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Spice up your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen with OneStart

No Cyan until September

Some phones in India not getting Lumia Cyan until September

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New video shows how to add interests for Cortana

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Cyan going to Italy soon for the 1020?

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All green Lumia 1520 now available from AT&T

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How to speed dial on Windows Phone 8.1

Cyan on AT&T

Lumia 520 and 925 on AT&T finally get Cyan and 8.1


Microsoft ends Device Hub beta, included in Lumia Cyan

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Want the Lumia Cyan update? You need to downgrade your phone first.

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Here's how to move apps to your micro SD card


Demo of the Animated Lock Screen for 8.1

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Microsoft launches new training portal to get you started on Windows Phone

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Lumia Cyan comes to the Lumia 925 on O2 in the U.K. and to the Lumia 625 on Ireland's Meteor

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Long awaited Lock screen app for Windows Phone 8.1 almost ready for public beta

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Microsoft releases helpful video to get you started with Cortana


Microsoft's aiming for flagship Windows Phones, killing Nokia X but selling MixRadio

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O2 UK shares details on the Windows Phone 8.1 update, teases visual voicemail

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Preview for Developers users need to rollback for Cyan

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Cortana showing a stock chart is a nice touch on Windows Phone 8.1

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There are 461 comments. Sign in to comment

wpgeek820 says:

Changed region to US. No Cortana!

nameisak47 says:

How much size the update is...

BrunoVina says:

you have to change your language as well. and restart

revanthb says:

Is it just 330mb?one person said its about 700-800mb?can anyone tell,i need to know:|

The update is around 400 mb

Jim_MAY says:

Anyone installed on the Nokia Icon? Any problems?


RMister says:

I installed on my Icon earlier this morning. No problems.

Jim_MAY says:

Hearing problems with video and camera not working have you seen any of these?


I think u need to change also ur region in e-mails on, or , if it doesn't work just create a new one with US, and migrate and link ur all files and contacts in it.. Good Luck! :)

Mik29 says:

I I cant find her either, anyone in the UK got her and How? thanks

misterphipps says:

Tricky for me too in the UK. Have changed microsoft account to US, along with region and language. No joy. No Cortana...


On the bright side, you guys have Bing Squares. Microsoft took them off us...

misterphipps says:

Right - I've sorted it.

Downloading the US language settings isn't enough. They have to be at the top of your list of languages.

If you have more than one language downloaded on your phone, long press, and then select 'move up'.

You'll be told to restart your phone - and hello Cortana.

8bitnuke says:

After moving up the language do we still have to change the id's region to US?

misterphipps says:

Think so, yes. You also need to brace yourself to receive news updates from FOX. I give American Cortana a day at best...

8bitnuke says:



Thanks, btw :)

Yousef Kawmi says:

what ?
i only changed the region and removed UK, without changing anything else and i'm using Cortana without any problem

Studio384 says:

Did you look in the app list? Until you've opened Cortana from there, the search button will keep showing you Bing.

Activate her from the app list..It should work.

101nemesis says:

Change location to US and ALSO download the language settings for US. It should work then. I got Cortana that time and I live in Dubai

Bro I am also in Dubai. Not getting Cortana. I changed the region to US after installation of the update.

Can we talk for a while

101nemesis says:

Make sure you change the Language also and not just the region. I had changed just region first and it didn't work. Changing language also helped. 

Nisal Senal says:

Dude I also live in Dubai and i have aye lumia 925 but for the past 72 hrs I have been pressing my update button but still I haven't got any update do u have any idea why is that ..btw are u some kinda developer or something to get the update

Vindies37 says:

set language to English (united States) as the top one... initially i had the same problem. English (UK) was on top...i changed to English (US) then restart...and viola!

i am in the uk and after trying for 5 times i got it..unfortunately, i needed to create a account with .com (not, then install the update, developer unlock, reset the phone and download US English after that it works :)

gohaaron says:

same here... where is she?

joaohd says:

To use cortana you need to activate location

Jajai_jeB21 says:

change the language setting to U.S too

Ayan Mullick says:

Change the language as well and reboot.

Finidel says:

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Acbuono5 says:

I do not like seeing the games in the app list!!!!!

ziggygod says:

Same. I hope they fix this. Soon.

Studio384 says:

Indeed, I noticed this change too.

Acbuono5 says:

Makes the list longer...if they added the sort feature like was initially rumored then I wouldn't have minded...but come on Microsoft I don't think anyone ever suggested to add games to the app list.

Novron says:

Looks like we got a search instead of a sort.

Sobr0801 says:

I do. It could get confusing before.

Novron says:

I like it, easier to uninstall them.

I'm not able to update to windows 8.1 :-( , can you help me out.I'm from india.I have downloaded preview for developers app and registered as developer.

nameisak47 says:

What's ur mobile

sanjayt_17 says:

Run d app. But first go to the appstudio link given by wpcentral in internet explorer only. u'll c appstudio beta at d top. go der nd just sign in again using ur microsoft account (i guess again, 2 times). d loaded page on IE will hv dat same appstudio beta ka page with ur id with d option to sign out. NOW run d preview fr developers app nd proceed until u get ' SUCCESS' on d top. Go to settings, nd check fr updates. u'll get. I got mine nd i'm installing it tonight

phirefly says:

Still downloading at Starbucks... No WiFi at work without connecting to the VPN.

lubbalots says:

Fb integration is awesome! Do I need the app?

lubbalots says:

Dammit! Wish people hub was all in one

1raks1 says:

I am from mumbai & I have lumia 720.

Wp8.1update takes nearly 3hrs and keep mobile charged during installation.

waqas idrees says:

Still Downloading...... Almost End Yahooo I think This will be awosome 

Emilin123 says:

i updated the L920 and i had 100% Batery

i only did the 1st update( the small One) and it ate ALL MY BATERY!! 

now i have to wait to full charge my phone SMH

noted, will put it on charger 1st

fobarina says:

I experienced that with every update I ever did when I had the 920. There was even a few times that I took it back because I thought it was bricked. 2 times it actually was. No issue updating 1020

valireality says:

same here on my HTC 8S :) now im charging:)

after first update, phone was lagy :(

some one with HTC 8S???

khaivu says:

8x installed successfully although sluggish for now.

Aashish13 says:

Give it little time to get stable.

khaivu says:

Yeah well silly me it just completed the first install. I went back to settings and see that it's still on the second install. Trying to get this done before work!!

AhmedEltawil says:

I have the 8X as well, did you get the update through App Studio? Any stability issues so far?

khaivu says:

Update came through as part of me signing up for "Developer Preview". My phone is still in the process of being updated ever since three hours ago.

Were you able to get Cortana to work? 8x users seem to be having issues changing "phone language"

khaivu says:

Cortana works in English, I'm limited in what I can speak therefore I'm not sure about any other ones. I can tell you that all of the sudden the phone is much smoother and fast.

SamiSaifDine says:

I migrated my files successfully but when I checked for the big update I keep getting "we are currently unable to check for updates. (80072f8f) " PLEAAASE HEELP!!!!

tigermcm says:

I got that a few times while at work as soon as i got home it worked fine

goodbar_dev says:

I had the same issue, it turns out it's a time sync issue.  On your phone, go to your date/time settings and turn on the 'set automatically' option, then check for updates again.  Worked for me, WP 8.1 installing now!

here's where i found the fix (even though it's for win7):

Dean Hepper says:

Check you data/WiFi connection.

jmgarnica says:

30 minutes with gearwheels in the screen.

Do I need a hard reset?

Talk4Lig says:

Give it some time...

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

No, just be patient. My gears spinned for well over an hour.

Studio384 says:

If you hate your phone, go ahead. Any other reason: just give it some time. ;)

mevalmvm says:

Still downloading its a real big update.... I cant wait to see it... I keep looking at the download % its increasing slow n steady :)

hysonmb says:

I've been updating since 7:40am (-5 GMT). I've got plenty of work to do so I'm not impaitently staring at the screen but it's a long couple of updates. Anyone expecting to quickly run through these before getting on with thier day should not bother until you have a couple of hours you can go without the phone.

toshibasz says:

How to add apps to notification center? Help?

Vildmand says:

Does anyone know if the WPcentral app can be made transparent with the background image? Or does it need an update?

Ed Boland says:

Play around with the app's "live tile settings".

Yousef Kawmi says:

i've the trial version and it's already transparent  no need to update :)

Vildmand says:

I have the full version. Are you using the large tile? I am, with pictures flipping. Tried the iconic style also.

Yousef Kawmi says:

yes it's large not the wide one, i think you need to go to settings turn off live tile
you can keep the second option On

Vildmand says:

I have tried that also, but no avail.
Want to try to reinstall, but store has been down here for about an hour now :/

Yousef Kawmi says:

Yeah reinstall should fix it
yeah the store is down for me too i've two phones one set to USA and the other set to Austria (where i live) but still the store down for both

Vildmand says:

1st world problems: I wish I didn't uninstall the wpcentral app before finding out store is down :'(
Store down in Denmark by the way.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Lol, i had to laugh :P
Uhm yeah i think it's down all over Europe 

dkxs says:

upgraded. Really faster. No joke. Animation time has finally been reduced

Yes its is really fast and fluid... Lots of laggy animations are reduced

AV2RY says:

still spinning.. 13min

upd.1 after 17 min it's turning on))

migrating data (1of 19) ..alot



What about Cortana in other regions!!!

Mik29 says:

agreed, can anyone help us?

Yousef Kawmi says:

Just change the region to USA :)

jimmy1one says:

A blast so far I have a red1520 anyone else having a problem choosing a background

Same red1520 :) no problems here choosing a background

StefTsabino says:

At first,an error showed up saying 'unable to download & save the update'.. I reset my device and its preparing to install.. Hope its done after all..

Huawei W1

Greece here [US region on phone's settings to get Cortana] 

1123alberto says:

Stef, keep us informed how the update goes and the outcome you get from Greece.  !!!cool

lansir says:

Upgraded here in Australia. Lookin good, very painless. Now to get used to rearranging everything again

willboyce says:

Hi it all looks nice, it ate my battery but. When I went into background it isn't there anymore, how do I control what is running in back ground now anyone help at all ?

Settings ->battery saver. If you scroll to the right you can see what's eating your battery. If you click on the program you can change settings there. Hope that helps :)

willboyce says:

Oh yes, lol. Many thanks. As I said me being dum

Still downloading , rotten luck with my WiFi today of all days . Really slow . Comeooonnnnnn already

Yousef Kawmi says:

the downloading part is fine.
"installing" will make you hate yourself.

ziggygod says:

Anyone know where background apps was moved too? I can't seem to find it. I'd like to see what apps are currently running. Also is there any way to remove the games from the app list?

obi_17 says:

Updating right now lol

bvaugh says:

Where is Cortana? Does anybody able to access it on wp8.1?

101nemesis says:

Change region to US and ALSO download the language settings for US. It should work then. I got Cortana that time and I live in Dubai

Dean Hepper says:

check the app list

I am searching too. She showed up perfectly on my 1520, but is apparently hiding deep within my 1320. Can't find her anywhere.

rysliv says:

If anyone has a problem, a soft or hard reset is very likely to fix that issue.

rQvsnaps says:

Any way of forcing cortana to always show me temperatures in celsious?

I realize she's american only at the moment, but if I ask her to "convert to celsious" she converts as asked :)

Background apps are under battery saver!!

acesphade says:

Wp8.1 Not available in the Philippines. :(

Renz Ramos1 says:

I'm from the Philippines, and my phone gets an update. Installing it right now. ;)

acesphade says:

I can't update but why? I'm using 920.

Do you register for Developer Preview?

No way! I'm updating it now!  Just down load the Windows Developer Preview but you need to register first... search WPCentral on how to do it!  Now updating my Lumia 620!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!H@#@lll yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is for the ultimate warrior!  Rest In Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aromal_tc says:

I want to know about
is WiFi direct supported
can we share videos from hubs(x box video)
is native support for mkv ,and other extension
does video player support subtitles
can we select videos from picture hub as with pictures for sharing,deletion
zoom,pause support for videos
Does email. Support file attachments

GIO2219 says:


can i charge during migrating data?

terencechan says:

1520 got very hot at the back after the update..... Lol

101nemesis says:

Yeah. My 925 also started heating up. After everything was installed and I had it all running for an hour, I just switched off the phone for like 10 minutes just so that it cooled down.

Upgraded my Lumia 1520 this morning. The entire process took about an hour, including the time I spent enabling the hotspot on my Lumia 2520 so I could connect my phone via wi-fi and start the download. So far, everything is incredibly smooth. I enabled the background on the start screen. Neat effect, not sure if I'll keep it. Makes things a little busy. Cortana so far has been a breeze to setup. Looking forward to using this when I'm in the car and won't get strange looks for talking to my phone.

Biggest fix? Has to be the volume controls. Dear sweet merciful gods, we finally have separate controls for notifications and media! In the previous version volume control simply didn't work after a while (I would frequently have to adjust volume, then hit previous/next in my podcast app to get the change to work).

Most wanted new features? Notification center finally gives me quick access to a lot of information that I really want. This was the hardest change for me personally moving from Android to WP. And the implementation is familiar, as well as nicely done.  The shape drawing keyboard is also huge, although admittedly I have gotten used to plain old typing on WP without it. I'm sure I'll be using it almost exclusively again soon.

Weirdest thing? The "black bars" on the sides of the screen on my 1520 seem to have gotten larger, i.e. the start screen seems somehow compressed. It's not a huge thing, but it's strange. Tom Warren mentioned on Twitter something about changes in the way 8.1 handles scaling, so maybe that's the reason. Like I said, no big deal, but it was immediately noticeable.

Overall loving the upgrade. 

Udit Raizada says:

hey how did u get cortana ? are u from US or did u use any workaround to get it ? please tell

I'm in the US, so it was there by default. Via Twitter, several people are saying if you are outside the US, change your region (under setting) to US and Coratana will show up as an app. Not sure if you have to restart the phone after you change the region.

101nemesis says:

I'm copy pasting what I've told others.

Change location to US and ALSO download the language settings for US. It should work then. I got Cortana that time and I live in Dubai

lippidp says:

Is there an option to use the old volume controls?

None that I've seen. New controls appear with a dropdown option whenever you hit a volume key. It's a rather nice implementation.

tigermcm says:

Anyone having issues with the calendar?

how to enable cortana for NON US REGION

cuwe says:

I still stuck at 0%

Turn OFF baterry saver and using Wifi network

Change Region to US.. And Turn OFF feature GPS.. (Location)

Udit Raizada says:

did u actualy try it ? because i tried everything .. i changed region , switched off my location. still NO Cortana

101nemesis says:

Download English (US) language pack.

My download is stuck at 0%... somebody help...


Aashish13 says:

Restart the phone.

FanaticGeek says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH I WAS ALMOST CRYING IT WAS ON 0% FOR  LIKE HALF HOUR thanks i pressed battery save and it said "install update" and its by the gears now



:) :) :)

JoRdaNeK says:

Any of the wpcentral team based in UK managed to get Cortana?

Anand Babu4 says:

y i can't use cortana & i don't have option cortana in my lumia 625. jst now i updated my mobile

Updated succesfully an hour ago. Looks amazing. The whole process took about hour and half. Cortana and 3 tile row looks fantastic. Looking forward to test the battery and IE.

willboyce says:

Hi all , how do I get Cortana in uk please ?

Downloading update 0% how much time i have to wait

Turn off ur batery saver now it works

I did that yet it's stuck..


lawalhu says:

Nigeria: I've successfully downloaded the initial updates, which involve transfer of files, but each time i check for updates i receive this: "we are currently unable to check for updates (80072ef1)

goodbar_dev says:

I had the same issue, it turns out it's a time sync issue.  On your phone, go to your date/time settings and turn on the 'set automatically' option, then check for updates again.  Worked for me, WP 8.1 installing now!

here's where i found the fix (even though it's for win7):

cddb says:

India: downloaded the prep update and installing for over 5 minutes on Lumia 822. Progress bar on gears looks like 2% :-(

Md Anwer says:

is anybody here not from US and still able to use cortana?

please tell me how?

i don't know what to do?

    I'm from the Middle east and Cortana seems to be working fine. No issue. Do you see Cortana installed on your phone?

    uKabir says:

    Can you help me to get update.

    I'm here in Oman and trying Since long back.

    Hello uKabir, I'm glad to see someone else from the Middle East using windows phone. #WP81 is amazing and I use the preview for developers release of #WP81. Would you like to install the preview for developer release or would you prefer waiting for the on air update from Microsoft which will be made available soon (July- September). Please let me know accordingly I will give you the necessary instructions

    runrushsave says:

    Is anyone facing issues with Linking the Facebook app and the People Hub ? 

    indieimprint says:

    There is no more deep integration.

    runrushsave says:

    Yes. But my facebook notifications aren't showing up in the Action Centre as well. I need to open the Facebook app each time. 

    Yogi76 says:

    If you are using the Facebook Beta app, try using the regular Facebook app. The integration doesn't seem to work correctly with the Beta version.

    szeri says:

    so it is still impossible to edit the forwarded emails? WTF?

    maj71303 says:

    1st update took about 10 minutes from download to install on my Lumia 1520. Now downloading the WP8.1 developers preview.

    Jim McIntosh says:

    Notifications on had a few MS apps, then I got Battery Sense and Words with Friends when these had notifications.
    The biggest notifiers WPCentral and FaceBook have notifications but do NOT show up in Notification Center or it's settings.

    Does anybody have a clue how to turn these on?

    kikimoki79 says:

    IE 11 not showing secretive browsing, was I suppose to enable it?

    Jaco Ra says:

    Why would they take out the live music tile... Stupid the green tile is hideous

    Abhishek P says:

    How much longer will this take??
    Im downloading the second update since 15min

    fazil6 says:

    hei guys.. i shudnt be asking this question in here but please help me. will Lumia 720 also get the more live tile option on the start screen. i doubt it because its a 4.3"display..


    Aashish13 says:

    Above 4.5 screens will get that. Ot would have been very cluttred on small screens. We should be glad as Microsoft is at least providing is the updates. Android is the worst in this case

    plasmid_uk says:

    Wrong. All devices should now have the option for a third column...

    Yousef Kawmi says:

    Yeah right, my L520 got 3 columns and it's pretty neat :)

    gamo62 says:

    How do you get the third column?

    Sajal Garg says:

    Wrong.. I have it even on my 520.. (4")

    hasasimo says:

    Learned my lesson with beta... gonna wait for the OTA update, for which I still can't find a definitive release date. 

    dortyboy says:

    still on the wheel of death. urrgg

    Mr. Brown says:

    I'm still on the first update, spinning wheels and it shows no progress. It's been going for an hour. Did yours ever finish? I know I only had about 1GB of free space on my L920 and I wonder if that is why it is taking so long?

    katlo says:

    I have the same situation


    L90 with ~1GB of free space and still doing the minor update and the gears are spinning and spinning

    indieimprint says:

    I hate how Facebook was removed from the messaging hub. Using an entirely separate app for different messaging is a pain in the ass. This is almost a deal breaker for me and I might not even update my 1020.

    mgeln says:

    AMAZING. its great! Cortana, the backgrounds, three columns and everything. Just great! I'm using the swipe keyboard right now! It's so cool but it will take getting used to.

    david90531 says:

    Is there Cortona for Canadians? Or do we also have to change it to US...?

    KrightonX says:

    Wut arh ewe tooking aboot!?

    Yousef Kawmi says:

    He said Canadians, not Aliens 

    willboyce says:

    Has anyone got cortana to work in uk. If so please help

    misterphipps says:

    Check my update above. Download US language, press and hold the language option. Move it to the top of the language list.

    I also changed my microsoft account to the US region, although that may be just superstition...

    willboyce says:

    Oh got it. Thanks alot

    mgeln says:

    Just Amazing. Bravo.

    ProPolice says:

    Installed 8.1 on Lumia 520, Hungary, took quite a bit of time. Set everything to US, but no Cortana yet. I haven't managed to get screen projection to work, but I'm trying, 3 column home is fine on WVGA, personal favourite is the volume panel. Is there a file explorer? i heard that there should be one. Can anyone post some screenshots of Cortana?

    ProPolice says:

    After some rebooting and struggling with language and location, Cortana turned up, works perfectly

    Jaco Ra says:

    Am I the only one who actually cares about having a live music tile?

    suniltamboli says:

    No you are not alone.

    Jaco Ra says:

    It sucks that they would remove that feature.. Pretty stupid

    l625om says:

    Still searching WiFi hotspot

    sahil123321 says:

    Background app will come after official release nly

    l625om says:

    Hungry for the upadte.....

    Ervin Amir says:

    I'll keep waiting for the OTA update and Cortana for any others country on Europe and Asia.........

    DJCBS says:

    See? This I like. Wake up -> here, have a new OS to play with.


    Now to just remove stuff from the phone to free space and make the update quicker.

    How much size the update is??plz tell

    ProPolice says:

    I had 2.6GB, that was enough