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Windows Phone Central Photosynth contest - Win a Samsung Focus 2!

WPCentral's Photosynth Contest

WPCentral's Photosynth Contest - your chance to win a Samsung Focus 2

Photosynth is a great Windows Phone app for capturing panoramic images and we want to see what you with the photography app. For motivation, we've got two Samsung Focus 2s to giveaway courtesy of AT&T.

Just go out and capture panorama images using Photosynth and post your best work here in the WPCentral discussion forums. You'll have until 5:00pm PST on Saturday, July 14th to submit your entries and from there, we'll pick the best two images to receive the AT&T Samsung Focus 2.

Photosynth Panorama

Now for the fine print.

  • Entries must be captured by Photosynth
  • Entries must be captured by a Windows Phone or iPhone
  • Only one entry per person
  • While you can edit the entry, do not crop the image (much like the sample above)

You'll need to register to participate and you can do that here. Once the entry period closes, we'll announce the winners as soon as we can. The last photo contest had so many fantastic entries it took a while to sort things out.

Good luck everyone and if you haven't installed Photosynth, it's a free app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Photosynth



There are 21 comments. Sign in to comment

Sarang68 says:

Again this must be limited to U.S.A. :-(

Nope... just realize this is an AT&T branded phone.

rmw82 says:

For clarification, an ATT&T branded phone will not work on Tmobile. Correct?  

Ticomfreak says:

MMS and 3G (and 4G) won't work, but you can call, text, etc if it's unlocked (GSM FTW!)

Lol I got the cowboys stadium plus the cheerleader lockeroom and cowboys lockeroom

NIST says:

The Playboy Mansion may be a good location

ZuNuKoo says:

So this is WPCentrals contest. Buy you can use an iPhone. Why not just include Android too. Or not include iPhones. Also won't some phones take better pictures due to the MPs of each camera on the phone? I hope you're not looking for image quality. I know my trophy won't be able to take as good of pictures as say.. A titan 2. Best of luck to all who enter, even ones with iPhones. :P

Don't think photosynth is on Android.

GeoKetch says:

Nope, no official Photosynth app on android at the moment.

ZuNuKoo says:

Finally something Android doesn't have. And we have.

erichon99 says:

nothing wrong with trying to convert iphoners to WP...

metrop021 says:

I have a good one I'll submit

kittshelby says:

I submitted mines in the forum but it's not showing up in the thread.  Should I submit again?

Dang, I'm going to Yellowstone & Grand Teton Nat'l Parks in August. Bet I could get really cool panoramas there.

nichitandrei says:

I think that he's referring to 14th of July 2012 ;)

RaRa85 says:

And if you get really lucky, features like visual voicemail will work too. Unlocked HTC Titan. And when T-Mobile refarms their network, we're in business with at least 3g speeds!

C4RL0S says:

Is this contest restricted to US residents? Or is it open to us Canadians also?

metrop021 says:

Hmm.. for some reason it says Access Denied when I click on the register link. Why is this? I live in the states. EDIT: Oh nevermind. I see now that the link was for registering for the forums.

woodbane says:

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but HOW exactly do we submit our panoramas? There is no email or link given.

woodbane says:

Never mind, forgot that the thread on WPCentral is a separate entity.