Windows Phone App Review: Picture Info

Picture Info for Windows Phone

Here's a short take on a simple, straight forward photo app for your Windows Phone. Picture Info is an EXIF reader that not only displays the details of your photos but it will also map out where the image was taken if GPS information is present.

For those not familiar, digital image files have an embedded EXIF file (short for Exchangeable Image File format) that contains all the technical data on that particular photo. Data can include camera settings, date and time of the photo, image size, GPS coordinates, any copyright information, etc. The amount of data in the EXIF file varies from camera to camera.

Picture Info

With Picture Info you pull up images from your Pictures Hub and you'll see a thumbnail version of the image and a Detail and Location Page populated with all the EXIF information. The Detail Page with Picture Info will list all the EXIF data available. The Location Page, if GPS data is available, will flag where the image was taken on Bing Maps. You can toggle between street and satellite views as well as launch the Bing Maps app to get directions to that particular location.

I like the simplicity of Picture Info and it's a quick, easy way to pull up data on the pictures you take. Picture Info is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Mifter says:

Anyone know if it can edit the exif data as well as view it?

No you can't.  This is only a reader/viewer.

pressstart says:

Thanks for sharing! Not sure I would use it much, but it's a neat app to have.

Guakala says:

I hope WP8 has a "info" option after tap and holding a photo. A really basic, but totally missing feature. 

djctz says:

Pretty cool app

scdkad says:

Doesn't show info from pix taken with my Canon XTI dslr..

Aldoron says:

Are you exporting from an alternate program? Sometimes exif data doesn't copy over.

Xaphoon148 says:

Why on earth is this not a standard in wp7.5 like it was on the win mobile?
Hope this is standard in wp8
Time and date to show in the regular photo album.
Miss this :-/ wp7.8 ?