Independence Day Sale

Windows Phone Central Independence Day Sale: Save 15% on all Windows Phone accessories!

Independence Day is July 4th, but we're kicking off the celebration savings a little early and going a little long this year, just to make sure all Windows Phone Central readers have a chance to take advantage of this special offer.

Starting now and going until midnight PST on July 7th, customers can save 15% on their Windows Phone Central Accessory Store orders using coupon code 7413 at checkout (and yes Canadians, the coupon will work in our Canada store too!).

The 15% coupon code covers all of our accessories, including those for the Nokia Lumia 928.  So don't delay, head on over to the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store now and start saving!



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allos autos says:

Thanks for showing some love to those of us in the Maple Leaf State! :D

Josh Harman says:

You must pledge allegiance to the United States first though.

Skittledude says:

Pretend to be American for a day...I might be able to bare it for some discounts.

bankrober0 says:

Right after I purchase something its like they know

jacob114489 says:

I just spent 20 bucks on eBay for screen protectors and a case. And less than 10 hours later this sale starts...