99 for the 822.

I figured the Lumia 810 would be out on T-Mobile at the same time as the 8X. Good to know. I'll have to decide whether to get that one or wait a few months to see if something else comes around.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Still no release date or prices? WTF? Any news on preorder date?

cdbstl76 says:

I would like to know the details of the availability in MSft stores, 'all phones in all colors'. Can I assume these would all be off contact only, would that include the N920 in gray(rumored not to be in US)...? Anybody have any idea or details about this statement?

nv00021 says:

I had the exact same thoughts.....Microsoft Store just became a lot more imteresting!! I hear that the Lumia 920 is also being sold in Toronto through Rogers starting tomorrow in limited quantaties...really lookijg forward to some of this hardware.

MethodGT says:

8X for me, 810 for my wife. Awesome price too, compared to everything else on T-mobile.

So what about my BB pre order? Can't believe no pricing or dates given.

DaddyLikey says:

This is the official WP8 event and pricing/dates are still absent for the Lumia 920? Seriously?

keizka says:

Strangely so in the States, yeah. Availability quite well known in Europe though. 22nd in Finland!

Paul Acevedo says:

It is pretty silly, yes.

MadSci2 says:

Honestly, when will they learn. We all know that "in a few weeks" is AT&T Speak for 'Next Year'.
Why can't MSoft get the Carriers to commit to dates before they have theri 'Big Reveal'?