Windows Phone "Dare to Live" challenge hits UK streets

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We recently put the question to you whether Microsoft is doing enough to promote and market Windows Phone, and now we've just caught wind of a new campaign kicking off from the software giant in the UK. The Windows Phone team will be touring the country (10 cities - 11 weeks) and challenging participants who believe their smartphone is faster than a Windows Phone.

Much like the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, should contestants win the "Dare to Live" challenge, they'll pocket £20 there and then. But should they lose, and this is the exciting part, they'll not have to hold a sign up and announce their loss, oh no. Microsoft is taking things to the next level with actual fear driven activities instead.

Throughout each week the team will hold the challenges, but on every Saturday they will hold adrenaline intensive activities that will push yourself beyond comfortable limits. From tightrope walking to the Big Air, you're destined to get a buzz for losing to Windows Phone. Think of it as Smoked by Windows Phone with a twist for losing participants.

As well as the challenge and campaign, Microsoft is teaming up with O2 and Phones4U to provide a number of deals on Windows Phones throughout the duration of the event. Phones4U is currently featured with an up-to £100 cash back on the Lumia 800 when trading in your old phone. Be sure to check out the Dare to Live Facebook page for more details about locations, dates and -of course- the special offers.

Kicking off on April 21st, do you dare the live? The team is hitting London this week for the challenges. Should you be lucky (or unlucky) enough to lose you'll find yourself on a tightrope at the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush this coming Saturday. Be sure to pop along to see the action, WPCentral will be there to return with some photos of course.

Source: Dare to LiveWindows Phone UK; thanks Mark for the heads up!



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XboxOmac says:

This sounds exciting. I'm taking Rich will follow them? :D

Rich Edmonds says:

We'll attend the London one this coming Saturday and publish photos, etc. from the event, but I shalln't be following them up the tightrope :-P

Well, you can't exactly fight a WP with another WP now can you?
Will be interesting to see the fear factor.

Rich Edmonds says:

Obviously. I would take one of my non-WP handsets and challenge them. 

Verkunder says:

Should be, "announce their loss."

Rich Edmonds says:

Indeed. Thank you, oh wise one.

Verkunder says:

Just trying to help. Gotta put this degree to use somewhere...

Rich Edmonds says:

Absolutely, better to pick the errors that wiggle their way through rather than leave them live.

MattLFC says:

Someone please take an HD2 running WinMo!!! :-D

You should get a hug if you already have one.

Jay Bennett says:

Well seeing as this is down the road from me I might just head down... It's forecast thunderstorms though!

NIST says:

Rolling thunderstorms?