Windows Phone Dev Day: 28th July 2012, Bournemouth, UK

Windows Phone Dev Day

Developers, Scott Lovegroove and Dan Thomas are set to bring a Windows Phone developer event to the charming surrounds of Bournemouth. The seaside-based event is to provide a space for fervent discussion on the recent developments from Redmond, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. 

Whilst a full agenda for the day is still to be confirmed, the day is to be peppered with presentations, developer insights as well as some time to get in and hack away at some code. If that’s not enough for you they are also planning a ‘Geek Dinner’ where I’m sure the frivolities will continue with gusto.

With the coming opportunities to cross develop for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 coming edging ever closer. Events like these should be invaluable to those seeking to know more about these exciting changes. So if you have an interest in development I’d urge you not to miss out. As with all developer events like this, the more that attend and contribute the better. 

Windows Phone Central will be representing there too in the form of Richard Edmonds and myself. We are always interested in seeing any upcoming projects you may be working on so please do come by and say hello. We will endeavour to make ourselves known. Head on over to the WPDD website for more information and spot registration.

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Sarang68 says:

Any webcast possible?

scottisafool says:

Not sure yet whether there will be a live stream, but we are hoping to record what talks we can and get them online.

Sarang68 says:

If it is a live telecast:),otherwise video would do just fine,thank you!

daveh101 says:

Ah, in my home town for a change.  I'll be seeing you and Rich there

Rich Edmonds says:

Look forward to it, be sure to stick around with us for the food afterwards ;-)

pepsijosh says:

Same! I'll be there too...see you guys there =D

robert brand says:

Cool! :) I can't remember the last time I was in Bournemouth, I remember it being a bit party orientated... :)