More 1020 on Cyan

Lumia 1020 Cyan updates expand

Cortana in More Regions

Activate Cortana alpha version in India, Canada, and Australia

General News

Cortana will be fluent in Canadian in time for Windows Phone 8.1

General News

Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use

Microsoft News

Microsoft set to invade Canada on October 26th with a new retail store

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PSA - Canada Lumia 520 owners now getting Amber update

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Nokia Lumia 625 heading to TELUS on October 3rd; will be priced at $300

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Nokia Lumia 1020 launching in Canada on October 3rd with Rogers and TELUS

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Canada’s Lumia 520 about to get Amber’d on Telus, Rogers and more

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Rogers puts Nokia Lumia 1020 up for pre-order, offers free camera grip too

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Coming Soon: Nokia Lumia 1020 teased on the TELUS website

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HTC 8X, 8S on Bell Mobility and Rogers started receiving GDR2 too; get Data Sense

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Lumia 1020 not to be exclusive to Rogers in Canada, also heading to TELUS with Lumia 625

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Rogers introducing the Nokia Lumia 1020 to Canada this October

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An even better deal for SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 in Canada: $575

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SIM Unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 now available in Canada via Expansys

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Bell rolling out Windows Phone GDR2 update to the Samsung ATIV S

Windows Phones

Canada's PC Mobile to get the Nokia Lumia 520 June 5th?


Canadian bank RBC releases official Windows 8 app

Windows Phone News

Nokia launches Music app and service in Canada, ahead of May announcement


Windows Phone app MintWallet wins MintChip Challenge

MintWallet by Coronox

The Windows Phone app MintWallet has been tapped as the Best Overall App in the Royal Canadian Mint MintChip Challenge. What is the Royal Canadian Mint MintChip Challenge you ask?

The Royal Canadian Mint has developed an digital currency, the MintChip. To promote this new technology, the Royal Canadian Mint sponsored the MintChip Challenge and invited software developers to create innovative digital payment applications using MintChip. The Mint was looking for apps that best demonstrated the potential value of the MintChip technology and the greatest potential impact on the technology. Overall, $50,000 (in gold) worth of prizes was at stake.

The winners were announced today and the Windows Phone app MintWallet won the Best Overall Application and Best P2P Application categories. MintWallet developers took home a total of 13 ounces of gold, valued at approximately $23,100, for winning both categories.

MintWallet by Coronox is a feature rich MintChip application that lets you create payment networks, request money, send money to friends, pay bills, and scan MINT enabled meters. One interesting feature is the ability to create payment QR codes. Just scan the code to populate the payment fields and hit transmit. You can even pay your parking meters through MintWallet.

MintWallet isn't available in the Windows Phone Store and we don't know if or when it will.  We'd like to congratulate Coronox for winning the MintChip Challenge and developing such a feature rich app. MintWallet clearly demonstrates the potential the MintChip digital currency can have as well as the potential of our Windows Phone.

Source: MintChip Challenge Via:Mobilesyrup; Thanks, Crushing Destroyer, for the tip!



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Lasp24 says:

That's so helpful!

mythos13 says:

Cool, I hope it and MintWallet go live.

hgary06 says:

I think being paid in gold is cool.

blackprince says:

That's a pretty sweet prize and with price of gold going up and up, the value of their prize increases. Very sweet. I hope to see more of this app and this technology up north here.

Nakazul says:

Lovely screenshots, looks smashing.

swizzlerz says:

So $50 000 worth of Canadian tax payers money is wasted on an app we can't even use!!!!! I'll be calling my mp!!!

Aldoron says:

How narrow minded of you...

Kreets says:

I got excited for a sec, I thought there was finally a app available for WP :(

silent'g says:

makes more sense to give prizes to already tried and tested apps ALREADY in wp marketplace but what do i know... meh

mythos13 says:

You obviously didn't read the article.

Tsyokiss says:

Agreed, read the article before you comment lol.. :-P

bitdisaster says:

I'm the creator of MintWallet and I'm glad people like my work. However, MintChip is not a released technology yet. If MintChip becomes available then I will all release MintWallet to the public marketplace. The network behind comes with API for Android, iOS and web. So their will be plenty of possibilities to get MintWallet on other platforms as well.

Congrats on your win!!!

Aldoron says:

Well done :)