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Windows Phone Central app v3.10/11 released - bug fixing time!

Following on from our mostly successful launch of v3.8/9 of the Windows Phone Central app, there are a few loose ends to tie up in the code, thus we present the next update, v3.10 for Windows Phone 7 and v3.11 for Windows Phone 8. After a few problems with the store, everything looks to be resolved.

Whilst we're afraid we can't promise any exciting new features, we have resolved several problems, some of which we know were frustrating our community a little! You can pick up the update here in the store (either the free version or paid) or see below for the full changelist, and please consider voting for the app in Microsoft's next app star competition.

  • Fixed bug where some the news would never load in certain regions.
  • Fixed a memory issue where certain devices could not load all the wallpapers.
  • Corrected the Windows Phone 8 version's manifest to allow saving of pictures including wallpapers
  • Fixed a small issue where more than 3 headlines would try to display on the wide tile
  • Fixed two live tile bugs where the app would crash when trying to set the picture used in the tile

As always we appreciate your feedback in any form! Comment, get in tough via the app or using our forums! Whilst we have your attention, if you'd like a preview of an upcoming feature for v4, follow this audioboo link...

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WPenvy says:

Good job Jay! Keep at it, we appreciate it

Jrexxx says:

Is it just me or is 3.11 < 3.9 :P

WPenvy says:

EDIT: oh i get it... 

topleya says:

I see what he is seeing but understand that he is also wrong it what he sees

Jay Bennett says:

It's 3.11 not 3.1.1 ;)

adrian1338 says:

well.. but put inifinit 0 behind it - then the 3.9 is bigger then 3.11 .. because its not 3.09

Jrexxx says:

Oh ok. I guess the software pov is different from the mathematical pov :)

GizmoEV says:

Version 3.9 is not a real number. That is not a decimal point in the number for this context it is a delimiter between the major and minor version values thus version 3.9 < 3.11.

Jrexxx says:

Yea got that from Jay's comment :)

shadoweye14 says:

Umm Guys.. Are you sure about the Update being Live? lol or is it Microsoft Again? Or EVEN Worse.. Is it just me?!

WPenvy says:

Just you..... Sry

Jay Bennett says:

Definitely showing in my region, but as always it could take up to 4 hours to propagate out to all regions

James Power says:

No auto update in Australia, but using your QR code opened store and update offered. Weird but I'm happy. Same with Photosynth 1.6 update you reported.

anadi1984 says:

Seems faster than before. The load time has reduced in wp7.8.

cdb033 says:

I love this app!

chucky says:

I saw the update but I'm having a problem Downloading it, I get errors.

inferno434 says:

No update yet for me either. Too quick perhaps.

abond32 says:

I would just love for them to add the ability to view all the articles after clicking the toast notification. If you click the toast you can only view that article cant back out to other articles. Close and reopen app

Jay Bennett says:

Coming in v4 :)

Keep getting error 8003200f, or maybe its 8002300f. Either way :(

Edit: 8032000f. Searched marketplace directly and it doesn't even display the app name until I try to select it.

Had to reboot to get it to download.

Kemilly says:

Os meus app não estão atualizando, o erro é 8032000f, conseguiu arrumar? Me ajuda!

peachy001 says:

Well worth the money Jay, a really good app.

Agent-P says:

Awesome to see the level of support you provide, Jay. Easily the best dollar I've spent on my phone.

aaa6112 says:

Awesome, just downloaded the update. Thanks Jay!

ChazTyldsley says:

Great work Jay! Does this fix the live tile bug on WP8 where if you open up the app and close it within a very short period of time the live tile still says there's unread news items. I often see a 2 for example, open up the app, glance at the headlines but don't want to read any of the stories so I close it straight away, only to have the live tile still stuck on 2.

Jay Bennett says:

That's kind of by design, the app has to update the news before it can refresh the tile (i used to double refresh but that was the number 1 cause of the black tile bug)

ChazTyldsley says:

Appreciate the explanation. It's not a big deal :) 

Fiann says:

Can we get comment reply notifications? It is enough of a pita that I often find myself not following up to see if anyone else has commented.

mikefeero says:

Second this. That would be so helpful.

Jay Bennett says:

The option is there for emailed notifications, but we'd need to make a push notification back-end to bring about that change. I'm told the server guys are looking into it though

guidorobben says:

It's alive in the Netherlands

Orlok1138 says:

Will the livetile now work for 7.8?

mikefeero says:

This will definitely get my vote. I check it before any other app, because this is where I look to see what apps are actually worth a damn. Keep it up.

gcdc_lumia says:

can you please have wpcentral app free for a limited time? like jusr for 12 hrs

Jay Bennett says:

We did that for the app's 1 year anniversary last year, not sure if we will again this year though, to be honest the trial is the free version and will always work, just shows ads

gcdc_lumia says:

and by free, i mean the addtl features that the paid version has. i actually hv the trial for quite some time already

venom5150 says:

Not trying to be rude gcdc_lumia, but it's .99! Jay puts alot of time into his app and you are complaining for a buck. Considering this is one of if not the best app in the marketplace, $1 is well worth the cost.

morpheus1982 says:

I admit i was one if those people who got the app free last year, who wouldn't? But yes, its only 79p in my case (uk)! Don't publicly reveal your cheapness!

gcdc_lumia says:

i'm aware that it's not that pricey.
but im having problems in buying apps in the marketplace, because i live outside the US.
and i can't buy apps through my carrier either. it sucks, i know.
and i dunno how to pay it via paypal

ogracia says:

Jay your app is the only one I will never ever regret to buy,

rjorge77 says:

Woww much faster now on my WP8 !! Great job 8)

Ticomfreak says:

So the update bug is fixed, now?

tabraoui says:

Amazing app. Great work guys.
Hope the live tile work on 7.8 now

Corepc says:

Wallpaper issue fixed can now save and view them
Seem a little faster but could be placebo effect.

TashiJLE says:

As usual, Jay is on the ball! Thanks

DiegoMoBa says:

I still have the tile not updating on WP7.8 :( , still you guys keep providing support continuously and for that alone you are great

scdkad says:

Since I went to 7.8 a few days ago not getting count number on the tile..

mcmaui says:

I hope for it to work soon. Having a working WP-Central double wide live tile on 7.8 would be cool.

Dome85 says:

Me too. No updates for the Live Tile on WP7.8...and it's the only one. I receive only toast notifications. I hope for the next update!

scdkad says:

Jay got back to me about this. He asked me which size tile was not updating and I told him both. Then I think he went to bed!

I was really starting to think it was just me.

sakkee says:

love the double wide tile :) bf I had problem with small tile because it didn't show any unread articles, only push notifications. but now my problem is solved :D

DoomLight says:

Impressive app, where can we vote for it?

paulxxwall says:

Wow its real fast now

IppoSemCe says:

Thanks thanks thanks from Italy!!!!!!

Great job! Wpc is one of those apps that has Always been on my start screen as a double wide tile. Keep it up and thanks for your effort.

Thanks from India too! Waiting for the next update!

DreadVenom says:

This is quite possibly my most used app, actually no, it is my most used app. Great work.

kenzibit says:

Live tile updating still not working for me...smh

apRPhle says:

Thanks for the update

sarim_xyz says:

With regards, the WPCentral app should be free. Engadget, AAWP, all have free apps, this should also be free. I know a lot of hard work goes in developing these things, but it doesn't have to be a paid app. I request the developer to make it available free. And by free, I mean no demo version, no ads.

jmwhite19 says:

So a developer isn't entitled to earn money on his work then? Its 79p/$1, I think that's pretty fair for the quality of this app.
There is a free full version, it just has ads, which I'm sorry, put up or shut up. Most things offered for free = advertising.

Just bought the app! Great stuff! :) 

riccardo56 says:

Thanks Jay, the update bug is fixed, but I still can't see any article in the live tile.

Edit: didn't see it's only for full version. I am considering buying this, pretty solid app and it's only 1$

guidorobben says:

Network error is gone. But Live Tile doesn't update.

tabraoui says:

:( live tile still don't update for 7.8. But still, this is one of my favorite apps... And thanks for all the good work and effort.

mingtungchen says:

I have the same finding as yours! on my Titan. Live title does not update unless the application is opened and number of unread news never shows up.

Jay Bennett says:

I'm working on it guys, it's very hard to identify the tile issue when I don't have a 7.8 device myself yet. I'm debating disabling the new tiles completely for windows 7 as they seem so temperamental, but I don't want to do that to our users

The oddest bit is that the unread count appears when you resize the tile

Jay Bennett says:

Yep, flipping dodgy 7.8 wide tile SDK...

JustinXinLiu says:

Hi Jay, I think I've found the underlying problem of why my wide tile is not updating. My code writeableBitmap.Render(tile, null) throws an OutOfMemory exception... WP 7.8 allows you to create more tiles but they haven't increased the memory usage limit of background agent.
I am not sure how you did yours, just hope this might help you identify your problem. :)

Even more fun, the count updates when you choose a new colour for your theme.

jmwhite19 says:

Yeah I'm afraid Live tile still broken on 7.8.

nalinbarola says:

My live tile is not at all updating...thought latest update would fix it :|

LaNiQuE says:

If you haven't brought this app by now please do Jay does an amazing job and .99 won't break you... I recently dropped my phone in water so now I have a new one my live tile actually worked on 7.8 on my old phone better now it never updates into I open the app but I will survive

Jay Bennett says:

Lanique what phone are you now using?