Windows Phone Central Vacation Giveaway Winners!

Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Windows Phone Central Vacation Giveaway Contest called for readers to guess where the above photo was taken (my vacation spot this year). We received over one hundred entries and most of them were correct and some on the creative side.

We were impressed with those who included a satellite image of the road sign location and those who knew to tap into the image file's EXIF data to find the GPS coordinates. In the end, Gulf Shores, Alabama was the correct answer.

WP Central

From all the correct entries, we randomly drew for our winners. At stake, one of three Nokia Lumia 900 cases (Otterbox Defender, Otterbox Commuter or Amzer Shellster). If a name was drawn that didn't carry a Lumia 900, they will be receiving a gift card to the WPCentral Accessory Store. We drew names until all three cases were given away.

The case winners are z_williamson, lak611, and russe11m.

We did have two non-Lumia 900 winners were drawn and will receive the gift cards. They are pmhgeneral and bobsentell.

We've dispatched emails to the winners and will get their prizes sent out shortly. We would like to thank all our readers for participating in the giveaway and if you didn't win, don't give up hope. We've still got a few contests up our sleeves.



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Jazmac says:

Nice. Congrats to the winners.

Good job to everyone that one

blessthejon says:

Lol, never would have guessed.

russe11m says:

I knew that location because I have been stopped at that intersection many, many times.

SEKKDS says:

What? I didn't win?! I want a recount! :)

hossiam says:

Woot woot! Free stuff is great. Congrats to the winners!

Nitaino says:

I didn't participate but congrats to the winners!!

Phen0m24 says:

Gulf Shores, Foley - Have to go to Lambert's.

"Yo, roll!!!"

"Home of the throwed roll!"

Lol love that place.

Haven't eaten there in a while but the thrown rolls is something everyone should experience.

Our usual stomping grounds is the Hangout and Steamers.  Docs was great when they had the seafood buffett.

russe11m says:

The throwed rolls are fun, but the place is a tourist trap, and the food kinda sucks.

Laura Knotek says:

Thanks so much. :)

jfa1 says:

Well its okay I bought the deal for 9.99 and shipping the day before the contest.  I really like the case and holster.

pmhgeneral says:

Thanks all, it was fun.....

Dethzilla says:

Congrats my clever friends.