Windows Phone 8.1 caught running on a Lumia 920

Lumia 920 WP81

Looking for some more Windows Phone 8.1 news? Then check out this new video of Windows Phone 8.1 on a Nokia Lumia 920. The video comes to us from UnleashThePhones and shows off a handful of new features in Windows Phone 8.1. Catch the video after the break.

In the video you’ll see some new Windows Phone 8.1 features that were detailed from the recent 8.1 SDK leak. Take note of the new week and year views in the default calendar application. In the settings you’ll see the a new section for “Project My Screen”, which will allow users to share content on their Windows Phone 8.1 device to another device over wireless or USB.

Not much is seen in the video that we don’t already know about. It’s just nice to see Windows Phone 8.1 running on a Lumia 920. What feature are you most stoked about?

Source: UnleashThePhones

Thanks for the tip everyone! 



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Could we see a HDMI-to-USB connector do we think, or will it just be to smart TVs, PCs, etc?

elyl says:

Aye, but I don't think any Windows Phone supports those (for end users anyway).

rodneyej says:

You don't think they could've put that support in WP8.1❔
I find it funny when we talk about future features of WP, and someone always says "yeah but WP doesn't support that".... Yeah, right now it doesn't... Lol❕

Robert Grant says:

Exactly! Someone told me that WP doesn't make my car fly, and I just smiled as I corrected them: "Not yet it doesn't!"

Some people say I shouldn't be so weird and should just talk about current features, as they're the only solid basis for comparison, but I think they don't love Microsoft unconditionally, and I don't talk to them any more.

SvenJ says:

That's not really a USB to HDMI cable/adapter, that's an MHL to HDMI adapter. the device needs to support MHL to begin with, and no current WP does. Not just a software change either. Has to have the hardware, so no current device would get that. 

bilzkh says:

Like Bluetooth LE, the hardware may be there, but disabled (until WP 8.1).

stui83 says:

Displaylink make usb to HDMI converters, I use one. Need windows XP, 7, vista, 8, or mac though

Man, bing search please... :'(..
Bing works for most cases and the image of the day keeps it lively. :)

vkelkar says:

Anynews on otg

stui83 says:

Ha, how about windows rt usb drivers! Stop teasing us Microsoft

vkelkar says:

This leaks should have a week before a week in April... Cant wait for a month omg.... :(

Microsoft, I think, prefers a product to be hyped up and have not many (or zero) leaks, so when it's announced, it will be big.

Awesome!!! Can't wait. I'm getting a 1520 next week and want to see how 8.1 is on it when it comes out.

Icebey1 says:

You're going to get the 1520 despite the problems that it has like the screen issues or did an update come out for that?

Yeah it was either the 1520 or the 1020....but I felt the 1520 would be a better device in the long run over the older slower 1020

lubbalots says:

You'll love the phone but the screen issue will frustrate you tremendously.

stokkolm says:

For me it's a minor annoyance, but definitely doesn't frustrate me like all the app freezing and random closes I had with my iPhone.

explosive0 says:

App freezing and random app closing on your iPhone? Give this man a medal. Never experience this on my iPhone.

willied says:

Well since it doesn't happen on yours I guess that means that everyone has to have the same experience. /s

stokkolm says:

Well that's good for you I guess. I had problems with apps randomly shutting down on both my 3GS and 4S. The most recent example would be Airplane!, which won't even open on my 4S anymore.

hagjohn says:

Really, you never had an app freeze or closure on your iPhone? Lucky u.

Maybe your iPhone was hacked, with the SSL "bug" LOL

stokkolm says:

LOL, no I just attribute it to Apple intentionally causing bugs like that on older models to get you to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

Luiz Eduardo says:

Geez, what's the matter with the screen?? I haven't heard anything about this. I was planning to buy this phone.

lubbalots says:

Many times when you scroll, it registers as a tap. You'll see what I mean if you decide to buy it and it does happen. I don't know for sure if this is isolated or spread throughout. Either way I'm a little upset at Nokia for nit addressing the issue.

Duduosf says:

Well, I'll test this phone out when it arrives here in Brazil. I'm torn between this phone and the HTC One to replace my 925. I love WP and I'm looking forward to the 8.1 release, but the HTC One is attractive for its form factor, screen size/resolution (due to one-hand usage) and speakers (which I use A LOT). Are the speakers decent on the 1520??

lubbalots says:

The speaker on the 1520 is loud. The resolution is excellent. The camera is years beyond the HTC one. Finally, once you're use to the size, you'll never want to go anything smaller. Its all up to what flavor you want.

Duduosf says:

You, sir, have just made my mind. 1520 it is.

lubbalots says:

The 1520 is the first Nokia in the 1080p HD, quad core, phablet realm, and for being as awesome as it is, I'd best wait to purchase anything until after MS's Build conference. By then you'll have choice of many smartphones: GS5, HTC One2, Sony, LG, and finally new Nokia phones. Like I said, flavor.

Duduosf says:

I know what you mean, and you have a very good point, too. The thing is the predicament I find myself in: see, my 925's screen is cracked, and to make matters worse, I have no warranty to fix it; other than that, my headphone input managed to broke itself somehow - seriously, I have no idea how this happened.
To sum things up, I need a phone right away, and since I live in Brazil, thins take FOREVER to get here. In other words, the new Lumia handsets with 8.1 will probably get here in mid Q3...

The Monarch says:

I am "affected" by a dim screen for a second or two maybe 2-3 times per day. Not what I consider a big issue and it's still the best phone in the world by my measure. I wouldn't trade it for any device out there right now.

icebey says:

That happens to my 1020 but I still like it.

bingMe says:

Well my 1520 randomly caught on fire when I plugged in the charger, now I can't charge it by USB cause it melted into the charging port. But Nokia will be sending me a replacement and att sent me a free 520. This will be my 4th 1520 in a month.

KickAssLumia says:


kinaton says:

Cant be any worse than the battery issues on the 920

XeroJC2000 says:

Gratz Amazing Phone just got mine in this Week and absoutely love it. Great for Pictures and watching Youtube and NETFLIX. Haters gonna hate when there just Jealous. The only complaint is the one most people have and thats in the US they stripped QI Charing from it, but even that minor thing (for me) doesn't take away from my enjoyment of a lighting quick WP 8 phone

gonza1520 says:

The 1520 is a great phone. I switched from an Iphone 4 to windows. It took a while to get used to the large device. No one- handed use anymore. The screen does have sensitivity issues, but it isn't too bad. I am hoping for an update to fix this problem. I love the camera and the great quality. Enjoy it!

lancorp says:

My new 1520 has very few issues.  I have noticed the touch screen sensitivity, which is frustrating only when I am typing passwords and can't see what has been mistyped.  It happens very infrequently.

No screen dimming issues.  Biggest issue is dealing with the comments and looks when I show the phone...people think it's a fallback to the 90's giant cell phones. "How do you make a call with it?" and "That's a giant phone".  I suppose if/when there is a 5.7" iphone, everyone will want one.  :)

lubbalots says:

Odd you don't here those folks say anything about the Gnote.

icebey says:

How is the vibrate on your 1520 because it's very weak on my 1020.  I really want the 1520 but I'm torn because of the screen issues that I've heard about.

Jace Nelson says:

I have a 1020 and I'm completely happy with it.  It'll be tough too have to say goodbye to my camera one day.  But I've got to say, I think you're picking the EXACT wrong time to buy a new phone.  Microsoft Build is right around the corner and their first phone after the purchase of Nokia is right around the corner.  I think we're going to see some awesome hardware, I would wait for the latest coming sometime this summer.

Hoss98 says:

Has microsoft completely purchased Nokia?

Jace Nelson says:

Essentially yes.  They've purchased their entire devices division.  And Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, is moving directly to Microsoft to head their device division.  There has been some of Nokia left behind, namely services like Here Maps.  But effectively Microsoft is Nokia.

rodneyej says:

That and Cortana have to be the headline features...
Although separate volume controls are simply awesome!!!!❕

nbolmer says:

Like Siri, cortana will be a headline feature...than practically nobody uses

Winnabe says:

Hi nbolmer, how ya doin'? BTW, 'than' or 'that'?

rodneyej says:

Remember.. The question was what feature are YOU most excited about... I don't give a damn if somebodies mama don't use it❕;-);-);-);-);-);-)

Tips_y says:

Just because Siri is practiclly useless for daily use doesn't mean Cortana will be too.

nickros182 says:

im honestly most excited for the seperate volume controls, thats one thing i hate about WP8

Read it well, It says on minute 2:22 of the video "Action Centre". CenTRe and no center, that misspelled word is telling me that this ia fake. MSFT does not make spell mistakes.

You gotta check again. The region has set to be UK, where it is "centre" and not "center".

Asim Musaad says:

It's not a mistake it obvious that the language is set British English.

nc1886 says:

It's just set UK or AUS region... that's why it lists "favourites" instead of "favorites" under IE. Nice try mate, but it's no typo and this vid is legit

50000 says:

Are you serious? They spelt centre correctly. Time to go back to school and become learned.

Ticomfreak says:


Robert Grant says:

Yes. It's pronounced with two syllables. Check definition 1) here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/learned. I think this is the type of stuff 50000 was talking about.

Tips_y says:

Why, what's wrong with his use of the adjective "learned"?!!

schlubadub says:

Nothing... Clearly they're not educated enough to understand it. How on earth do you guys live in such a bubble of ignorance not to know centre is spelt that way too? Most English speakers are aware of the multiple ways words are spelt (most non-US at least). Before anyone says it, "spelt" is a correct alternative of "spelled". BTW it's not just "British English" but normal English for all other English-speaking countries. Only the US spells things differently.

Too much going on to be a fake

alfonz says:

um, in Canada we also spell Center as Centre aka British English

RanchoBurger says:

Talk about living in a bubble.

Yousri Ahmed says:

I'm very sad because we won't get the look of windows 8 and a redesigned apps with more colors and less Only-White-and-Black Apps :(

The Prayer says:

That's not true at all, that is a developers vision and perspective. There are rather beautifull apps on the store right now with beautiful transitions, see apps like, say it with flowers and mobilligy are great examples that comes to my mind. I think that with windows phone 8.1 we're gonna see an expansion in app design.

Yousri Ahmed says:

I know that there's a very beautiful apps on the store for example Ciel. but I talk about the core apps which uses only White and Black and has a very big name at the top which uses almost half of the screen without giving us any function. I hope Microsoft will give us better looking CORE apps in WP8.1 just like what happened in W8.1 with redesigning almost all of the apps in addition to giving us new great features.

The Prayer says:

OMG, ciel is awesome, thanks naming it on your post. On topic, yes, I guess I misunderstood you. Maybe is coming later, remember that MS had to rewrite the entire OS for 8. That's why they are only catching now to the others. I guess that this update only purpose was adding awesome and necessary features. Maybe they get to app design in the next update?

Armin Mhd says:

I hope they do cuz like the people app or store has a big people and store written on top that just takes half the screen without doing anything! I hope we can see more creativity for the next update.

lee_D says:

I noticed in the video that they have changed the sizing of font so that it takes up less space. Noticed it in the people hub so i imagine that it has changed throughout the OS. Can't wait to get this on my 1020!

Yousri Ahmed says:

You're weclome. and my response is Maybe. but Didn't we give MS the SOFTWARE GIANT a lot of time to do this? you know more than 1 year and we didn't even get any simple design changes? but this doesn't mean that WP8.1 isn't great but this means it's only missing small thing which I wish it'll be addressed soon :D :D

your complaining about preference, many people actually love the minimalist ui of the WP8 (me included) and theyc an use that style all they want, its fine with me, it jsut saves my battery on my 925

spaulagain says:

Exactly. Getting rid of the large font faces is the beginning of the end of Metro. What makes it so beautiful and easy to use is it's clear use of typographical scale to manage the layout and visual hierarchy.
Windows 8 uses the same principals of typographical design. But the screen is much bigger and can fit more content on it, so the size of the larger font doesn't feel quite as big in comparison to WP.
People that want Microsoft to essentially destroy parts of the core design principles of Metro need to just leave Windows period. Go to Android or iOS if you want clunky, poorly designed app interfaces.
iOS 7 is a perfect example of how going flat and stressing the use of typography fails without that scale of type that crates clear visual hierarchy.
And if you look at Windows 8 settings apps, they are the same color palette as Windows Phone. Black, white, and theme color. That's it. Simple, clean, and effective.
Gone are the days of rainbow gradients. So pleeeeaaaase stop begging for that back.

Armin Mhd says:

As for the metro, i like the UI but for the people hub maybe they can put a new innovative way to swipe through contacts than just clicking and selecting the letter than takes like forever and put a functionality like android with 2 finger scrolls you get A,B,C &... Or iOS having the letters on the side. Just a quicker way maybe?

Winnabe says:

Same here. I have no problem with the large sized headings, the minimalist UI and the black/white background theme. If anything this is what keeps me with WP, besides Nokia.

Dean McCrae says:

Large headings (typically based on the default template for the panorama control) make no sense for small screen space, and most apps have dumped that idea now, Microsoft included as you can see from their Bing range, they all use small titles.

Winnabe says:

Well, true that.

Tips_y says:

Ah yes, you're one of those who want WP to look more like Android and iOS... NO THANKS!

zacharyaller says:

Really? Half of the screen? I want to know what phone you're using, because that sounds hilarious!

Armin Mhd says:

Its more like 1/3 but anyway its hard to access the contacts because its way too big for the screen on LUMIA925. U wanna know the carrier too? Anything else? Lol

Yousri Ahmed says:

You can look at this photo where the "people" and "all" fills ALMOST half of the screen with no functions. Of course it can be redesigned in a simple UI which takes the full advantage of the screen. for example, look at the announced Facebook Messenger app which is well-designed and takes the advantage of the phone screen. :D


I would prefer having the battery percentage right in the system tray instead of having to search for it. Is that too much to ask? :-/

Flagz says:

It'll be in the action center according to leaks, so thats pretty straight forward ;D

Oh, didn't know that! Thanks man! And I appreciate your nice comments. :D

andreqms says:

So sad about the fact that the Lumia 920 will not be able to project screen via wireless connection. I have a Lumia 925, so I'll probably have to use USB too. =/

Muessig says:

which will allow users to share content on their Windows Phone 8.1 device to another device over wireless or USB.

The article says you can.

andreqms says:

Did you see the video? Just watch it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

andrewkeith5 says:

Every time Ive seen the share screen settings they have included wirelessly. I don't have much use for it personally so it isn't worth me buying a special adapter, but if I can use it with my Miracast receiver I might make a bit of use of it :)

andreqms says:

That's what I'm talking about: Miracast.

andrewkeith5 says:

I doubt anyone who actually knew would be willing to share whether Miracast is included in WP8.1, however I have seen the option to connect to a wireless display in the leaked images and with Miracast being both the simplest standard and natively supported in Windows 8.1 that would be the only logical option for Microsoft to implement.

There are numerous solutions to getting content from a device to a screen without wires, but they are either terribly badly supported (Intel WiDi (which contrary to popular belief is NOT Miracast), hopelessly difficult to get working reliably (DLNA, thanks to nobody being sensible enough to standardise a file format, and most open source options due to the general nature of open source development) or just very slow...

Sicarius123 says:

You can use Nokia Beam right now if you have Lumia Black.

andreqms says:

It would be impossible to get a screen projection slower than that one. I loved the idea and I respect the people who worked on that, but sorry, the Nokia Beam is just usable for static imagens/screens.

TJWINS says:

Why won't the 920 be able to project to screen wirelessly? I thought all 8.1 phones would be able to.

This guy is talking out of his ass.

Bmrk says:

Ye im afraid of that the Lumia 920 is gona be too slow for the 8.1, and everything is going to take a while to 'resume' :/

Yeah sadly, I'll miss it if its gone though :)

TechAbstract says:

Use the Mutitasking menu or Back button instead to access current running app. Resuming is when people launching the same app that is already running.

CommonBlob says:

This looks to be a beta too, seems its missing things...

msxbox says:

we don't know what background tasks or other apps he had open at the time, so don't think that really proves anything.. nothing for us to worry about (i hope)

juanitoriv says:

The sim error message popped up. You only get that on restart without a valid sim card in, at least that's how it is on my 8X's. I've three with one active sim that I switch around.

9 times out of 10 this won't be as often as in the video on final release. The WP team are crazy about optimization. Plus the fact that according to the 8.1 SDK documentation MS has rewritten the multitasking backstack so there will be some weird things going on in the beta builds. Also to add to this all, this beta build is "a few weeks old" a lot of things change in that time (things like optimization).

I suspect the "resuming" lag was due the app already being open.

Looks cool. Is that Cortana in the top left?

I think that's the missing SIM icon.

HM02 says:

Not really sure how I feel about the new start screen animation. (When you go home)

mr toes says:

I love it, its much quicker than the current wp8 one, which is slow as hell

DenniSundaY says:

I think they're doing a pretty good job in renewing all the animations in wp8.1. While I already loved the animations and transitions in wp8, the animations in wp8.1 are way better!

TechAbstract says:

Yes, it's much faster animations from the videos that I've seen.

Kram Sacul says:

Agreed. The new animations look odd. Maybe they'll grow on me but at this point they're not as elegant as what we currently have.

goopile says:

I'm eagerly awaiting the week view without the actual week number. My next wish would be a date view without dates.

(yes, sarcasm)

Marco Gomes1 says:

That looked very very cool (as soon as i killed that irritating music). So, now i know it`ll run fine on my 920. THX!!

Tppshaka77 says:

So it seems that even the Nokia 920 wont have the 3 lines for apps, I hoped this update would bring this feature atleast for 920. Sadly dissapointed :/

Did you watch this? http://wmpoweruser.com/nokia-lumia-520-running-windows-phone-8-1-shown-o...
Hope its not fake, means that there are different builds for the OS.

Tppshaka77 says:

Yeah i saw that, but there are a lot of "flashed" and moreon things people do to their phones, i personally dont do any of those things. I have seen people with 520 with Nokia 920+ Apps and Black Update, and everything, i was just hopping the 8.1 update would bring that feature of 3 lines of apps for 920 "naturally"

IzaacJ says:

Only way to modify the registry on the WP8 lumias to get 3 columns is through JTAG. There is no other jailbreak/unlock available at the moment. If 3 columns ain't available in 8.1 for 920, I'll most definitely would buy myself a box just to JTAG it and get that column.

Chemilinski says:

That video's mega fake.

The Prayer says:

Please, do not repost this! This video is clearly a fake.

Sulslim says:

and Action Center !!! Music+Video also has been changed (equaliser) !!!

Nothing new in terms of new features revealed, but really glad to see that 8.1 is running smoothly on older devices.

kinpin2131 says:

Did you miss the "Resuming......" ? 

DenniSundaY says:

It is still a build and the apps or multitasking are clearly not optimized yet. They even say wp8.1 has better multitasking so it'll change for sure.

kinpin2131 says:

The said the same thing with WP8 and it still persisted, I'll believe it when I see it. 

msxbox says:

we don't know what background tasks or other apps he had open at the time, so don't think that really proves anything.. nothing for us to worry about (i hope)

kinpin2131 says:

I shouldn't matter , the OS should be "intelligent" enough to manage it ( look at Windows 8.1) ... stop making excuses for shoddy work. 

msxbox says:

is this video an official preview video release by Microsoft I don't think so don't jump to conclusions rumours can cause false facts to be reported, lets wait for more on this....

redviper#WP says:

Actually the resuming is happning because this is a freshly rebooted phone. You'll see the same sort of issue if you reboot your current phone. Even starting up the web browser, or music app will have that screen come up the first time.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Yea nothing new, but still this isn't 100% offical
this is the second video i've seen today on youtube about 8.1
the other one was with 520 and it was fake because 520 doesn't have NFC :)
and in this one look at 1:37 the battery sense is ON
now check 2:27 tada ! it's off D:
so it's either a bug or this video is just fake :(

AFuentesJr says:

No notification center?

Robewms says:

Looks like the end of intergrated music ,podcast and radio and video. I would like to see the new background theme settings .

LTTG says:

I know this video is exciting and all, but how in the world did he install it??!

mr toes says:

The new animations look very swish, and the whole thing really feels like windows on a phone.

DenniSundaY says:

I know, right? Very smooth animations and transitions. Love it!

kinpin2131 says:



Pffff I thought this will be something of the past with WP8.1


The Prayer says:

I think that we're seeing this because:
1) it's a beta build or maybe older build, not final.
2) there aren't WP8.1 optimized apps.

kinpin2131 says:

1. I really hope thats the case 

2. It's the podcast app which comes with WP8.1 so it's an "optimzed" app. 


DenniSundaY says:

1. I'm pretty sure that's the case
2. Maybe the app is also a beta.
But I guess the multitasking feature isn't optimized yet. MSFT is referring to an enhanced multitasking experience so I think the will eliminate the 'resuming' in final build

kinpin2131 says:

Doesn't matter if it's a beta or even alpha ... fast resume should be high on their agenda  and the fact that they haven't solved it even in their early build ( assumign that's what we're looking at) isn't a good sign. All the new features wouldn't mean much if they can't get performance under the wraps. 

msxbox says:

I think this will be a non issue, we will find out soon enough

kinpin2131 says:

I'll belive it when i see it .

jpling says:

Maybe notis wasn't in the build they were using . I would have loved to see the pull down noti center

The Prayer says:

There's another leaked video with action center demo. Look it up.

iinnnnit says:

what if longpress home button show action center?

operand says:

Just fix the calendar so I can adjust any hour/day for reminders. Can't do something as simple as a two hour reminder. Very annoying.

Bryan Suazo says:

Resuming... This can't be good, I really hope that this wasn't a final built because if so... Microsoft will be way behind the other OS... Even BB10 has more features... And lf you can't create and manage photo albums direct from the phone I'll be pissed.
Upgrades are always welcome but if we are so behind we need to work better and faster than the others... Come on!! We count on you MS!!!

kinpin2131 says:

I hope so too, it looks like a great update on paper  but from this video it doesn't seem like much has changed.. more of the same boring stuff. I hope this is an early build, I'm not really impressed. 

danielgray says:

Photo albums are needed, as are syncing those albums to Onedrive.

jpling says:

You can create and manipulate albums and pics in the pocket file manager build! No need to wait

The Prayer says:

What do you mean? What is pocket file manager?

jpling says:

It's an app that let's you manage all your clouds and local storage. You can copy and paste between them. Latest update added full access to SD cards, local Storage, and photos!!! You can even seems hi res photos to your online storage. Even blue tooth them or even email them!! You can create albums on the fly and move photos around.

wp8 and android co exist in my world

pampurio97 says:

Everything seems faster with the new transitions :D

pbjr92 says:

Windows Phone 8.1, my phone is ready for you!

mr toes says:

I think it would be really cool if windows/windows phone could wirelessly stream to any Xbox console. A la apple tv and an iPhone. This should be implemented methinks.

The Prayer says:

Samsung and lumias do it. Lumia uses play to. Not sure about the others though.

DJCBS says:

I don't think I like the new Photos hub. I liked the way it worked now with the image in the background. Everything else seems cool and I'll want to test it out for sure.

But the deal will be done by then, and you'll have your golden iPhone.
I guess you could try it out at a retail store. Enjoy!

Tips_y says:

But didn't he say he was going android with the Z1?!! I also remember him saying he's going for Jolla when it come - and here I was thinking that Jolla had already come!.

Wow, going to be some new settings.... almost in tears here. There were 3 or 4 cool additions leaked, none of them were in this video.... this looks more like a few setting updates that could have been released without the fuss..... literally nothing ro see here!

MrVol84 says:

Where the frick is Cortana!?

Marco Gomes1 says:

A personal assistant (something like iPhones Siri)

Yousef Kawmi says:

he asked where ! not what :D

I wonder how old this build is.

Oubeid says:

Separated Volume Controls, Action Center, USB Connection to a TV would be great too!!

mikroland says:

Not impressed, although this is not all the new features I'm sure. Also the "resuming" aspect is not pleasant at all and I was hoping they would have optimized the OS enough so you never see "resuming". Especially since they said they reworked how background tasks work and all...
Please show us the mail app, any new work there??
What about IE, please show some performance pages or at least show how it does browsing a few sites...
Show the flip down to close running apps
Show cortana
Show build number
Sjhow the notification center
Show it all!!!
I'm hoping this is a really early build and they've done a lot more...

DreadVenom says:

And if you get all this what would be the point of Build. MS isn't stupid, all that has been "leaked" is all calculated.

RafRol says:

I'm most stoked about it running on a Lumia 920!  Can't wait to get it on mine.

RN50 says:

Does the 920 not get the 3 medium sized tiles like the bigger phones?

Nikolaus117 says:

I hope this will ne optional, i dont want The third mid Tile ;) but i hope it will come, not for me but for you

Corvodin says:

Goddamn people wait for freaking April, and stop bitching.

KQ17 says:


lubbalots says:

So far I haven't seen anything that's making me wet my pants yet. I'm eagerly excited about background wallpapers though. White and black and tile colors are starting to slowly wear on me. I thought I read somewhere about ability for dual screens like w-rt. I'd both piss and shit in my pants for that! My 1520 will then show some usefulness (regarding to size).

mrcraggle says:

I really hope this is an earlier build, not because of things like resuming but because of settings, specifically the layout. I hate how it is right now in WP8 but with more options, it's only going to get worse. I find it hard enough to find something because there's no visual clue and it seems to be in a random order. Looking for brightness? Well, it should be under display so let me scroll there. Hmmm, nope not there. Well let me back up and see if it's at the top, no that's ringtones, theme then emails. So where's brightness? Between date and keyboard. How are those things even related to each other? Many other settings are single pages with a toggle such as location, internet sharing, screen rotation, bluetooth, nfc and flight mode. These could easily be integrated into other pages that make sense or lumped together into one page as they all relate to quick settings you want access to. Or better yet, get rid of them in settings entirely and only have them be accessable from the new action centre.

msxbox says:

how many times do we need to mention Resuming....? lmao lets wait for the developer release before assuming its slow, and use the uservoice forum to vote heavily if you really believe that Microsoft have done nothing to address it...we don't know any facts from this video..just gives us an idea how some things may look...

Loco5150 says:

The music was so good I had to watch it 6 times.

ushodax says:

weird, no notifications on settings

ScubaNitrox says:

Yeah Boyeeeeeee!!!

01mggt says:

I hope to see an answer to the google now service !

jmagwp says:

I dig the calendar!

lubbalots says:

Wish calendar tile had clock and daily weather built in.

colinkiama says:

For all of you complaining, if you check out the users other videos, you'll see that action center and other features have already been shown.

RoboLoftie says:

Was hoping they'd include tracking protection lists in IE, not that I was really expecting them to.  Oh well.  

thinkdan says:

What I want to know is if Skype is going to be integrated in the Messaging hub and Messenger removed. I still have a couple of contacts in Messenger and would like to know if now is the right time to move to Skype only.

iinnnnit says:

ohh no!!!3 coloums looks smaller than 2 coloums?!there are much more spare space on left aeright side of the screen?!are Microsoft crazy?hope it's not real

beebl3brox says:

The settings screen is such a mess

cybermoose89 says:

Hardly saw any change aside the new tiles where is the unification centre and making the tiles into a wallpaper made from tiles ?

Tansen says:

Wish they had demonstrated more the action center in day to day use, but looks good to me. Probably going to go the way of the developer phone preview personally.

Viipottaja says:

Nice to see the year view in calendar.

Surprised no way still to sort settings e.g. alphabetically.

Is there now "most used" etc. sorting of the app list?

sosan says:

It is sad that L1520 really doesn't take any advantage of its huge screen. It just everything big over there. May be the device is good for the people have bad eye sight.