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Windows Phone 8.1's new swipe keyboard revealed on video

Windows Phone 8.1 is shaping up to be a major OS update. Though there are a few big ticket new items, there are also a lot of under the hood fixes too. One of those in-between additions will be a new swipe-based keyboard. We mentioned this addition in our 8.1 features list and other articles not as a third-party replacement, or Swype from Android, but rather Microsoft’s own addition to the stock keyboard.

This morning, Unleash The Phones have posted a video purporting to be that very keyboard. Indeed, we can confirm its authenticity at this time.

The keyboard itself is fairly straight forward: stocky keyboard but with the ability to drag your finger to pick letters. There’s also a newly updated prediction engine to help make things faster, including the ability to suggest emoji when typing certain phrases e.g. ‘happy’ will bring up that word plus the smiley emoticon.

The new swipe keyboard looks clean, fast and an exciting way to input text into Windows Phone 8.1. It was one of the key pieces of the update to not leak out, though like everything about 8.1, it has now seen the light of day.

What do you think of the keyboard? Sound off in comments.

Source: Unleash the Phones; via: the Verge



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giorgio h says:

Cooool, but too late for windows phone...

Its a feature that some users still want.

x I'm tc says:

Still don't understand why voice-input everywhere isn't included.  I'll take this, but I'd much rather have that.

Whodaboss says:

Please explain.  What kind of voice input is missing.  I can voice input in text, email, search...  Where is it needed?

mjrtoo says:

For text, press and hold windows button until it registers, and say text, name, say stuff. Same for search, just say find. For email, press the MIC icon.

tapehead says:

But many apps don't have voice command functionality in their search menus. I'd really like it in Xbox Music.

rcballa12 says:

Hold the windows logo down to bring up the speech menu, hit the question mark icon, then swipe to apps and explore what commands your apps support.

sirgrant618 says:

Put it in the keyboard like android did. That way the app developer doesnt have to waste an app bar "slot" to put the speech-to-text button there. Which means literally any play that you can type, you can use speech-to-text (text box on a web page, one note, word, powerpoint, kik, facebook comments, etc etc etc).


I wouldnt go as far to say that it's needed in those places, but it would be nice to always have the option available.

JerqFase says:

I can't voice-input text into many apps. Facebook comes to mind.

hwangeruk says:

Only 11 year old girls with self esteem issues use Facebook. Man up.

ymcpa says:

As a father of a 13 year old girl, I can safely say that teenage and preteen girls don't use facebook anymore. From my experience, Facebook has become the domain of middle aged moms with self esteem issues and too much free time on their hands posting selfies and pictures of their kids.

mikroland says:

Then what do they use? Please don't say Screwgole circles cause that thing sucks

invertme says:


Posted via the WPC App for Android!

coip says:

Right, them and 1.2 billion other people.

i_says says:

anywhere that you get the keyboard should also offer voice-to-text. it should be another button on the keyboard.

for example... i know i shouldn't be using my phone while driving, but sometimes I want directions. I have Nokia drive as a large tile, and the search button is large enough that I can tap both without really looking... but then I have to focus on my phone to enter an address.

its not as good as if it hooked into the speech API (long-hold home button, "Drive to [address]"), but at least it'd be something.

startrunner says:

Maybe because sometimes you should stay quiet when using your phone.

schlubadub says:

In your dreams "it's too late", buttercup

dhruv07 says:

Wish dere are colourful keyboards than black and white

ND colourful backgrounds plzzzz..!!!! Microsoft

xratola says:

Kind of but it will close the gap to new wp users I guess. On the other hand, for me it's not the ultimate feature

invertme says:

This is a deal breaker level feature for me. Anyone who has had swype for a long time, sends lots of texts and emails from their phone should agree swype is a nessesity.

micallan_17 says:

iOS doesn't even have it I think, so not sure how this is late

Posted not from Android!

psiu_glen says:

So, everyone complains it doesn't have and when it does get it, now it will be "too late"? Too late for what? The mobile market is in constant flux as phones age, contracts come up, new tech is introduced. The market went from WinMo to BB to iOS to dominated by Android (though not necessarily *the* Android) in a short time. A quality OS with support various services, good app selection, and a full feature list will have a fair shot at succeeding. The play between W8/RT/WP will help the app divide close as well.

EyalF23 says:

The mobile OS market isn't about religions, every person buys a new phone every once in a while - so WP still have a shot...

dougolupski says:

Well yeah it is, android and IOS are spoke of with fervent opinion much like religion. Many IOS users wont even consider changing because the phone doesnt have a half eaten apple on it.

2tomtom says:

IOS is about 17% of worldwide mobiles, who cares...

rantanamo says:

Samsung may test what Android really means or not soon.  They are making their watches Symbian next time.  What if they moved the Galaxy line to Symbian.  I'd bet the majority of the buying public know Samsung Galaxy more than Android, and I'd bet they get quick app support too. 

CyclingNut says:

Please explain the "too late" statement because it's really starting to get overused and old. People complain when a platform doesn't have certain features, and then when those features get added all I see is "it's too late". Really?? If that was true, then we'd see only one company dominate everything. I really don't understand the glass half empty mentality. "Hey guys, I know our customers want this feature, but since our competitor already has it, we might as well just throw in the towel". Complete nonsense

kingjah says:

Its a media hype and used by those buying into its nonsense.

NIST says:

It's not too late. Its just not an original breakout feature. When its reported on it will be met with "and Windows Phone finally gets a swype type keyboard. This function has been on android for years". We're just coming par feature wise, which is a good thing and never too late. Just not anything new. Cortana, in camera video effects, and a few other things are holding more of my interest than anything else.

rockstarzzz says:

Android has Swype as stock keyboard?

myfyp2 says:

Android stock keyboard has swiping since Android 4.2.

drozdpatrick says:

We had them but MS keeps shooting themselves in the foot, ie: late, late, late updates, ability to update live tiles to real time, removing app to sd card, cal, clock, ect.

tejedor1967 says:

Do you realize the difference between "late" and "never", do you? As an example: "Android will never be a secure OS" versus "Windows Phone 8 got the swipe keyboard a bit late".

hwangeruk says:

@CyclingNut, I can explain for you. Don't engage with this poster, this is his post recently from the comments section:

giorgio h says:

Anyobe knows good porn sites? I like ebony porn!
Edit: anybody* (wrote it while fapping)

And you want to enter into sensible debate with this guy? Forget it, wasted breath.


tejedor1967 says:

Youporn and Redtube both works great in my Lumia 1020 although eventually I would prefer a Lumia 1520 or bigger for porn.


xerox13ster says:

Have 1520, can confirm that it is excellent for porn.

hwangeruk says:

You sir are a pioneer. And I award thee the HWANGER seal of approval badge XXX

Dare2Blink says:

I know right? This ridiculous negatively with regards to anything Microsoft does is retarded.

MikeSo says:

What does this even mean? That they shouldn't release it? I am so tired of the "too late" comments. It's never too late to release something good.

duk3togo says:

Around the world its catching up to the number 2 spot (Apple). Its just a matter of time. Just the US is its last battlefield from the iZombies...

Xarok says:

And the UK. Its horrific the amount of people who have an iPhone here.

Global share for iPhones might be 15-20% but here in the UK it feels more like 80%

rockstarzzz says:

Come up north and its WPs everywhere ;)

Xarok says:

I am from up north! =]

I must admit i have seen a few more people with windows phones (part-time barman, see alot if peoples phones) which makes me happy. But still the amount of iPhones is significant.

It is never too late. Just bcoz your son came late to home , he doesn't stop being your son or you stop loving him.  Atleast see it this way , WP did it and Apple did not ! Now that can't be said too late 


LEts appreciate the effort they have taken and stop crying too late too late 



kushki says:

Did anybody see the 'Games' and 'Personal' section in the begining and end of the video. I think you can make groups on main screen and arrange apps in them....  Like windows 8

rockstarzzz says:

He has an app for it.

WP8_Lover says:

What app customizes the start screen?? :o

Too late? Have all the WP users who might use it (except me) already abandoned the platform?

OMG55 says:

Dude your in la la land as I know several people on WP who want this feature

Jazmac says:

Never too late for Windows Phone. This is the one feature I miss since I got rid of my android tumor.

J_Z says:

There is no such thing or concept as too late. Windows Phone has consistently increased there market share. It is a young, growing OS. It's on the rise. Each update is cherished and celebrated by the community. This does not sound to me like it's "too late". It it's too late for you as a person, then don't read this blog. Go elsewhere. If you are still interested in WP, then each update is going to bolster it's feature set and market share.


I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE the swipe feature. I have regularly commented / emailed that this is a major missing feature that I missed after switching from Sony Xperia. However, this was the last feature I missed. Are there loads of feature that I gained when switching to WP, yes definitely, most of which I love is Mix Radio. People are forever commenting they love that feature and wish they had it.


Do you agree with my personal preferences and opinions? Perhaps not. But I clearly say this is my opinion. Whereas you are like, this is a fact. There are no facts such as the one you mention, and to make an opinion out is a fact is a very poor communication trait.

Its not too late! This is a big deal. And iOS still doesn't provide this option. An improvement is an improvement.

No way it's too late. I want this for certain. Especially if it makes it over to tablets and desktop.

jfa1 says:

In your opinion others beg to differ!

Tips_y says:

"Cooool, but too late for windows phone..." - stupid remark if you realize that the mobile world is not set in stone but is in constant flux. WP is still growing and gaining momentum so nothing is too late.

TripsG says:

I must be old because I'll never understand it. But happy for those who get it.

schlubadub says:

It's just predictive text based on which letters your fingers swipe through

Evster88 says:

It's pretty useful if you're wearing gloves, as your fingertip accuracy goes down, but this method can generally interpolate what you were trying to tap out.

duk3togo says:

Strangely once you get used to it, you tend to type faster. For us old folks its just a good brain exercise lol...

Tips_y says:

I'm with you because even when I was fully using android, I disliked it. Now that i"m fully using WP and swipe-keyboard is coming to WP, It doesn't excite me but I fully welcome it for those who desire it.

Mifter says:

As someone who used to use Swipe when it first came out for Windows Mobile, I'm looking forward to getting the feature back in 8.1....

rimlover says:

i think that was swype. swype is a company that became synonymous with the swipe keyboards. in windows phone 8.1 you'll have a swipe keyboard (the feature) just not by swype (the company). sorry its just a technicality.

Tips_y says:

Swype I think is now fully identified with android so maybe that's why MS bypassed them. But MS had a lot of expierence with it during the WinMo days, I don't think bringing the functionality into WP's keyboard would be any problem.

ricbon says:

phone looks like a thats good

Even the 520 is getting 8.1 so that's not too much of a concern at this point.

dhruv07 says:

Hehehe u poured water on his 'exclusive' happiness..!!! ;D

HaibaneReki says:

classic Daniel :)

Credo93 says:

My concern is if it will get all the features, and will it still be smooth to handle ...

ortizang says:

When will developers get it?

what if i have to type an alphabet twice like "hello" "happy" with alphabet coming twice.. how to use swipe!! i now text prediction will provide full word but still!! i want to know!!

It can predict that by the other letters you swipe. It is very efficient and fast. At least Swype on Android is, I'm assuming swipe on WP8 will be similar.

Tips_y says:

MS had a lot of experience with Swype during the WinMo days I'm sure the feature they're baking-in to the WP keyboard is fully as functional and as efficient as Swype's is.

Jabid21 says:

In Swype, the default way to enter double letters was by tracing a loop over the letter using the finger. I guess most swipe entry keyboard used that gesture now, WP might use that gesture too.

albogino says:

Anyone else notice they finally made the space bar longer by removing one button to its right? Finally no,more,of,this

Swipe keyboard is such a killer feature in android. Having it on Windows Phone is awesome. All the new features are great, but this is one feature that you use 90% of the time. Awesome!

Yes! My most wanted feature, as of late. I've been using swype exclusively on my Nexus tablet and hate having to type on my iPhone or 920!!!

oliverh72 says:

I agree 100%. I moved away from WP before wp8 because it didn't support font sizes (bad eyes). I'm moving back, and this was the one feature I knew I'd miss the most.

Thanks MS for adding this!! To all people who shrug this off - wait until you start using it consistently. You'll never go back to typing with your thumbs again. 

Kristijan87 says:

I am more interested, in fact, in seeing this keyboard in action on a Windows tablet. :) Surely, the surface is bigger and might be tiresome but still. Anyway, it looks very clean and fast, can't wait to try it out! Can we hope for a developer preview in April? :) I mean, has it been confirmed by a reputable source?

micallan_17 says:

I think wpcentral has been able to confirm there will be a developer preview

Posted not from Android!

eruptflail says:

Aren't there too few icons at the bottom for this to be 8.1? I thought there was a new icon.

Tips_y says:

Good catch! What happened to the button for attachments at the bottom of the keyboard?!!

TrustySnooze says:

Hooray for those who like it.

RJ Priest says:

How the heck does that even work? Randomly zig zag across the keyboard?

Probably where your finger stops for a 1//4 second enters as a possible letter choice, combined with other potential letter choices, it's just a text prediction engine combined with SLA to guess what word you want.

planoman says:

You run your fingers through the letters you want to spell and it predicts with great accuracy which word you are spelling. I do not use it but know some that do and they love it.

sent from my kick a$$ Nexus 5!

EchoOne30 says:

It's about time. Swiping is bar none the easiest way to type on a handheld device. Easiest and quickest.


I don't understand waiting until April. They obviously have it ready. Release it now. Boom announcement in one day and then release it. Fuck suspense and hype. Be the company that provides the quickest service, you can't buy hype like that. April is a whole other season. It's still snowdrifts and windchills right now. They may as well say they'll release it when man lands on Mars.

brandoshido says:

I found it pretty awful. Classic typing is the way to go.

Flagz says:

To be honest on touch screens I can honestly argue classic keyboard is NOT the way to go. I was faster on my T9 on my flip phone and my Swype keyboard on my Droid. I don't text alot so its not a big deal for me though

Niavlys77 says:

Really? Sounds to me like you're just not used to typing on a normal keyboard.

T9 is definitely the slowest - and I personally find swiping to be awkward, unless you're wearing gloves and can only use one hand.

If you're someone who touch types on a full-sized keyboard, chances are "classic" typing is the fastest method for you.

Flagz says:

Well opinions are that for a reason, T9 with prediction was he fastest and I didn't even have to look at the screen. When I was in high school I used to read a text, out the phone back in my pocket and text with one hand faster than original iPhone and Sidekick users. It was amazing. I'm lightning fast on my desktop/surface touch screen with qwerty. On a phone it awkward, two thumbs are different than 10 fingers. Me and my fiance wanted swype since day 1, and were actually thinking about both trying T9 aswell

Niavlys77 says:

Yep, I suppose it's just a matter of taste then really. In any case, it's nice that we're finally getting more options so that anyone can enjoy WP more.

rimlover says:

i agree with you about that its very useful (to some) but i disagree with the rest of your comment. MS aren't the ones that are doing these leaks so technically they didn't announce anything for you to say they're waiting a season to launch it. people are leaking these info about wp 8.1, which is really hurting MS because people want it ASAP. assuming its ready is plain wrong. unlike google, MS & apple test over and over the software/hardware combo to make sure it works 100% the first time. there is no point in launching something quickly so people will bitch that it doesnt work right. 

reda igbaria says:

People think that discovering bugs is so easy ;) you need to wait

rimlover says:

haha well put.

planoman says:

I do not use swipe but really want 8.1. Come on!

sent from my kick a$$ Nexus 5!

dkediger says:

THIS is what I miss the most from my Android days!



Winnabe says:

From my Symbian days.

Lumia 8x says:

I used it first on my HTC hd2 days when it first came out. Swipe still sucks when you have to type URL address.

Kyorin says:

Same here. Fastest way to enter text with fingers on a phone by far! Looking forwad to using this on my 925. Also looking forward to the new background feature.

Jagar Tharn says:

Awesome for one handed typing

ranger604 says:


Easiest way to txt whilst standing on the train.  Miss this dreadfully..

Winnabe says:

Also good for while you are doing the single-handed hot texting with your girl.

GSOgymrat says:

I type using both thumbs, which is maybe why I don't quite get how this works. I think I will need to try it once the feature is released.

For me Swype was meh on Android.
I am looking forward to trying it on WP though because predictive text is very good. Hoping that makes the swiping keyboard on WP better than what I've used before.

reda igbaria says:

The prediction feature in windowsphone is awesome. True ;)

Credo93 says:

Hi rebornempowered! Good to see you here :) I'm also looking forward on trying it on Windows Phone :)

It works flawless for me on my Nexus! Hope it will be as good on my 920.

reda igbaria says:

I wish that this guy show us more from windowsphone 8.1 like Crotona

Credo93 says:

I don't think we will get to see it until BUILD. These leaks are 'controlled' leaks ...

reda igbaria says:

You mean that they are by Microsoft, so they can know the feedback of the community :) i know

Credo93 says:

Kind off, i mean that they knew for sure the developers would leak these new features before the announcement, and to see if the people will get excited (which i really am!) but they have a few surpises on the table, like Cortana, something with the search button, and maybe who knows, something else unique or something..

Xaphoon148 says:

That really looks like a... keyboard...
Maybe just my eyes, but really didn't see so much :P

rimlover says:

....? what did you expect? its a keyboard you can slide a finger over. i guess you missed the whole point of him sliding his finger and the blue line showing the path he dragged his finger in....

Xaphoon148 says:

Guess I'll have to watch it again on the PC screen :P

lemonsteveo says:

Yeah, dunno why its zoomed out so much.

bryangei says:

Off topicish, but does anyone know/think that depending how the background image is done, that it will also be implemented as the background for apps that depend on the theme like messaging or the me tile?

bryangei says:

You would have a background image for messaging and other apps. Like how now it is dependent upon the theme you choose (light or dark).

usman567 says:

I am really happy for windows phone that they are bring new features to windows phone.

omullins says:

I recently picked up an LG G Pad 8.3 and use SwiftKey Flow all the time, and when I pick up my 920 I try swiping around and go oh yeah, lol. So definitely looking forward to this!

kittananj says:

I saw in this video that Windows Phone 8.1 could group the tiles like Windows 8.x. And I saw this feature already in Nokia Thailand's workshop event.

ryansstuff says:

I feel sorry for Microsoft. They have nothing to show about the phone now as everyone has leaked everything!!

Credo93 says:

I think they have a few surprises in the pipeline :)

They do! But will they remain un-leaked in the next 5 weeks? My confidence in that is not too high, sadly.

Credo93 says:

Yeah man, it's a little sad. But if i remember correctly, where there leaks of Kids Corner before the announcement of Windows Phone 8 back in 2012? I don't remember leaked things about Kids Corner (i might be wrong), so i hope some of the remained new features will be revealed at BUILD :)

Looking forward to Paris Hilton's newest leak -.-

rockstarzzz says:

+1 Every time Daniel writes about a leak I just feel sad. But again this is same angle as they had with Mango. These leaks are extremely helpful to deter those who may even think of jumping on Normandy or S5 or iPhone6. It wont attract everyone but surely it will get those on the fence thinking. If WP is already on par with 8.1 and is the most gorgeous UX, UI - why wait for boring iPhone6?

avigyan says:

I love this. Hope this matches up to the Swype on Android.

Stop the leaks, please! I wanna be surprised with at least one new feature on BUILD.

rockstarzzz says:

Let them flow. Those on the fence now have no reason to upgrade to iOS. They may even upgrade in April as the beautiful UI they didn't choose 2 years back is now on par with features, has 200k+ apps and is matured. It will help marketshares.

lemonsteveo says:

You could turn off your internet for 5 weeks or so, then you'll be pleasantly surprised. :D

stephking92 says:

Surprised that you don't need internet to live, you mean. lol

mgkeath says:

I'm not a big fan, but that doesn't matter, there are many who are. Good addition for those who like it and that's really what's important, options. Different strokes (pun alert) for different folks.

Meagey says:

I want 8.1 now please! Windows phone already has my all time favorite keyboard, with swipe its going to be even better

jomarr says:

Don't know how the heck this works but if it will make many happy I am here for it!!! Options! Innovations! YES!!!!

Nickkk101 says:

Keyboards. Pfft. Who uses them?!!

jonmeza says:

Having this on Windows Phone and on Windows 8.1 tablets would convince my wife to switch from Android. It's that important to some people.

Lumia 8x says:

Why would you convert someone by force to switch to windows phone? Please don't be that harscore Christianity guy from 1700

jonmeza says:

Convert by force? No. She would be open to a Windows Phone and a windows tablet but simply can't do without swype keyboards. Nothing to do with conversion. LOL... Just stating certain little features encourage adoption to new platforms

Lumia 8x says:

Woops. Read that wrong!

Credo93 says:

I never used this feature, but it looks interesting. I will try it out as soon as possible when the update is being rolled out :)

Sagar Limaye says:

How does he have 8.1 on his phone already?

not looks like wp8.1, look at the icons at the bottom..seems its wp8 ... now a days cant believe anything!

Or it could be an early build of 8.1, none of us truly know. What we do know is swipe is coming in the 8.1 update.

xankazo says:

NO idea how this works, but it looks shiny. :)

explosive0 says:

Looks like they're copying Android

Credo93 says:

Correct me if i'm wrong but Symbian had this feature too :)

Winnabe says:

In fact, it came pre-loaded on Nokia N8!

Credo93 says:

Thanks for confirming it :)

Lumia 8x says:

Looks like they are copying windows mobile.

Tips_y says:


Why would Microsoft copy Android when they have WinMo in their data bank already!

@explosive0 is either a 5-year old or has alzheimer's disease.

invertme says:

Old Windows mobile had Swype before android existed. Good try though.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

hmptec says:

I love the swipe feature personally. Can't wait for it to arrive, along with all the other cool features

patrickwee says:

Internet explorer 11 will be also inside windows phone 8.1 ?

bitwise says:

Hmmm reminds me of fruit ninja hah.

lesd777 says:

This will be killer. Its never too late! I really missed this feature from android.

Vheissu says:

I've never really cared that WP didn't have keyboard options, but seeing this video makes me really want it

Credo93 says:

Wow Daniel i just noticed something else which u probably noticed already but seems like you now can group apps?? Just like Windows 8.1 and give the group a name? Correct me if i'm wrong, would love to see this feature too!

1MiNo2 says:

with the GDR3 update you can download this app -  .


however I have no need to group apps on my WP8. Endless Modern UI is OK for me

Credo93 says:

I'm sorry that was not what i mean.What i mean is this to group apps, not to folder apps. Look at this picture to see what i mean, i saw that you can give grouped tiles a name, like Windows 8.1.!20011&authkey=!AGI5KqFXzCZnZ44&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.png



ebin5 says:

Yes.groups like social,games and personal can be seen at the start and end of the video.great feature like in win8.1.can't wait.....

mrllano says:

I dong necessarily need it,but for others its a good addition

Guakala says:

Much uninterested.

Tips_y says:

It's way passed your bedtime - sleep now!

jpling says:


nuclax says:

Lots of bugs in wp8
Today i took my phone to the scool
It was on silent but it still rang :\

borasar says:

you sure it wasn't an alarm?

rockstarzzz says:

Not a bug. User error. Used it since 2010, never happens, ever.

Donny James says:

I can has swype?

Winnabe says:

As someone who was really hesitant to get on to the WP train because of the absence of thr Swype keyboard from Symbian, I have only one word -"Woohoo!" Thanks MSFT.

vakama94 says:

I hope the swiping effect gets colored with the accent you choose but having independent colors would be awesome too

76keith says:

I just want a longer spacebar as I'm forever hitting "," instead of "space".

Lumia 8x says:

Right? I wish the space bar was in the center. SMH. Sigh....

KM2612 says: stop...think like 4 yrs msft

WOW , swype on wp , :* microsoft xxx

I just hope for unlimited tile color choices ;)

Aashish13 says:

What about file manager for wp??