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As summer moves into full swing, so does the Major League Baseball season. To help you keep track of things, you have the Windows Phone app Baseball Live.

The main pages for Baseball Live cover news, scores, team standings, a more page that will send you to a stats page, ESPN videos page, MLB videos page, ESPN's MLB Tweets, MLB Tweets and the app's settings.

The nice thing about Baseball Live is there are very few redirects to external sites. All the information is pulled into Baseball Live avoiding the need to bounce between the app and Internet Explorer. You will need to go to your YouTube Windows Phone app to view videos and the Twitter Windows Phone app for the tweets but news items, stats, and scores are all pulled into Baseball Live.

Baseball Live

Other features for Baseball Live include:

  • Ability to share a news article through email, Facebook or Twitter
  • Live scoreboard of current games
  • Live Game details including box scores and detailed play information
  • Ability to create a secondary tile for your favorite team
  • Team Information including schedule and roster information
  • Ability to set your favorite team which will create a unique app landing page unique to your team

When you're viewing the game details and need to update the score, simply shake your Windows Phone.

All in all, Baseball Live is a comprehensive source for all your Major League Baseball news, stats, and scores. Baseball Live is a free, ad supported app for your Windows Phone that you can snag here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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RaRa85 says:

Great app that's not a Nokia exclusive. Yes! Happy Memorial day to all.

kravex says:

Looks a good app but to 'inside baseball' for me :-)

thenet says:

Great app. Go Dodgers and also Go Windows Phone. Boo to iPhone and android

siddharaj says:

Anybody can tell me plzz wer can i buy best skins for samsung omnia w

buggyglint says:

Wow, in really impressed by this sports app. Not only does it provide you with everything to satisfy your mlb needs but it also does not redirect you to ESPN! It also has a nice metro interface and favourite team tile! Now if they could make an NHL version and an ad-free paid version id certainly buy them both.

buggyglint says:

Forgot to mention something important... Go Jays! :-P

dbsfgiants says:

Good app! Go Giants!

gorebashd says:

Go Jays! This is actually a great app :) hope they make a hockey one too