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Windows Phone Accessory Review: Naztech Mini Boom Speaker

Naztech Mini Boom Speaker

Not content with your Windows Phone speaker for audio playback? Looking for a compact, external speaker for your Windows Phone? We may have just what you're looking for over at the WPCentral Accessory Store with the Naztech Mini Boom Speaker ($18.95).

The compact speaker isn't much larger than a golf ball, can act as a stand alone MP3 player, and comes in three color choices (pink, black and blue). The Naztech Mini Boom Speaker is an option to consider and while the sound quality didn't knock my socks off, it wasn't too shabby for such a small speaker.

Naztech Speaker collapsedNaztech Speaker Extended

Here's the lay of the land with the Naztech Mini Boom Speaker. The speaker twists in the center to expand. Not sure why but the instructions call for the speaker to be expanded in step two and my guess is the expansion gives the sound a little more base.

Working around the speaker you have a micro-SD card slot that is used to play music directly from the speaker, a 3.5mm head phone jack, your control panel with LED indicator light and a mini-USB port that is used to charge the speaker via your computer (USB cable supplied). At the bottom of the speaker is a 3.5mm plug that connects the speaker to your Windows Phone.

Naztech Control Buttons

The speaker is light weight and compact enough to fit in a jacket pocket or get lost in a backpack pocket. The control panel is composed of three buttons that take on multiple tasks. The center button controls power, plays music and pauses tracks. The two side buttons control volume and track selection. The functions are distinguished by tapping or tapping/holding the buttons. One should note that when the speaker is connected to the Windows Phone the only function these buttons have is to power on/off the speaker. Volume and track selection is done through the phone.

Naztech 3.5mm Cord

The 3.5mm cord that attaches to your Windows Phone is in the neighborhood of two inches long. A little on the short side in my opinion.

Sound quality was alright, about a notch or two above the internal speaker on the Windows Phone.  I can see the Naztech being useful if you want to listen to music, audio files, streaming radio and such on a personal level but it's not going to crank out the tunes strong enough to rattle the windows.  The Naztech Mini Boom Speaker isn't strong enough for parties or other situations where you want to rock the house. The compact size is a plus but the speaker's performance is more suited for personal use.

As a stand alone MP3 player the Mini Boom Speaker performed decent. You still have decent sound quality but not "wow" sound quality and the controls were easy to use.  The Naztech Mini Boom Speaker is running $18.95 over at the WPCentral Accessory Store. It's a nice, compact speaker that can come in handy but doesn't have as big a boom as I was hoping for.



There are 6 comments. Sign in to comment

LOL. What a coincidence that it would come in cyan, black, and pink.

dwbmb says:

LOL. What a coincidence that I have the same device (maybe with different brand painted on it) for years.

jabtano says:

Anything is better than the speaker on the HTC HD7.

toastyghost says:

If you're in the UK and want something a LOT more potent, then check these out - my friend makes them by hand to order, and none of the claims on the site are remotely exaggerated. 

Did I read "mini USB"? Slightly outdated, I'd say.

Snow says:

Does it work with samsung omnia 7?