Windows Phone 8.1 preview is not coming this week, check back later

Ever since we posted the ‘all about’ Windows Phone Preview for Developers Program this week, we’ve been flooded with tips with many false positives. For instance, if you were not on build 10521 of Windows Phone 8, well, you got it after installing the Preview for Developers. No worries, nothing is new as it is just device/carrier specific fixes.

So when is the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers going live? It’s not today. It’s not tomorrow and it’s not this weekend. So you can probably stop hammering Microsoft’s servers with update inquiries.

Evidently, many of you are anxious because Microsoft lead Joe Belfiore took to the Twitters to calm the masses.

In a Tweet just sent out, Belfiore says this:

“Yowza, you're going nuts 4 #WP8.1 dev preview.  Everyone relax thru weekend, check in early next week.  Enjoy Win8.1 update, write apps!  :)”

The noteworthy part is the “check in early next week”, which strongly hints that the Preview will go live sometime in the next five days. Microsoft has claimed the first half of April before, so that’s just keeping in line with previous statements.

Regardless, you can stop checking for updates every five minutes now. Go outside. Enjoy the sun. Pet a cat. Have a coffee. Or do as Joe says, and code an app.

Need to prep for next week? Read our one-stop guide on the Preview for Developers program and how you can get 8.1 on your phone.

Source: @JoeBelfiore



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dhruv07 says:

Dude plz chk d article nd then comment ..!!!

sahib lopez says:

i think he was just playing with it o.o

DawidKambow says:

Maybe or not but i can't wait :D

x I'm tc says:

I just tapped "check for updates" just to register my desire!

Jim_MAY says:

It's a jungle out there!

igadget says:


I read the article and CLEARLY saw the words ... " WP8.1" ... "It's" ... "out" ... and ... "today" (*not actual size).



I read the article and CLEARLY saw the words ... "No" ... "Device" ... "Fixes" ... "nothing is new" ... "Evidently, many of you are " ... "nuts" ... "Developers" ... "relax"



Chemilinski says:

You win the Best Comment Award 2k14.

taymur says:

that made me laugh hard

tallgeese says:

That was awesome!

pookyjoralyn says:

You just won an internet man XD

Jim_MAY says:

I'm definitely Empty☺

My phone is showing " an update is ready to download" what might that be Daniel ?


Trollhunter says:

Probably means you need to update 8.0 first.

Sajal Garg says:

That's just a 2 m.b firmware fix

Kellzea says:

it means you cant read.

Sridhar V says:

I guess it was good live load test of the servers for them...

sectime says:

This is approaching Apple frenzy on new software release.

denispage says:



Daniel do you know how the "action button" on my Nokia Pure Headset will work to activate Cortana now that they have moved it off the home button and made it two steps to speak to your phone? None of the previews cover this.

Lanceloni says:

You only need to hold the search button to speak to Cortana. It's the same as having it on the start key, but way better.


Kleen Jimi says:

if you read every now and again you might not have to ask such stupid questions

Its not stupid. They're asking if the action button on their headset will launch Cortana. Currently, holding the action button on my Nokia Purity headphones cord launches TellMe, but the same may not work for Cortana, considering you now press search, and then are required to tap the mic. I've yet to read anything related to Cortana and headset use.

Its a good question

paulomalley says:

Thank you. I was just about to say exactly the same thing... I hope that Nokia can just update the companion app on your phone to fix any issues with it... I love my purity pro headset.

I guess it goes both ways lol

rth314 says:

It's not two steps to speak to your phone.  You can long-press the Search button in 8.1 (instead of the Start button) to get Cortana to start listening.  If I were to guess, I'd say whatever phone button triggers listening mode probably has nothing to do with your headset triggering listening mode.  The both just tell the phone to start listening.  I doubt your headset is simulating pressing the Start button.

In all the videos online including the Build videos it looks like they are pressing the Search button followed by pressing the Mic button on-screen.

My question wasn't suggesting the Action button was tied to only the Windows key, I merely wanted to know if Daniel or any of the people who have physically played with it, tested it. This is a very important feature to me as I operate my phone through the action button and voice 80% of the day.

They demo it that way so they can show off the cortana launch screen. Its been reported multiple times here, and I believe it was mentioned in the keynote that a long press of the search button launches strait to her listening.

Nik Rolls says:

This is correct, I have testes it with the emulator. Long press on the search button launches Cortana in voice mode.

I would highly suspect functionality with your headset has not changed. Phones have been interpreting a long press on the call/action button as voice dialing ever since Symbian, I don't see why Microsoft would have changed anything. In fact, I suspect it's more part of the Bluetooth protocol that the device can send a 'trigger voice activation' message to the phone, because I've seen some units that can trigger voice dial from a single press on a dedicated button.

Chemilinski says:

Please don't put your testes in an emulator.

Kellzea says:

Actually laughed.

Nik Rolls says:

Oh man, that's embarrassing. I'm usually better at review than that ...

Duffau says:

The more important question is how?

Nik Rolls says:

What are you asking how to do?

Tips_y says:

Maybe he's asking how to put your testes in the emulator? ;-))

Nik Rolls says:

That's cheered me up after my typo. Thanks :)

JoshMD90 says:

That is a really good point, hadn't thought of that!

Coperyte says:

This was the funniest "reply" of the day.

rubenbest says:

Lol Dan has the best comments

Its the 14th... Where's my update???? Seriously.

Kreblon says:

Yep. Don't you have it yet? The article tells you how to get it if you don't.

sahib lopez says:

yikes i guess you are getting a lot of flack ._.

Fiann says:

Seriously? I get you might not have read the article but couldn't you even be bothered to read the flipping HEADLINE? You know, the one you had to click through to get to the comments and post that? Too bad this isn't Reddit and we can't downvote you.

Sahil Kutty says:

You're out!!....of your mind

jmerrey says:

I feel bad now; just little sarcasm ;-)

guillams says:

As Robin, couples commenters here needs to be SLAPPED for those comments!

rockstarzzz says:

You will know its out when Daniel write an article, before anyone else tells you about it. Download WPCentral app, turn on toasts and tile notification. Read a book.

sahib lopez says:

swollw sadness. like a boss !

Jim_MAY says:

Relax, have a cup of Joe☺

v-hasanli says:

Developer version will be out on 14th of April.

pranayhotkar says:

Yowza....then,why didnt you give us the dev preview early in the first place

Because there were multiple show stopper bugs and stuff that needed to be fixed before MS could trust that it won't brick devices...thats why...patience my friend it'll lead you a long way

vkelkar says:

Its not a beta version its a final build off the carriers... So please have some patience.... Otherwise if it crashes... U wud be the first one to cry for that as well....

apocacrux says:

I thought everyone already knew this was the most likely date. People need patience.

pookyjoralyn says:

I was thinking the same thing!

sahib lopez says:

you tell them dan !

theefman says:

Q for any new devs, how good an app can you get from app studio? Store worthy?

Idiosyncrasy says:

The dev community is pretty split on this one. There were some similar questions in the forum if you browse through there - but the basic gist of it is that while many devs think that you can get a pretty and functional app in a pretty short amount of time (this benefit is even better with the introduction of universal apps!) they feel that you shouldn't submit the application to the store because you don't know exactly what is happening with the source behind the scenes and if there is some crazy bug, you may not be well equipped enough to squash it. There are plenty of apps on the store that have used App Studio I'm sure, but I learned to do it the old fashioned way so I haven't had much experience with App Studio myself.

If you don't find anything useful on the Forums, post a topic and I'm sure you can spark a conversation between the devs about the pros and cons

Lanceloni says:

If you take your time, think about what you're doing and consider the user's experience.. you can absolutely make a good App Studio app.

JoseCortesP says:

I personally don't know since I use full visual studio, but a couple of non-devs friends always tells me how good it is, and one of them has publish a couple of Costa Rica's specific apps and they look and behave very good. You should try it

NIST says:

I made an app that closes itself upon opening. It's a huge success!

mv740 says:

Lol best comment ever

Mayur says:

lol where is Rodney when you need him? ;)

Reebs Reebs says:

Make sure you're not infringing... there are a few of those out there! :)

jailman says:

Congrats bro ! The next rudy huyn :)

Yes .... Love the Humor.

CobraJ82 says:

Lol, made my day.

walter1832 says:

You stole my code!!!!

Yes you can publish directly. Alternatively, you can download the source-code and bring about enhancements via Visual Studio add stuff too it.


I assume, where Microsoft is headed; down the road, they would integrate Visual Studio Online deeply with App Studio.


Nonetheless, you can find out Web, Windows, Windows Phone, Cloud, Desktop, Netwroking apps samples at http://create.msdn.com/, to get ideas and hands on readymade stuff. Just click on "review sample code".

theefman says:

Thanks for the replies. I guess I should finish the app first then see how good it is. Have a few devices on to test so should get a good idea of the user experience. Obviously would be better to know how to code but I've tried and cant get the hang of it so trying this. Is Expression Blend still part of Visual Studio though? I remember it was pushed as a way to make apps without knowing code but the last time I downloaded VS I couldnt find it.

Lanceloni says:

It is now called "Blend for Visual Studio" and is included in the Windows Phone SDK. If you want more guidance and help building an app, check out the resources page on my blog LanceMcCarthy.com

theefman says:

Thanks for the tips, great help.

I found it way too confusing and if a bug were to appear then you would have absolutely no idea on how to fix it, so you are better off coding the app yourself via Visual Studio

madfred says:

I'm also a developer and I checked out App Studio a few weeks ago. I, personally, think that it is a perfect solution for someone who is looking to create an app that is simple to hook up to your website's data and looks great. Obviously, you won't be able to get the type of in-depth editing and control that visual studio offers, so as far as making image editing apps, etc, App Studio wouldn't be able to handle that. Basically, it's more suited for making hub apps. In that regard, it makes store worthy apps.

Bob101910 says:

I've made a few for personal use. One of them is Store worthy and the other 2 are jokes. I don't know how to get my app from app studio into the store, so I've kept it to myself.

Foma Kiniaev says:

Джо, спасибо - thank you Joe

dorelse says:

That's a funny tweet from Joe...but its a very Good problem for them to have as well!  Yes, we're all anxious for the update!!!  I truly hope it comes out smooth and stable from the get go.  (Not that a few minor bumps aren't to be expected either though...)

HarkAtYou says:

I'd rather he just release it already, instead of taunting us that it's not here yet!!! Lol

btbam91 says:

I think I will go pet my cat.

NIST says:

It's a euphemism for sex.

Mayur says:

Shit... I forgot I had a girlfriend.... :p

Aniket Bhat says:

O.O.. It is?

Dammit my comment seems awful now.

Aniket Bhat says:

Shit... I forgot I had a cat....  :P :P

Micah Dawson says:

That poor pussy...cat.

I forgot that I have a girlfriend...

Jas00555 says:

Hey, Daniel, is the developer prev.... SLAP

BPaules says:

I feel like the "SLAP" thing is a the new "seems faster". haha

JoseCortesP says:

Yeah... But it got old and annoying pretty fast

Wael Hasno says:

SLAP seems faster than 'seems faster' when it comes to quote longevity.

sahib lopez says:

it seems that i slap faster now ;)

walter1832 says:

Ask me how I can make $800 a....SLAP!

Joe Rodak says:

I searched the internet and I still don't get the 'seems faster' joke. I saw the Pocketnow video which was a little odd but I still don't get it. Someone please explain. 

Tips_y says:

Long explanation. And don't bother, it's now passe.

batkingnz says:

You didn't need to search the internet. Just WPCentral. And I think (maybe I'm wrong) that it came about with the FB app updates.


Something along the lines of the article stating, they don't know what they changed because there's not changelogs, but it seems faster.


Hell I could be completely wrong but I thought that was the reference.


Seems a long post to explain that.

sahib lopez says:

me too ! we can blame dan for that

Mayur says:

And I blame Sam for *SLAP*, he started it in DP article :)

Kashyapjani says:

Seems Lame And Pathetic

Looks like it will be out on the 14th or 15th. Those are the only 2 days that can be considered early in normal terms. :) Its going to be a long weekend for all those waiting for the 8.1 Dev Preview.

I'm sure if the Whatsapp update was out it would give MS some room to keep the users patient for a little while. Now everyone is restless and eagerly waiting as neither of the most 2 demanded things (WP8.1 & Whatsapp) have been released.

kayb27 says:

Easy for you to say Rubino! You've had your fun with it :)

Its very relaxing.

rubenbest says:

I know. I used to pet my cat all the time until she started hanging out outside.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Cats this days....

It really is, isn't it. Sitting on a porch, listening to it purr in your lap as you softly pet its back, a gentle breeze blows, wind chimes softly ringing, sun shining gently down... ^w^

walter1832 says:

...awkward silence......

I miss something? (`・ω・´) {?)

LOL well explained...

I'm allergic to cats

or butter your scones... I'm.. anyone fancying? (-8

vikrant6 says:

I hoped I would play with 8.1 this weekend.. Bet it won't be relaxing weekend, rather anxious :)

batkingnz says:

Lol. I'm hanging out too but everyone needs to chill. I'm going to destroy my body a little more this weekend and IF I wake up on Monday, maybe I'll have a nice surprise. If not, no big deal. LOL.

viralgajera says:

Really hoping will come out this 14th,,, hope no disappointment from Microsoft..

unknownguns says:

I'm going to expect it either 14th or 15th, since they said that it will be released to manufactures on the 14th, so it might take a time gap to release it to developer preview app. But hopefully it will be out 14th :) (Remember they never said it will be released exactly on the 14th to us, they never gave a fixed time. Just '"early next week" :). )

armandojv says:

Hahahaha... I am going to focus on college work. I promise to stop checking for updates... :(

The verge quoted the 14th of april which is consistent with the recent events.

Yeah saw that. Tom Warren had some similar situation as Daniel...

wpn00b says:

Lol "pet a cat."

RyanAMG says:

My cat thinks she is a dog. So...

Sarang68 says:

Microsoft must be having a count as to how many have signed in for the preview. Would be interesting if they released it.

BPaules says:

Yeah that would be interesting.  I think Daniel quoted a number for those who got GDR3/Black with it... so maybe.

Mayur says:

I think it was 185,000.

Westoncreg says:

Ha I just pet my car before I read this (although I haven't opted for dev preview since uncertainty of warranty on ATT :P)

You pet your car? Weird.

Studio384 says:

*Cute little car! Who's a cutie, who's a cutie? Yes you are! Silly vroom vroom! Yes you are!*

unknownguns says:

XD best. Comment. Ever! Best comment I've seen yet. lol

Westoncreg says:

If you had a jeep you'd understand :P

2tomtom says:

Pet a cat, have a coffee or design an app.......love it :D

sunny kumar says:

Will 14 april be the exact date of update??

slyronit says:

No it's already out. You just need to format your phone and then check for updates again! Enjoy!

pr0phecy says:

if he's Sheldon, he's screwed...

unknownguns says:

I don't know, they said "early next week" and a few articles ago it said it was being released to manufacturers on the 14th, but there could be a chance we will get it then. Just hope for the best I guess... When it comes to updates we are usually always kept in the dark of the exact date... Oh well, i guess you gotta expect alot of bug fixes for a update with alot of features. :P :)

milfermon says:

It's ok, just a few more days, patience is a virtue

walter1832 says:

....that I don't have!

Fritzly says:

of the Saints.....

deadwrong03 says:

We still needs date instead of this playing around crap

There is a date. All things come together.

Credo93 says:

Dan, i still havent got an answer, do you need to change everything on your phone to the US for Cortana or just and ONLY the region instead of the phone language etc??

unknownguns says:

Change your region/location. No need to change your language settign (as there is going to be people who speak tons of languages in America, so the language setting isn't gunna effect it :) Just change your region to United States :)

Credo93 says:

I hope so, wplovers on Facebook does say that you need to change everything to the US.... 

neo158 says:

I tried that in the emulator, it doesn't work. You have to change everything and I do mean everything to US.

Unlike what neo158 says (emulator != release), I'm gonna go with changing Region to United States in Region+Language and Speech to English (United States) under Speech settings.

FYI, a Region change requires a reboot, and changing the Speech language requires the OS to download the new speech language pack, install it as an update, and reboot your phone.

Also, changing the Region means you will no longer be able to download software that is either specific to your region or unavailable in the newly selected Region.

Lastly, Speech settings is separate from System language.

neo158 says:

That's exactly what you have to do, my reply was to unknowngus who made the assumption that you only need to change the region which is clearly not the case.

Credo93 says:

So it'll be available for us without changing the language to US?


deadwrong03 says:

What's the date I'm guessing next Tuesday since they release updates on Tues and Thursdays

Chemilinski says:

Deadwrong03 is havin none o yo shet.

batkingnz says:

Serious question, are you loving the impatience and excitement, or is it kind of wearing thin now?

I think it's embarrassing that we all feel quite so entitled to this free OS update. But on the flipside it's cool that such a buzz has been generated, even if this is mostly an enthusiast community.

sahib lopez says:

yikes somebody is despreate ._.

trokpa says:

14 / 4 / 14. So ... 4PM ? :)

Kristijan87 says:

Or 14h (2 PM) but probably not since Microsoft is using 12hrs format, not 24. :)

trokpa says:

I suppose they don't work at night :D

IgorVysoky says:

Depends on where are you from. The time zones can change ;)

Mayur says:

14 / 4 / 14 14:14

walter1832 says:

On 4/14/14 @ 4:14 at 14 seconds....MARK MY WORDS, IT WILL HAPPEN......or not

myoujin says:

4am please... 4pm like 6am 15/4 here..... :(

drelewis says:

what i dont get is how people want it now but if its not ready for everyone's consumption due to bugs etc then why would you freak out for the sake of a week?

Studio384 says:

It's called a developer preview for a reason, we don't care about bugs.

Joel S79 says:

"Developer Preview" is pretty much an intentional misnomer. It's more like "A clever way for enthusiasts to get updates early and circumvent stupid Carrier testing", but that's too long.

Lol, this exactly!

astroXP says:

Dude, it's the freaking RTM version minus firmware!

Markp74 says:

That's not entirely correct MS stated at build that Bluetooth LE will be turned off in dev preview on all Nokia handsets. alot of people missed this, most of us only just got it via the black update and it will be unavailable until the carrier release if you update early.

drelewis says:

you must have never been on a beta program. You do care about bugs. lets just imagine that you go to the dev preview and all your xbox music goes away, i dont think its ok to just say oh its a preview tough t!ts

For people to believe in the product quality has to be maintained when it gets released

Didn't we already know this? I thought the 14th was the earliest we'd see it since that's when OEMs were getting it.

unknownguns says:

The reason people are freaking out is cause MS had said to expect it on the 10th of April, but i guess some people didn't read the article 4-5 days ago when MS had said they are delaying the date for around another week due to bug fixes :P

astroXP says:

Microsoft NEVER mentioned a date.

Studio384 says:

They never mentioned the 10th, nor any other date. It was rumored that Windows Phone 8.1 would officialy hit RTM the 8th of April, after that, something would happen on the 10th (I don't know what) and a lot of people started speculating that they would release it then too.

Will we still get the Lumia Cyan update ok on top of the dev preview?