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Movie Maker 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 receives its first video editing app called Movie Maker 8.1

Late last night, a new app named ‘Movie Maker 8.1’ landed on the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8.1 devices running the Preview for Developers. The third-party app runs for a $1.49 with a free trial and is the first to exploit new API features in Windows Phone 8.1 that allows direct editing of videos on a user’s phone. Movie Maker 8.1 is also a universal app, meaning once you buy it you’ll be able to download and use the corresponding Windows 8.1 app too. The Windows 8.1 app is expected to hit the Store soon.

Let’s take a look at Movie Maker 8.1, and we’ll tell you how the first 100 of you can unlock the app for $0 in a special Windows Phone Central offer!

Movie Maker 8.1 is a full-featured video editing app, and even for its initial release, sports a lot of options for users. What’s more, Venetasoft (who made Instagraph, the first Instagram app for Windows Phone), has lots of plans for Movie Maker 8.1, including optimization updates and new transition features. Here’s what Movie Maker 8.1 can do today:

Movie Maker screens

Movie Maker 8.1 (

  • Allows the user to compose a movie using all kinds of video, images and music files supported by Windows Phone 8.1
  • All the clips and tracks can be copied, moved, deleted, and duplicated (same for the audio tracks)
  • Volume can be controlled on single clips and tracks
  • When an image is added, you can set the duration on the movie and you can apply one of the awesome Nokia filters
  • "MP3 extractor" feature: a user can load a YouTube video previously downloaded, extract the soundtrack and use it as the movie background of exported
  • All the work is done by the app; no internet connection is required.
  • The final movie is saved as mp4 on a folder chosen by the user (SD card too).
  • Easily trim, crop and split clips
  • Set clip volume level
  • Copy, paste and delete clips at any position
  • Use simple playback controls to review clips
  • Zoom able real-time preview
  • Slow motion effect 10X

We’ve been playing with the app for some time now, and it works quite well. For instance, we quickly jumped on the ‘slow motion’ effect, which can be tuned for 1X up to 10X speeds. Needless to say, it’s a lot of fun.

The app does have a few bugs early on, including an error message about a file being “locked” and unable to be saved. However, that error does not really block anything and is more of a nuisance than anything (we’re told it’ll be fixed in the next update).

Moive Maker 8.1

Windows Phone Central giveaway! (Update: Sold out!)

We’ve teamed up with Venetasoft to give away 100 copies of this app, which will include the Windows 8.1 Universal app too. The trick is simple, but you need to act fast:

  1. Download the app
  2. Rate the app in the Store
  3. On the main page, tap 10x where it says “Movie Maker” near the top (it may take a few tries)
  4. A dialog screen will appear
  5. Type in ‘wpcentral’

For the first 100 users who do this, you just saved yourself $1.49, and you have a free app, including the forthcoming Windows 8.1 RT version.

Pick up Movie Maker 8.1 here in the Store and let us know below in comments what you think! $1.49 with a free trial. Windows Phone 8.1 only.

Remember, there are a lot more features coming, including transitions and hardware acceleration (when OEMs release Windows Phone 8.1 with new firmware).

QR: movie Maker



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kenzibit says:

How different from Nokia Video Trimmer?

DennisvdG says:

Nokia video trimmer can only trim videos...

LastBattle says:

duh... that's why its called 'Nokia's video trimmer'

venetasoft says:

Movie Maker is not only a trimmer (and a cropper and a splitter :), it allows full video/image/audio mixings.
You can combine any kind of media file to create your own movie (mp4). Move, copy, delete any "block" of video or audio is now possible and very easy :) 

spinzeroWL says:

AMAZING! Cheers Ventasoft. I'm off cycle touring shortly - and I have a 64GB Lumia 1020. I am seriously considering ditching my laptop now that I have an on device video editor.
I hope there's a free trial (I've bought no end of duff video editors over the years...yours sounds really promising though!!)

Alphonz says:

I missed the first 100 race. But I want it free please. Why would one edit a 10 seconds video. It's of no use.

nokialisa says:

10 seconds to try so poor 

HaibaneReki says:

Did everyone forget about the Video Director by Nokia?

dalydose says:

That's only for the tablet.

HaibaneReki says:

It's definitely on my phone, dude ^_^

dalydose says:

So this app description from the store is wrong?


“The Nokia Video Director companion phone app helps you quickly capture and transfer videos and template projects to your Nokia tablet. The app is a great way to capture videos and start your projects on your phone when you do not have your Nokia tablet available. The Nokia Video Director phone app guides you through the capture of videos for your templates (Birthday, Holiday, News, etc.) and the transfer of those videos to your tablet. You can than complete your video projects on your template. Please note that this phone app is meant to be used in conjunction with your Nokia tablet running the full Nokia Video Director app.”

HaibaneReki says:

Apparently I am wrong. I stand corrected ^_^

Life Artist says:

This app lets you save files to your camera roll! Woo hoo! THANK YOU. Now how can we get these videos to share to 6Tag/Instagram 6Snap/Snapchat?

Slovenix says:

Awesome :) I tweetet Movie Maker to Wp and Belfiore and now its here :)
Edit: Ah an app, I will sure try it out, but there should be an official app to promote MS in the future :)!
Yes I got the App in full edition! Thanks WPCentral & Venetasoft :)

mahesham22 says:

I need a video converter app, to downsize my videos to be sent via WhatsApp. Cuz WhatsApp on WP doesn't do it by itself.

venetasoft says:

You can open your uncompressed AVI video with Movie Maker too, and then save it as compressed mp4 :)

jfkn2001 says:

Nice. I always had problem sending video on WhatsApp. Really like the features of the app.

venetasoft says:

You can load a youtube video and extract the soundtrack as mp3 (then trim/crop) too :)

mados123 says:

Are you saying you can actually open an uncompressed AVI (which can easily be GB's big) and then save it to the default compressed setting (and what is that default)?
you can open a video (say recorded natively at the 10Mbps+) and then save it to a compressed setting of a different bitrate value?  If so, is that compressed bitrate setting able to be selected?

Upload to Onedrive, choose option to lower quality.

Sagar Limaye says:

That's such an impractical solution for those on limited data! Plus downloading that video from OneDrive stores it in the videos hub, which WhatsApp doesn't have access to.

venetasoft says:

If you save your movie on the video folder, you can let Windows Phone to upload directly to your OneDrive (just enable this feature from your phone settings ;)

Spryce says:

Thanks for the free app! This one looks pretty great already.

venetasoft says:

No, thanks to You for using my app :)

guillams says:

Is good enough, but couples effects are welcome!

stui83 says:

Keep doing what you're doing ventasoft, wp needs proactive developers. We don't forget instagraph and how it gave wp hope last year.

iAbhi says:

yay!! got it thanks

farhanmariz says:

w00t, submitted! :D Thank God I'm following Daniel on Twitter.

:) There are occasional benefits!

lippidp says:

Thank God! That buck fifty you saved is worthy of at least three hail mary's!

Dare2Blink says:

Thank Daniel not god :)

Wael Hasno says:

It's an expression

Titanicology says:

Got the full version! :) Thanks.

omullins says:

Can't wait to try this app!

Damn, missed it. What are the limitations of the trial?

venetasoft says:

Max 10 seconds movies and an adv message is added to the video.

paulheu says:

Developers such as these really deserve our support so just buy te damn app allready ..:D

Agreed.  I usually scramble to get free deals but this was at the top of my wants for an app so I figured I could forfeit one bottle of water this week and buy it.  I hope I don't get dehydrated and die.

venetasoft says:

And users like you really deserve developers create great apps to make you happy to own a WP :)

astroXP says:

Sweet deal and so glad a video editor is finally here! Thanks WPCentral and Venetasoft™

venetasoft says:

You are welcome !!!!! I m excited to see what new features you will ask me to add first :)

iyae says:

Filters. Der. :P

venetasoft says:

They's coming, I'm in contact with Nokia too  ;)

muitosabao says:

Good first effort! Thanks for developing this. Suggestions: Reorder videos/photos (very weird that at the moment, new items are added before the current one); move, resize, crop images and videos; add text/titles; Keyframes.
Thanks once again, looking forward for the developments.

Got mine, thanks guys!

oditius says:

Too late. :( guess I will purchase the app if I ever have a need for it

Reach4zasky says:

PhotoShop please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arkhale says:

Got it! Thank you, Daniel!

ynotbike says:

I am an idiot but what main page should I click 10x on?

The main editing page, where it says 'Movie Maker' in the top left corner

antmortmitch says:

Your not the only one... I was confused as hell

astroXP says:

Got a question, so since we didn't technically buy the app but just entered a code to unlock the full version; what will happen when we need to download it in a new phone? The 100-user will be gone in a few minutes/hours and the buy button still shows up in the Store for the app.

venetasoft says:

You will be granted, the license is stored on Azure and bound to your phone id :)
If you change your phone, just call me and I will give you e new new free token ;)

spinzeroWL says:

...if you get a new phone, buy the app! This dev deserves our support... :)

Mr Bone says:

That was fast.  A little too fast :-/ :-(

Not bad at all! - thx Daniel and for the 8.1 thing on my phone to.

mattcald says:

Codes used up already.  Wow!

razorguy says:

Too late :( Oh well, I still have money left from the $20 app voucher I got with my 1520 that I'll use before it expires.

Code just run out...please add more

Wow. Sold out in 10 minutes.

A54D says:

Technically this isn't free for life. As soon as you delete the app and need to reinstall it you'll have to pay.. Also I don't believe you'll get the PC version for free when it's available because you haven't purchased it. When you enter the code you remove the trial limitation but when you head to the store your still asked if you would like to purchase (even though you've got all the 'full' features).

Sandy Jones4 says:

always one person with the negativity


venetasoft says:

Not true (read above ;)
You will loose it if u change your phone only, but in that case just write me ;)

guillams says:

Are you crying for 1,50? Go home dude!

Guakala says:

Cool and all but what a lame name... Almost anything else would have been better.

venetasoft says:

For example... ? I liked that name :'(

Man you got a cool website!

Thanks for the app.

The name is kind of taken by Microsoft; Windows live division. IMO, you could have a different name to avoid the clash.

Lets say Microsoft release a movie app with same name, then your app would lose its credibility just because of the similar name.

From marketability point of view, there is a theory which suggests that go with name and identity which is already selling, but I don't think the same logic applies very well to apps stores.

Once again, I haven't tried your app yet but I am quite happy for this app in WP store and am enchanted by your website's interface! Thank you. 8-)

venetasoft says:

LOL my website is under costruction by a while...I'm waiting for Microsoft to free the Azure Portal interface to use that amazing UI :)

As regards the name, there are a big  number of pc/desktop apps called "Movie Maker XXX", so I called mine "Media Maker 8.1". Microsoft had the right and the opportunity to just not certify my app too.. ;)
Anyway I'm one of the biggest Microsoft supporter ever, so if they will ask me to change the name I will do wo any discussion, it will take me no more than some minutes. The app link and search keywords will remain the same, so il will be not a big issue for the app visibility I hope...

Oh isn't it your website: http://www.venetasoft.it/ ?? LOL I thought its yours: "all metro-fied!".

venetasoft says:

Yes it's my website :)

Saiflowrider says:

It says sold out

joe_easton says:

That went fast!

wetworker says:

Awesome. ...BOUGHT

venetasoft says:

Thank you !! Please write me if you have feature requests/suggestions :) !!!

RGSingh says:

Bad luck
All keys sold

brebo33 says:

I was too slow

identity-x says:

got it :D


looking forward to fiddling with it!

Jazmac says:

Probably dead by now. No dialog.

DenniSundaY says:

Darn it, I'm too late!

IceDree says:

Missed it ! Anyway, I'll get the RT when it comes out :)
Thanks Daniel.

oditius says:

I went and bought it anyways, would be nice if it had a help section though.

venetasoft says:

I m working on it too.

gamo62 says:

Nothing pops up.

weihan2001 says:

Missed it!!! Argh...

OldDogSparky says:

Missed out on the code, but I purchased it anyway. Looks like the start of a great app. Just the basic video editing capability is great and I'm sure it will just get better. Click "buy" and support the developer and you'll be rewarded with updates I'm sure.

venetasoft says:

I m working on hi speed c++ transitions and filters now.
I planned a strict update iter for Movie Maker, this is the "kernel" only ;)

OldDogSparky says:

Excellent! My advice to you is make sure you have plenty of help. If you are able to keep up with the demand (of updates) then you are going to be very successful. Best of luck to you and kudos for what you have now!

venetasoft says:

I was thinking to record a video session tutorial that shows off all the features, it will be faster for me.... ;)
What do you think...?

OldDogSparky says:

When I mentioned "help", what I meant was that you would need other people to do these types of things while you focus on new software features. As a developer, I realize how much goes into an app release. Just trying to do all of the graphics, screenshots and even descriptions and changelogs can take up a lot of time. My apps are pretty "small time", but this app is going to be big and you'll need other people to take care of these non-coding things. Of course you probably know all of this.

Of course regarding the help (as in how to use the software), videos typically work very well. They guys here at WPCentral are great at doing lots of video reviews of products which are extremely helpful to everyone.

Ben Hanchett says:

Yes, because right now I'm not getting it. I appreciate the hard work. Please post a video somewhere showing what you can do with this. I don't do video edit much. Unfortunately people I know with Iphone do it all the time. Is there anyway to set it up with all the frames where you slide through or is that an os thing?

yes to a "how to" video

PipoDj says:

Key code sold-out.

xankazo says:

Nah, I'll just buy it. I'm never good with lottery and promotion stuff. :)

venetasoft says:

So you are this time, post a good rating and when it will be visible just write me an email and I will send you a brand new unlock code :)

xankazo says:

Too late. I just bought it. :p
Pretty nice app, btw.

Now if Windows 8.1 had this, with its UI. ;)

To the dev, excellent work. I love the app! :D

QilleRz says:

Sold out :(

Crying T.T

Kacey Green says:

100 isn't enough for a site this big it seems, maybe 1000

Sold out

rubenwidjaja says:

awesome!! buy it guys for support developers :)

mjohnson0584 says:

I downlded it (bought it) but could not find the 10x thing to get a refund on the app. :(


Help please.

jraad9 says:

You were supposed to download the trial version, then when you would enter the code it would unlock the full version.

venetasoft says:

Maybe you misunderstood.. :( You had to download the TRIAL version, that you can unlock the full version for free entering the key code...

Anyway write me your PayPal account and I will refund you immdiately ;)

S Vaibhav says:

Please make it available for Windows 8 and RT? As a universal app?

venetasoft says:

It is a Universal App, but I postponed the RT version because the UI requires more architecturing ;)

Wevenhuis says:

does it have fade in and out, intro and end credit screen, options for transition effects? does it have PIP?

For such a title and price I am expecting similarities between this and windows live movie maker for the desktop program. how much editing can one do on this app and what is the limit of editing one can di before the app crashes? It is my experience that there is a limit to what a gpu and cpu can take. The app will probably only be useful to its full potential in the flagship and higher end devices, like the 930 and 1520.

venetasoft says:

Hey! Have you hacked my changelog of next coming updates :) ???

Wevenhuis says:

No worries, mate! Just someone interested by this application but providing a ocmment that the app content feels a lot like the windows movie maker app by microsoft. The one thing I'm missing is PIP in the microsoft desktop program. Would be cool if this feature was part of your app, together with other important missing features and stability issues.

venetasoft says:

PIP is in my list too.
Please send me an email with your ideas, my to-do-list is based mainly on user requests :)

hopmedic says:

Tried to just buy it outright, but got an error. I guess ill go ahead and try for the freebie.

venetasoft says:

Store has some problems now, they usually get soved quickly...

RaRa85 says:

This app and others to come are all the more reason I need to get that 1520 some time soon.:)

abond32 says:

Real nice app.. I'm really feeling like I have a Real full featured Device. Go wp8.1 saving to scCard..

michail71 says:

Happy to pay for it. Support the devs that support the platform.

souvik_mcet says:

Bad luck . No one from my country receive the free version.:-(

venetasoft says:

Leave a nice feedback/rating on the Store and write me for a new code ;)

souvik_mcet says:

Please give more licenses

venetasoft says:

Leave a nice feedback/rating on the Store and write me for a new free code ;)

Manoj MJ says:

Missed it :'(
Please give me a token to get the full version. Literary i never used wallet in my phone and never had an credit card. So i can't buy too

Manoj MJ says:

Missed it :'(
Please give me a token to get the full version. Literary i never used wallet in my phone and never had an credit card. So i can't even buy it.

venetasoft says:

Leave a nice feedback/rating on the Store and write me for a new unlock code ;)

Manoj MJ says:

yup i gave this amazing app a five star rating. can i get a unlock code . plz

chabaco says:

I bought the app just to support the dev

I hope he keeps updating it. 

venetasoft says:

I promise you !!! Thank you !

Darn. Downloaded and rated right after this article appeared but guess I was too late or didn't submit review correctly. Did not get upgrade to full version.

venetasoft says:

Write an email to me for a new code :)

Medo0 says:

Has anyone tried the Slow-Mo thing yet?

lum5 says:

Sold out :cry:

I was Late too.. :-(. ..

jayruguitar says:

I was early to the party and happily paid full price.  Kudos to the developer!

LadyRocki says:

Oh yes, yes, yes. Downloading now.

Excelent!! yesterday i was looking for something like this. Congrats to developer. (i bought mine)

What i suggest to add is a "auto awesome video" like feature of the "photos" app from Android.

I love all the options you have. Gonna try more at home.



RobinPaul says:

Off topic is it possible to download the 8.1 Update or they still didn't made an update  for downloading it (cause some people getting error that it could not be installed)

spinzeroWL says:

Some feature suggestions...
Allow us to add multiple videos at once...
Image stabilisation feature would be v.good (Movie Maker on Windows 8 has it).
A less limited app trial (it isn't really possible to see anything on the app because it keeps saying about a 10 second limit. Why not allow us to make full videos, but limit output to 360p?)
Custom filters (classy ones...not the chintzy letterbox style ones with flowers around the edges!! Graduated tint/blur/sepia etc)

Anyway, great work - going to buy it shortly!

venetasoft says:

Multiple file pick implemented in, just update :)

Bought it without a second thought. Glad to support a good dev. Can't wait for the Windows version!!!

shoobirdy says:

Thanks Ventasoft and WPCentral...I was one of the lucky ones to get the free pass but I think would have bought it in any case. Been having a play with it and love the simplicity of it so far - looking forward to more features in the future but considering 8.1 isn't even official yet I'm amazed we have anything even! Thanks once again!

venetasoft says:

noted (sime are currently under develpment), thank you very much !!

ZuNuKoo says:

Thank you for this app.
You make really good apps. Wish I was in time for the free giveaway, didn't check my phone all day. It's not that expensive anyway. You should check out filmic pro for the iPhone, that's what I'd want to see on windows phones. Now time to install the app.

WittVikki says:

Now can we have a list of 8.1 exclusive apps?

mados123 says:

Is the ability to overlay/display text or have credits-like functionality coming?  Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hey, great app, even for the trial. When are the next set of keys coming out though?

pexbirdxd says:

I didn't get it the full version at time. This app is amazing. Thanks Venetasoft, the Movie Maker mobile in Windows Phone 8.1

nez99 says:

Can it compress the size/quality of a video? Wish I had an app that could do that

theroyboy44 says:

I just want a basic app that allows me to play videos back in slow-mo....I'm a coach and its really difficult to show important things when I can't do that....of course this app comes out when the season is ending this week but thats okay, better late than never! Don't have my phone on me so I will test it out later

thenightfury says:

I mean why hell all the best apps in WP are paid ones like this one, moli player, even this website's app is paid one "dunno why"...i mean how the avg users can take benefit of these apps

It is devs fault or MICROSOFTS..dunno whose but they should start considering making apps that good as well as free as available in Android.

dalydose says:

Bought it! No trial needed. Shot some footage on my flight home today. Threw together a test video. Lovin the app. Some wishes:
* Title Page maker
* Text on any page
* Fade audio in/out
* use MIC to add narration
* rearrange clips in timeline
* add multiple files at a time. I was going to make a montage video from a dozen or so still images, but wanted to select them all at the same time.
Here's my test video:

CMartinez_02 says:

How do i enter the code the developer gave me to get this app for free?

Crostiphex says:

This is something Vine for iOS had a long time ago, I wish devs would make the WP platform more seriously. Unless there is another reason.

JJKoskela says:

Latest version seems to crash when saving the video and screensaver kicks in. Otherwise amazing app!

Very nice app. I bought it. One Question: Will there be a desktop-version for Windows 8.1?