Windows Phone 8 - Photo Apps now able to auto upload in background

Auto Upload App

Windows Phone 8 will now include the ability to create apps that can auto upload  in the background using a background agent, according to the leaked SDK. The background unloading looks to be targeted at apps for uploading photos. The task like unlike other will not expire. The potential for camera apps on WP8 looks to have gotten rosy indeed. I'm thinking flickr and photobucket could do with this..

Apps that provide auto-upload functionality must launch to a settings page when they are launched from the Settings app. In the Settings app, the photos+camera settings page lists an apps link at the bottom of the page.

Apps that support auto-upload are listed on this page. When tapped, each of those apps must launch to an auto-upload settings page. 



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Jf.Vigor says:

cool cool, ok next feature? lol

TGBmark1234 says:

Hopefully this means we can finally get full resolution automatic upload, rather than the pointless thumbnails we get uploaded to SkyDrive at the moment.

WPSteve says:

I'd still like to choose what gets uploaded... The word "auto" scares me, lol

Guakala says:

Haha yeah this is something probably won't have turned on lol. 

Great options coming,awsome

RyanDaLyon says:

The answer to this feature is to bring instagram.

Dannay says:

Meh, have you used fhotoroom?