Windows Phone ad focuses on the Samsung Omnia W

There's a new Windows Phone advertisement out on Youtube that is highlighting the Samsung Omnia W that hit overseas markets late last month. The Omnia W succeeds the Omnia 7 and is basically the overseas version of the AT&T Samsung Focus Flash.

The minute long ad focuses on the Super AMOLED screen of the Omnia W and covers key features of the Windows Phone platform including the Peoples Hub, SkyDrive, Video Calling and gaming. It's a nice looking advertisement that not only shows you the capabilities of a Windows Phone but also the wide range of consumers the Omnia W can appeal to.

via: wmpoweruser



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Rhody#WP says:

What were they using for video calling?

PaulosV says:

That's "Video Call" app that uses 3G network's capability to make video calls. You need a front-facing camera to use it.

koenshaku says:

They did its now twice as bad as it was before though...

but it was a secret last month...

Nataku4ca says:

lol, at least i didn't get to see it last time, now i can :P

TheWeeBear says:

LOL OK i'll let you off this time George, guess it was, ;)

DiabloBlanco says:

Worst. Fake. Smiles. Ever.
I think Msft just needs to go spend the money to have some FARC rebels kidnap Apple's marketing people and then be willing to pay so much to have the ads on every block of commercials that pop up and every billboard I drive by.. come on guys.

Lol!  Yeah, but this is a Samsung ad.  No doubt, though, Samsung needs to take notes from Nokia.

tN0 says:

Fake smiles. Fake interface. This is how you start ruining a brand!

you're the fake one

A r i says:

Jesus can it get any cheesier. A hunk on a beach opening up Office to vew a pie chart! A PIE CHART. Yeah that will make the masses quiver for the platform. No wonder Apple and Droid are handing our asses to us.

If MSFT's late actions is to mimic Apples success (retail stores, curated ecosystem, and even today's news that it will retract from trade shows to concentrate on MS specific events), their marketing sure isn't following suit. Weak.

aubreyq says:

If I'm at the beach it'd be gawking at the ladies, definitely not at a pie chart.

Dannay says:

Makes the phone look kinda pretty.. just don't get why they don't send UK the focus s :(

firebrewd says:

So many complainers, wow... Fake smiles? No comment.

A r i says:

Uh you just commented.

firebrewd says:

Thanks, Captain Obvious! Now go back to your bridge, troll.

A r i says:

Awe best you've got?

You're an idiot just go away.

kingc513 says:

The commercial wans't bad at all, seems like a bunch of haters knit-picking to bring wp7.5 down. To me its a really good platform still in early stages of development.If you like it,then luv it if u hate it then leave it...

willied says:

The guy who did the voiceover sounds like a complete douche.