Windows Phone Apps Magazine #3 readily available

WP Apps Magazine 3

The Windows Phone UK team have released two editions of the Apps Magazine so far that is focused on helping new adopters get started with their new Windows Phones. Edition #3 is readily available should you find yourself in the dark and haven't quite yet got round to checking it out for the rich content available.

The edition follows #2, which was released back in November. As well as running through a number of apps (160 to be exact) available on the Marketplace, the magazine does feature highlights of Windows Phone itself, from Live Tiles to Bing and local services. Whether you're an experienced fan or have just jumped from a competitor platform, it's well worth a read.

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timwp12 says:

Finally. Sick tired seeing Android and iPhone. Great about it my bookstore carries it and when I went to bookstore they have it. So yes purchased one and will subscribe to it.

venetasoft says:

Link is broken: "Internal Server Error"...

schlubadub says:

Yeah, same :( something is borked