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Windows Phone Accessory Review: NoiseHush NX80 Headphones

NoiseHush NX80 Headphones

One of the more challenging Windows Phone accessories to review are headphones. Asides from comfort and sound quality it's really hard to dissect headphones. Luckily, the NoiseHush NX80 headphones have a little more to measure than comfort and sound quality.

For starters, the NoiseHush NX80 comes in a nice assortment of colors to match your tastes and style. You have white/black, blue/black, red/white, and red/black. The 3.9 foot long in-the-ear headphones fit comfortably in your ear and is packaged with a nice assortment of rubber earbuds to help you find just the right fit.

The NoiseHush NX80 uses a flat, ribbon styled cable that is billed as tangle free when compared to the round, corded headsets. The flat, ribbon cables give the NoiseHush a distinctive look. The only downside is that it takes a while for the folds in the cable to relax and lie flat.

NoiseHush NX80

The sound quality on the NoiseHush NX80 was good. The inline microphone filters out external noises to improve sound quality when listening to videos or sound tracks. You're wife may not like it but the NoiseHush NX80 filters out background noises really well allowing you to focus on your music or videos.

As far as using the NoiseHush NX80 for hands free calling, it performs on par with any other in-ear headphones. Maybe a nudge better with the noise filtering features. Calls came in clear and the microphone picked up my voice rather nicely. Wind noise was present but not to the point it drowns out your voice. The inline microphone is fitted with a button to answer/end calls. When not in use, the NoiseHush is packaged with a velvet-like cloth pouch to store your headphones in.

If you're looking for a nice set of wired headphones for your Windows Phone, the NoiseHush NX80 is worth considering. The headphones are currently running $29.95 and you can find the NoiseHush NX80 here at the WPCentral Accessory Store.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone Accessory Review: NoiseHush NX80 Headphones


Good earbuds are hard to find. I've must gave bought a dozen different sets. I'll stick with my JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs they pretty much just kill anything I've ever used including those Beats audio and apple buds.
Also noise filtering is different than noise cancelling. With filtering typically being the rubber end that expands in the ear to prevent ambient noise from bleeding in. The sealing also enhances bass response and clarity. Best if used so far are the JVC's they are amazing for music.

man! it looks pretty though though..
hmm~ might considering this over beats tour :)
btw, how long you have used those JVC X-X ?

I've had this set for about 8 months. The problem with most ear buds is that 1) they don't fit correctly and thus uncomfortable especially for long periods of time, 2) they lack any bass response because of the size of the driver. Somehow JVC just knocks it out of the ballpark with these. They come with various ear tips and the soundstage is huge and lush with lots of bottom end you can actually feel. I've turned on about 10 friends onto these and its always a wow effect. You can't go wrong with these.

I just ordered the JVCs...mainly for on the plane.  The extra sensitivity should really help.  And the price is right.

i think a review should be made of headphones with ( 3 button) control and mic
they work with nokia lumia line and compnays like htc samsung too
- urbeats (not ibeats)
- htc beats solo 
- Sony smart headset
- Nocs NS200H-001 
Nokia purity