Windows Phone App Review: Pickr

Pickr for Windows Phone

Pickr is a photography app for your Windows Phone that lets you browse and search for images that are posted to Flickr. It's from the same developers that brought us Video Diaries and isn't a bad image surfing app.

Pickr offers pages to view images uploaded to Flickr for the past seven days, which keywords are hot for today, and a favorites page to pin your favorite images to. At the bottom of the Pickr's pages is a magnifying glass button to let you search for images by keyword or by photographer.


In pulling up a specific image you will view the photographer's information and any comments posted to Flickr. At the bottom of the image page you'll find the search button, directional arrows to surf the images, and a pin button to pin the image to your Favorites Page. Tap on the image and it is pulled up full screen.

Pickr is a nice app but there are a few elements missing. Pickr doesn't support horizontal view so some images will be reduced even when pulled up full screen. Pickr also lacks the ability to save images to your Windows Phone or sign into your Flickr Account to add your own comments on images. Granted there may be copyright or API issues preventing this.

Still, Pickr isn't a bad app if you like surfing pictures. Pickr is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Store.

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restlessdan says:

Looks good. lance is a good developer i like his stuff. Nice review.

win7willy says:

I disagree, not very impressive at all. Das Image, and more than one other well known app offer the option to save to phone, and have been for a longtime. Logging into your account should be a given, and isn't an option either.

This app is solely to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the RadControls for Windows Phone.