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Windows Phone Central Lumia 900 Photo Contest Winners!

WP Central Nokia Lumia 900 Photo Contest Winners

Over the weekend, to recognize the improvements the Windows Phone Tango Update delivered to our Nokia Lumia 900 cameras, we held an impromptu photo contest. The only limitation was your imagination and that the photos needed to be taken with an updated Lumia.

We received a fantastic number of entries and a lot of quality photos. The winners were drawn at random to receive a $50 Gift Card to the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store.

And here are our winners and their photos!


Photo by anddangit


Photo by BoiledCarrots


Photo by brett_day


Photo by tdavi82


Photo by Kenosando

We'll dispatch emails to our winners as soon as the gift codes can be generated. We'd like to thank everyone for participating and for all the great photos. It re-affirms our initial thoughts that the Tango update has improved the Nokia Lumia 900's camera giving the platform another quality tool for photography.

Again, thanks goes out to all who participated and look for another WPCentral Giveaway coming around the bend shortly.  We'll also cruise through the other entries and see about posting a few more images that stand out.



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ejb222 says:

Great Job!!!!!!

ejb222 says:

I did notice that they camera is so much better in low light after the firmware update. I usually keep my phone on a dash mount kit when I drive. The other night after sunset I snapped a couple pictures just to see how it would do. My Lumia picked up the dark blue of the sky and all the headlights and streetlights perfectly. Pretty amazing. Anyway great job again to the winners. Great pictures.

danielm298 says:

Yes, the camera has improved alot!!!!!!!

blessthejon says:

Aww, I forgot to enter!

sepatown says:

The camera definitely improved. Good job Nokia for coming through again, hopefully they take all they've learned with the current Lumia line and deliver amazing Windows Phone 8 devices. Congrats to the winners.

brett_day says:

Yay! I am excited for two reasons. #1 the camera is so much better now than it was before in just about every single way possible, and #2, my pic was chosen as a winner. Thanks guys!

Awesome pictures I wasn't able to do it didn't update my phone till later on

venetasoft says:

MACRO STILL DONT WORK !!! I was smoked by my friends with their iphones as regards macros :[

Wow really macro worked even before update

touchpad4760 says:

Re: macro, I have to enter it by using the Focus Mode, not the Scene setting. Scene setting to Macro by itself doesn't cut it, but Macro Focus Mode does. Strange.

Use the button and be a good distance away to focus don't tap the screen that don't work as good

touchpad4760 says:

I much prefer tapping the screen to focus - I get exactly the focus point I want (crit for macro) and I can influence exposure - auto exposure changes dep on the lightness or darkness of the focus point. But that still doesn't explain the diff btwn Focus Mode and Scene selection! :-)

Z3Vo says:

What was the prize again?

Z3Vo says:

An answer would be to difficult? No that's fine, a smart response is always better than an intelligent one.

gorebashd says:

Aww. My pictures rawked but I didn't win.

Awesome thanks WPCentral!!